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Once in your life, you'll find someone.

Abby Baker picked up the glass of red wine she had left on the coffee table and took a sip as she made her way to the stereo. She had kind of made the bed by pulling the blankets and sheets up haphazardly. Abby would make it for real before she left for work in the morning. Then she picked up her stuff from the bedroom counter and threw her clothes in the washer. Now for the rest of the house. She grabbed the remote from on top of the stereo. She already knew what she wanted to hear. Another thing she appreciated about Eliot was his appreciation of soul music. Most would not think so to look at him, but he knew a fair bit about Motown and soul.

Even the ones that are less known today, like Eddie Floyds, Knock on Wood, which she started.

Abby turned it up, put the remote back. She took another drink of her wine, her shoulders and head swaying in time to the beat. Her attention landed on the pile of clothes she'd left on the end of the brown leather couch. She swayed her way over, scoping them up. She put her wine back on the coffee table and headed for the laundry room. She had teased Eliot that the only reason he liked this song was Roadhouse.

He swore it wasn't, but even as young as she had been, she remembered how well, both Caleb and Eliot had liked the movie. The movie neither of them was supposed to watch. Abby hadn't seen it until years and years later. The acting was horrible, the premise was suspect, but it had all the quintessential movie tropes of the time. As for Abby, she could honestly say the only good thing about the movie was a younger Sam Elliott. That man's smile and voice could make any woman's knees weak.

Abby made her way back to the kitchen, checking her flank steak before she grabbed her phone from the counter. She leaned against the surface just as she had done earlier. Still nothing. Abby unlocked her phone, pulling up her contacts she scrolled to his number and hit dial.


Eliot pulled his vibrating phone out of his, unsurprised to see her name on the screen. A smile tugged at his lips again, but he remembered not to this time. Abby Baker was nothing if not impatient. He was surprised it had taken her this long to call him. His brow lifted; she'd be so irritated with him if he dared to say any of that, however.

Eliot swiped the screen and lifted the phone to his ear. "Hey, darling, can I call you right back. I'm kinda busy," he asked as he pulled onto the end of his road.

"Fine," she said in a rather sulky tone that made his eyes light slightly.

"I'll call you right back."

There was a pause, then she spoke. "Okay, but hurry up," she teased. "Love you."

Pressure spread through his chest. "Love you too," he rumbled into the phone.

Eliot hung up and dropped his phone into the passenger's seat. He wasn't so sure he would ever get used to the sound of her saying those words. Eliot was equally as uncertain he would ever want to. He would never want to take them or her for granted. He knew how lucky he was.

Eliot turned the corner, and his house came into view. He shut his headlights off before he pulled into his yard. Eliot grabbed his phone from where he dropped and opened up the center console pulling out a small black leather box with a little silver clasp. His Abby did not care much for jewelry, but he knew she'd like this piece. It was an emerald cut sapphire set in a silver art deco setting, with two diamonds on each side. He had seen it in the window of a jeweler in Brussels on this last job. He'd gone back and gotten it for her. Luckily customs had gone smoothly.

Eliot shut his car off, got out, and jogged up to the front porch. He could hear the music within. Reaching for the door handle he stopped himself, he squatted down and placed the box on the mat in front of the door.

Then he hurried back down the steps and ran along the front of the garage before he headed around the side. The gate was locked like he liked to keep it, Eliot jumped up, climbing over the fence gate. He moved deeper in the shadows as he moved into the backyard to where he could look for her through the sliding glass doors. The music playing changed to something much softer as Eliot pulled his phone out and dialed her number.

Abby ran down the hall the second she heard the phone ring, sliding past the door when she tried to stop to enter the kitchen. She couldn't believe she had left it on the counter. She corrected herself and ran into the kitchen.

Smiling brightly, when she saw his name, she answered. "It's about time!"

"About time for what?" his gravelly voice questioned. "You sound a little out of breath?"

"For you to call me back..." Abby said, biting her bottom lip. "And I am."

"Why?" Eliot asked despite having just witnessed her running down the hall.

She turned around, leaning against the counter so he couldn't see her face. "You."

He simply said, "huh." He didn't point out it had been less than five minutes since he told her he would call her back. "I take it you miss me?"

"Conceited much?" she teased after a moment.

"Maybe a little," she conceded softly less than a second later. "Hey, before I forget, I thought you had some of that red pepper, steak seasoning you make around here."

Ah, there was his girl, thinking about her stomach first. He smiled. "I do. It's in the corner cupboard, near the stove, on the top shelf.

"I looked up there already."

"The jar's not marked, it's in a small mason jar, with a red rubber." Eliot watched as she opened the cupboard door and climbed up on the counter.

"Found it, " she said, teetering on the counter.

"You better be careful, " he said, watching her stiffen.

"Careful of what?"

"You were on the counter, right?"

Abby climbed down, looking around the room. "How would you know?"

"I know you. What are you making?"

"I see. Flank steak and avocado salsa."

"Did you make the salsa the way I showed you, or did you cheat?"

"It's all fresh ingredients."

Chuckling softly, he knew what that meant—fresh pico de gio from the grocery store, avocado, maybe cilantro, and lemon juice.

"There's corn tortillas in the fridge in the garage. I made um before I left..

"I know, that's what I'm using." She began, then added a softer tone to her voice. "I miss you, Eliot. I wish it were tomorrow.

"You're not enjoying having my bed all to yourself. You always say it's more comfortable than yours."

"It is," she agreed. "But I think I'd like it better if you were in it with me."

"Oh yeah?" Eliot questioned, his body tightening at the sound of her voice. When she used that tone, he couldn't keep from touching her.

"Yeah, " she said again, in the exact same tone.

He ignored the tightening in his gut this time. "Did you find the present I left on the porch for you?"

"No," she said, her voice curious. "You left me something?"

"I did."

"Where?" she asked, disappearing from view.

"I'm surprised you haven't stepped on it."

Eliot carefully pushed the door open, just as Abby opened the front door. He followed her quietly, to where he could see her.

"Where are you?" she asked, stepping out onto the porch.

Slipping back around the corner, he said softly into his phone. "You might want to put on a little more than my t-shirt."

He hung up and slipped past the doorway while her back was to him. Eliot quickly made his way past the bar, placing his phone on it as he and through the kitchen. And back around where he could see her again. She picked up his phone.

"Where are you?"

"Right behind you."

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