Some mild language

Don't let me down

I need you right now

Don't let me fall

I'm losing my mind now

"Give me back my hat!" The tiny bunny whimpered as her police officer cap was being tossed between a young fox and a weasel.

"Come and get it you stupid bunny" the young fox mocked. The tiny bunny waited until the weasel made his throwback to the young fox and jumped as high as she could to reach it.

"Got it!" she shrieked as she held her favorite hat close to her chest. The fox bully growled as he went forward and shoved her in the mud. The poor bunny landed with a thud, tiny tears beginning to form in her eyes.

"Oh look Gideon you made the bunny cry" the weasel named Travis snickered

"Cry baby bunny, nobody wants to adopt an orphan who cries" he pointed his finger at her and began to laugh.

"Your wrong Gideon" the bunny sniffed, "I will get adopted"

"In your dreams fluff, now hand over your hat"

"No, it's mine" she wiped her eyes with hands as mud stained her fur

"You will never be a cop! Orphans can't be cops! Now hand it over or I will kick your butt" Gideon growled

The tiny bunny flinched but didn't do what he asked. Gideon was furious as he protracted his claws and moved towards her. The small bunny closed her eyes waiting for the pain that never came….a voice interjected

"That's enough Gideon" a husky voice spoke. The bunny opened her eyes to see one of the bigger kid foxes standing in front of her. This kid was new, he had just arrived about a week ago, he was slightly taller than Gideon which made Gideon cower back a little.

"Hey now I was just playing…" Gideon shook nervously

"No you weren't, now if I catch you messing with her again I will kick your butt" the young fox growled.

Gideon took off with his tail between his legs with the young weasel following him.

The bunny looked up at her hero who now turned around lending a paw to her.

"Thanks Mister" she sniffed as she brushed off the mud from her bran new pair of overalls.

"You know if you want to be a cop you need to learn how to defend yourself" the young fox giggled

"I'm tough!" she interjected

"Right… that's why I had to come save you"

"Well every good cop needs a partner, want to be my partner?" she extended a paw towards him, he gladly took it and shook hands with her.

"What's your name partner?"

"Nicholas" said the young fox, his green eyes glowing with excitement

"I'm Judy, time to make a world a better place partner!" Judy grabbed the small foxes hand as they ran back inside the orphanage for supper.

"Time to make the world a better place partner….."




Is he waking up?

Slap him some more?

A large slap in the face awoke Nick as he flew up smacking heads with finnick.

"Ouch" he groaned

"Well, that woke him up, nice work Ramona" said Finnick as the honey badger grinned, rubbing her paw on her shoulder.

"What? What happened?" said Nick, finally aware of his whereabouts, he was in the corner of an alleyway, where Judy had left him…ouch

"The plan didn't follow through, we got cornered by the police and threw the briefcase out the window. We drove off to try and find you. Roxanna used her tracking skills until she found you here, Unconscious, and looking like a pile of trash. What happened to you?"

Nick tried to remember the events, his hand grasped his shoulder where Judy shot him with a dart. The anger and hurt was clear on her face that was the last thing her remembered. But she didn't drag him off to prison…she let him go.

"Earth to Nick?" Finnick snapped his fingers in front of Nick's eyes. Nick refocused on Finnick, they couldn't know about her…for her own sake

"Eh, just some rhino knocking me out cold" Nick shrugged, rubbing the back of his head

"Well damn glad you're still in one piece, we better go, Saul is waiting for us"

The twin honey badgers helped Nick to his feet as they lead him back to their minivan. Roxanna drove with Ramona in the front seat as Nick and Finnick sat in the back.

"How pissed do you think Saul will be?" whispered Finnick

"Eh hard to say, but I can always calm him down"

"You are his favorite Nick"

Nick shrugged, all he wanted now more than anything was to see her face again.

They drove 15 minutes outside of town where an abandoned warehouse was located outside the streets of Sahara Square. No one has come near it for years, except them of course. As they pulled up some of the younger teenagers were playing outside with sling shots until they saw them.

"There back!" they all shouted as they ran to the van.

The five newest recruits of Saul's, all teenagers who are orphans or have escaped their previous homes.

Phil-Zebra, age 15

Jenny-Weasel, age 16

Connor- Wolf, age 16

Will- Fox, age 13

Sara-Otter, age 14

Connor flew forward towards Nick, hugging him tightly around his waist. "Uncle Nick! Did you get the gold?"

"You know we did" Nick lied patting Connor's head with his paws

The teens cheered with delight, "Saul will be proud of you guys!"

"More like he will rip us to shreds" Finncik whispered, Nick slapped him in the shoulder as they made their way into the warehouse. At the door was Crystal, a chocolate fox, age 28, had joined Saul's group when she was a small kit, she was with him even before Nick arrived.

"Back so soon Nicholas?" she winked at him

"You know it" he smiled, "Where the boss?"


Nick made his way up the spiral staircase as Crystal shooed off the rest of the teenagers. She quickly followed behind him as he made his way to the top floor of the warehouse.

The warehouse was to be believed an old factory for designing suits, it had three floors. The first floor was spilt into two, the kitchen where everyone ate or hung out and the other half is where the young ones slept. The second floor had offices which now became rooms for Finnick, the badgers, Crystal, and Nick. And the top floor?

Yours truly


The top floor could have been a penthouse, everything you needed in a real house was there for his convenience. Saul sat at the head of his dining room table with fine china. He wore a black suit with a red tie as he cut into his meal. At his side were two timber wolfs, violent and cruel. Even Nick was scared of them, their names were Razor and Victor both with fur as black as the night and green eyes that glowed like fire.

Saul wiped his mouth with a napkin as he watched them come forward.

"Ah my children! Welcome back? Did we have any trouble?"

Nick stepped forward, "Actually we did, turns out that briefcase was a scam"


"Yes, I guess they must have rerouted the real case as we chased after their decoy. Sorry sir but there is no gold"

The jaguar pouted, "Well this is terrible news indeed, how will you make up for this failure?"

"Us? My friend you were the one who sent us on this mission, it is your failure, not ours" Nick snapped.

The whole room gasped, no one talked to Saul like that. No one. Finnick and the others stepped farther and farther away from Nick as he stood his ground against Saul. Razor and Victor had their hands balled into fists waiting for Saul's orders to knock the living daylights out of him. But Saul just laughed.

"Your right my boy! Ha! I guess we will have to come up with another plan to get that case"

A sigh of relief fell over the room.

"Crystal, find the whereabouts on that case will you?" said Saul

"Yes sir"

"And Nick come sit my boy"

"Actually sir I'm in some need of some fresh air, you will have to excuse me"

"Of course, don't be too long, we have much to discuss" Saul dug into his food like a vicious animal.

Nick walked out with Finnick behind him.

"That was a close one" Finnick whispered

Nick didn't say anything; his mind was only on one thing.


He walked out of the warehouse without a word.

He had a hunch on where he could find her, he stood outside the Zootopia Police Department, casually under one of the trees by their front lawn. He had his shades on and a snarlbucks in his right paw. She had to come in and out at some point, and when she does he would intervene.

Nick was never good of thinking ahead and knowing what to say, it just came to him. And now he was as nervous as ever, replaying what he would tell her in his mind.

"Hey sorry I walked out on you all those years ago"

"Hey girl…how you doing?"

"Hey I know we were best friend when we were little, let's be best friends again?"

"I hope you're not mad at me?"

Ugh stupid…stupid…stupid Nick….you dumb ass…

His ears perked up at the sound of tiny feet. He knew her walk from anywhere, he looked up seeing her walk out of the precinct. She has truly grown into a beautiful creature; he had not seen anything like it. His mind as been in the dark, broken, and afraid. And now he looks at her and all he can see is the amazing person she has become and the light that radiates off of her.

She wasn't in uniform so she must be done for the day. She wore a white-shirt with blue faded jeans with a jean jacket as a black duffel flung over her shoulder. She seemed off, her eyes that once glowed of bright purple only sagged to the ground

She walked off, putting headphones into her ears as she turned into an alleyway, a short cut to her apartment.

Nick sprinted after her, first of all she shouldn't be walking home alone and second he just had to see her and to see her smile….just once…and he could be content for the rest of his life.

Nick found her in the tight alleyway as he walked up behind and tapped her on the shoulder. Judy flinched as she was light on her feet and twisted the wrist of the unknown perp who snuck up on her.

"Gah! Judy it's me" Nick yelped as he dropped his coffee.

She stared at him with wide eyes as she let go of his wrist and shoved him off sending him aback a little.

"Remind me not to pick a fight with you" Nick huffed rubbing his wrist.

Judy took out her headphones, staring at Nick with glares that he could feel was already piercing his heart.

"What do you want Nick?" she snapped

Nick flinched

"Um….I just want to know….umm.. how have you been Carrots?"

Judy flinched as he used the nickname he gave her back at the orphanage, a wave of sadness washed over her. She shook it off.

Her teeth grinded together, "I'm fine, now leave me alone" she began to walk off

"Judy! Please! Don't walk away from me!" Nick knew at that exact moment he should have kept his mouth shut.

Judy skidded to a stop, slowing turning towards him.

He had never seen her angry, never. But the glare that she was giving him now was beyond comparison, his body shivered at the sight. Her eyes locked on his, filled with anger, sadness, and rage. Nick for once….was actually scared of her.

"Me…..Me walk away from you!? Are you out of your dammed mind? If I recall you walked away from me you selfish….asshole" she seethed

Nick froze, his body unable to respond.

"You left me! You left me at the orphanage! You ran away from me! And what? I didn't even get a goodbye? Not even a phone call? Or where you were or if you were safe!? Did our friendship mean anything to you !?" she yelled, tears started to form around her amethyst eyes.

"Please…" Nick whispered, "Don't say that..."

"No! you don't get a say; it's been 15 years Nick! 15 years! I thought you were dead for Christ sake!" she gasped as tears flooded down her face. Nick's heart ached in pain as he watched her…

I caused that pain..

"Do you expect me to be okay after seeing you today like you have come back from the dead!?" she gasped in between tears.

Nick stepped forward, trying to reach for her but she jerked back and drew out her tranquilizer pistol.

"Stay away from me" she snapped

Nick came to a halt, respecting her space.

"Don't get in my way again Wilde" Nick flinched, she never used his last name.

"If you get in my way, I will not be as generous as I was this morning, I will drag your ass to prison without a second thought". Her tone became professional, cold. She was speaking like a true Officer.

She wiped away her tears and stood tall, "Goodbye" and she walked off, not even a second glance.

Was it possible for a heart to spilt in two?

I think so, Nick had never experienced such pain and sadness. He had hurt her, probably in a way that will leave a scar on both of them for the rest of their lives. He was selfish, stupid, and small-minded. He knew why he ran away from the orphanage that day, he wanted to tell her, he wanted to tell her so bad, to tell her everything and how much of a deep hole he has dug himself in.

Nick sat on the cold ground in the alleyway, his back up against the wall. He hadn't left this spot for hours as it became dark.

Her glare left needles in his chest, her sadness left a memory etched into his brain. When he saw Judy this morning, hope came back into his life and for the first time in a long time he actually felt at home. She was his best friend, his true friend.


He cursed at the sky, he banged his fist into the brick wall until his knuckles turned into shades of red. He hissed, screamed, and shouted. He curled into a ball, now that he has seen her, he wasn't going to let her go. Not again, not ever.

He needed her forgiveness, he needed to win her back, he needed his best friend. It was going to take a lot of work to build her trust again, but it was worth it, she was worth it. He didn't care how long it would take. He was going to get her back, his partner…..

"Ready to make a world a better place partner?"

Nick sat up, staring up at the night sky

I'm going to make this right….I won't screw it up…I won't


And don't you guys worry, I ship Nick and Judy hard.