Setsuka and Cain's reunion in Guam.

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Kyoko was standing in front of the mirror and could already see the sweat pearl at her temples.

'There must be rocker fashionistas in all countries. How do they survive the heat?' She thought and reached for her mobile phone to make a search.

"Fashionista in Guam." She mumbled as she typed but only got hits with designers and models.

"Biker girl in heat?" She typed next and dropped the phone in shock when the first pictures loaded. Her face was scrunched up and beet red when she searched for the button to return to the previous page. She started to breathe again when she saw the models reappear.

'Those western people! How could the kiss and do things like tha-at in public?' Her mind shuttered while she tried to push down the blush. The heat in her face didn't help with the sweat and she forced her mind to turn to the phone again.

She was wearing a mini skirt and a thin top and she could feel each and every drop of sweat travel down her back. She gathered her courage and started to type again.

"Biker girl on beach." She squinted her eyes and held the phone at arm's length to brace herself for the pictures. She pressed the button with shivering fingers.

She expected the worst but the pictures turned out to be exactly what she needed. Smiling girls on beaches dressed in leather and black. Some of it she immediately wrote off. A girl on a towel, chewing gum in just undies and a scarf. The scarf laid behind her neck, crossed between the collarbones, covered her breasts, and then tied behind her back. Kyoko's mind put her in that getup and failed.

'I'm flat. It would look like a boy.' She thought and she flipped to the next picture. Miniskirt and a bikini top. Next one; shorts and bikini top. Next one; miniskirt and bra.

'Half naked? Is that my only option?' Her mind screamed as she flipped through the pictures at an increasing pace. When her mind overloaded, she exploded in red and forced her eyes off the phone. She slowly calmed down with deep breaths and happy thoughts. Bracing herself, she turned back to the phone and glanced at the picture displayed on her screen.

It was a barefoot girl with black flowy hair, with a sweet smile. She was wearing shorts with golden chains and a spiky stud bra together with a pearl necklace. The picture was not intimidating and the girl had a body type similar to her own.

'Would I look like this? What would Ren say?' She thought and a soft glow built on her cheeks. 'Could I pull it off?' She questioned and grasped the poor phone harder. At the same time her mind began to serve her with images. Ren's wide eyes, his slip of character, and his gasp of shock. She wanted to see it and bit her lip.

"Oh, what am I thinking!?" She ripped herself out of her daydream and dropped to her knees. "It's not Tsuruga-san! It's Cain, my Nii-san!" She hit her forehead against the floor at every word while in a dogeza.

"I'm so sorry, soooo sorry." She loudly apologized to the empty bed before her that soon would house her brother. "I'm sorry I'm not a pure girl anymore!" She wailed but then stopped herself before she cried out again. 'I should not disturb my neighbours.' She thought but stayed in the same position with her head against the floor and the phone in a hard grasp. Slowly she opened her eyes and glanced at the picture again.

'Darn western people. They don't know the concept of shy. Just like Setsu.' The last thought made her sit up straight again, gaping. 'How could I forget?' Ashamed of herself she fell back in a dogeza. 'I should be punished! How could I not remember that earlier? Tsuruga-san would be so ashamed right now. I forgot the world she grew up in. Of course, Cain would have seen her body when they were children. Considering their sick love, he might even have seen it recently.' Kyoko slowly dropped the phone and closed her eyes.

Setsu was not ashamed of her body. She knew that her Nii-san thought her cute in every way. Setsu would wear any outfit with pride to scare away the brave girls trying to court her brother.

Kyoko sat up again and grabbed a top that matched the picture. It wasn't more than a bra and the silver studs covered almost the whole fabric. It was nice, fitted her well and gave her an alluring valley. Kyoko slowly got up on her feet and her face grew firm.

"From now on, I will be the sickest in love, lethally sexy, never shocked, most spoiled and most charismatic sister there is!" Kyoko nodded for herself and gripped the top harder.

'Nothing I will do will surprise the great actor Tsuruga Ren. My earlier, futile attempts have been pathetic. I will show them the sister Cain has missed to the brink of insanity. My heart will not waver and my face will not soften for anything other than my Nii-san.' Determined, she changed into the top and picked a pair of shorts that matched well. Her skin had turned slightly sticky from the sun protector and sweat but it finally calmed down as more of her skin was exposed to the air.

"Lovely." Setsu said as she stepped forward. She gave herself a run over through the mirror and pulled on the shorts. With the lip ring in place and every strand of hair tended to Setsu was once again in full command of her host's body.

"First step. Let's shower our beloved Nii-san, who we haven't seen in two weeks, with uncountable amounts of love." Setsu said with a smirk.

'Love? My love or yours?' Kyoko asked from the back of their mind.

"They are not that much different."

'Possessiveness, love and desire.'

Kyoko could not deny it. She could feel it like liquid metal in her stomach. Heavy enough to form a new centre of gravity that pulled on her insides. Setsu put a word for it.

'Desire and want.' The feeling should be foreign for her but the kiss from the night before with the cunning fairy, the fairy with the face of her senpai, had set the metal to move.

Setsu filled her bag with the necessary things, dabbed some water on her skin and gave herself a last look in the mirror before she started the hunt for her brother.




Ren was sitting in his dark trailer lost in thoughts. His mood was rather good after meeting the girl of his every wake thought the day before.

Memories flooded his mind and he let them as no one could see him in his trailer at the moment.

The week had been horrible for all men and women that had crossed Cain Heel's path. Two weeks without Cain's sister was taking its toll and Tsuruga Ren had gone through two weeks without the girl he loved. To say that he had been oozing murder would be an understatement.

The murderous air around him had been so dense even Murasame had refined from confronting him. Cain had immersed himself in work in an attempt to make the time pass but it had backfired. His dark air had driven his co actors to the edge of panic. The NGs had increased exponentially.

Cain was never the one getting a NG but he sure was the cause. Crying, fainting and panicked screams in the wrong places had been the characteristics of the week´s shoots.

'I want my sister.' Cain's baby ways were slipping out and it put a smile to Ren's lips.

'Be good.' He cooed his other mind. 'Every part of me wants that girl. You must be patient.' Ren smiled.

'Patient? Both Kuon and you met that girl yesterday. Kuon even kissed her. Me, on the other hand, haven't seen…'

'Yeah, yeah, I know. But she will be here any moment now.' Ren scolded the English actor and enjoyed the meaning of his own words. However, the memories from the night before simmered up in his mind again and he frowned.

'Her view of me is even more extreme than I could imagine. Honourable person? Lord? Someone of the heavens? None of them states me as a man.' Ren's smile faltered for a moment. 'I couldn't even call her Kyoko with my own face.' Ren's mood turned sour but Kuon perked up inside him.

"Well, we got a kiss. No, two kisses." Kuon proudly stated and it sent a shiver down the spine of the man in the makeup chair.

"The first one, SHE gave us that one." Kuon pushed and Ren could feel his heartrate rise at the memory. He was so deep into thought that he jumped a foot when a knock sounded from the door. He needed three seconds to line up his face and turn. 'Damn it. It's not her. She would have gone in without knocking.'

'She might be a bit cautious around us in this new environment. It might be her. It would be typical for Kyoko to loosen her role to not accidentally walk into the wrong trailer.' Kuon pointed out and Ren wanted to hate the hope that grew at the thought.

"Excuse me Mr. Heel." A voice trembling with fear erased every glimmer of hope in the man.

'That's not my sister.' Cain growled and took place in front. He moved without hurry and turned to the door. With his length it was only one step away and the person outside jumped high with a little squeak when the door opened. The assistant had to strain her neck to see his face above her and Cain could tell that she was scared. Yeah, Cain might be in a slightly better mood this day, but it was still an aura heavy enough to make grown men cry.

"Mmmmr Hee-el. The-ey have gotten the-e statists to-o s-stop crying now. The director said they could fi-ilm a-again." The poor girl stammered and Cain only gave her a glare before the first tears left the girls eyes and made paths down her sweaty skin.

'Yeah, you should fear me. I have nothing for a girl as plain and insignificant as you. If only you had sexier legs. More piercings. Better sense of style.' Cain stopped himself. 'It's no point, if you are not HER, I won't care for you the slightest.' Cain took a step down the trailer and the assistant must have seen it as confirmation of him getting the message because she turned tail and was gone.

'Like a scared mouse.' Cain's mood was about to take a turn for the better when another rodent entered his vision and it plummeted again. 'I don't feel anything for that hamster. I just want my sister.' Cain slammed the door shut with more power than intended and Ren worried a bit about damage. Cain couldn't care less and made his way to the set a bit faster than usual just to be over with it.

The set was a shutdown street with people scattered around. It was midday but the scene would take place in the small hours. The dim light would be adjusted digitally afterwards.

Cain didn't have to announce his presence. When his aura hit the ones who were unprepared, they screamed and thus alerted everyone to his presence.

"Okay everyone! Let's begin!" The director called everyone's attention. "Everyone on their marks and let's make this in one take. Then it will be over. Remember. All of you are intoxicated enough to not take any notice of BJ. Not ANY notice, remember?" The director said the same thing he had repeated every day during their week of shooting.

This was the cause of the many NGs. Some of the people would freeze and others would scream when he as much as passed by. Cain felt the urge to sigh, his mood sinking even lower.

'I want an early evening with my cute sister. All you, pathetic people…' His rant went on and made it easy to take the step into the murderer's mind. All the people on set felt the moment when the aura disappeared.

You might think it would settle the nerves of the crew. But even if it was scary with danger out in the open, nothing was as scary as a person emitting nothing. BJ emitted nothing. You felt nothing and it scared you shitless. Because every person with a soul emits something. Even if it is only body heat, you will feel something when another person is close.

It was the soul part that was crucial. BJ had no soul and you felt like a sitting duck when he was close.

BJ placed his feet on the mark and the shell of the human faced forward. Someone was already crying but the director made them shift the actor before the cameras started to roll.

"Okay everyone. BJ will walk in the middle of the street and you will be stumbling around him in a drunken frenzy. Now people, don't worry. He won't hurt you." Director Konoe added in a calming voice.

'Imagine when these people get to know who they feared.' Kuon chuckled in their head.

"On your marks. And action!" The director gave the order. BJ waited one second then began to walk down the street. Four different cameras filmed him, trying to not get into each other's shots. BJ passed people stumbling around him but for once they did their job. He walked the whole way to the roadblock that kept the public out and his head turned like a predator catching a whiff of his prey. One girl started to cry but it was silent and they would be able to use a different angle.

"And cut!" The director clapped his hands and BJ stepped back. Cain took his place and the people at the barricade screamed when his aura returned in full force. Cain wanted to roll his eyes at the pathetic people.

"Oh, I have missed it so much." A voice said in pure ecstasy. Cain's face fought a grin as he recognized the speaker. "Nii-san's wonderful charisma."

Cain could see a woman stepping away from the crowd behind the barricade and she walked past the guards. People watched the girl in amazement and shock. Cain turned to her and felt several emotions hit him in one go.

Setsuka had joined her brother. Like a succubus sucking the life out of a man she sucked in the air while moving closer with swaying hips. She was still a few steps away when her eyes locked with her brother.

"Setsu." Cain greeted while his inside exploded.

'What is this girl wearing!?' Ren and Kuon voices echoed in his head and Cain had to join them. With only the smallest of shorts and a metal stud bra, her whole body was for show.

The girl moved closer and Cain turned his body her way. He let her gaze go and saw the eyes of the people behind the barricade. The men had lust in their eyes and the girls had envy. Cain reacted instinctively and swept the girl into his arms to protect her from those filthy eyes.

"Ahh Nii-san." Setsuka smiled and slipped her arms around his neck. Before Ren or Kuon could react, the girl had reached up and put her lips to his with a face full of pleasure.



Kyoko had seen the changes in her senpai's face. Cain's joy when he turned, the shock of what she was wearing and then the small hint of excitement before the protective streak took over.

He had wrapped his arms around his sister like trying to protect her from as much as a sunray. Her body fitted itself against his frame and both Setsu and Kyoko let a sound of content escape. The sound was probably too faint to be noticed by the raging brother.

Kyoko let Setsu move on her own and the sister draped her arms around his neck. She ignored everything around them and pressed her lips against his.

Kyoko exploded in a love overdose but Setsu decided to take it a step further. Quickly, too fast for the eyes to see, she let her tongue slip out and trace the underside of his upper lip.

She pulled back a bit, slipped her hands inside his robe and put them on his chest. Feeling the dry warm skin against her own made Setsu relax while her brother got tenser. She placed her cheek against his chest between her own hands and sighed.

Kyoko had slowly recovered from Setsu's unexpected move and she noticed the quickening of Ren's heartbeat. With a smirk leaking to Setsu, Kyoko realized she had stunned her co-actor. The feeling of success spread like a drug and for a moment melted Setsu and Kyoko into one being. They allowed themselves to just feel and breathe in the scent of home.




It had only been seconds since she came into his view but Cain, Ren and Kuon had so many shocks about the girl that he momentarily froze.

'What is this girl wearing? Ren was stunned.'

'I like it, but it is a shock none the less. That pure girl must have walked through town like that.' Kuon felt smug while he gave her an additional run over.

'Shut up! We can't let them see her.' Cain grit his teeth and then her lips met his. 'Oh, my sister must have missed me a lot.' Cain grinned.

'She kissed him!' Kuon shrieked and Ren was too baffled to make a coherent thought. They turned silent as something wet tickled his upper lip. The girl's face moved into view when she leaned back and it was his sister indeed. Ren had started to doubt. Without any hesitation she slipped into his robe and let her head rest over his heart.

'Oh my god, is this really Kyoko?' Kuon was the first to react.

'This girl.' Ren still couldn't put his mind together.

'It's not Kyoko. It's my cute sister.' Cain said and took control again. It had only been a few seconds since she arrived and he pressed her closer with one arm and tilted her head up with the other. He forced her to meet his eyes while he scowled.

"Setsu what are you wearing?" His aura became so dark that one girl at the barricade began to cry, but Setsu smiled like if she was bathing in honey.

"Don't you like it? I dressed up for Nii-san." She took his hand from her chin and slid it up against her cheek to a caress. He could feel her pulse behind her ear. It stayed steady as calm water but Cain wouldn't have it.

"I think you missed some parts. Setsu, you are not dressed." His voice was more of a growl than anything. The menacing air spread and the gasps and cries make them aware of the surrounding people again.

One of the guards jumped like he had been startled and Cain could see him aim for his sister. A glance with his most threatening aura put the man back on tracks and he stopped.

"But Nii-san. It's hot." Setsu pouted and Cain's face contorted into a grim mask that explained to her that he did not think that was a sufficient reason.

Setsu let her hand slide up from his chest, follow his neck and then laced it in his hair, stopping just for a moment to circle the place she had marked him.

"And I like to feel my skin against yours. I have missed it so much. My whole body is craving for it." She leaned in closer and whispered so that only he could hear. She saw his lips twitch before he returned to the demon face.

"I don't want your body on display for all to see." His voice trembled with an anger that would make anyone sane run in the other direction screaming but Setsu lapsed it up like nectar.

"Don't worry Nii-san. You are the only man I need and everyone knows it. If you are worried, you only have to keep me closer." Her voice was like a purr made for Kuon and Ren to tremble inside his mind. Cain on the other hand turned his head sideways.

"Was that the plan from the beginning?" He asked angrily and let his hand slid down to her wrist. He gripped it tightly but Setsu only leaned closer and he could feel the metal studs against his skin.

"Do you disagree, Nii-san? You must always keep me in arm's length. Not too bad of a deal I think." Her words hit home inside Cain's head but he knew that some people didn't want to learn about limits. One, he noticed, about to interfere the very next moment.

"We will talk about this later." Cain growled and dragged the girl to his left side and urged her to walk, leaving Murasame heading in the wrong direction as they moved past him before he could rip them apart.

"Okay, Nii-san." Setsu's face was the usual bored expression and she wiggled her hand free from his grip. Before he had time to complain she laced their fingers together and gripped tight. Facing the other way, Setsu nodded her head to the director as she strode alongside her brother.

"Setsuka-san, it's good to see you again." The director smiled and Setsu smirked in reply.

"This is where I'm supposed to be." She offered and the director had to hide his laugh as Murasame ran past him with a disturbed face.

Setsu walked with confidence and all the new statists stared at the girl with her fingers grasping the man. It started as a low murmur as the personnel that has been with them longer told the story about the siblings to the newer staff. By the time they reached the table with water and fruit for the cast, everyone knew who she was.

Setsu held his hand as she grabbed a water bottle, an apple, and a small knife. Without a word, she steered Cain to sit down on the sofa and slumped down beside him facing his way. She leaned back, finding the arm support conveniently at her disposal and let her legs rest over her brother´s knee. After releasing her hand, she took a sip of the water bottle before she offered it to him. Without a second of hesitation, he put the bottle to his lips at the same time as Murasame stopped in front of them. Setsu didn't give him even a hint of acknowledgement but twirled the knife in her hand before peeling the apple.

"Hey. So, you are back?" He asked but Setsu could only feel annoyed by his voice. It was too high pitched and it felt like a screaming bug. Without answering him she sliced the apple into pieces and put one in her mouth.

"Hey, I'm talking to you." He stepped closer and she glared sideways up at him.

"Ohh, Murasame. Are you here too?" She asked with her face in its usual indifferent state.

"Of course, I am. I'm the lead actor!" Cain turned his head to hide Kuon's chuckle over the girl's act.

'She really is all about me. Nothing else registers. She is amazing. Something must have happened… She really has transformed. This is the perfect Setsuka Heel.' Ren filled up with pride as the thought hit him. But the chuckle slipped at the same time and Setsu gave him a questioning look.

"What are you laughing at?" Murasame trembled in anger and Setsu decided to draw the focus to her again.

"Brother is only amused by your unrefined manners." Setsu sliced one more piece of the apple and put it between her lips. Her eyes became dark and mean.

"What?" Murasame looked to be on the brink of madness again. "Who is he to complain about my manners?" Kyoko was amused and at the same time baffled.

'He assumed right away that I had guessed right about Tsuruga-s… no Nii-sans words. Do they see that we have a connection? Do we have a connection?' Kyoko wasn't sure but a tiny voice in her head said to her not to ignore the evidence. 'Yeah, some sort of connection was there.'

"My brother doesn't interrupt others while they get together after a long separation. Your manners are laughable." Setsu took the piece of apple in her mouth and chewed on it loudly. Cain couldn't stop his smirk as he lifted his head and then put his hand on her thigh.

Murasame's mood took a turn for the worse, but to Cain and Setsuka's amazement, he swallowed it back down and slowly turned to the girl again.

"Speaking of which, where have you been?"

"Even I have exams." Setsu stated with a bored look. "I told Nii-san I rather be here but he still put me on the plane." Cain turned to her and lifted a hand to stroke her hair.

"Exams?" Murasame seemed shocked about the statement. "You're in school?" Setsu gave him a look like to tell him that the question did not even deserve an answer.

"What do you study?" He continued instead. Setsu's eyes turned into slits. She could feel the hope in that question, the actor thought that he had a chance to get to know her. She could feel the irritation in Cain's hand that still stroked her hair.

"I don't see how that's any of your business." Setsu needed to calm down her brother and get him to stay so she lifted her butt over his left leg and settled down. She leaned on Cain's left leg and had her own legs thrown over the right. His legs were long enough to give her a comfortable space between them and she relaxed into the embrace. Murasame stared in disbelief.

"Setsu it's too hot." Cain complained in English but the voice was filled with amusement. Setsu smirked as she came up with a solution.

"Here, take a piece of apple. It's pretty chilled." She said and put the piece between her lips.


Ren almost took the girl and ran away with her when he saw her tilt her head back with the piece of fruit between her lips.

'This girl. She knows it's too close to take it with my fingers. My only option is…' Ren thought but Cain had already moved. His teeth grabbed the shard of fruit and she released. Her parted lips were only a few centimetres away. Ren and Kuon were fighting to get to the surface but Cain ignored them. He pulled back and filled his mouth with the cool snack. Cain let his eyes meet with Murasame's as he let his most mocking smile play on his lips.

"Delicious Setsu." He said in Japanese. Murasame was boiling, hands clasping air, while his eyes willed the brother to drop dead.

"Perverted siblings." The words escaped his lips while Setsu cut another piece and smiled at Cain.

"Another one Nii-san?"

"Love to." Cain, Kuon and Ren answered. They marvelled at the fact that the usually shy girl in nothing but mini shorts and a spiky bra put her face so close to him, feeding him with her lips. Ren wondered when he had fallen asleep.

'When did this dream start?' He questioned but before he could test if she would allow their lips to meet over the offering, a hand reached into their space and grabbed the piece of fruit.

"Cut it out." Murasame yelled while he yanked the fruit from her lips. "Damn perverted siblings."

Cain was about to explode his anger at the man when a hand found his hair and held him into place.

"Brother is mine. What's wrong about taking care of what's mine?" Her voice was so firm and her hand so entangled in his hair that Cain could feel her possessiveness and gloat in it.

'Yes, this is my sister. Only she could say the words he wanted to hear.' His hand returned to pat the hair of his beloved sister. A part of him cursed the gloves on his hands. He wanted to feel her skin against his and that twat of an actor before him was in his way.

"Setsu, let's celebrate our reunion later tonight." Cain said in English and he could feel her shiver in excitement.

"Can't wait Nii-san." She answered in the same language and ate the next slice of fruit. Murasame might not have understood what they said but he recognized the air around them and he looked disgusted. Cain saw one of the assistants aim for them and he hoped she was there for the yakuza.

"Heel-san we are ready for the next shoot." She silently announced.

"Yeah, can't wait for tonight Nii-san." The girl in his embrace sighed and pouted. He put his arm under her knee and lifted her up as he stood. Carefully, he lowered her legs down and she landed softly on the ground before him.

"Me too." He muttered in English and they laced their hands together and followed the assistant, leaving the angry lead actor behind.



Cain quickly, by his standards, changed and then they walked to the hotel to let him take a shower.

Ren and Kuon were not in consensus. Ren tried to make some plan for the evening that wouldn't make him test his limits. But it was hard with Kuon and Cain eager to plan things that made the gentleman blush. He took refuge in the shower while trying to wipe away the fake skin and blood.

'Damn it. That girl. She will be the death of me.' Ren thought and Cain grunted in consent.

'She is so damn cute. First and foremost, we must make her put some clothes on.' Cain grunted.

'Agreed.' The two others said but Kuon had to add.

'But we should enjoy it in our room for a bit first.' Kuon happily filled their mind with pictures of the half-dressed sister.

'Stop that! She is a pure girl! She has been hurt.' Ren growled.

'Setsu is pure. She only loves me.' Cain smirked.

'She kissed us.' Kuon pointed out and Ren tried to find a reasonable explanation.

'Yeah, like a sickly in love sister that had not seen her brother in two weeks.'

'Did you notice that she licked our lip too?' Kuon dropped the bomb, mentioning the little action that the other two had erased from their minds. 'That is not a sister-move. That was something else.'

'No, she did not.' Ren grunted in denial.

'I tell you she did.'

'It doesn't matter. She is mine.' Cain huffed and returned to spread the soap over his arms.

"Nii-san." Setsu's voice startled him a second before she pulled the drapes out of the way. "You are taking a long time again." She looked him in the face with an accusing frown.

"I will be right out." He turned up the speed of the water and expected her to close the drapes. When it failed to happen, he glanced at her again and found her eyes on his stomach. The surprise was enough to stun Ren and Cain lifted an eyebrow.


'Is she checking me out? No, not this girl…'

"Nii-san you have eaten less, haven't you?" Her condemning voice forced him back to reality.

'A health check. What did you expect?'

"I only like your food." Cain explained as if it was good enough of a reason.

"Nii-san." Setsu's voice turned darker. He met her eyes but then she broke the contact to be able to travel her gaze down his back. The shock made his mask fall but since her eyes were on his butt, she didn't notice. "I would be very sad if that sexy ass of yours shrivels away. I will still love you, but yeah, it would be a shame." He saw her bite her lip and a purring sound left them. She snapped her head up to his without warning and smirked.

"Dry your hair carefully." She pulled the drapes back into place and left her stunned senpai in the bathroom to collect himself.



'Setsu!' Kyoko cried when they closed the door behind them. The Heel sister was too smug to speak and Kyoko had a mini breakdown. 'You can't say things like that Setsu!' Kyoko paced back and forward in the room and her hands dug deep into the wig. 'What if he realizes they are my thoughts?'

'That's the least of your worries.' Setsu commented and sighed. 'I only spoke the truth and it was well in my range to say that. Nii-san won't think twice about it. And Ren won't believe in a million years that you were the one that wanted to look at his behind.'

'I-I-I only wanted that for the dolls.'

'Yeah right. Tell yourself that.'


'Calm down. Don't worry. I'm sure he has forgotten about it already or else I will take the blame for that one. This is an act, but Kyoko, you really should use this opportunity to learn more about love and grown-up feelings.'


'You will soon get roles that demand knowledge about kissing and even more intimate relationships. We Heels have already pushed you against those limits and you passed with flying colours.'

Kyoko knew that Setsu meant the love bite and hickey and blushed down to her toes.

'Everything you see or do is an opportunity to learn. And we could teach you so many things.'

'I get that. But it scares me to be that close to my real feelings.'

'Don't worry girl. I'll have your back. When I'm by your side you don't have to worry about anything.'

The words made sense and Kyoko felt herself relax. Setsu was the perfect storm. Whatever Ren or Cain saw her do, they would not be able to know who was responsible. She could hide in her acting. Setsu was an armour and a life guide. This was an act as manager but it didn't mean that she shouldn't take advantage of the situation and learn from it. She had a play in front of her eyes and only she could choose to pull the curtains and look at it.

A warmer feeling in her chest started to glow and Kyoko felt the burn of passion in her heart gain strength. With new resolve she let Setsu out again.

'I will trust you Setsuka, live the last days of your life as free as you want.' Kyoko said and gave the keys to her body in the hands of the sister with the soul of fire.


Ren shivered as he struggled to put his face back in order.

'Sexy… NO! Don't think about it!' He looked into the mirror and was met with the same face that had betrayed his feelings to the president. 'Stop thinking about it. Just because is the first hint of her seeing you as a man… No! Stop that face!' Ren gripped the sink and then splashed his face with some cold water in a try to shock himself back to sanity.

'And you call yourself a professional?' Kuon smirked but didn't comment on the girl's statement for a change. It didn't stop the smugness from oozing out of him. In the end Cain got tired of the drama and took the stage.

'Just lay low. I will handle my sister.' He grunted and dried the last drops out of his hair. Cain left the bathroom with only a towel around his lower body and with Ren dying in a corner of their mind. It was honestly just an innocent slip of his mind to forget to bring a change of clothes.

As Cain walked out of the bathroom, he saw his sister put the last line of a pen stroke on the inside of her eyelid. He hated it every time he had to do that one and couldn't figure how some girls did that every day.

"Done?" She asked and watched him through the mirror.

"Yeah." He muttered and worked himself to the wardrobe. Without a moment of hesitation, he flung his towel to the bed and stepped into his underwear.

"Forgot to take a change?" Setsu asked curiously.

"Mmh. All bloody NGs took its toll. Pathetic newbies." Cain pulled a pair of trousers up over his hips and started to close them.

"Wait! Let me put some sunscreen on your back before the shirt." Ren froze in his mind but Cain managed to stay in control.

"It's only an hour of sun left." His eyes followed her as she rose from the chair and pulled a bottle from her bag.

"Humour me." She purred and grabbed his shoulder and pushed him to sit on the edge of the bed. Cain muttered something inaudible and Setsu smirked. "I only want to take care of my Nii-san." She flipped the lid open and kneeled behind him on the bed. Cain turned his head and saw her pour a good amount in her hand and then carefully warm it up. He faced forward when she reached out for his back.

Ren, Kuon and Cain felt her hands slide over his skin and neither of them wanted it to stop. Cain loved the pampering by his smiling sister. Her hands spread the lotion wide over his back and far on the sides. As she moved lower, he expected her to slow down or become hesitant. It didn't happen but something else disturbed him.

'Is she drawing something on my back?'


'1, 2, 3 hands between the shoulder blades. 1, 2 hands wide…' Kyoko counted in her head. She thought he didn't notice but finished as soon as she could so he wouldn't get suspicious. She was about to finish when she saw the glimmer of mischief in his eyes as he glanced over his shoulder.

"As you already started, maybe you should do my front too?" Her brother's smile was like a naughty child's but Setsu didn't miss a beat.

"Why not?" She said and brought the bottle to his front. She could see him twitch when she kneeled between his parted feet and flipped the lid open. Kyoko was screaming in sensation overdose but couldn't help but to stare at the firm muscle in front of her. Even more discreetly she started to count how many hands there were to the width of his chest.



Ren couldn't believe his eyes when Kyoko started on his lower abs and worked her way up.

'Why Cain? I can't hide my face when she is right in front of me!' Ren the gentleman was about to die of shame for making the girl do this. As Setsu brushed over his nipples Ren officially applied for hara-kiri. Cain on the other hand kept his eyes on the girl's face to see any slip in her acting. But even when he didn't miss one second of her expressions, it was his sister all the way.

"You are so tall Nii-san." She teased and got up from her previous kneeling to a standing position. She continued up over his collar and then turned to the shoulders. Ren died a bit inside but couldn't deny the feeling of warmth that she spread all over his skin.

When Setsu moved to his face Ren slipped and met her eyes. He was one hundred percent sure that it was Setsuka in front of him. She didn't comment on the slip but finished his face and wiped the excess off on his discarded towel. Cain fought his way back to the surface and followed her with his eyes as she walked to their closet. She shifted his shirts and evaluated them each. Finding what she wanted she turned to him.

"Put this on. You will look nice in it." Setsu left the shirt on the chair by the desk and then slipped inside the bathroom. "Be right out." She called and closed the door behind her.


He had slipped again. But how could he not? She had transformed in their short separation to the embodiment of Setsu. No slips and no hesitation. The new Setsu… he would love and pamper her forever. However, Ren couldn't handle the swift changes. She had left him in the dust this evening. His pride as an actor and the curiosity of the men grew steadily inside him and Ren closed his eyes.

He had to be Cain to this Setsu. This amazing woman that graced him with her acting deserved it.

Ren smiled as he remembered her first weak attempts on the role and chuckled. This was day and night from then. Kyoko had made Setsu into a living person inside of her. The reactions and the actions were separated from Kyoko and he had to remember that. It didn't put him down; in fact, it was the opposite.

The thrill that had first pulled him into acting vibrated inside his chest and his eyes burned with fire.

Cain slipped out again with haste when the door to the bathroom opened. Setsu continued their conversation like there had been no pause.

"I knew it would look good on you. Let me put the hood on. You are famous, you know." She smirked and he bent his head down to make it easier for her. Her hand gently placed the hood on his hair and she stepped back to evaluate the effect.

'He looks even taller, and with the open front I can touch his skin as much as I like.' Setsu and Kyoko sighed happily.

"Let's get going, Nii-san. We have to grab some food before we go out and dance." She jumped into her most comfortable shoes, the thigh high boots that at least covered up some skin and turned for the hallway. Cain grabbed her shoulder before she got to the door.

'If we are going to dance, there is no way I will allow what kind of clothes.' Cain growled with a menacing glare at her bare stomach.

"Put on a shirt." His words were firm with no room for discussion. Well, for every person other than his sister.

"No, Nii-san this is enough."

"I tell you Setsu isn't not enough! There is no point in flashing that much ski..."

"But there is a point Nii-san!" She smirked, interrupting him. "Like this I won't get too hot, no fabric will get stuck in my lip ring..."

"Setsu." Cain obviously didn't accept it as enough of a reason.

"And the best part and the reason I gave you that shirt, is that like this, I can feel your heat so well against my bare skin." To demonstrate she slid her arms around his midsection and pressed her body against his. The metal studs pushed into the skin above his bellybutton but the feeling was rather soft. Her stomach pressed against his lower tummy and groin. Ren was about to hiss but Cain wrapped his arms around her and his bare skin made her shiver in delight.

"I see your point." Cain finally muttered and Setsu tilted her head in approval.

"Then let's go Nii-san." She grabbed her phone and wallet and stuffed them into her small shorts. Then with a firm grip on his hand, she led them out of the apartment.


Cain regretted giving up already in the elevator. The high-class hotel had an elevator operator and it was obvious that the young boy fought with himself about staring at the girl. Cain could see his mind work. Professionalism against desire.

'Damn it.' Cain muttered as his sister lifted one foot and pressed it against the wall behind her. This caused her hips to move forward and was so alluring that Kuon started to throw a fit in his mind.

Cain took a step forward and blocked the boy's line of sight. The dark air filled the small room and all principals about work ethics flew out of the boy's mind. He trembled in fear and pressed his body up against the wall. Luckily for him the elevator halted to a stop and Setsu gripped her brother's hand and ushered him out of the small box. Cain's mood turned even worse after that. The girl drew all attention to her. Every man and boy within sight gave the girl a run over and made her brother boil in anger.

'I will kill the president next time I see him. Why did she have to wear those kinds of clothes? Why did she have to pull it off so damn good?' Ren betted the president was enjoying his pain.

"Nii-san." Setsu called his attention and like the men around them, she lured him in. From her confident walk and swaying hips to the eyes that only lit up when his eye met her.

"Let's grab something light. I think I saw a fish and chips stand around here." Cain only nodded at her and guessed that it was a compromise she made with his stomach in mind.



Kyoko was burning in anticipation.

'Yeah, fish and chips.' Certainly a dish imported from their alleged homeland. Without literally dragging him she picked up some pace and he let the length of his legs do the work to keep up.

There were a few people in line before them but two dropped out as soon as the girl and her brother joined. Setsu picked two medium sized packages and Cain paid. The food was literally pressed into their hands just moments later and they could move on.

Searching for a place to sit down and eat, Setsu led them to the beach. The sun hovered just above the horizon and Kyoko tried to step out to see. Setsu felt it for the girl. The colours were about to change into the magic sort and she would want to marvel in its light.

'Let me Setsu-fy this for you Kyoko.' She thought and stepped out in the sand.

"Setsu. Let's find some other place." Cain muttered. His dislike for the sun, public places and probably sand filled his voice.

"Give me five. I have a plan." She said and led them away from the people. The crowd soon thinned out and Ren started to recognize it. Setsu had led them to where she had met Corn the day before. The question was visible in his face and Setsu smirked.

"Here we won't be disturbed." She led him to a tree trunk and Cain dropped to the ground. The sun was halfway to the horizon and its soft light warmed Cain's face as he turned it towards the water. Setsu dropped between his legs and leaned against his chest with a satisfied purr. Before Cain could register the fact, she had already made herself at home between his thighs and popped a piece of fish in her mouth.

"When the sun is like that, I guess I could stand it." Setsu thought out loud and Kyoko was squirming in her head.

Ren watched the girl with her back pressed against him. The only thing he saw of her was her hair, her cleavage, her stomach, long legs, and the little openings forming where her shorts took off her hip bones before meeting the middle of her stomach. He swallowed and forced his eyes away while Kuon chuckled in his head.

"Nii-san you have to eat." Setsu's sudden words snapped him back into reality.

"I'm eating." He said and he felt her shift and look up at him with a doubting face. Her twisted and alluring body made it hard for him to concentrate.

'Act! Do something!' Ren ushered and Cain picked up one fry and slowly ate it like to make a point.

"Good." She was satisfied and slumped back facing the sunset. Cain bit down hard.

'This girl will be the death of me.' He thought when he found his own gaze on her body again. He started to talk just to distract himself.

"I don't get the thing with sunsets." He aimed for a bored tone and made it halfway.

"l don't get it and in a way I do." She slowly chewed a bite as Cain waited for her to continue. "I don't get what the big thing about them are but I still kind of like them."

"You like them?" Cain began to think he had found a flaw in her sister-mask when she continued.

"I guess I like the part that the night begins. I like the night and it begins with the sunset. "

'It could fit her character.' Kuon offered generously.

"And sunrise?" He asked to test her.

"Hate them." She stated and Ren imagined Kyoko screaming in protest inside her head. Cain grinned.

"If you like the sunset I guess I could learn to watch them." He said while eating some more.

"No need. It's a waste of time. Well, not as bad as stargazing but almost as bad." She muttered.

"I thought you liked the night?" He asked.

"Yeah exactly. There are so many things I can do at night and stargazing is the least tempting one."

"Things like what?" He asked and popped some fries in his mouth. The sun was more than halfway down the horizon at that point and he could see the first stars.

"During the day I must lend you out to work, but at night you are all mine. So, spending time with my Nii-san. Is there anything as good as that in this world?" Cain was about to chuckle when she threw the empty food container to the side and flipped around. With her arms around his sides, she pressed her face to his chest and let out a satisfied sound.

"Feel my Nii-san, smell him and hear his heartbeat. It's like a drug." She closed her eyes and Ren thanked his actor star that he did not tense up. To hide his havocking feelings, he continued to eat until the food was gone and then dropped the container beside her discarded one. Cain let his hand slide over the girl's back until he found her arms and with almost no effort at all he lifted her up until she was seated on his tights facing him. He smirked at her.

"As your brother I should advise you to not do drugs. But this kind I can't disagree with." He said and let his hand caress her face. She leaned into it and met his eyes. "As I'm using a similar brand." He explained and leaned forward. He placed his face against her neck as he pulled in her scent and he felt the shiver running through her. Cain leaned a little closer and his lips touched her skin. He let his arms surround her and stilled. His sensitive lips felt her heart rate rise.

She hugged him tightly and let her hand run through the hair in his neck.

'This is so right.' The thought echoed through both Ren and Kyoko. When they moved their foreheads together and just breathed the same air, both were unaware that the other had dropped their character.

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Kyoko was sure of it. Never felt anything remotely like this. It was a new feeling. The feeling wasn't completely pure but at the same time not wrong.

'No, this feeling can't be wrong. There is no way.' Setsu smirked as Kyoko finally admitted it to herself.

'My time is almost up. But during this time let's learn more about this feeling. And let's have a wonderful time with Nii-san.'



He didn't have any clue about how long they stayed in that position. After a while both their heart rates had steadied and they had lost themselves with the other as their breathing had synchronized. Ren felt like every breath of her smell had chipped a piece of the hard mass he kept in his chest. With every breath they shared, the piece had shrunk and every breath turned a bit easier to breathe. When the mass only was a dim shadow of its original form, Ren felt so light that he tightened his hold on the girl because he was afraid to drift away.

The lightness did not disappear even when they inevitably separated. The moment of pure happiness had erased the heaviness inside of him.

The easiness and the lightness were so abundant, Ren felt like his mind had been freed from murky water. Everything was so clear. Even the fact that the first time he allowed himself to touch her the way he wanted had been hidden in the moment of the act could not diminish the light within him.

'The act is almost over. When the film is done so are the Heels. Until then I will enjoy the act. If I let Cain love his sister, her brightness might turn me to a better human. More worthy of her love. If Kyoko, against everything, honours me with her love, then I will be a better human. If I learn from this love... if I let myself feel more happiness…' Ren didn't finish his thought but let Cain have all the space that he wanted. When Setsu rose and he stood up beside her he was in full character.

Setsu pressed the food containers in an overfilled trash can and they moved without a word for the city and the sound that told of music and dance.



Cain let her dance for about five minutes before he pulled her off the dancefloor and kept her at his side for the rest of the night. They didn't say much and just enjoyed their company. After a relatively early evening and a heavy breakfast Cain refused to go to work before Setsu had pulled on her white skirt and halter neck top.



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