Sorry for the short chapter! I needed this chapter to lead into my upcoming ones. Enjoy!

Nick found Judy in a tiny bedroom, designated for female children from ages 4-9. Judy slumped on the edge of her small cot, tiny sniffles escaping her chest.

Nick hopped on the bed next to her, in his paws were two packets of chocolate pudding

"Hey you weren't at lunch, so I snagged one for you, I know they are your favorite"

"No thanks"

"But you love pudding Carrots, remember that one time we solved the case of who was stealing all the banana pudding? It was Travis the weasel and he lost his pudding privileges !"

Huge tears rolled down her eyes as Nick looked at her in shock.

"Hey….carrots what's wrong?"

Judy leaned her head on Nick's shoulder as Nick patted her ears.

"Someone was looking at me to adopt today" she sniffled

Nick froze, "Oh, were they a nice mommy and daddy?"

"They didn't choose me, they choose Emily, the chocolate bunny because she looks like them" Her tears were staining Nick's shorts.

"I'll never get adopted" She let out a tiny whimper as she buried her face deep in Nick's lap.

Nick wasn't sure what to do, if he was honest with himself, he would never get adopted either unless it was from a family of foxes. He always knew that, but he hated to see Judy this way, but what made matters worse, he didn't want her to get adopted…because if she did….he will never see her again.

"Hey now Carrot, you don't want to get adopted, you wanna know why?"

She peered up at him, "Why?"

"Because I'm your family, and your best friend, I will always have your back"

"Do you mean it?" a smile escaping her lips as she wiped her eyes on his Fur wars t-shirt.

"Of course I mean it, me and you are going to get out of this place and become cops together" Nick hopped off the bed and found her favorite cop hat and placed it on her head.

"We are going to be the best cops in the whole world" Nick smiled at her as he placed a big pair of sunglasses on his head that he had stolen from the orphanage janitor.

Judy smiled as she hopped off the bed and hugged Nick tightly, "I love you Nick, don't ever leave me" she whispered

"Never Carrots, now come on let's go play outside" He grabbed her hand as Judy shoved the chocolate pudding in her pocket.

Do you expect me to be okay after seeing you today like you've come back from the dead?

Nick laid on his bed, staring at the ceiling. Seeing Judy last night in pain and anguish of what he did to her was the most pain Nick had ever experienced in his lifetime. His bedroom was on the second floor of the warehouse, he had his own office space as it occupied mostly of his favorite music, t-shirts, and photos. He shoved his face in his pillows, angry at everything and angry at himself.

He was going to win his best friend back if it was the last thing he did

His heart began to race as he pictured her, she had truly grown into a stunning creature, full of life, optimism, and truth. And he had missed all of it. Her body features caught Nick in a trace when he saw her up close, her curves and bright eyes. His heart almost gave out in her beauty.

I wonder what she had been up too in these past 15 years, besides becoming a cop. Did she have a boyfriend?

Nick growled at the thought.

He needed a plan and he needed to see her again.

There was a light knock on the door

"Going through a mid-life crisis Nick?"

Nick peered from his pillow to see Crystal standing in the door way, she wore a white blouse and old faded jeans.

Every mammal loved Crystals beauty, she pulled cons with her looks and silver tongue, men all over the city would fall into her trace as she pierced them with yellow eyes. Everyone except Nick Wilde of course.

And she hated that

"Go away Crystal, I'm busy"

"Yeah you look pretty busy"

"Shut up"

She snickered, "Boss wants to see you, I'm sure you would love to explain to him why that suitcase heist was a lie…"

"Did you tell him?" Nick whispered

"Nah, Why would I be the tattle tale?" she winked

Nick sighed as he hopped off his bed.

"You know Judes if you work any harder, you will die" Tony huffed

Tony was a Hare on the ZPD and one of Judy's close friends, she had met tony when she first arrived on the force. Tony had a dark brown coat with very large ears and hind legs, and also he was very deeply in love with Judy Hopps.

Judy had known this; she had politely turned him down saying she would like to stay just friends. But the guy kindly replies.

"Don't worry, I'll wait for you"


And now he was walking with her to work as he picked up two coffees to go for the both of them.

Judy was in no mood. Ever since she had seen Nick, she hadn't been able to sleep and eat. After she yelled at him last night she went back to her tiny little apartment and cried herself to sleep

Her pain of missing him ripped a hole through her chest, and the only one to fill the hole back up again was him. He had missed him, missed him so much. She wanted so badly to hug him tightly and beg him never to leave her again…..When she saw him, her heart stopped, he had grown into a handsome creature. His eyes were a beautiful green and worn like they have seen the world, his body was shaped with muscular tone, his voice sent shivers down her spine… He was so appealing to her it almost made her mouth water.


She had every right to be angry with him, that bushy tailed prick.

Her body ached, her hears were droopy, she had a headache with the size of a polar bear and now she is listening to Tony ramble on about how they should go to the movies this weekend.

Tony opened the door for her as they walked in together. She barely made it to the bullpen without the front desk cheetah stopping her.

"Chief wants to see you"

Nick tightened his tie as he made his way to the top of the warehouse. He opened the door to find Saul perfectly perched at the head of his dining room table. He took tiny sips out of his tea cup as Nick approached.

"Nick my boy!" The panther stood, "Have a seat!"

"Of course"

Nick sat in the chair next to him as his two wolf henchman brought Nick something to drink.

"Alright my boy, time to make plans, the suitcase heist was a folly, but don't mind that, I have found something bigger to steal". Saul snickered under his breath as he took another sip of tea.

"What do we have boss?"

"A drug" Saul pushed a newspaper towards him with a headline, "Neuros scientist discovers drug to enhance animal instincts"

Nick flinched

"Huh, interesting choice Saul, this definitely would sell for a bundle on the streets" Nick rolled the paper over to find the scientist himself Dr. Davis, a tall and very lean hare with fur as black as night.

Saul pushed another paper towards him, "Famous Dr. Davis killed in laboratory fire"

"Well that's a shame, I'm sure it would have been nice to have him around" Nick huffed.

Saul laughed, "Oh there's more my boy" Saul folded his paws together, "Word is Dr. Davis had a junk drive with that drugs very information and secrets beyond comparison, many criminal's lords are asking for a handsome price for it and if we find this drive, I will get half of the doses"

"Not bad, where is the drive?"

"No one knows for sure, he had family so it's mostly likely they know where it is or he had given to them" Saul snapped his fingers and Crystal came forward with a folder. Saul opened it, peering through the papers.

"Crystal did some digging for me, he had a wife…..looks like she is deceased, what a shame" Saul shifted more papers aside until his mouth turned into a huge grin.

"Well, look what we have here…." He lifted the sheet of paper to get a closer look, "He adopted a daughter"

Nick looked curiously at him

"She is still alive" he chuckled

Saul slid the paper towards Nick as Nick peered at what was in front of him. His heart burned at the sight, a growl escaped his lips catching the attention of both Saul and Crystal, panic and fear began to drown him.

Dr. Davis adopted daughter was…