As his lips descended on the blonde Pleasure shot through their body, waves of heat tumbling to every limb. They groaned against each other mouth and she arched up, wantonly displaying her need for him. The lips of the two mages brushed together lightly and lifted, experimenting with each other before his mouth opened slightly and she felt his tongue slide across the seem of her lips. The Celestial Mage whimpered at the feeling, her body giving an involuntary shudder and then suddenly Gildarts pulled her up and was now standing and grabbed Lucy by the waist and pulled her against his hard body. She threw her arms around his neck and pulled him closer to hers for a mind-altering kiss that left her knees wobbling beneath her. His hands were all over her body, gliding over her curves and then grabbing the bottom of her shirt to tug it over her head and throw it unceremoniously on the floor. His coat went next, falling next to her in the quickly increasing pile. Lucy's hands rubbed up Gildarts torso, caressing every inch of his muscular chest then moving to his shoulders where she gripped him tightly as he cupped her breasts in his hands.

"oh..God, Gildarts" she moan a moment before he backed her into it and then grabbed the back of both of her legs and lifted her up, guiding himself as they walk, stumble slightly before arriving at her bedroom depositing her in the center of the mattress and then climbing over her body. An instant later, his mouth was covering hers again, his tongue delving between her lips greedily. She kissed him back, sucking on his tongue and moaning in her throat. His lips left hers and started to trail over her jaw and then her throat, kissing the beating pulse on he neck and then sucking gently. At the same time, one of his hands slid up her body and cupped her breast, plumping it and then his fingers started to pluck the sensitive peak. His mouth stayed the path down her neck and then passed over her collarbone, quickly finding her other nipple and torturing it as his fingers continued their work on the other.

The Key Mage moaned, arching her back off the bed as incredible feelings washed through her body, licks of lightning passing through her veins. "Gildarts!" She cried out when he started to suck greedily on the tip. Her hands rubbed over his shoulders and down his back, reaching as far as she could and then moving back up to grasp the silky strands of his hair tightly. He stop caressing her chest as she release her with a pop looking up to meet eye daring eye, watching him as darting his tongue licking her all the way down. His gaze was intense, locking with hers as he slowly lowered his lips to the top of her belly and then eased his way down her body, never releasing contact with her eyes. She could see her heavy breaths in the way her breasts rose and fell rapidly as the blonde mage continued to stare at the red haired and when his tongue darted out and licked inside her navel she sucked in a quick breathe and started to pant, anticipation building up inside of her.

His hand splayed at her stomach, and dragged the open hand to the waistband of her panties. With a quick and powerful pull, he ripped them off of her body. Before she could utter a word, she felt a finger graze along her curls, then into her folds. She froze and he lifted is head so he could watch her expressions. With no warning at all, a single digit entered her core, and she yelled out in surprise. Her back arched once more, head thrown back and eyes shut tightly in ecstasy. He pulled his hand back and then shoved it back into her with force, letting the palm of his hand grind against her clit. She could feel her walls clenching around his finger, and warmth started to pool in her lower body as he continued ramming into her body. When he added two fingers, her body tensed. He eased his mouth onto hers in a gentle kiss, sliding his tongue into her mouth, and that's when she came undone. She screamed to the heavens, writhing in pleasure under him just like, but it seems his not finish yet. As his tongue licked hotly over her clit. The blonde screamed, the feeling combined with the visual making her senses overload. It was so incredible… the slide of his tongue over that tiny sensitive spot and the look in his eyes, slightly mischievous. She was trembling with lust, watching him as he licked me and then wrapped his warm lips around the nub and started to suck. His arms grabbed her thighs from beneath and lifted her hips up like a delicious meal. Lucy reached her hand out and grabbed the top of Gildarts head, thrusting her hips upwards to meet his wicked tongue. Waves of pleasure poured through her body, making her hips surge time and time again. She could feel her orgasm coming again, the pleasure building higher and higher till she threw her head back, screaming incoherent words and felt her body surge with intense feeling and come crashing down yet again.

Gildarts mouth was on the blonde in an instant later and Lucy could taste herself on his lips. His tongue stroked over her own like he was still licking her clit and garbled words and sounds tumbled up her throat, lost between his mouth and hers. The Stellar Mage hands were everywhere, stroking his back and sides, reaching as far down as she could and then firmly grasping his taut buttocks. Oh, he felt so good in her hands. She squeezed his cheeks roughly, grinding her spread legs against his hips. She wanted him… wanted him so badly she ached. Without any hesitancy she reached between their bodies to the waistband of his pants. She curled her fingers beneath the fabric and fumbled with the button, trying to tug his pants off of his body but failing miserably and whimpering in frustration. He sat up, kneeling between her legs and quickly undid the button and zipper, yanking his pants down over his hips. She sat up and reached for his bobbing length, gasping as he fell heavily into her hands. He was so thick and hard, a rod of warmth practically throbbing in her grasp. He groaned huskily, arching his neck back, the muscles contracting and straining. Lucy lunged forward and pressed her lips to his skin just beneath his jaw. Her tongue eagerly licked along the sensitive skin and then she gently bit into his earlobe. At the same time her hands were alternatingly stroking his arousal, feeling him grow even harder in her palms. With every stroke he made some sort of incoherent sound, moaning and groaning under the assault of her hands.

Lucy grip tightened a small bit and a shiver of desire raced through her body. It was incredible holding him like this and she was amazed by the sheer size of him. The blonde hadn't imagined it would be this large. Slowly she lowered her head, steadying herself with her other hand which was grabbing the top of his thigh. Her lips pressed against the tip and leisurely licked the tiny crevice where the moisture had seeped from.

"Shit! Oh God!" Gildarts cried out and rolled his head back a bit.

The Stellar mage lips wrapped around the head of his cock, her tongue licking the tip and then she started to suck slightly. He tasted so good, sliding further into her mouth and then pulled away. She moved both of her hands to his sides and leaned forward again, licking him into her mouth and then sucking him down.

"Ahh!" he screamed and bucked his hips, sliding further inside till she feel him hit the back of her throat. Her hands gripped his body tightly and Lucy adjusted her legs beneath her, spreading them wider so that she could easily lower herself. The blonde slid back up his length, her tongue licking him along the way and then repeated the motion.

"Lucy, I'm about to come," Gildarts said huskily and then his hips really started to move, thrusting boldly into her mouth as one of his hands gently grabbed the back of her head.

"Oh… oh shit…" he moaned and she sucked him hard, pulling as much of him into her mouth as she could till he was almost sliding down her throat.

"Lucy.. AAAHHRG!" he yelled and hot, salty liquid spilled into her mouth. The blonde cringed slightly, the taste surprising and then swallowed, sucking one last time before releasing him and sitting back.

She looked at him, saw the lust boiling at the surface and the next thing she knew she was on her back, Gildarts hard body between her widely spread thighs and his hands grabbing her own hands and pulling them over her head. Moaning loudly Gildarts reached down and guided the crest of his cock to her cleft, rubbing it up and down the slit and coating himself in her juices. He teased the small bundle of nerves just north of her opening and gritted her teeth as pleasure shot through her body. His eyes took in her reaction and he started rubbing himself over the sensitive nub over and over again. The sensations of another orgasm started to build and then he positioned his erection at her entrance. Her muscles clenched, desperate for the feel of him. She heard him take a deep breath and then he slid slowly inside, sinking in till the crown of his cock was buried inside. As soon as he felt her relax, he started to pull out until just the head of his member was in, then thrust back in. She gasped and buried both hands into his thick hair as he continued his slow torture. His hands were on her hips, pinning her down, as she tried to roll her pelvis upwards to meet his. He kept the pace up until she felt the inner stirrings of warmth again.

Waves of pleasure poured through her body, making her hips surge time and time again. Lucy could feel her orgasm coming, the pleasure building higher and higher till she threw her head back, screaming incoherent words and felt her body surge with intense feeling. It felt so good. His thick length slid out and then he surged back inside. He was so vocal, moaning and groaning… mumbling sex words in her ear as he began thrusting repeatedly inside of her.

"Please, oh please, faster, harder. Anything, please!" She started to ramble, hands sliding out of his hair to start exploring him.

His pace was rough and bruising, but that's exactly what she wanted. The warmth started to over fill her, spreading out, until she was just about to climax once more. He must have heard her moans increasing, because he suddenly shifted his hips, so he could ram against that oh so sweet spot inside of her body. As soon as he hit it, she was screaming again.

She tightened her grip on his back, drawing blood as she raked her fingers down his back while trying to get more of him, to consume him herself. She needed more of him, she needed him harder, faster. "More. I need more Gildarts!" she moan.

Removing his grip of her shoulder, he sat back and gripped her leg firmly in his hand. He spread her wide, allowing himself to see himself disappearing within her and coming back out coated in more and more of her divine nectar. The sight along urged him to push faster, but her pleas of needing more of him spurned him and will give her everything she could ever desire and if that was only to satisfy her in in bed than he would go above and beyond to make her never regret that she slept tonight with him.

The spasms of her orgasm were still pulsing through her body and the deep thrust of his hips prolonged it, drawing it out till suddenly he started muttering her name over and over again then jerked inside of me several more times and cried out. He was buried so deeply inside, spilling himself and the bloned gripped his cheeks even tighter and rolled her hips against him, rubbing over her clit and pushing herself over the edge and shattering once again. His thick cock plunged inside of me, fucking me till she could do nothing else but scream and explode around his throbbing length. Intense spasms took over her body and she was quivering in his arms as he continued to ram into me.

Her body tried tossing and turning under him, but his tight grip against her hip bones kept her in place. Her nails dug pathways across his back, and her toes curled. Even through her throes of passion, she felt his pace becoming more erratic, and then with a brassy growl, he came into her, slamming himself into her while her clenching walls greedily milked his member dry.

He collapsed half on top of her and half off, so she wouldn't be crushed by his weight. She kept her arms tightly around him, not wanting to give up this spectacular moment. He must have thought the same thing because he stayed where he was, not caring about the sticky juices covering their lower halves or the bed. He kissed her cheek and gave her a slight nuzzle, and a very contented Lucy soon felt so tired she couldn't even move.

Finally he moved, drawing a flaccid member out of her, earning a small mewl. He chuckled to himself before turning her to her side, and placing himself against her back. They laid down the bed before both mages drifted to sleep, both are exhausted from their coupling.

By morning everything will changes from this One Night of heat both mages new whether this is bad or not only because of age gap but also the guild. Hoping that this stay between them or a bless good of luck may come upon them.