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My eyes cracked open slowly, my entire brain fuzzy as I tried to comprehend my surroundings again.

I was still laying on Artemis' chest on my living room couch. As far as I could tell, he was still asleep with an arm wrapped around me to keep me from falling.

He had obviously not moved all night, and the lights hadn't woken me up. So...What could have?

That was when it hit me. A soft beeping went off over and over, and it was coming from me room down the hall. I glanced at the watch on my wrist and jumped up. "D'Arvit!" I exclaimed.

Artemis was immediately awake by the sudden movement, clearly startled. "What the…?" he trailed off, watching me run down the hall. "Holly?"

I sighed, irritated. I didn't want to be bothered right at this very moment. "I'm ten minutes late, Fowl!" I yelled out my bedroom door, stripping as I ran over to my wardrobe. I grabbed my last clean LEP uniform and threw it on hastily, zipping the material up to my neck. "Make yourself useful and make some coffee, will you?"

"Already doing it," I heard Artemis answer as I turned off my alarm clock.

I sighed softly, speed walking out my bedroom door while I brushed my hair with one hand and my teeth with the other. Artemis was in the kitchen when I walked into it. "Do you ever eat?" he asked, crossing his arms over his chest.

"Nope," I answered sarcastically. "I live purely on the potent, bitter taste of coffee." Grabbing a thermos, I rushed to pick up the coffee pot and pour it into the mug. I heard Artemis sigh softly behind me and I rolled my eyes. Gods, he was annoying. "I promise to have a big strong lunch with lots of fruits and veggies today," I said mockingly, smirking over my shoulder at him as I screwed on the lid to my silver thermos.

This time, Artemis was the one who rolled his eyes, knowing I was making fun of him. I had to admit, as annoying he was, it was fun to annoy him back. I took a sip of the coffee, liking the sweet taste of the sugar and cream he had put in it, and headed for the door.

I was just about to open the door to head to the LEP Plaza, when I remembered the big box of paperwork I still needed to finish. I paused, shaking my head lightly, before turning back around to grab them.

Unfortunately, that was after Artemis apparently had seen the box on my coffee table and decided it would be a genius move to bring it to me. Therefore, I turned right around and crashed into him.

The good news is that the supposed genius managed to pull the papers away before the lid to my thermos fell off and coffee spilled onto them. The bad news: it managed to spill all over me instead.

"D'Arvit!" I exclaimed, jumping as the scalding hot coffee hit my chin. It dripped down my uniform as I stood there in shock, Artemis looking at me with wide eyes and his mouth slightly open. My LEP uniform was burn-resistant, fortunately, so my skin beneath it wasn't on fire like my face was at the moment. But that didn't mean it wasn't ruined. I already knew that the material was sticky and soaked from the coffee, and my skin felt even worse.


I ran a hand through my hair and tried to shake the coffee off, with no luck of course. My mind reeled with different scenarios, from going to work in a soiled uniform to strangling Artemis.

And, mentioning the mud man, I looked up to notice him holding back a chuckle and smirk at that point. "I bet you're really happy about this aren't you, Fowl?" I snapped, kneeling down to grab the few papers that fell on the floor.

"You are too wound up, Major." He knelt down next to me, helping with the fallen papers. I pursed my lips, feeling him close to me was starting to have an affect. But no, I was late. I couldn't think like that right now.

"I am late, Fowl," I growled lowly, putting the papers in the box and standing back up. "Something you wouldn't know about, running your own empire."

Artemis narrowed his eyes at me, pulling the box away teasingly when I reached out to grab it. "If you're already late, then another half-hour won't matter much."

"It will." I made another attempt to grabbed the box, but it only caused Artemis to grab my wrist and push me into my still-closed door. "Fowl, I need to go."

"You need to relax," he told me, and a shiver went down my spine as I looked into his blue eyes. "And you need a shower." Artemis smirked, those mischievous blue eyes flicking over my body. "I can help with both."

Gods, this was getting out of hand. I knew that. But...did I care? Looking into his eyes and at that smirk, I might not anymore. My breath hitched ever so slightly when he removed his hand from my wrist to push back a strand of hair behind my ear. "Fowl…"

"Why is it that you always call me by my last name," he smirked, tilting my head up. "Except when I'm making you scream?" Artemis raised an eyebrow at me, and I rolled my eyes.

"That is not true," I retorted, shaking my head.

Artemis leaned forward to get closer to me, chuckling quietly. "I'll prove it," he whispered lustfully and pulled away, putting the box on the couch before tugging at my wrist again .

I looked at him, then the box he left abandoned. It would be easy to wrench my wrist out of his grip, grab the paperwork, and leave. But I would still most likely get yelled at by Root. I hated to say it, but the mud man was right. Again.

Not about the name. About being late.

I looked up at him again, contemplating for a second as Artemis looked back at me. He wore his usual cocky expression, including a teasing smirk, and I made up my mind. I pulled back my wrist to bring him toward me and, wrapping my hand around the back of his neck, I tugged him down and kissed him deeply.

He didn't hesitate, as if he already knew what I was going to do, groaning softly and tangling his free hand in my hair. Artemis pushed me into the door. His body melded into mine and I clutched his shirt in my hands for dear life. I knew the coffee on my suit was probably ruining it, but I was beyond caring for anything except him and what his hands were doing to me at this point.

I opened my mouth, deepening the kiss and pushing away from the door. He groaned, pulling me closer to him and running his free hand over my collar. He unbuttoned the top, his hand trailing down my suit and unzipping it.

We stumbled through my bedroom door, lips locked in a fierce battle for dominance, our clothing the unlucky casualties.

I swear, by the time we made it to the bathroom, I'd heard at least two things rip. What, I didn't know. Nor did I really care at the moment, too absorbed in the way Artemis' hands were running over my body.

Somehow, we made it into the shower without getting what was left of our clothes soaked.

I gasped as the hot spray hit my back, not having noticed Artemis turn the water on. I stared up at him with wide eyes in shock, but he just smirked. Smug bastard.

Artemis leaned down, trailing his hand through my hair and tilting my head up into the hot water. I could feel his tongue trailing up my neck and I unabashedly let a loud moan escape from my lips. It didn't last long, however, before he smothered the noise with his lips.

Our tongues returned to their battle, and I could feel his hands leave my hair to travel down my back and sides.

Pulling away, I chuckled. "I knew you liked touching me," I said in a throaty voice I could hardly recognize as my own.

He hummed and my breath caught as he squeezed my ass, pressing me closer to him, trapping his hard length between us.

"I think, Ms. Short, that you like having me touch you just as much as I enjoy doing so," he said, his voice husky from lust.

I mewled as he rocked my hips against his own, the movement allowing the base of his cock to slip between my folds and brush against my clit. He kept up the movement for a minute, teasing me into a frenzy in the process.

He knew I had had enough when I was digging my nails into his skin. "Turn around," he whispered in my ear.

My breath hitched and I moaned lowly, already able to guess where this was headed. I looked up at him, and I knew that my eyes were wide. He chuckled, pushing my wet hair behind my ear and raising an eyebrow, instructing me silently.

I bit my lip at him, turning around in his arms. I got away with leaning against his body for a moment before he pushed me forward and I had to put my arms out to prop myself against the shower tiles. My back was outstretched and I could feel his cock against my ass. To say I felt vulnerable in this position was an understatement, but it felt so good.

I panted even more as he nudged my legs further apart, wrapping a long arm around my waist to hold me steady. When he pressed the head of his cock against my lips teasingly, I wanted to scream in frustration. It felt like this was taking forever and all I wanted was to feel full from his cock.

"Artemis…" I internally winced at the pleading sound that came out in place of the growl I had intended.

He chuckled darkly, but didn't make me wait any longer. My back arched and I choked on a scream as he thrust into me from behind. It was so much deeper this way. I could feel myself parting my legs more and thrusting my hips back against his. Through my muddled mind, I could also feel his lips run across my shoulder blades, nipping gently and making me cry out.

"Say. My. Name." Each word was punctuated with a hard thrust, driving me to my toes.

"Oh gods…" I moaned.

Artemis growled.

Then, something horrible happened. He stopped moving.

He was buried deep inside me, but it wasn't enough.

I screamed in frustration. "What are you doing?!" I tried to move my hips against his, but he held me tight, not allowing me the satisfaction I needed.

"Say it," Artemis said harshly. It wasn't a request. It was an order. "Say it or you'll get no more."

"Please!" I cried out desperately, still trying to writhe against him.

He chuckled darkly and nipped the tip of my ear, drawing a small whimper from me. "As amazing as that sounds, it's not what I want to hear from your pretty little mouth right now."

It took me a few seconds to remember his words from less than a minute ago, then another few seconds to put some sort of semblance of meaning to them. "Artemis," I practically gasped.

"Good girl," he murmured. Then he drew back and thrust into me hard. I screamed. "Again," he told me.

"Artemis!" The word earned me another deep thrust.

Soon enough I was chanting his name like a prayer, interspersed with cries of "Yes!" and pleas for "More!" and "Harder!"

He rewarded me with exactly what I asked for, and I could feel my body climbing. My back arched more and he latched his mouth onto the tip of my ear.

That was enough for me to scream as I came against him, my body shaking against him as he pulled out of me. I whimpered, not liking the feel of the emptiness and trying to stand back up, but he grabbed my hips and spun me around. He pushed my back against the tiles and I whimpered, looking up at his dilated, dark eyes as he smirked.

"Oh, we are not done yet," he practically purred, his hands trailing down my sides sensually as he pressed his heated body against mine. I moaned, biting my lip as I came down from my high.
"No… I have a lot more I want to do with you."

He kissed me roughly, his hands in my soaked hair as he moaned against my lips. His hands left my hair and, suddenly, I could feel his hands jerk my knees up to his hips. I couldn't hold back the yelp that ripped from my lips in shock. He pressed my hot back against the wet tile and wrapped my legs around his sides, pinning me there.

I wrapped my arms around his neck, holding myself steady even though he had a good grip on my thighs. Feeling his cock pressed against my folds again just made me shake with anticipation and I moaned loudly. "Artemis…"

"Good girl," he teased, rolling his hips and making me even more aware of how close his cock was to my pussy. I cried out softly, trying to buck my hips but never getting the relief that I needed of him slipping inside of me. "Now, tell me… When is the only time you call me by first name?"

I panted, bucking my hips and tilting my head back on the wall since there was no way I could lean over and kiss him in this position. "Artemis…" I gasped again, trying to get some kind of friction against his cock.

"Ah ah ah." He smirked, gripping my upper thighs and halting my hips from moving. "Nothing for you, Ms. Short, until you answer my question."

I looked up at him, knowing what he wanted me to say, but not wanting to give him that kind of satisfaction.

Then again, he wouldn't give me any physical satisfaction until I did. "When you're making me scream," I mumbled under my breath, still panting.

"What was that?" His smirk grew, and I groaned.

"I'm not repeating myself." I bucked my hips despite his strong grip on them.

Artemis raised a cocky eyebrow, rocking his hips slowly and making his cock slide between my folds. "Tell me."

I moaned, closing my eyes. "When you're making me scream," I repeated, this time louder so I knew he could hear it.

"One more time, darling," he murmured, leaning over and sucking at my pulse point. My entire body trembled at the sensation, feeling the tip of his cock press firmly against my entrance. It was enough to make me go insane, and then he reached down and circled his finger around my clit, making sure he never made contact to the sensitive bud. "When do you call me by my first name?"

"When you're making me scream!" I cried out, bucking my hips wildly to the best of my ability. "When you're pounding your hard cock into me over and over! Please, Artemis!"

I screamed even louder when he plunged his cock deep inside of me hard and rough, not pausing as he thrust in and out. I threw my head back, clinging to him as he kissed and sucked at my neck.

"Artemis, please…" I pleaded, my entire body arching and shaking against him. "My clit, please…"

I heard Artemis chuckle softly and moan, attacking my lips roughly with his own while his hand slid down and rubbed my clit. That made me scream again instantly, orgasming around his cock. I could feel myself tightening around him, and he thrust into me a few times.

"I'm going to come, Holly," he moaned, kissing my neck.

I nodded, not saying anything before feeling him shoot his hot seed inside of my core. I moaned, leaning my head to the side and kissing his wet hair.

After a moment, Artemis let go of my thighs and set me down on my feet. But right when my feet touched the smooth floor of the tub, my legs gave out beneath me. Artemis, of course, grabbed me before I could fall and held me up for a second. He chuckled, holding my body close to his, and set me down on the floor of the tub, laying down next to me.

I felt the hot water cascade over me, and I looked up at Artemis. He gave me a smug look and winked slightly, pushing wet strands of hair out of my eyes. "Don't feel so smug, mud man," I murmured, rolling my eyes at him.

"And there we go again," he chuckled, kissing my lips and working them softly. I could feel the tip of his tongue prodding the inside of my mouth and I sucked at it for a moment, feeling him moan against my mouth. He pulled away, licking his lips. "You're just proving my point even more, you know."

"You're still talking about it like I give a damn," I murmured, tilting my head and trailing my tongue up the side of his neck slowly to the dip below his ear.

Artemis moaned, pushing me away. "I suggest you don't do that," he murmured, running his hand up the curve of my waist. "Unless you want to be even more late to work."

I sighed, remembering how late I already was. "Fine," I whispered, looking up at him. "But don't think I won't get you back."

"Oh, I hope you do," he raised an eyebrow, looking my body up and down.

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