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Listening With The Heart

Chapter one: Unexpected Sacrifices

Seto Kaiba looked out the window of his office. It was starting to get dark outside, and he'd been in working all day. He sighed tiredly, leaned back and rubbed his temples. It had been a long day, but he still needed to get a few loose ends tied up. He was a man to never liked to leave the office until every last bit of business had been finished and then some. However, even he was human, and he was starting to get tired. He decided to take a short break to revive himself.

Joey and Yugi were on their way to Yugi's place. The two friends had spent the day together, hanging out at the arcade, meeting up with their other friends at Burger Town, and other such pleasant activities. They were having such a good time, neither one of them wanted the day to end. When Yugi invited Joey over to watch some videos, he readily accepted.

Kaiba was glad that he had decided to take a walk through the park near Kaiba Corp. The night air was doing wonders for him. He walked briskly, grateful for the chance to stretch his long legs. His contentment was soon shattered when he caught sight of the two young boys. "Oh, great," he muttered to himself. "I come here to get away from everything, and I run into Yugi and the puppy dog. Just great. I am definitely NOT in the mood to deal with them!"

"Oh, hi, Kaiba!" Yugi chirped in his usual cheerful way.

"Hn," Kaiba grunted and brisked walked past the boys. He desperately hoped they'd just ignore him, and keep going...but, as usual, Joey just couldn't leave it alone. "It wouldn't kill ya to say hello, ya know!"

Kaiba turned around. "Hello, Yugi. Hello, Chihuahua."

Joey growled. "What the hell is your problem!? You can't even say hello like a normal human being!"

"I thought I just did."

"Just ignore him, Joey. C'mon let's get going," Yugi didn't want a fight to break out between the two. He knew how short tempered Joey could be.

"Yeah, you're right, Yug. Who wants to waste time on him? Let's go." Joey turned around and started walking away. Yugi walked alongside him, feeling relieved. Kaiba also turned and began to walk away. He actually was relieved, also. All he wanted was to be left alone.

As they were walking, Joey turned and shot another look at Kaiba. Out of the corner of his eye, he saw something...he looked again...

"Hey, Kaiba, look out!"

Joey ran and knocked Kaiba over just as a shot rang out...

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