Bran glanced at Will, the two had been working silently in the late August afternoon, Will apparently trying to figure everything out. It had only been a couple of years since the Dark had been defeated and the four mortals who witnessed it all had had their memories wiped of the whole affair, but Bran and the three Drew children had been having their memories restored, bit by bit every night for the past month. Will had already gone to see the Drews a few weeks ago, not long after it all started, and now he was working on his uncle's farm along with Bran while the two tried to figure out what was going on. The silence was what really worried Bran, he knew that Will was ecstatic at no longer being the only one who remembered what had happened, but being the last of the Old Ones, he had to find out why a spell laid down by another Old One had been broken. Bran went back to his work, wondering, what creature, what being could be more powerful than an Old One? He paused slightly as another memory flashed through his mind, could a dragon be more powerful?

"Um, Will?" Will glanced up sharply, a little hope dawning in his eyes.

"Have you thought of something?" he asked perhaps a little too eagerly. Though Will was an Old One, there were those times when he acted like any normal teen.

"Um, I guess. What about a dragon?"

Will laughed a bit harshly, "A dragon? Since when?"

"Since I just remembered one approaching me when I was just a wee kid and breathed on me."

Will glanced at him questioningly, "What exactly do you remember about this dragon?"

Bran leaned on his plow, "I remember thinking what a magnificent creature he was, his red scales shone like rubies in the morning sun. He spoke first before approaching me."

"He spoke?" Will's interest was now peaked.

Bran glanced at him, "Uh, yeah, there were dragons who can speak."

"What did he say?" asked Will, his curiosity overlooking the statement.

"He told me that I had nothing to fear from him, he was here to give me a message, and that I would remember it when it was time . . ." Bran took a pause as he slowly pieced the whole thing together.

"Bran? Bran, what was the message?"

Bran sat down before glancing up at Will with a twinge of fear in his tawny eyes, "H-he said that I must trust the dragonborn, for though we will defeat the Dark, we cannot completely vanquish Evil, and I will face it many more times on my journey."

"Wait, what? He knew about the Dark? And your journey? What journey?"

Bran shrugged, "I don't know, he didn't say, and I was too fascinated by him to ask for specifics. I just merely thought that it would be a journey much like the Knights of the Round Table would go on. Will, he also that I must be brave, for my next foe will be almost worse than the Dark itself."

Will's eyes widened, "What? What in the world could be worse than the Dark?"

"I-I don't know, Will, that's why I'm scared. What if, what if the High Magic has no affect on it?" whispered Bran. Will sat next to him, trying to fight his own fears and trying to find the words to say to comfort his friend. But when minutes passed and no words came, deeper fear and dread creeped upon them. "Will, what should we do?"

Will let out a heavy sigh as he ran his fingers through his hair, "I don't know, Bran, I don't know. Did the dragon say anything else?"

Bran glanced down and bit his lip before continuing, "C-Cafall came running to me, as if to protect me from what he perceived at first to be a danger, but when the dragon did nothing, he calmly sat down, almost as if he was giving the dragon permission to continue." Bran paused, thinking of his dear friend, before taking a deep, shaky breath. "Th-the dragon said someone looked like Cafall, and that could only mean he would be my genie . . ."

Will jumped up, "Wait, did you just say genie?" Bran nodded, glancing up at Will when he heard him mutter something under his breath. Will sucked in a breath, "Genies use high magic! Or, at least something very near it. No wonder why Merriman's spell didn't work for very long! But, did the Drews meet a genie too, and they just haven't remembered it yet?"

Bran shrugged, "It's a possibility, it would explain why they're remembering too."

"Well, then we must go see them and find out!" Will turned to walk away, but Bran's voice made him pause.


He glanced at the albino, "Yes, Bran?"

"Do we have to forget again?"

Will ran his fingers through his brown hair, "Probably not, the genie placed his spell on you before Merriman did or I will, so it takes precedence."

Bran smiled with relief, "Good, I don't want to forget again."

"Bran," began Will, but he was interrupted by a shriek. The two boys glanced around for the source when another cry met their ears.

"Julia!" Bran saw her first, and dashed towards the girl tumbling down the hill, Will not far behind. Bran reached her just in time, catching her before her head hit the rocks.

"H-hey, are you alright?" She blinked up at him before letting out a sigh of relief.

"Y-yes, thank you," she muttered shakily as he helped her up.

"Julia! Are you alright?" asked the girl who wrapped Julia in a bear hug.

"I'm fine, Louisa, this fellow caught me." Julia smiled gratefully at Bran. Louisa glanced at her friend's rescuer and did a double take. Bran was by no means handsome, being practically whitewashed except for his tawny eyes, and wearing practically nothing but black probably wasn't helping his strange appearance. Will, on the other hand, provided a much more handsome figure. Bran could tell he arrived when he felt his reassuring pat on his shoulder and the change on Louisa's face.

"Oh, hello," she smiled at Will. "Thank you for saving my sister." Both boys blinked and glanced at each other with questions on their faces, sister? The two looked nothing like siblings, and Will in particular knew, having come from a family of eleven. Though both girls had blonde hair, Louisa had more of a golden color, while Julia's was what you would normally think of as blonde. Louisa also had grey eyes, was slightly more plump, and had smaller, more angular features. Julia, on the other hand, had greenish-brown eyes, with somewhat larger, rounder features, and a thinner frame that made her look taller.

Julia chuckled nervously, "We're actually step-sisters, but we've become so close that it seems like we were already family to begin with."

Bran smiled tightly, "Ah, that explains everything. Are you sure you're alright?"

Julia nodded, her face brightening with a real smile, "Yes, I am, thank you again."

"How did you fall?" asked Will, glancing up at the only trail on the hill the sisters could have taken.

Julia shrugged, though both boys noted there was a bit of a shiver in it, "I don't know, to be honest, one second I was behind Louisa on the trail, and the next, I was falling."

"Did it feel like someone had pushed you?" Will asked solemnly in a near whisper. Julia's eyes widened, proving Will had asked the right question, even more so when she gulped and slowly nodded.

"What do you mean, it felt like someone pushed you? We were the only ones up there!"

"I-I don't know, Louisa, but it really did feel like someone, or something, had rammed into me." Will and Bran glanced at each other again, this time with worry. Something had rammed her, meaning this was deliberate. But who would want to push this girl? Was something trying to get their attention, and brought these two girls into it? Or was there a more sinister motive behind it?

"What is it?" Louisa asked when she noticed the boys' faces.

"These hills are old, and apparently still have some magic left from the old days. I would advise you to be careful, in fact, it would probably be best if you avoided these hills period." Bran bit his tongue as the two girls glanced at them and each other, Will knew how much to say to people about magic, but there was something about the looks on the girls' faces that suggested magic was no novelty to them. In fact, the two were surprised when Louisa seemed to grow in stature and maturity right before their eyes, followed not long by Julia.

"We've had dealings with magic, it's nothing new to us," she stated with both confidence and courage.

"Apparently so have you," Julia said softly. The boys paused, should they reveal their past? Will apparently made the decision when he nodded, but neither were prepared for Louisa's outburst.

"You're with the Light!"