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Chapter 11: Ford's Return

Stan was nervous. He knew that night he would have to leave and steal the toxic waste once again.

"Hey Grunkle Stan! What got you fidgety." Said Mabel.

"I have to steal Toxic Waste tonight." He admitted.

Mabel's eyes winded in relaxation.

"You mean.,.." said Mabel.

"Tomorrow will be the day…" said Stan.

"Really?" asked Mabel who didn't know how to feel about it.

"It's true… tomorrow will be the day he comes back." Said Stan.

Mabel was a little happy but knew that things were going to get complicated fast.

"Don't worry, I'm sure the government isn't on my tail this time so it will be fine." Said Stan.

"I hope so." Said Mabel.

Of course Stan knew he had to tell Dipper.

"That's good." Sighed Dipper, "Maybe he can help with the changes…"

"yeah…" said Stan.

"I don't mean to be rude! It's just he might be the best one to handle a new timeline…" pointed out Stan.

"It's fine I get what you mean." Said Stan.

Dipper nodded.

And so that night Stan stole the toxic waste.

However as he did… Stan couldn't help getting the feeling that maybe we should come up with a plan for Dipper and Mabel just in case the government shows up again.

That why when he returned he called McGucket knowing he would help.

"All right! I got several of my robots ready just in case these government people try anything." Said McGucket on the phone.

"There a chance they won't show…" said /stan.

"Don't' worry! I got everything planned out…" said McGucket.

Stan had a bad feeling about wondering what sort of giant robot McGucket would have…

And he knew that McGucket could create some crazy robots.

The next day things seemed to be going well.

Stan had closed the shack for the day just in case.

He also asked Soos and Wendy to not come in until they get the phone call in either case.

He also told them that it was the day that Ford was coming back after all.

Dipper and Mabel were a bit anxious while watching movies.

That was then there was a lot of banging.

After all that was a bad sign.

"Don't move!" yelled a voice.

And soon the living room was filled with a bunch of government agents.

Dipper and Mabel were deeply cornered.

They were brought out of the Mystery Shack as they saw Stan being arrested.

"What did I do this time?" asked Stan.

But all three Pines knew what Stan did.

The timeline was repeating itself as they hoped it wouldn't.

"Seriously! Nothing he's done warrants this much arresting!" yelled Dipper.

"That's right!" yelled Mabel.

That was when Agent Powers and Agent Trigger showed up.

They looked at the two agents unsure what to say .

Mostly because they were sure they got them off their backs .

"Wait! I thought you weren't interested in the shack!" said Dipper.

"We found out what your uncle was up to after exploring the town." Said Agent Trigger.

"Not to mention the evidence we have." Said Agent Powers,. "Your uncle was caught stealing hazardous waste last night from a facility."

He of course showed the video, both Dipper and Mabel tried their best to look like they didn't know about it .

Stan was led away in him handcuffs.

"Don't worry! Everything's going to be fine kids! Trust me!" yelled Stan.

The kids didn't say anything. After all nothing was needed to be said, he got free in the original time limen she can get free in this one.

They just had to figure out a way to escape them.

Thankfully Wendy after hearing what was going down that day decided to watch the Mystery Shack.

She called McGucket.

"They did come!" she said.

"all right! I got something cooked up just in case this happened!" said McGucket.

"Really what?" asked Wendy.

"You'll see…" responded McGucket.

McGucket hung up.

"Hopefully it's awesome." Said Wendy with a shrug.

Meanwhile with Dipper and Mabel they tuned out Agent Trigger as he drove them child services.

However as they headed there, Dipper realized something.

"Mabel! I just remembered something!" he said.

"What" asked Mabel.

"How are we going to escape this time… we got lucky with Manly Dan." Pointed out Dipper.

"Oh man!" said Mable realizing g he was right, "Maybe he'll be driving nearby y."

She looked out the window.

"Unless something happens I think we're going to be sent back to mom and dad…" sighed Dipper.

"Oh come on!" yelled Mabel, "Where' a Deus Ex Machina when you need one!"

That was when something crashed into the SUV they were in knocked it off the road.

Thankfully much like the last timeline they were unhurt. Though Trigger was currently trapped in the SUV.

"You really think your uncle is a good man?" asked Trigger.

"We know he is…" said Dipper, "And we know for a fact that he's not building a weapon in the basement."

Trigger's eyes widened.

"you're in on it." He said.

"We are! You were ker-pranked!" yelled Mabel.

Agent Trigger glared at the two as they ran off.

"Wait… do you know what knocked off the road?" asked Mabel.

"No…" said Dipper.

Both of them became concerned… that was when a giant robot bent down to them.

It opened up and it was McGucket piloting it.

"You youngins all right?" asked McGucket.

"McGucket!" both of them said in relief.

"Don't worry… I'll make sure that you're back at the Shack in time for Stanford to show up." Said McGucket.

They climbed into the robot.

It closed back up ready to go.

"Let's get back to shack." Said McGucket.

He then pressed a button.

And the theme song to Neon Crisis Mechabot Boy: Revelations.

"Really?" asked Dipper.

"What it's good background music." Agreed Mable.

"Candy do have the y'all clear?" asked McGucket.

"Most of the agents are around the Mystery Shack." Said Candy who was also part of this.

After she was his student!

McGucket headed to the Mystery Shack.

But a giant robot of course would earn the attention of the Government.

At the same time Stan was being held in the police station biding his time.

He breathed a sigh of relief as when he called Soos for his one called he got confirmation that he, Wendy and McGucket were already helping and Soos wasn't sure but he thought the three girls were helping as well.

He wasn't sure about the girls, but not being alone in this was a big help.

And thankfully one of the gravity anomalies started up just as once again the agents were about to take him away .

"All right!" yelled Stan..

He fought off the agents just like last time. Stealing their wallets, keys and escaping them.

And once the gravity returned he managed to leave the station and run to a taxi leading everyone on a chase to get away from them.

At the mystery shack they heard about the Taxi and headed to catch him. '

With the giant robot they fought off the rest of the agents… which just wasn't a match for the giant Robot.

Inside the Mystery Shack… Wendy, Candy, Grenda Pacifica and Soos all snuck in.

"okay! You remember the code?" asked Wendy.

"No sorry…" said Soos.

That was when they heard thumps outside.

"We're here!" called out Mabel's voice from a communicator at Candy had.

"The robot opened up and the three of them got into the gift shop.

Dipper opened up the snack machine.

"Three at a time…" said McGucket.

"Okay whatever… I'm only here because there should be meeting when he gets here." Said Pacifica.

Dipper, Mabel, McGucket were the first group to the take the elevator. Soos, Wendy and Candy were the second.

Grenda decided to be in the last group due to the fact she can fight agents if they found them.

The door opened up once again and Grenda was ready to fight but it was Stan.

"So everyone else already down there?" asked Stan.

"yeah… it didn't matter if I was the first one down there." Said Pacifica.

"It's fine." Said Stan.

They got to the basement where McGucket was watching never the portal.

They already were ready for whatever would come up.

They saw that Stan was with the group.

"All right! How long?" asked Stan.

"Less than a minute left." Said Dipper.

"You made it in time." Said Mabel.

McGucket sighed… he knew that his meeting with Ford was going to be complicated.

That was when the gravity once again turned off.

"Everyone hold onto something!" yelled Stan.

Everyone tried to their best to hold on as the portal was getting ready to turn to on.

There was a bright flash of light as Gravity returned.

They looked into the portal room and indeed Ford was there warring a mask to hide his face.

He entered the control room and went in a punched Stan in the face again.

"Stanley! Are you serious! Another chance at this and you still try to bring me back! Do you have any idea what was going to happen had an Agent of Time Baby hadn't showed up and warmed me about this?" asked Ford, "The results would have been catastrophic!"

The twins got in between the two uncles.

"Calm down!" said Mabel.

"We have a lot to talk about…" said dipper.

"What do you mean?" asked ford.

That was when Stanford noticed the others there.

He remembered Grenda was there when the die was rolled.

But the others weren't there so they shouldn't be there…

That was when he noticed McGucket.

"Fiddleford?" he asked in horror at his old college friend.

"Stanford." Said McGucket.

"I… I haven't seen you since we parted ways…" said Ford.

"I've tired forgetting… and now it's time to forgiving'." Said McGucket, "Come here old friend!"

The two hugged.

For hugged he old friend, happy that this happened.

After the hug however he looked at Stan.

"Now can you please explain how Time Baby had a hand in it?" asked Ford.

"Well funny story." Said Mabel.

They explained how they met Blendin, stole his time machine caused him trouble which made him vow revenge, so much so that he declared Globnar on them, which they won and due to the combination of the win, fixing their mistakes (ie: giving them back his job and giving him hair) and giving Soos the time wish for his birthday they earned his respect. Because of that when they were sent back in time they were allowed to have free reign to mess with the time and were also allowed to bring in five people.

"That quite impressive." Said Ford as he, McGucket and Candy all helped in messing with the Memory gun's renounce to erase their memories.

"Also the butterfly effect in full effect." Said Dipper.

"My dad's factory got attacked by forest creature eco-terrorists." Muttered Pacifica.

"There were a few other things that didn't happen in the original timeline. Like a Siren and a witch.," said Dipper.

"Wait… is there a reason why Time Baby is letting you do this… even if he respects you…" said Ford.

"Because he would have died in the original time." Said Mabel.

"He figured that if we change things we might be able to change quite a bit to prevent it..." Said Dipper.

"I see." Said Ford.

He knew that Time Baby was a powerful force, but he could tell that whoever the death was, Bill was probably involved in some way…

"So… it's ready." Said Candy.

"Everyone cover your ears." Said Ford.

Everyone did and thanks to Ford he able to bluff his way to the government agents.

"So sleep over?" asked Mabel to the girls.

"I'll lie to my parents telling them it was with a friend that they approve of…" said Pacifica.

"All right!" cheered Mabel, "you're about for a night of fun!"

Dipper sighed.

Ford looked at Stan.

It was clear that they needed to talk.

"So… well…" said Soos.

"Come on! Let's go get something to eat… my treat." Said Wendy to Soos and Dipper.

Dipper knew that was the conversation will be won't be pleasant.

Stan and Ford found a place to talk.

"Okay… I'm, rescinding the whole stay away from them thing because we have to change the future no matter what." Said Stan.

"that's good." Said Ford.

"But first you're putting that die somewhere safe!" yelled Stan, "So that it's not rolled at all."

"I have no complaints." Said Ford.

After getting sent back months in time he had to agree with that after all.

"Also you don't have worry about me at the end of summer. I made half a million dollars legally… I'll probably find a nice place to live soon… so just letting you know." Said Stan.

"Are you sure it's legal?" asked Ford .

"Hey! I'll have e you know that Cash Wheel is perfectly legal and great entertainment!" said Stan, "I only cheated because I did it in both timelines!"

Ford wanted to ague but shrug it off… after all time travel cheating a legitimate form to make money.

"Look… just do whatever, when summer's over I'll be out of your hair forever." Muttered Stan.

"wait what…" said Ford.

"Oh so you're pretending what you said was not something you said real mature Ford." Said Stan rolling his eyes.

Ford didn't say anything in response, unsure what Stan was even talking about .

"All right… I'll avoid you for the next few months outside of these team meetings that Dipper and Mabel are insistent on having… and you don't bother me." Muttered Stan.

Stan then walked away from his twin, leaving Ford with many unanswered questions.

Things were going to become more complicated as them months went on for sure… though none of them knew what was going to happen in the future … that was for sure…

Next Time: It's the hottest day of Summer! AKA the day Mabel would meet Mermando ... and she's unsure what to do. She wants to help him but isn't sure if she can go through everything again... so she surprisingly asks for Ford's help. What will happen? Find out next time!