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Listening With The Heart

Chapter Two: Call For Help

Kaiba turned his head and saw the man who had tried to shoot him. He recognized him instantly as an ex-employee of Kaiba Corp. He had tried to embezzle money from the company. He had been caught, and immediately let go from the company. A horrified look spread over the man's face. He turned and ran.

Kaiba pushed Joey off of him, and began to chase after the man.

"Kaiba! Kaiba" Yugi ran right in front of Kaiba. Kaiba almost ran over him in his haste to catch the man. "Yugi!"

"Kaiba! Do you have a cell phone!?"

Kaiba reached into his pocket and pulled out his phone. "Here, call the police."

He began to run after the man again. Behind him, he could hear Yugi screaming into the phone. "Please help! I need an ambulance right away!" Why the hell is he calling for an ambulance? I told him to call the police! Kaiba thought. " I'm in Kitamoto Park...my best friend's been shot! Please hurry!" Kaiba stopped and whirled around. His eyes widened at the sight that greeted him. Joey was lying on the sidewalk, unconscious and bleeding. Yugi reached his side and dropped to his knees, still screaming into the phone. "Hurry! Oh, please, hurry! He can't die!" Kaiba was shocked. He had been so enraged, so intent on catching the scum that had dared to try and shoot him that he hadn't even noticed Joey.

He walked over to Joey's side. Yugi was still screaming incoherently into the phone. "Yugi." Yugi looked up at him. "Give me the phone." Yugi nodded and handed Kaiba the phone. Kaiba took it and began to follow the instructions that the operator was giving him. He checked for Joey's pulse. It was weak, but still there. Then he made sure that Joey was breathing. He took off his trench coat and used it to try to stop the bleeding.

The ambulance finally arrived. They loaded Joey into it, and Yugi tried to follow. They stopped him, asking him if he was a family member. "N-no, but..I..I'm his best friend! I can't leave him!"

"I'm sorry, but we can only allow family members to ride along in the ambulance."

"But...but..." Yugi's voice started to shake with sobs. Kaiba walked up to the medic. "Let him go in the ambulance." Even if you didn't know who Seto Kaiba was, he was still extremely intimidating when he wanted to be. He bore into the hapless paramedic with his ice cold blue eyes, and his voice was equally as threatening.

"All right, but this is highly unusual."

"Oh, thank you! Thank you!" Yugi practically jumped in the ambulance. Kiaba watched as it sped away. "Stupid mutt!" He muttered to himself and turned to go back to his office.

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