Lucy woke from a pleasurable heat in her back and a slight headache throbbing in her head. She snuggle closely to the warm feeling as she find it relaxing and comforting. Her body was actually aching all over especially as her mid tight. Thinking slightly relaxing her body she slowly remember what happened last night without the effect of alcohol she found herself blushing looking up gazing to the man she just had slept with. Upon lifting her head she was meet by a warm, calming black eyes staring back at her brown ones. Once again she found herself blushing, and heard a small chuckle by the man beside her. Lucy's hand is still in chest as she forgot that she snuggle at him moments ago.

"Morning" he said smile softly brushing a brand of my hair behind my ear.

"M-morning…" I said shyly my face still coated with pink stained and smile sheepishly.

We stay there, like that without saying anything after our greeting its not awkward or anything just a comfortable silence. I snuggle more on him as he chuckle quietly, since we both know our turn events last night wasn't supposed to ended up like that, we didn't regret it. It fun and good, warming.

"Lucy… want to come to me to my new mission, my new journey?" he suddenly ask.

I look at him surprised by a sudden proposal and he gaze me seriously. Our night was supposed to be just that but he actually invited me at his long term mission. I stared at him searching of something I don't know, but the one I see was understanding and warming soft concern in his face.

"why" I said still confused.

"To move forward…" he said immediately without a second thought.

Now I finally understand why, in just one phrase the answer was clear. My face brightens slightly a small smile creep my face as I reply with a nod and snuggle closely to him. He start caressing my back and the pleasure of last night returning. I tried to stand offering him to eat breakfast and shower. I mean I still need energy and body is still sore also if I going with to start anew I need to stop the warm pleasure that starting to build in my stomach since I think I wont be able to walk if we start again. Sitting down the edge of my bed I tried to cover my body with sheet but then he started to kiss me on my shoulder and encircling his hand around me until suddenly the window open in the bed and..

"Yo! Lucy let go in a miss.. wait why does it smell Gildarts here.. and why are.." he said paused as he seen us. His eye is wide open staring at me and Gildarts while he still embracing me and kissing the side of my neck. I blush immidiately and ready to kick Natsu out but, Gildarts beat me to it punch him and sending him flying outside and he lock the window.

"We got to hurry Lucy I don't want that idiot to wake up and buzz me about it since well …" he trailed off then. "I explain this to Master myself and Cana okay… Don't worry about it." He said surely as he made his way on my home.

"are you sure you didn't kill him, that was a hard punch…"I said slightly shiver at the thought I only receive a chuckle as a reply as I started my day the plans for my new beginnings and adventures waiting for me along with Gildarts as I know he will help me to move forward.

At the Guild.

"WHAT!? " Everyone shouts except Cana, Master and Natsu who has a big swollen face from Gildarts punch. He frown knowing that he wouldn't able to see his partner for a longtime. He snuggle closely to her mate who giggle at his action stroking his hair for comfort.

"Don't worry about it he jut taking responsible for what they done last bight.. beside Lucy will be good for him.. hahaha. Who new maybe she will be my new 'MOM' hahaha, they said they were drunk so things happened thought I wonder how she be to handle it since from what Mom said in her diary that Gildarts like it rough" Cana said jogging his first barrel in the morning. While laughing and accompanied by Laxus.

"WHAT!?" again the guild said kind a hard to believe what is happening and also some who is younger than Gildarts is fuming with jealously since he got to hook up with the most hottest and one of the prettiest Girl in the guild.

"Don't worry about it" said Master but his muttering saying 'that lucky bastard' under his breath failing miserably to convince the Guild.

"I'm gonna miss Lusssyy/Luce" said Happy and Natsu moping beside Lissanna whom who just giggling and comforting the and not complaining about the guild beloved blonde in her decision.

"Bunny Girl got game" Said Gajeel with his signature laugh 'Gihi' followed by a soft punt from Levy saying she is going to miss her best friend.

This go on all day in guild since nobody can actually win against it since it both their decision and just respected that.

Outside Magnolia..

"okay Gildarts really training me and all is okay with me but… really why walking all the way to our mission…"Grumble Lucy.

"its okay Lucy… just think of as the start of your training in endurance" he said laughing lightly. Knowing he is enjoying the turn of events that happened between us.

In just One Night many changes happened and now it the start of the new beginning. As for Lucy of course to Gildarts hmmm… not so much just new beginnings , starts and new adventure.

GOOD DAY everyone I just needed to rewrite the whole story of this pairing since I am very much embarrassed in my first post. I hope you like the changes I made and if some of the words or grammar are wrong tell okay. Hehehe… Enjoy!