Heels 23

Kyoko hadn't slept a wink that night as her mind was too bright. Every time Ren's name shot through her brain, it passed through the gem and everything lit up like fireworks.

Mary-Ann didn't help either as she had pulled Kyoko's mind to dance around the rock like a campfire.

When the alarm sounded, she got up without a hint of sleepiness and quickly showered. She moved downstairs to eat her breakfast and just soaked in the feeling of her easy heart.

"Good morning." A gentle voice sounded to her side and Kyoko glanced up towards her co-actor. She was momentarily blinded when the gem burned bright white inside her mind.

"Good morning." Kyoko smiled warmly his way and she saw him blink confusedly for a few moments before he mirrored her smile.

"Can I join you?"

"Of course." Kyoko gestured in front of her and Ren sat down with his modestly filled plate. She glanced at it for a while and gave him a lifted eyebrow as a question.

"I didn't sleep that well and my body feels weak. I will fetch more if I manage to eat this." Ren said sheepishly and Kyoko hummed in understanding. "Did you sleep well?"

"Not a wink." Kyoko chuckled and lifted a spoon with soup to her lips. She saw Ren take in her happy smile and the frown on his brow grew a tad.

"I hope it wasn't my fault." He said and scratched his neck. Kyoko met his eyes straight on and smiled.

'I promised to be honest.'

"It's definitely your fault. But in a good way." Kyoko said and sipped on her tea slowly to not let herself choke on it in case Ren reacted strangely to her words. She saw him stare at her worriedly and chickened out. "How about you? Up all night doing laundry?" She asked and had to put the cup down as her own joke made her chuckle.

Ren reacted to her words like she expected and the bright red blush travelled down his neck.

"I swear, I will not call her Mom for another year just for revenge." Ren mumbled and Kyoko laughed out loud. He couldn't help but smile when he soaked in the beautiful sound.

"That was a bit harsh." Kyoko chuckled and dried her tears.

"Wait a minute! Did she tell you what that means?" Ren suddenly gasped and Kyoko couldn't help her blush from exposing the truth. She nodded and covered her mouth at his horror-struck expression.

"Two year. At least." Kuon grumbled venomously and Kyoko gasped for air as it quickly was running short.

"Mom filled in a few gaps but she approved of your explanations the other day." Kyoko grinned and Ren groaned out loud and slammed his hand into his face.

"Stop it or I never will be able to call her Mom again." Ren cursed and Kyoko chuckled but held their conversation strictly to work related topics for the rest of their meal.




Work was going smoothly and Kyoko shifted through two darker wigs that day. Kurosaki gave straight and easy instructions and Mary-Ann was firmly rooted inside of her. Ren watched her a lot but she only noticed because she was watching as much as he.

"Kyoko?" Taka called her and she quickly tore her eyes from her co-actor and focused on the man in front of her. She however felt her eyes widen as he was fidgeting.

"Yes?" She answered and saw him twitch and turn in front of her. It was not like him at all and she could even see a slight tremor in his hands.

"Are… are you seeing someone?" Taka asked and quickly met her eyes before he shifted them down to his hands again. Kyoko had to force herself to not glance towards Ren but the blush still found its way into her face.

"No." She said and Taka exhaled loudly.

"Oh. Wow. Right. Then… we have a free day soon. I wondered if you would like to go out on a date with me then?" Taka asked nervously and Kyoko could only stare. It was the first time in her life someone had asked her out and she had no idea how to react. Her heart was filled with feelings for another and she didn't want to lead Taka on. But she didn't know how to let him down easily.

"I'm sorry. Kyoko and I already have plans to go over the script on Sunday." Ren's voice suddenly sounded to their side and both jumped high. Taka snapped his head to the sound and more of the colour in his face drained the higher he had to look before he met Ren's eyes.

"Oh." Taka gasped. "Oh, I'm sorry. Forget me even mentioning it." He smiled nervously and turned towards Kyoko again. "Kyoko, just forget what I said." He said and nodded until she mirrored it.

"Sorry." Kyoko said when she felt his distress but her heart sighed in relief when Ren had given her an out. Taka quickly pulled his tools with him and rushed out of the way, leaving the actors alone. Kyoko glanced up on Ren and saw his frown as he followed the beautician with his eyes. "Thank you, Ren." Kyoko said and he turned his head her way.

"I'm sorry. You looked uncomfortable so I acted without thinking." Ren said and scratched his neck again. It quickly had become a habit of his, she noticed. Justin did it a lot during the movie's first part but Ren seemed to have embraced it too.

"I'm grateful. I had no idea how to reject him nicely." Kyoko said and got out of her chair and they slowly headed towards the wardrobe for their clothes.

"Another thing you have to get used to." Ren said but he didn't sound happy about it. Kyoko glanced to the side and the small antenna she had felt in the apartment before their slumber party twitched to life.

She glanced at it, trying to figure out the emotion behind it but it didn't have the usual sign on its belly yet.

"You could probably give me a lesson in that too…" She began but soon felt the sting of jealousy in her heart. The antenna wiggled happily and turned to hug her head tightly. She glanced at it and the belly soon formed the word for jealousy. She stopped in her tracks and stared at it with a growing blush on her cheeks.

'He is jealous? About people asking me out? And was he jealous even at the apartment? I felt it when we spoke of our love-interest. And the whole apartment was soaked in it when I arrived.' Kyoko thought and glanced up on Ren. He had stopped a few paces in front of her and had turned to watch the emotions playing on her face. She looked up at him with eagerness colouring her eyes and he frowned slightly before he nodded.

'Right, I asked him to help me…'

"I guess I could give you some pointers… If you want to." Ren said and Kyoko smiled softly at his troubled face.

"Thank you."

'It will come in handy. There is only one date I would agree to.' Kyoko thought and smiled at him. "So, do you really want to go over the script on Sunday? Don't you have work?" Kyoko asked as they began to walk again.

"Yashiro must have thought I needed a break. I don't have anything planned as far as I know. So, if you will have me…" Ren sounded small and Kyoko gripped his hand and squeezed slightly.

"I would like that." Kyoko smiled and Ren looked at her carefully and then began to smile back.

"We don't have to go over the script. Our characters are firm and we have passed the highest hurdles." Ren said and Kyoko nodded. "However, I doubt we can go out as most should know that we are filming close by." He said with a dejected sigh.

They reached the tent for Wardrobe and Kyoko glanced at the people that were running around inside, carrying wigs, and pushing racks with clothes.

"Ren." She stopped again and a smirk grew on her lips. "When will Yashiro return?"

"Friday." Ren said as he stopped in front of her.

"Do you think he would mind bringing a few things for us?" She asked and Ren shook his head.

"No, I'm sure he would love to."

"Good. Because you and I might not be able to go into town, but I'm sure we know a pair of siblings that won't have that problem." Kyoko smirked and saw when Ren connected the dots.

"Oh. I have missed them." Ren smirked the same way she did and Kyoko giggled.




Kyoko glanced at the time and then towards the door. Both indicators were turned to green and she could feel that he would soon knock.

The dull sound of knuckles against wood sounded just after she had finished the thought and the smile grew on her face.

"Come in." She called out and Ren pulled the door open and quickly found her seated on the bed with the script in her hand.

"Good evening." Ren smiled and sat down on the edge.

"Time for your question?" Kyoko smiled and Ren nodded. He seemed to pull a breath and then locked their eyes to be able to see any change in her reaction.

"Did you fall in love with me today?" Ren asked and Kyoko chuckled as her heart warmed up.

"No. But you should really change the question." Kyoko said sweetly as Ren's face twisted into a slight frown.

"Not happening. I will ask you again tomorrow." He said with a sigh but couldn't help the smile from growing on his face as he met her eyes. "Good night Kyoko." He said and leaned in to kiss her cheek. She leaned forward a tiny bit and let him place his lips at the corner of her mouth.

"Good night, Ren."




"Did you fall in love with me today?"

"No. And you still ask the wrong question."

"I still have hope. Good night Kyoko."

"Good night, Ren."




Something had changed in Kyoko. The feelings he had forced himself to not notice in the girl, because he always found out that they were wrong, was getting harder and harder to ignore.

The way her warm smile greeted him every time he laid eyes on her, the way she leaned into his kiss on her cheek. Her words rang inside his head "You are precious to me too, Ren." and even if she had said "No." to his question every night he couldn't get dispirited.

Her "No." didn't seem to be aimed to reject him.

'Why does it feel like she is waiting for something?' Ren wondered when he closed the door between them after another night with No as the answer.

'Maybe you should change the question?' Cain said with a pointed stare and both Ren and Justin ignored him.

'I won't give up.' Ren said and Cain rolled his eyes.

'I didn't tell you to give up. If you are feeling that she is waiting for something and doesn't want to reject you, maybe there is something wrong with how you are asking.' The brother said with a snort.

'Ask her yourself tomorrow then.' Justin bit back and Cain smirked.

'Will do. Just to prove it to you morons.' Cain sadistically grinned.



"Here are your clothes. Wig. Contacts. And the key to your hotel. The other hotel." Yashiro pulled everything out of a bag while he named them and put them on the bed.

"Thank you."

"Happy to help." Yashiro grinned knowingly and pulled out a glove and put on his hand before he pulled out his phone.

"Kyoko is ready. I have given her the escape route and she will head down in a minute." Yashiro said and politely turned around while Ren changed.

"How about the thing I asked for?" Ren questioned and Yashiro pulled a flat square box out of his pocket.

"Here." He said and handed the box over his shoulder. "Is there something I should know, regarding what's inside that?"

Ren could hear the humour in his manager's voice and stopped himself from sighing.

"Not for the moment."

"I will wait for another moment then. Don't think I haven't seen how you two behave around each other for the last two days." Yashiro smiled as he turned around. Ren sent him a dark glare through the mirror that he used to adjust the wig.

"We are acting." Ren said and Yashiro sighed loudly.

"My job is to keep you two safe, you know that right?" Yashiro asked and Ren picked up the container for the contact lenses.

"I know."

"Then you should know that you two aren't exactly discrete with your feelings. I'm absolutely ecstatic that Kyoko has decided to return your feelings but you know how hard the business is to women." Ren paused his finger that held the lens and stared at the other man through the silvery surface.

"I have no idea what you are talking about. Kyoko tells me every day that she hasn't fallen in love with me yet." Ren said and put the contact in place after he discretely pulled out the one he already had in his eye. Yashiro gave him an unimpressed glance when he was able to focus his eyes again. He didn't seem to have noticed the contact he slipped into the empty compartment.

"How does she tell you exactly?"

"None of your business." Ren answered and put in the other lens in the same discrete way. His look was complete and he made sure every strand of hair was untamed before Cain directly stepped out and took his place.

"I will let you in by the backdoor tomorrow morning." Yashiro said as a shiver travelled his body. His brain told him it was Ren in front of him but his heart wanted him to run.

Cain nodded and Yashiro quickly moved towards the door and peeked outside.

"All clear." He said and held the door open. Cain slipped past him and took the few long strides to the staircase.

"Have fun." Yashiro said as his confidence gained as the man moved away from him. Cain ignored him and quickly disappeared downwards.




Setsuka stretched her body and twisted it like if she hadn't used it for a long time. Her smirk grew as she rolled her neck and felt the long hair brush over her back.

She rotated her wrists when she heard the door opening behind her. She could feel goosebumps rise on her skin and she shivered in delight. She could feel him move closer and she suddenly flipped around and leaped into his arms.

She had timed it perfectly and she had a firm grip of his shoulders and he caught her legs as they wrapped around his torso.

A pleased growl left him and he flipped them around to push her into the wall beside the door. He put their foreheads together and both stilled for a moment to soak in their reunion.

Setsu grinned and met his eyes shortly before she leaned in to capture his lips. She held nothing back as he met up with hers and tasted everything. Her tongue chased out the pleased sounds and she ate them happily.

"In broad daylight, Setsu?" Cain grinned and she frowned as he had moved away from her to be able to speak.

"Don't be a prude." She purred back and she got a rare chuckle out of him before he ended her suffering.




Ren struggled to keep Cain in front. The way she clung to his frame and the way she panted when he gripped her thighs harder made it almost impossible to keep a rein on his emotions.

Her whole body was soft against his and he couldn't feel even an ounce of hesitation from her, only want.

It would have been too easy to read more into her actions and the part of him that always reacted with doubt had a hard time to find a fault in what she emitted. He felt himself beginning to swoon and knew that the brother had been pushed from the surface again.

Her lips were poison to his control.

He pulled away for a moment before he saw her disappointed face and dived into her neck instead. It was slightly better and he slowly managed to let Cain out again.

"I have missed you." He mouthed over her skin and she rolled her body into his.

"Me too." She hummed as she tilted her head to the side to allow him better access. "I want nothing more than to continue kissing you. But I also don't want to share you with others." She said as she opened her eyes and nodded at something over his shoulder.

Cain turned slightly and caught sight of a pair of teenage girls that were staring at them with open mouths and expressions altering between fascination and horror.

Cain made a displeased frown and the girls yelled out in surprise and then ran out of sight.

The spell was broken and Ren exhaled in relief when he felt her legs unhook from his waist. He lowered her until she could place her feet firmly on the ground.

"Let's move." Cain said and Setsu grinned his way.

"I will follow you everywhere." She said and squeezed his hand in hers.




Setsuka adjusted her stance and gripped the cold steel in her hands firmer. She adjusted her stance when her brother's warm hands guided her and finally stilled when he seemed pleased. She glanced on her target and exhaled. Her finger curled and not even the protective covers could completely dampen the loud sound that filled their small chamber.

"Good." Cain said behind her and Setsu grinned over the praise. Her brother pushed a button on the wall of their booth and a small screen to her side lit up. It showed her target and she could clearly see a hole in the area for six points.

Setsu lowered the gun in her hand and her thumb pushed against the safety lock before she put it down on the small counter in front of her.

"Your turn." Setsu grinned and watched as he nodded and with calm hands pulled out the magazine and filled it with six bullets before he loaded the gun again and took his stance. Kyoko couldn't help but stare, as his confident movements looked like he had done it a thousand times before.

'He grew up in America. For all we know, he might have done it a thousand times.' Natsu said in her head and Setsu smirked. She liked her brother like this, dangerous and confident.

'He might have practiced before his roles too. He has been a detective more than once.' Kyoko thought and suddenly realised why he had forced her to pull the gun apart and assemble it for twenty times before they stepped inside the shooting booth.

'He wanted me to be prepared. There is a scene in part one where I assemble a gun.' Kyoko smiled warmly on the inside.

The place only had three lanes for shooting and the owner had glanced worriedly on the siblings when Cain had paid for three hours. The small bald man had never turned his back on them after handing them the ammunition but his smile had returned when he had watched the brother drill her about safety protocols regarding guns. Their conversation had been in English but the owner had nodded at some of Cain's words so she assumed he was fluent in the language.

She had been surprised when she held the heavy object for the first time but Setsu had arranged their face to fascination instead.

A sharp sound sounded and Kyoko forced the not so unwilling sister to imprint his every motion. He pushed the button and Kyoko saw a new hole in the area for nine points on the small screen. Cain adjusted his grip slightly before he took his aim again and then fired five shots rapidly.

He lowered his arms and pulled out the magazine and then ejected the shell casing before he hit the safety and put the gun down. He didn't push the button for the little screen but Setsu couldn't help her curiosity and did it for him. There was a new larger hole in the dead centre of the ten-point zone. The hole was too large for one bullet but she realized he had been so steady with his hand that the five bullets had been too close to form their separate holes.

Kyoko felt a shiver travel down her back.

"What's with that look Setsu?" Cain grinned her way and gestured for her to take place on the stand again.

"I had forgotten you competed in shooting when we were smaller." Setsu quickly ordered her face as she stepped forward and began to push the bullets into the magazine. He had made her practice that before too and she worked quickly without pause.

"How could you have forgotten? You took my trophy from when I placed first and brought it to show and tell in your school." Cain smiled like it was an endearing memory and Kyoko felt a bit better.

'He has competed in it then. And even placed first.'

"Maybe I have suppressed it as I got a D on that assignment." Setsu shrugged and when she looked down, she realised that her hands had assembled the filled magazine on their own and she was ready. Kyoko pulled out the mental picture of how Ren had looked and fitted her body to mirror it. It was a slight change from how she had stood before but she could now clearly glance down the barrel and aim.

She pushed the safety off and then exhaled. The recoil didn't feel as much as the time before and she knew she had done well. She pushed the button for the screen but there weren't any new marks on the target.

"Perfect Setsu. Dead centre." Cain said to her side and the pride in his voice could barely cover the surprise. Cain pushed another button and a mechanic hum began to sound. Setsu pushed the safety again and moved away as she recognised it. Cain had done the same before her first shot.

Cain walked past her and pulled the old target down and fitted a fresh one. He pushed the button again and the paper flew back into the distance.

"Now again." Cain said when the target stopped and Kyoko felt her fighting spirit burn bright.

She pushed the safety and took her aim.

She surprised them both. She hit ten points more often than not. Only when her arms tired and her shoulders began to ache from the recoil did she occasionally slip down to seven or eight points.

Cain let her rest while he replaced the target and shot a few rounds. The bullets ran out before their time but Setsuka could barely hold her arms above her waist and Cain took her outside again.

He still made her pull the gun apart and clean it before they were done but she was an eager student and didn't complain. The owner smiled brightly towards them when they left and Setsu got her suspicion confirmed when he invited them to return in English.



Ren kept their targets and he couldn't help but sigh in admiration when he saw her second one. For her first time she had done better than many of the competitors he had faced in the past.

He held her hand in his as he pulled her towards the small diner Yashiro had researched for him. It had a dim lighting and private booths to not let them stand out too much. Even if they wouldn't be recognised for their real identities, Heels had made a name for themselves after the Demon commercial.

The diner was a small place on the end of the main street. The majority of the tables were already filled with people and many turned their eyes towards the siblings when they entered. Cain didn't hide the look of murder of his face when he caught several men stare at his sister's bare stomach.

"Do you have a reservation?" A polite voice asked with just a small tremor.

"Heel." Setsuka said to his side and the waitress nodded before she bid them to follow her.

Their table was in the far back and Cain could still his glares as there were few others in their section. There was however one face among the few couples that he recognised and his eyes turned cold again.

Setsuka glanced at the same man and his partner for a moment before she turned her eyes towards Cain instead.

"Sit beside me." She said sweetly and Cain had to turn his focus to her again. The waitress had stopped at a large booth with a semi-circular table and u-shaped sofa in the far corner of the restaurant. Cain nodded and gestured for Setsu to get inside before him.

She sat to let her back face the diner and Cain took his seat beside her to cover her further.

The waitress seemed a bit confused with their seating but quickly adjusted the glass and chopsticks to the new arrangement.

She gave them two menus and then quickly left after taking their drink orders.

"He doesn't seem that heartbroken over the rejection at least." Kyoko whispered to his side and Ren stepped out when he recognised her tone. He glanced over his shoulder and watched Taka that sat at a few tables back. Ren couldn't help to notice that the girl in front of the young man shared a few features with Kyoko and he turned his eyes away before the coldness in his eyes alerted the beautician.

"Do you know what you want?" Ren asked instead to distract them both and he caught Kyoko's smile before Setsuka stepped out again.

"Fish, fish or fish seems to be the option. So, I think I will go with the seabass." Setsuka said and flipped the menu closed. Cain glanced at the options and saw her dish on the second page. It sounded on the lighter side and he decided to follow her lead. Ren also noted with glee that it was the most expensive option.

'Maybe I need to take her out as Setsuka more if I want to spoil her.' He grinned for himself.

Cain nodded and put the menu down. Setsu picked it up and folded it before she put it and her own on the edge of the table where the waitress would reach it easily. The girl returned before long with their drinks and took their order before she hurried away with the menus in tow.

"Should we check out the shops later to see if there is anything interesting for my cute sister?" Cain asked, fuelled with Ren's new discovery.

"Sure." Setsu smiled and rolled her shoulders. Cain noticed the slight discomfort on her face.

"We will pick up some painkillers on the way too." He said and she nodded.

"I'm fine. But I won't say no to a massage later." She grinned and Cain had to suppress the shiver in his host's body.

"You always say I push too hard."

"I think I need hard today. If I want to use my arms tomorrow." Setsu smiled but didn't say more as the waitress arrived with their food.

"Anything for my cute sister." Cain said when they were alone again. They ate mostly in comfortable silence and the waitress seemed pleased when they didn't order dessert. Cain paid and they left. Taka seemed entranced with his date and didn't take notice of the passing siblings. Ren had a gut feeling that Kyoko let out a relieved breath when they left the diner behind.




"How about this?" Cain smirked and held out a black shirt with some sort of shimmer on the front. Setsu eyed it suspiciously as his face was too teasing to fit the plain piece of cloth. She pulled the shirt into the light and saw that the shimmer formed a pattern. She had to turn her head to figure it out and snorted when she did. The pattern formed words and she rolled her eyes over the phrase "World's best housewife".

"Pretty sure the law has something against me marrying you, since we are siblings. But if you want to make it unofficial, I'm up for the task." Setsu grinned and saw Cain smirk as he put the shirt back.

He shifted the bags in his hand and took hers with the free one.

"Let's go to the hotel. The rest of the shops aren't fashionable enough for you." Cain said and Setsuka hummed in thought.

'A little more time, please. I don't want to return to Yashiro's teasing stares yet.' Kyoko thought and sought for a way.

She glanced around their corner of the mall and saw that the only shops left were one for home decorations and a pet store.

"One more." Setsu grinned and pulled him towards one of them.

Cain followed without protest and he glanced questioning on the sign with paw prints above the one they entered.

"You want a pet?" He questioned and Setsuka snorted.

"I have you, don't I?"

"What am I then? A crow?" Cain asked and Setsu couldn't help the amused chuckle that slipped her lips.

"A bunch of you would be a murder then." She grinned as she pulled him down the shelfs until they reached accessories for dogs. Setsu let go of his hand and found what she was looking for.

"How about this one?"

"You want a dog?" Cain asked as he watched the black leather collar with inch long silver spikes.

"Woof." Setsu said sarcastically with a roll of her eyes and fitted the collar around her own neck. She saw Cain's eyes widen and he reached forward to fit his finger where the leach would be fastened. He teasingly pulled on it until Setsu playfully bit after his hand.

"How does it look?" She asked when he let go.

"Very cute. But it will be hard to kiss your neck." Cain said and pulled out his phone to snap a picture. There weren't any mirrors and he turned the screen towards her to let her see. Setsuka glanced at it and frowned.

"It won't work with my lip-chain." She said and undid the clasp. She glanced down the shelf and found another fitting her style. It was a tight fit but she managed to fasten it and moved to her brother again.

"Looks uncomfortable." He said but snapped another picture for her. It was black leather again but with a row of punched holes in the middle and one chain along either side.

"The leather would probably soften after some use." Setsu said and kept it on as she continued to look. There were some other options that had the same style but they were all too small.

'Please, one more. A bit more time with him before tomorrow.' Kyoko blushed at her own thoughts but couldn't deny they were true. Yashiro had not stopped smirking her way since the first time he had seen them work together. She guessed that he knew what she was feeling as it felt like the fangirl inside of him was just beneath the surface.

"Done?" Cain saw her reject the other options and she turned towards him.

"Do you want me to get a leash with this?" She smirked and Cain walked up to her. He bent down to kiss her lips shortly and then backed up to trace her lips with his gloved thumb.

"No, I believe you will follow me willingly." He said and Setsu grinned his way.

'Confident Cain… I like him.' Mary-Ann sighed inside their head and Kyoko could only second that statement.

'He knows there is no need for locks and chains… What a pity. That would have been fun.' Natsu hummed with a teasing smirk Kyoko's way.

"I will follow you everywhere." Setsu ignored the conversation in her mind to answer him and nuzzled slightly into his palm.

"Give me that, if you want it." Cain nodded towards the collar and Setsu unfastened it and put it in his hand. She watched as her brother's face turned cold. "You are not getting this. It left marks on your neck." He said as he threw it on the closest shelf.

"Fine." Setsuka pouted slightly but her neck ached a bit and even if Kyoko could soften the leather some, the chains wouldn't stretch enough to give her more room.

Cain pulled her hand and they left the shop without another word.

Kyoko had tried to drag the evening out for as long as possible but she was surprised when Cain steered her towards another hotel than their usual one.

'Oh, did he book a room? I thought this only was a date and that we would return later…' Kyoko felt a strange mixture of worry and excitement in her body when he led her through the reception and then to the elevators.

'I thought we were close enough to not need the siblings anymore when we are alone… Will he continue to act or will he be himself in our room?' Kyoko bit down on her lip as the elevator shook to life.

'Does he plan for us to sleep in the same bed as ourselves? It wouldn't be the first time… But it will be the first after I have realised his feelings.' The gem inside her brain flashed bright at the thought and she fought the blush on her cheeks.

The doors opened and she followed Cain down the hallway. He had the bags around his wrist and fished a key card out of his pocket. They were in front of a door at the end of the hallway and he fitted the card into the slot to let them in.

The room was not special in any way. Simple furniture and one small bathroom. But it was clean and the temperature was nice. And there was only one large bed.

Kyoko glanced at the man beside her and saw Cain in his every movement.

'Maybe he likes Cain.' Kyoko wondered and pushed Setsuka out to keep him company.

Setsu let go of his hand to be able to pull off her shoes. It had been some time since she had high heels on for a prolonged time and she could use the rest. She heard Cain shuffle around behind her and saw him pull out their harvest out of one of the bags.

"Take this." Cain said and held out a bottle and a pair of pills. Setsu nibbled the tablets straight out of his hand and was pleased when she felt his skin directly without the glove.

She pulled a few sips out the bottle of water before she walked around him and dug into another bag. She pulled out a small bottle of scented oil and pushed it into his hand.

"I will fetch a towel." Setsu said and ducked into the bathroom. Once hidden from view she let her face mirror her true feelings and the blush burned warmly on her cheeks.

'Okay girl.' Mary-Ann said and Kyoko turned her focus inwards. 'You need to use this.'

'What? Use it how?' Kyoko asked and Mary-Ann pulled her host in closer and gripped her shoulders.

'You need to use this opportunity. There aren't too many occasions that you will let a man… well, pleasure you. You need to remember the feelings and what it does to you. I will depend on it soon when the first chapter will begin to shoot.' Mary-Ann said with some power to her words and Kyoko's healthy blush turned a fire-engine-red.

'P-p-pleasuring me? What are you talking about?'

'The massage. He will use his hands to make you feel good, and there will probably be some pain. You love him, so I don't doubt that you will enjoy it. But I tell you, you have to use it. I need to know how you sound when you enjoy yourself. And as you refuse to ….'

'Mary-Ann!' Kyoko interrupted and the married woman waited for her host to gather her mind.

'You want to act convincingly right?' Kyoko saw that the woman had decided to aim for a different direction but she also realised that it worked.


'Then promise me that you won't hold back your voice or your expression now.' Mary-Ann said seriously and Kyoko bit her lip.

'The director seemed pleased with my reaction during scene 45.'

'Yes. But that was the dark you. Chapter one will be pure love. Any stiffness on your face will fail you. Any doubt or restraint in your voice will result in a retake.' Mary-Ann said patiently and Kyoko began to see her point.

'But this will be Cain… Not Ren…'

'I doubt Cain has any real skills in massage so Ren will need to get out. And you already know he likes you so there is no reason to not take a little advantage of the situation. You know he cares for your acting as it is the reason you need a massage to begin with.' Mary-Ann said and Kyoko let go of her lip and slowly nodded.

'What do you want me to do?'

'Relax and enjoy it. Always keep your mouth slightly open so any sounds you want to make will sound without restraint. And don't act. Feel everything as yourself.' Mary-Ann said and Kyoko hesitated for a moment before she nodded.

'Okay.' She said and turned towards the mirror. Setsu was clad in black shorts and the short jacket that left her stomach bare. Her hair was loose and flowing around her neck.

Setsu stepped forward and then unzipped her jacket. She put it down on the side of the basin and then pulled a hair tie from around her wrist and gathered her hair in a loose bun on top of her head. Her bangs were a bit short to reach it but it framed her face nicely and didn't look like they would be in the way so she left them down.

Kyoko watched herself in the mirror and took it all in. She had already spent an evening with him in underwear and this setup was modest in comparison. She looked relaxed, cute, and striking.

With renewed resolve, she pulled a towel from the stack of fresh ones beside the shower and walked out to the awaiting man.

He tensed up slightly when he saw her and she could see his eyes widen.

"Ready?" She asked with the sexy smirk that was his weakness and he nodded like a reflex.




The lavender scented oil in his hands was quickly heating up and he glanced down on the woman that waited on the bed.

She laid on her front and he saw that she had a pillow under her chest and rested her forehead on her hands to let her breathe while she had her head faced down. He knew that she couldn't see him and he took his time to watch the almost bare back beneath him.

From her messy bun, down her beautiful thin neck, her slender but surprisingly muscular shoulders, down her spine until it disappeared out of view from where he was straddling her lower back. If he shifted his hips backwards, he could see the dimples just above the small shorts. He could easily stand with one knee on either side of her hips on the soft mattress without putting any weight on her body. He adjusted his legs slightly until her skin tickled the inside of his thighs.

Ren licked his lips as his mouth had turned dry and he spread the oil over his hands again.

"Tell me if it hurts." He said in just above a whisper and she hummed slightly.

He reached forward and dragged his hands over her shoulders. He had expected her to tens up but any lingering tension melted under his hands.

Ren loved what the oil did to her skin. The sheen from the dim lightning hit off her every curve and he traced his hands over the same place to feel the soft skin with his fingers.

He had spent a lot of effort in collecting every skill he could manage just by watching and he had seen people giving a massage too many times to not pick up some of the tricks to it. That coupled with the personal trainer from his younger years that had drilled him of every muscle in the human body until he could trace them one by one, he had some confidence in his skills.

He began to put some pressure in his hands, allowing his thumbs to stretch the taunt muscles into obedience.

Ren was too focused on his mission of bringing the flushed skin to relax under his hands that he didn't notice the sounds at first. It was only when he pushed down slightly harder on a knot on her shoulder that the sound travelled through his fog.

A gasping moan cut into his ear and struck his gut like a lightning bolt. His eyes widened and he stared at the back of her head like to figure out what had just happened. He stilled his movements for a moment but she didn't do anything. Her back was still relaxed and only the skin that he had touched were flushed.

'Did I imagine it?' Ren wondered and made his hands move again. He kept his eyes on the small part of her face that was visible as he circled the sore spot again. He could see her closed eye flutter and when he pushed down on it again, the same gasping moan filled his ears. His hands immediately stilled but after a few moments, there wasn't any change in her.

'Didn't she notice?' He wondered and began to experiment. He pushed and slid his hands over her neck and shoulders and the sounds never stopped. Some were encouraging, some were with a hint of pain, but every one of them cut into his heart. He waited for her to realise, but as her voice only grew stronger, it convinced him that she was either not bothered by them or didn't notice at all.

He used her sounds to find out what she liked and if he mixed in some of the things that made her whimper, the stronger the pleasurable sounds following would be.

It was like a treasure trove. He searched for the gems, the sweet spots on her body that would make new sounds for him and he soon ran out of skin to work with. Her neck and shoulders were done and he added more oil to work her upper back.

He found more gems around her shoulder blades and he found one spot between her right one and the spine that had her whimpering, caught between pain and pleasure. He worked his fingers around it and then directly on it for a while but the sounds soon died out when the muscles were kneaded into line again. Ren moved on, sure that he could find another place like it if he listened carefully.

He spread the oil further down until the black fabric across her back got in his way. His hands searched the area above it but without any luck. He worked until the healthy glow of her skin spread all the way down to it. Ren swallowed and pulled back. He had gotten his gift already and he shouldn't push it.

He opened his mouth to speak but slammed it shut when she finally moved. He flinched, like a kid that got caught with his hand in the cookie jar, but her hands just moved to her own bustier and with a slight pinch of the fabric, opened it. Her hand pulled the ends to the side and then returned under her head.

She didn't say anything but the invitation was apparent. Her completely bare back under him was too much of a temptation and he let his hands slide down from her shoulders to his new hunting grounds. He added more oil and began to work the marks on her skin that was left from the bustier. He put some strength in his arms and used his palms to dig out some of those sounds that she had hidden deeply.

Gasps, moans, whimpers, and half spoken words flowed over her lips and Ren couldn't help but collect them as fine little tokens in his heart.

He wanted her, so much. He wanted her everything, every sound of her, every inch of skin, every thought in her brain and every cell of her heart.

His hands reached the top of her shorts and he knew his mission was over. He closed his eyes in an attempt to pull himself back from the edge. His whole body was trembling and his breathing was chopped up and heavy.

Ren waited but he was too far gone to pull himself back. He opened his eyes and saw the woman in front of him again. Her strong but lithe back with the narrow waist and the curve of her hips. He had moved back until he straddled her thighs and he had to force his eyes to not travel lower. His trembling hands reached out for her waist but changed direction in the last moment. He pulled the two straps and managed to fasten them by some kind of miracle.

He was careful not to touch her with anything other than his lips as he placed a kiss between her shoulder blades.

A hum of pleasure sounded from her lips again and Ren felt like it was the last drop in his already overfilled cup.

"I love you." Ren said and his gut lurched.

"I love you too." She hummed and Ren snapped his head up towards her. Her messy bun was all he saw but it reminded him of who he was supposed to be at the moment.

'Setsuka… Not Kyoko…'

Pain tore through his body and he recoiled into his mind for protection. He had lost his reasoning and he had spoken to the wrong girl. He knew who he was supposed to be but the pain only hit him harder. Ren held his breath until dark spots flickered over his vision.

'No… I can't take it… I can't do this…'

He could barely see when Cain stepped up to take the driverless wheel. Ren didn't mind but curled up in a corner of his mind.

The brother glanced at his host with a rare pity and sighed as he pointed towards him.

'Listen. You need to hear this.' He said and Ren felt like he was bleeding from all over his spiritual body as he forced himself to glance up.

"Setsu." Cain said and gently pulled the sister over until her drunken relaxed face was turned towards them.

Ren's mental form almost dissolved at the expression on the beautiful girl.

"Cain." Setsu hummed with a pleased smile and Ren felt his heart stop again. Cain glanced at his host and made sure he still was lucid enough to listen. What he saw made him frown but he turned his focus to the girl again with renewed resolution.

"There is a man I know. He is the slowest person I have ever met." Cain said firmly and couldn't hide the irritation from his voice. Setsuka seemed to fight with focusing her eyes and tilted her head slightly to the side in question. "You see. He asks the girl he loves a question every day."

Cain ignored the load gasp from Ren's direction when he saw recognition beginning to shine in Setsuka's eyes.

"He has too low of an impression about himself and he can't take a hint even if there is a neon sign above it." Cain said and Ren found one ounce of painless power in his body that he used to glare at the bother with. "We have to help him." Cain said without mercy.

Setsuka stared at him for a moment before her body relaxed again.

"Sure." She said and a gentle smile played her lips.

'Listen now.' Cain's firm order filled their head and Justin pulled up Ren's spirit somewhat straighter. Cain seemed pleased as their attention was fully on him.

"Answer me then Setsu. Did you fall in love with me today?" Cain asked and lifted an eyebrow like a challenge.

'What the hell? You didn't change the question!' Justin's angry curse only made Cain grin.




'This is Cain.' Kyoko watched the man above her and was completely sure of that fact. She glanced around her mind and saw the different characters that lingered around the gem inside her. 'Ren has them too.' She thought and then played his words over in her head again.

'The girl he loves… thinks too low about himself… Ren...' Guilt tore her heart and the gem in her mind flickered like it was in pain.

'I have known for days… has he suffered because of my pride?'

Mary-Ann gave the gem a worried glance and then turned to Kyoko.

'I think it was Ren that said he loves you before. Since he admitted it, finally, you should clear this up.' She said and met Kyoko's eyes over the distance. They nodded in understanding and turned towards Setsuka that sat with her back leaning against the gem.

'We count on you.' Mary-Ann said and Setsuka smirked as she got up on her feet. She stretched her back and then gripped Kyoko's shoulder.

'Get ready. You are up soon.' Setsu said and then stepped in front.

"Did you fall in love with me today?" Cain repeated for her and Setsu snorted.

"No. What kind of stupid question is that?" Setsuka almost felt like laughing when she felt the flinch from the two love filled spirits in her head. She ended their suffering quickly. "Today? I fell in love with you a long time ago." Setsu said with a confident smirk and saw Cain twitch an amused smile her way.

"He really should have changed his question. I believe that girl has loved him for a long time." Cain smirked and Setsuka saw the pointed glance he gave her.

"I'm sure she has." Setsu smirked knowingly and Cain read her face with interest. The smirk grew wider on his lips as he reached out to stroke her cheek. Setsuka watched his face closely for hints about the other man resurfacing but as it still was Cain, she leaned into the touch.

"It might be a while before I see you again." Cain suddenly said and Setsu smiled softly.

"I doubt that. I think that girl would like to take me out for a walk sometimes to be able to spend time with you." Setsu lifted her hand to stroke his lips and Cain smiled in return. But the smile grew brighter, until it transformed into the divine smile. Setsuka realised that her brother was gone for the moment and nodded before she stepped back.




Ren listened to their words but it took a while for them to sink in.

Justin had challenged Cain to change his question but he had used the same as his. But the answer was different.

"Today? I fell in love with you a long time ago." Setsuka's voice echoed in his head and it felt like something fell into place in his mind.

Hope. No, proof. There was no need for hope anymore.

He still hadn't heard it from Kyoko herself but he felt like he had found the missing piece of the puzzle. Why her "No" hadn't felt like a rejection. Why she had begged him to change the question.

His broken spiritual body pieced itself together with lightning speed and he blinked his eyes to make them focus.

The smile grew on his face before he knew it and when he glanced down, it was Kyoko that looked back.

The shy blush on her face and the way she nibbled her lower lip were almost as much proof as Setsuka's words.

"Kyoko." Ren said and the girl jumped slightly. Their positions were a bit weird and Ren used the hand on her cheek to carefully guide her up. Kyoko looked like she wanted to lower her gaze but he was thankful when she managed to keep it locked to his.

His hand on her cheek stroked her slowly as he steeled his heart to push through the last barrier of fear.

"Kyoko, you are more than precious to me. I… I love you." Ren said and he could feel the heat rise in the palm of the hand that held her cheek.

"I…" Kyoko gasped and he waited patiently but with increasing worry.

'Wait… no... we spoke too soon.' Justin gasped in shock in his head but Cain knocked him out with a straight punch.

She seemed to read the fear on his face as her expression suddenly lost its nervousness and only confidence was left. "I love you too, Ren. I have for a long time now." Kyoko lifted her hand to place it over the one on her cheek.

'L-loves me… Have for a long time.'

Ren was melting, or swooning, he didn't care what. A bright light exploded in his mind and its crystal light burned through the fear and worry.

She loved him. He had barely dared to hope, but he suddenly heard her voice crumble every doubt. He knew she wouldn't use the words lightly.

Ren felt like the light in his mind condensed and Cain had to cover his eyes as it turned blinding. Ren wanted to laugh or cry.

'She loves me back.' Ren felt the crystal light land on the soil in his mind and quickly spread its roots outwards. The core of his very being welcomed the new addition and the brilliant veins soon wrapped around it.

He thought about kissing her, but he knew that it might be too soon for her. At least he thought so before she leaned forward and put her lips to his.

He was definitely swooning, but they had kissed too many times in their roles and his lips moved on their own. It was the same, but also so different. She didn't have the fierceness of Setsuka or the experienced touch of Mary-Ann. It was soft and sweet and pure Kyoko.

The taste of her lips was almost too much for him and Ren pulled back slightly and rested his forehead against hers to fight the dizzy spell that had begun inside him.

"I love you." He said and his heart jumped with happiness when he finally voiced the words without restraint.

"I love you too, Ren." Kyoko answered and stayed still even when the radiation from her blush warmed his face. He soaked in the feeling and the buzz slowly dimmed to a manageable level. The crystal roots dug deeper inside of him, bringing light to the many memories that he had suppressed because of doubt. Memories of proof of her love, buried in his mind.

"If it was a long time ago… was it before you knew that I was Corn?" Ren couldn't help but ask as he found that there were still some things his mind couldn't wrap around.

Kyoko seemed to know what he was asking as the smile on her face grew soft. They pulled apart to be able to see the other clearly.

"I first got a hint of it after your acting test for the president at Dark Moon. I couldn't hide from my feelings any longer when we began working as Heels. I fell for Ren first, and I met you at LME." Kyoko said and Ren had to fight a moment with his heart as it seemed to want to jump out of his chest.

'A man I know. She met him - no ME- at LME.' The description from their slumber party filled his head and he wanted to laugh. If one of them had been brave enough… But he already knew the reason why she hadn't spoken up. She thought he had loved another.

"And I first met you in a forest." Ren said to clear up any doubt she had and Kyoko's smile seemed to brighten a bit.

"But why as the Heels?" Ren couldn't help but to ask and Kyoko chuckled embarrassed.

"Remember that night when my phone rang in our hotel?" Kyoko asked and Ren could paint her a picture if she wanted because of how many times he had repeated that memory in his mind.

"I remember everything about that night." Ren said but couldn't help but wonder what in that evening had made a difference for her.

"I realised the next morning that I had succumbed to Love again." Kyoko sighed and shook her head. "When you wanted to teach me about how to make a hickey or when you patted Manakas head, I felt jealous. I realised where those feelings sprung from and I tried so hard to lock my heart again before it was too late. But when you hugged me and told me you loved me as Cain… I realized how much I wanted those words to be true."

Ren watched the beautiful girl talk honestly with him and felt bittersweet.

'Now I know why she was behaving strangely that day. I thought she was appalled by my actions the evening before. As she should have been. Judging from her actions, she didn't want to feel jealousy ever again. Jealousy…' Ren frowned slightly.

"I was burning with jealousy that evening and couldn't control it. I have never felt much jealousy in my life before you, and I'm still fighting with it."

"It took a long time before my heart dared to open again. It finally let you inside. You don't have to feel jealous as I promise you that nothing will be able to break through my walls like you have. There is only you inside..." Kyoko said and folded her hands over her chest.

"Not even Fuwa?" Ren wanted to slap himself when the words slipped out. Kyoko looked at him and tilted her head slightly. His heart lurched when she made a humourless snort.

"Pffft. My heart is allergic to that cockroach. I don't hate him any more as his actions let me meet you. But I will never trust him again or let him use me. I have learned now that what I felt for him barely counted as love in the first place. The feelings I once had for him were a poor childish imitation of what I feel for you." Kyoko said with firm conviction and Ren felt that dizzy spell hit again.

Every breath that flowed into his lungs felt like it could make him fly. His mind soaked in the bright crystal light and its roots had made his heart grow stronger. It didn't feel like a frail bird that could break or burst at any time. It steadily pumped blood and happiness into his body.

"Please, trust me on this. You don't have to feel jealous." Kyoko said as his silence stretched on. "I'm still very new at this… I don't know that much about real love… But I know my feelings and I want you to know that you can trust them." Kyoko said and sought his eyes.

"I'm not doubting you Kyoko. I couldn't speak for a moment because I was so happy." Ren said and Kyoko seemed to read his face closely before she nodded, pleased with what she found.

"I'm happy too." Kyoko said and reached out for his hand. He happily let her take it. It was still slightly sticky from the oil and he pulled down his hand from her face when he noticed. She took that one too and squeezed around his fingers. She met his eyes straight on and he could read her sincerity despite the grey contacts. The mood was comfortable and they soaked in it for a moment as both their lips grew into warm smiles.

Kyoko squeezed his hands again and he noticed that her right hand was slightly weaker than her left. His whole being seemed tuned into her and he had noticed the slight tremble in her arm.

Ren gently spread the remnant oil over her fingers and massaged them gently. He watched as her mouth fell open, and when he reached the base of her thumb, he managed to find a spot that let a soft moan break the silence. Ren felt the smirk grow on his lips when it happened and saw Kyoko blush in embarrassment.

"Sorry." She glanced down on the hands that still circled the tender spot.

"Don't be. I like to hear what you feel." Ren said smugly and Kyoko blushed brightly before his eyes. The smirk melted into a gentle smile again as he continued. "I mean it. I can't begin to describe how happy I am about hearing how you feel. I am also very new to love. I will make many mistakes in the future and I need you to tell me when it happens. As long as we are honest with each other… We will manage everything."

"I will do my best, too." Kyoko said and suddenly hummed in encouragement when he moved his hands to her wrist. He glanced down to make sure he didn't put too much pressure directly on the tendons.

"I don't want to change too much in our relationship for now. I have goals that I need to finish and you wouldn't want your reputation to depend on me. For now, I want to see you when I can, talk to you every day, and maybe call myself your boyfriend when we are alone." Ren said and glanced up from his hands to her face.

"Thank you." Kyoko smiled. "I doubt my heart would be able to handle it if too much changed. My mind would be filled with you at all times and I wouldn't be able to get anything done."

"I like your mind filled with me." Ren smiled smugly and Kyoko lightly pinched his arm in revenge. Ren's light laugh filled the room but he soon calmed down to focus on her arm again. He added a bit more oil to his hands and Kyoko blushed as she bit on her lip.

"I want to be a big part of your life, Kyoko. But not everything in your life. I know acting makes you happy and I want you to give it your all. I will support you when you want but I will let you climb your own path." Ren said as he reached her elbow. He adjusted his seat slightly to be able to reach better.




He said all the words her heart wanted to hear. Their minds had to be connected on some higher level.

She knew that they would slip up and that there would be misunderstandings in the future but, she no longer felt irrational fear to do anything wrong. He would understand as long as she explained the situation to him and she had no doubt that he would trust her.

She saw him add more oil to his hands and the smile on her face grew softer.

"Lean against the headboard." She suddenly said and Ren gave her a questioning lift of his eyebrow but complied. She followed him and sat down between his legs with only a slight blush on her cheeks. She felt him jump slightly but she handed him her arm before he could ask.

He had to reach around her to use both and that was her plan. She lifted her free hand and pulled the wig off her head and tossed it on the nightstand before she relaxed completely against his chest. It didn't take more than a moment before his hands continued their magic up her arm and the soft press of lips landed on her hair.

"I want this." Kyoko said and closed her eyes to feel his body against her more clearly. "To talk and to spend time with you. I want to be in your everyday life and put a smile on your lips. I want to earn your feelings over and over again. To learn more about you and more about myself." Kyoko said and hummed when Ren reached another sore spot. The constant feeling of his hands moving over her skin was the perfect tonic for her nerves. She felt safe to tell him what she thought and was distracted enough to not filter the words.



Ren marvelled yet again about how perfectly she fit in his embrace and his heart sang when she willingly relaxed into it.

"You have already earned my feelings many times over." Ren said as her trust already proved to him that his heart had been right to choose her. He bent down to her ear and caught Kyoko smiling softly. "I mean it. I don't want you to change for me. If you love me, it will always be more than enough to make me happy." Ren said as he worked the tender place on the inside of her arm. Kyoko gasped when he pushed a bit harder and Ren smiled when she didn't clench her jaw directly after. He managed to get a few more sweet sounds from her lips before she spoke.

It felt like a victory when she glanced up on his face and smiled brightly. He mirrored her smile until hers filled with mischievousness.

"I know one area you most definitely will work hard to change in me." Kyoko said and relaxed her neck until she could glance on his hands that still moved without pause.

"Try me." Ren smirked back as he put his final strokes on her right arm.

"I will have to learn to let you spoil me a bit, right? I saw the smirk on your face when Setsu picked the seabass." Kyoko glanced up on him again and Ren bent down and kissed her nose.

"That, we really have to work with." Ren grinned and Kyoko chuckled in arms. He adjusted his embrace to reach her left arm and she handed it to him without protest. "I will begin with small things at first. But when my mother gets her hands on you again, I will be able to pick up the pace. As everything I would do would seem small compared to her." Ren grinned and Kyoko's mouth fell open.

"She is worse than you?" Kyoko asked and Ren chuckled.

"You have no idea. I guess she has your measurement from Verdani by now so nothing will be able to stop her." Ren smirked and Kyoko sighed in defeat. Ren worked on her hand and slowed down the pace. He didn't want it to end and used the time to imprint her every scar and line with his sensitive fingertips.

"Well, as revenge I will work on your unwillingness to take care of yourself." Kyoko mumbled after a while and Ren smiled.

"I will let you. As long as you let me spoil you with things like this." Ren said and put some pressure in his hands to point out what he meant.

"Don't worry. Your magic hands have convinced me already." Kyoko said and hummed in approval when he moved to her wrist.

"You are my first client. I'm happy you found my service to your liking." Ren tried to swallow the compliment about his magic hand without it getting to his head.

"First? Is there anything you can't do?" Kyoko gasped in shock and Ren definitely failed to keep that from inflating his ego.

"I think you are biased." Ren nuzzled into her hair and sighed in content. He loved the idea of her being partial towards him.

'Well, she loves me.' His ego happily echoed back to him and Ren's heart pumped a stronger concentration of happiness into his bloodstream. He glanced down on the girl in his arms and found her fighting against her heavy eyelids.

'I always imagined her to run away when I spoke of my feelings.' Ren chuckled slightly for himself as he saw the contrast in front of him. 'Instead, I got her climbing up in my embrace, stroking my ego and returning my feelings.' Everything felt perfect and he glanced at the clock at the nightstand. The time was running out and he felt more than content to end on their high note.

'The only fear I have left is that this has been a dream.' Ren mused as he kissed her hair again.

"Sleep, Kyoko." Ren smiled and saw the girl fight against the pull.

"No… What if it is a dream…? I don't want to wake up." Her words were barely a whisper and Ren smiled ridiculously when his own thoughts had slipped out of her mouth.

"I will remind you that it is real in the morning, if you do the same to me." Ren said and Kyoko hummed in agreement.

He barely reached her elbow before he saw her breaths even out and her mouth fall open.

Ren soaked in the feeling of her trust and slowly finished the last stretch of her arm.

She barely stirred when he tucked her under the covers and he saw her soon smile in her sleep.

Ren had to forcefully pull himself from her side to set the alarm and turn off the lights. He only took a short tour to the bathroom and to change his pants.

He held the square box in a gentle grasp when he finally laid down facing her under the covers. Ren's heart vibrated happily when he saw her soft face and he carefully opened the box without making a sound. He pulled out the bracelet inside and carefully put it around her wrist. The small charms that dangled from it made him smile warmly.

"Good night Kyoko." Ren whispered and even if he wanted to stay awake, the warmth and lightness of his heart made him soon yield to sleep.




Kyoko woke up when something twitched in her hand and she blinked a few times as her eyes felt like they were burning. She saw the grey lenses move into place and she was able to focus her gaze. A white ceiling greeted her and she frowned slightly in confusion. Her hotel room had a similar ceiling but not that shape.

Another twitch in her hand pulled her focus and she glanced towards it.

Ren's sleeping face was only a short distance away and she saw that his hand held hers tightly against his chest. A small smile played his lips and she felt herself mirror it.

Memories of the night before happily repeated themself in her head and the blush burned warmly on her cheeks.

'He loves me. And he knows my feelings.' Kyoko pulled a deep breath to try to contain her happy heart inside her ribcage.

She turned her body towards him but startled when a soft jingle sounded as she moved her free arm.

She held it to her face and saw the new addition. A silver chain wrapped around her wrist and small charms caught the morning light when she twisted her arm to take a closer look.

She could see a small golden star. A delicate fairy. A black moon. A small pink crystal shaped like a teardrop. A pink version of the love me logo. A cute little turtle. And a few more things that she couldn't identify with her hazy morning brain.

'What is this?' Kyoko wondered but her heart was confident of the giver. She glanced towards Ren and saw him still sleeping soundly.

'A black moon… Dark moon?' She realized and glanced at it again.

'Our first real drama together. Well, except the Ruriko drama.' She smiled and her eyes pulled towards the turtle. She stared at it and then had to cover her mouth to not laugh out loud. A little kimono had been painted on the turtle's stomach.

'A kimono and a turtle. That must be about the time with Ruriko. He called me a turtle then." She managed to cut the laugh but the wide grin on her face couldn't be stopped.

'Several of these have to have been custom made.' She thought and flickered her eyes between the charms. The questions piled up in her head but she locked them away for the moment. Kyoko relaxed against the pillows, facing her sleeping partner.

The smell of lavender grew strong when she tilted her nose closer to the mattress and the memories from the night before replayed for her eyes again.

It had been perfect. Honest, comfortable, and sweet.

She could still feel his hands moving over her arms and back when she closed her eyes. The smile turned warmer and the liquid in her lower stomach spun into motion. Kyoko turned her mind inwards and saw the gem glowing happily in her head.

'I should move it.' Kyoko smiled and felt Mary-Ann walk up beside her.

'Move it?' She wondered and Kyoko nodded towards her heart. The married woman turned her head and her eyes landed on the open chest that rested in her heart. 'Of course! Your heart opened to let the feeling of love out but also to be able to receive love again. I'm sure it will fit perfectly.' Mary-Ann grinned and Kyoko patted the rock once before it began to tremble.

She watched as it slowly lifted and soared towards the chest. The lid was wide open and the gem nuzzled inside without meeting any resistance. The dull chest seemed to wake from its slumber as the light from the gem spread to its surface.

The heat and the light stole her breath away and she saw the gem slowly melt to fill every crevice of the chest. The divine light seemed to spread out into her body and every heartbeat made more of her to succumb to its grasp.

Kyoko slowly peeled her eyes open again and her heart began to tremble when Ren's face came into focus. The small happy smile on his lips and the way he held her hand to his chest made her want to cry. He seemed to still be sleeping and she glanced at the clock on the nightstand. They still had time but she didn't want to spend her happiness alone.

'You promised to convince him it wasn't a dream. How about a wake-up kiss?' Natsu commented like a devil on her shoulder.

Kyoko's eyes travelled back to his lips and felt the blush burn on her cheeks.

However, she really wanted to taste them again.

She slowly shuffled closer until she was right in front of him and then gently pulled her trapped hand until his grip slipped. She quickly ducked his arms that suddenly reached out to chase the fugitive. His body was open and she closed the remaining distance between them.

His arms wrapped around her back and Kyoko had to crane her neck to not crash their heads together when he suddenly pulled her closer. The frown on his brows melted and his breath hitched.

'He is waking up.' Mary-Ann whispered and Kyoko clenched her jaw before she moved forward.




Ren didn't know if he was still dreaming but he held her closer, enjoying the soft lips that melted against his.

The smell of lavender swam in his head but couldn't hide her sweet fragrance.

If it was a dream, he never wanted to wake up. The way she fitted in his arms, the way her body pressed against his and the soft sounds that left her body made his heart sing.

A soft hand found his jaw and he felt like it was a sign of some sort. He pried his eyes open and found grey hooded eyes in front of him. The colour confused him for a moment and he pulled back slightly.


"Good morning Ren. I love you." Kyoko's soft voice sounded when her lips were able to work again.

'Not Setsuka… Kyoko? She… loves me.' His sluggish mind slowly processed the words and the smile grew on his lips when the memories from the previous evening uploaded.

"I love you too." Ren smiled and leaned into the warm hand on his cheek. Something cold tapped against his jaw when he did and he gathered the hand in his and brought it to his eyes.

The bracelet came into view and his smile grew gentle.

"Thank you. For the bracelet." Kyoko said and Ren felt the glee trying to take over his face. He pushed it down and turned to her.

'She still has it on. I guess she doesn't recognise the materials.' Ren thought and it got harder to keep the satisfied grin off his lips.

"Have you figured it out?" Ren asked to distract himself and saw the girl on his arm shift slightly until she laid on her back. Her shoulder was still pressed to his chest and he let go of her arm and put his arm over her bare stomach.

His smile grew wider when she didn't flinch but held her focus on the bracelet.

"I figured the black moon meant Dark Moon? The first drama we both starred in." Kyoko said and Ren hummed as he closed his eyes and buried his nose behind her ear.

"What is the golden star for?" Kyoko asked and Ren smiled and pulled back a bit to not speak directly into her ear.

"Remember that time as my temporary manager? When you studied for your tests?" Ren asked and Kyoko nodded. "You got every answer right on them. My teachers used to give me a gold star if I got every answer right. So, the gold star symbolises the time as my temporary manager." Ren glanced at the bracelet and smiled.

"Every charm represents events that we shared. I hope to add a lot in the future." Ren said and felt Kyoko turn towards him.

He met her eyes and even if the contacts hid her natural colour, he could still see the warmth in them.

"I love it." She said and Ren stole a quick kiss from her smiling lips.




She could barely breathe when he pressed his lips to hers again. The butterflies in her stomach made her whole body tingle but the crystal light pulsated through her veins and pacified any nerves that began to shake. She calmed down and Ren smiled when he dived in for her neck. She expected kisses or teeth but he only stayed there, fanning hot breaths over her skin.

She forced her eyes to focus on the bracelet and did a quick mental check.

'Kyoto should be the fairy. The Love Me logo from when I started at LME. The turtle for Ruriko and the moon for Dark Moon. The next one is Natsu. The little crystal that looks like princess Rosa should be for her. Then Heels…' Kyoko glanced around the bracelet and sought for anything that would mark their time together as siblings.

"Heels?" Kyoko asked and felt Ren smirk from where he had put his lips to her neck.

"Lock and chain." Ren said proudly and Kyoko turned the bracelet until she saw the lock. The chain was kept in place with a black and silver padlock. She could see the small lever on the side that opened it. Kyoko smiled brightly and turned to the ones she hadn't identified yet.

"Is it a palm tree? Guam?" She asked and Ren hummed against her neck.

"Demon commercial?" She wondered when she found a small bottle of perfume. Ren only smiled against her sensitive skin and she guessed she was right.

The last one was a small house. She knew it was the charm that symbolized the audition for Kurosaki.

"I have a few more at home, I received the notice of their arrival yesterday but I wanted to give you this as soon as possible." Ren hummed against her neck and Kyoko closed her eyes when the shiver travelled down her body.

"A few more?" She wondered but held her eyes closed to feel every part of her body that he was touching.

"Humm. I have one for this project too. And a few charms for things in your life I know means a lot to you. I hope you will use this bracelet often and be able to find motivation and strength when you are in a slump." Ren slowly said and placed a soft kiss on her neck.

'Everything he does is to help me. He thinks of me and guides me. How could I be this blessed to receive his love?' Kyoko felt her heart clench in pain and she turned until his soft smiling face was in front of her again. He lifted his eyebrow slightly in question and the smile dimmed when he caught her pained expression.


"Tell me. How can I ever repay you for everything you have done for me? And are still doing?" Kyoko asked and Ren's eyebrows tilted in a frown. "You help me so much and I haven't done anything in return. I only cause you trouble. I accept your feelings but how will I ever be able to not feel in dept?" Kyoko asked and felt the tears burn in her eyes.

"Kyoko, Stop!" Ren harshly said and she jumped slightly when he grabbed her face and brought their foreheads together. "There is no debt. I promise you!"

"How can there not be?" Kyoko argued and Ren sighed while he stroked her hair. She tried to not let it cloud her mind but her panic soon dimmed when his actions proved that his feelings were serene.

"Because I haven't told you everything you have done for me. Everything I do is just to try to express my feelings and give you some of what you have given me." Ren said and Kyoko felt the confusion twist her face. He seemed to read it and stroked her hair again.

"I wouldn't have made it this far without you. I didn't know what love was before I met you. I couldn't have finished Dark Moon without you. I wouldn't have been able to do Tragic Marker without you to protect me. YOU made me accept my past and let Kuon feel proud of himself again. You made us merge into one. Without the feelings I have for you, I would have been stuck, without moving a step closer to my goal. You made me brave enough to reach out to my parents." Ren said and pressed soft kisses to her cheeks between words.

"I-I can't take credit for that." Kyoko stuttered and Ren chuckled.

"Then I can't take credit for the times I have helped you. I always helped you because I wanted to spend time with you. It was selfish and I always felt satisfaction with how quickly you were to pick up on the things I taught. It fed my ego and my greed was stilled for a moment." Ren chuckled and Kyoko lifted her eyes to meet his. She could only see serenity and she felt the overwhelming light in her body try to erupt.

She needed to be closer to him. Feel his serenity and taste the truth from his lips. Setsu helped her when she grabbed his shirt and pushed him onto his back.

She saw the confusion and the small twitch of fear on his face before she straddled his chest and crushed her lips to his.

His hand came up on her bare waist and she dug her fingers into his hair to keep him in place. He gasped into her mouth and she pulled his lower lip between hers.

There was a hunger in her body that pushed her on. Her thighs clenched around his torso and she pulled his head up to angle him better.




The kiss… The kiss…

'I can't even find a word for this kiss.' Ren gasped when her fingers gripped his hair and angled his head to let her push against him harder.

He could taste her relief, her love, her happiness in the way she pulled him towards her.

He had guessed it would have been years before she kissed him like she did at the moment. With confidence, love and what shocked him the most, desire.

He was putty in her hands and he let her take whatever she wanted. He had nothing he wouldn't be willing to give her and she sighed in content when she seemed to taste it from his lips. His hand moved from her waist to her back, forcing her body down against his.

He felt the slightest pain when she pulled his hair and he was forced to lift his head up, away from her lips. She didn't seem to mind as her mouth travelled lower, over his jaw and throat.

He missed her lips but he was thankful for the breaths he could take to fight the dizzy spell that had hit him hard. Ren had almost pushed it down completely when she lessened her grip of his hair and brought their lips together again. He gasped some lifesaving air before she took the opportunity to slip her tongue past his parted lips.

Ren clung to her, like a drowning man, as his mind and body succumbed to the bliss.

She held him tight against her body and he forgot everything else.




She wanted more but it was perfect at the same time. She felt his hands tremble against her back and soft sounds left his lips. They suddenly stopped as she still couldn't feel any hesitation, she didn't stop. Not until his mouth no longer worked with hers and his hands slipped off her back. Kyoko gasped as she pulled herself away to see what happened.

She sought his eyes but met with slack features and eyes that rolled back into his head. Worry rocked her body and she climbed higher on his chest to get a better view. She had barely adjusted herself when he blinked his eyes and she could see him struggle to focus his gaze.

Kyoko relaxed her grip off his hair and stroked his face with concern.

"Ren?" She asked and she felt his hands land on her thighs. It soothed her and she quickly assessed the situation.

'D-did… did he faint?' Kyoko couldn't help but wonder and the worry replaced with glee when his eyes once again found hers.

"Kyoko, what happened?"

"You fainted." She said with all the mirth she was feeling.

"What?" Ren's words came out a bit slurred and Kyoko sat up straighter.

"You fainted! Did you forget to breathe?" She snickered with humour as she mirrored the exact words he had said to her the first time he had kissed her unconscious*.

Ren's face slowly lit up with recognition and he couldn't help but laugh.

"Well, it seems like I fell for your killer-kiss." Ren said and moved his hands from her thighs to her back. She let him pull her down and she softly kissed his lips again. He seemed to want to continue but she bopped his nose and put some distance between them again.

"Nope. No more. Can't break your brain as we need it for filming today." Kyoko grinned and then quickly averted her eyes when she saw the pout forming on his face.

"But it is fine to break my heart? It will, if this is the last time in a while that I can kiss you." Ren said and Kyoko bent down to his ear.

"I will still answer a question for you every evening and take a good night kiss before bedtime." Kyoko smiled and she felt his cheek relax against her jaw. She dared to meet his eyes again when the pout disappeared. The divine smile met her and she let her gem filled chest in her heart absorb the light.

"It's a promise." Ren grinned and Kyoko couldn't help the blush on her cheeks when his eyes told her she was in trouble.


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