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Shortly after Victoria teleported back to Hawaii and met up with Jumba at the Pelekai, they wasted no time as they prepared their ship for departure. They began setting up the ship, preparing the engine, readying the controls, and Jumba was oddly quiet and solemn. He seemed…strange. He barely said a word as the ship was finally set, and they could make off to track down Nani and David to where Dr. Pestus had hidden.

"Everything okay?" Reuben inquired as Jumba finished preparing the assault plasma cannon he had.

He finished loading up the chamber, a loud KRA-CHAK noise filling the air.

"I…couldn't do a thing. I froze up. Feeling like coward," he muttered.

He wrapped the cannon around himself using a bandolier.

"Only one cure," Jumba continued, "blasting people in face…is making me feel much better!"

"Sure way to solve problems apart from a rescue mission," Reuben remarked.

"Listen, he knows we're coming," Lilo's voice rang out over the communicator that Reuben was carrying with him, "so we're gonna go in, guns blazing. Or at least…you guys will. The Pokitaru Police said Stitch and I could borrow one of their little cop cruisers! It has a stealth function."

"So you want us to drawing fire from you, little girl?" Jumba asked as Lilo nodded on the little flip-top communicator.

"Yeah, just keep the good doctor busy while Stitch and I sneak onto his base. We'll find Nani and David and sneak them out, and then we can really teach Dr. Pestus a lesson!"

"Be careful, Lilo," Victoria advised.

Lilo, in turn, warmly smiled back.

"Don't worry. Stitch and I got this," Lilo assured over the com-link.

Meanwhile, on Dr. Pestus's secret space station, located on the dark side of the moon, Nani and David were trapped in cells, bound by specialty bracelets as they struggled uselessly to break free, the gigantic mecha-mosquito clearly smirking at them despite having no mouth to do it with. The glee in his red eyes was obvious.

"What the heck do you want with us?" Nani demanded as Pestus chuckled foully, and pressed a button on a nearby console.

"I've been studying your planet. I intend to make proper use of the species upon it with the greatest potential…mosquitoes!"

"What is it with aliens and mosquitoes?" Nani muttered as David noticed, sure enough, mosquitoes were swarming on in from vent shafts nearby, right into their cell.

"Soon they'll be far more than normal irritating insects. I'm going to genetically alter them into mechito warriors much like myself!" Dr. Domitian Pestus proclaimed, "and you all get to be mosquito food!"

Nani and David shuddered and stiffened as Dr. Pestus cackled in delight.

Meanwhile, the ship from Earth had loaded up and was ready, barreling off for the dark side of the moon as Jumba flipped some switches, bringing out large carbine pulse cannons that popped out the sides of the ship.

"Will be approaching in five minutes," he informed the others, putting a pair of goggles over his many eyes, "bracing yourselves for oncoming fire."

Indeed, Dr. Pestus had noticed a spaceship was barreling towards the moon and he stormed off for the bridge, glowering darkly at the scanning console as he shook his head.

"How idiotic. Did you really think I wouldn't notice you coming?" he remarked.

He pressed down on a nearby button, a small wave of robotic, bug-shaped, big eyed drones shooting forth from his space station to swarm at the ship Jumba and the others were in…seemingly unaware of Lilo and Stitch's cloaked ship as it came closer and closer to the dark side of the moon.

All the while, the instant they saw the incoming drones, Victoria and Jumba stiffened in anticipation.

"Holding on!" Jumba proclaimed loudly.

Jumba spun the ship around, making it spiral about, avoiding the drone fire as he, in turn, tried to return fire at the drones. Victoria flipped a few switches within the ship to launch some chaff, to try and get other drones off their tail. To their luck, they managed to take out the first drone.

"Hah!" Jumba proclaimed, "you're not so tough—"

Laser fire barely missed their own ship, Jumba having to do a barrel roll, Victoria clinging to her chair and screaming a little in terror.

"Waaaaaattttchhh iiiiiiitt!"

"Is not so easy, little girl!" Jumba yelled back as the other drones swerved and shot at them, laser fire ripping through the stars in their direction.

Meanwhile, Lilo and Stitch had secretly docked their ship at Dr. Pestus's trash chute. They were sneaking through it, making their way into the main halls of his space station, popping out of a large grating as Lilo gagged in disgust.

"YECCCCH," she groaned, "that's a lot of trash and way too much rotting meat. Eww. I might be permanently put off barbecue!"

Stitch stuck his tongue out in disgust, too.


Considering Lilo had already transformed prior to their arrival, she and Stitch set off through the corridor. They ran down the hall, taking notice all of a sudden of many, many aliens who were stuck in cells. All of them had very obvious mosquito bites on them, and looked horribly miserable. They dejectedly glanced up at Lilo and Stitch for a moment, a few getting only the faintest glimmer of intrigue and concern before slowly looking away.

"What on Earth's the matter with all of you?" Lilo exclaimed, "why are you in these cells?"

"Dr. Pestus is having his mosquitoes feed on us. Every…single…hour," one of them finally grumbled out.

"We'll try and get all of you out. Did any humans get brought in?"

"End of the hall."

Lilo and Stitch turned to their right and locked eyes onto the two cells near the corner. At last they reached the cells, David and Nani looking up at them, eyes wide.

"You're here!" Nani gasped out, astounded.

"Of course!" Lilo insisted firmly, nodding her head, "we'd never abandon you!"

"Nobody gets left behind," Stitch spoke softly.

Lilo and Stitch didn't hesitate as they started searching for the cells' seals.

"Got it!" Lilo exclaimed, finding the seal as Stitch and she began to finally tug it apart, cringing. "HEAAAAVE!"

"Heaaaviiiiing!" Stitch gasped out.

With all of his strength, Stitch pulled off the cell door. The doors flew off, and Lilo and Stitch ran in, hugging Nani and David.

"Thank goodness you're alright!" Lilo whispered softly, "we've got to get out of here. Let's try and open up all the cell doors and do a jail break! Do you know where the controls are for all the cell doors?"

"On the bridge," David answered, "that big, freakish mosquito monster bragged about it. Said there'd be no way to break out without going there…and that's where he is."

"Good," Stitch growled, "meega want teach him lesson!"

Lilo tilted her head towards the other prisoners.

"You sure the bridge will free all the prisoners?" Lilo insisted.

"Absolutely. Pestus made sure of that," David remarked.

They nodded, and headed off down the hall, barreling towards the bridge, the doors sliding open. It appeared as though the mecha-mosquito scientist wasn't on the bridge. Very odd, Stitch thought…and suspicious.

"Huh?" Lilo blurted, "did he…ditch us?"

It was then that Stitch looked up…and there the doctor was, clinging to pipes running along the ceiling, evilly gazing down upon them all.

"Surprise!" he whispered at them, shooting down.

His large legs slammed into the floor as he cackled, plucking Lilo up in his clawed grip and eliciting a startled yelp out of her.

"Did you think I wouldn't figure out you'd come here?" Dr. Pestus sneered.

Lilo gritted her teeth and glared at the mosquito doctor.

"Let her go!" Stitch demanded.

"Oh, why would I do that?" Dr. Pestus intoned darkly, putting a claw to her cheek, "make one move, 626, and I'll make her very…unhappy."

Nani, meanwhile, glanced over at David. The doctor didn't appear to be paying much attention to them…and they were very close to, sure enough…the button to release the prisoners…which was also right next to the PDA system. If they could just keep stalling him long enough. Nani and David exchanged nods before they returned their gaze towards the mosquito doctor. Nani gave David a look as he slid behind the doctor, and then grabbed hold of a chair, holding it up.

"Put her down, you ugly bug!" he proclaimed.

The doctor briefly glanced back and snorted.

"PFFT. Really? You actually think a stupid chair's going to hurt me?" Dr. Pestus smirked with a clear sneer in his voice…

As Nani pressed the prisoner release button, and then turned on the PDA system.

"We'll find a way off this bridge, Pestus, and if we have to go through you, so be it!" David loudly intoned, speaking as deliberately as possible.

"Ih! Stitch stop yuuga," Stitch added as Pestus tightened his grip on Lilo.

"Now, now…you try anything, and I'll crush her," he whispered coldly.

"If we had more people on this bridge you wouldn't be so brave!" David snapped as Pestus's red eyes narrowed at him…then he turned to look at Nani, who was grinning.

"Why are you smiling?!" he hissed.

Nani didn't say anything while Dr. Pestus didn't pay attention to the incoming footsteps.


Pestus turned around…and saw the dozens, if not hundreds of prisoners, all released from their cells, looking furiously angry as the "good doctor" let out an eep of terror.

"Basically…run," Lilo remarked.

The doctor squealed, dropping her down and bolting for the other exit on the far end of the room, howling in terror as the prisoners all roared in fury, barreling down after him.





Pestus's cries of terror faded away as Stitch grinned in pride.

"Now let's get out of here!" Lilo suggested.

Lilo and Stitch took hold of Nani and David's hands, and they raced as fast as they could, down the hall, heading for Dr. Pestus's dock yard where he kept his ships. There were several lying all about, Stitch looking around, finally settling on one shaped a lot like a big, fat ball of glass, all of them rather squished together as Stitch took hold of the controls.

It jittered and shook about, shaking all around before finally, Stitch managed to fly it out, out of the station, just in time to see Jumba's own ship swinging about, the scientist recognizing them through the glassy surface of the ship.

"Ah! Good! Plan is success!" he told them over their comm's system. "we are needing to get out of here. And fast! Back to Earth!"

"Copy that!" Lilo nodded.

As their ship headed back towards their beautiful blue globe, Lilo, in turn, rested her head on Nani, who gently hugged her back.

"You've gotten so grown up, Lilo. You're already more grown up than I ever was at your age," she whispered back to Lilo, who closed her eyes.

"I was always going to come back. Nobody gets left behind," Lilo insisted.

Stitch pulled out a can of soda and opened it before he took a sip.

It wasn't long before everyone was back at Lilo's home, and Jumba stretched as he stood in the kitchen, everyone sitting down to enjoy some nice snacks and drinks.

"HOOO. Jumba will have to work on home defense, so you are not being kidnapped every other week, big girl and boyfriend," he told Nani and David, "don't want repeat of Pestus-napping."

"That's the best idea you've had all week," Nani told him.

"Hopefully he'll be busy for a while, though," Lilo remarked, "I doubt the prisoners are going to go easy on him. Serves him right for using them as a mosquito farm."

Gantu nodded in agreement as he rubbed his chin.

"Still," he mentioned, "are you sure this was where the artificial mosquitos were constructed?"

Pleakley blinked twice in confusion.

"I don't know where else they could be," Pleakley mused aloud.

"I am having bad feeling Pestus will return," Jumba remarked, "so I am making sure we are prepared."

"To think I used to love mosquitos," Pleakley groaned, shaking his head back and forth, "oh, the humanity!"

Hammerface, who had recently returned from his outdoor walk, began searching the living room for a toolbox.

Stitch, in turn, turned to look back at Hammerface.

"Oh! Cousin! What're you up to?" he asked in the Tantalog language.

Hammerface didn't say anything, but he pulled out the toolbox he was looking for.

"Oh! You want to help us?" Stitch beamed happily, "Gaba? Really? Oketaka! Jumba, Hammerface wants to help!"

"Oh?" Jumba blurted.

"Isn't it nice that our cousins want to help?" Stitch asked with a big smile.

Jumba pondered over the question in a moment of silence before he let out a soft chuckle.

"It's really nice to be doing all this as a family, honestly," Pleakley said, as he, in turn, chuckled softly too, "as one big ohana…"

Lilo and Stitch found this chance to rest from all the chaos from the rampaging experiment as Jumba and a few of the reformed cousins spent a few days installing defense systems. The adorable Hawaiian girl and her blue dog sought this chance to catch up with their hula dance lessons after being absent for a long time.

At last, Lilo had finished up with Hula class and she headed out the door to the classroom, expecting Stitch to greet her. And he was there, but somebody else was there as well.


It was a distinctly puffy, pink, adorable little creature with a tuft of hair atop its head and big, cute eyes! It was so cute, and it was cheerily smiling as Mertle, Elena, Teresa and Yuki headed out the door, racing on over to him as Mertle picked him up.

"Hello, Mr. Stenchy! How's my cutie little patootie?" she laughed.

"You…met one of Stitch's cousins?" Lilo asked, Stitch looking astounded.

Indeed, it was one Stitch had heard of from Jumba's files…experiment 254!

"Yeah, sometimes he gives off a bit of a nasty smell, but so far he's perfectly fine!" Mertle reasoned with a grin, "no freakish, weird behavior at all! And we found him first!"

"Yeaaaaah!" her posse remarked.

Lilo and Stitch exchanged glances before they shrugged. At least they didn't have to worry about Hamsterviel going after the pink cousin.

"Does he have any powers?" Lilo wanted to know.

"What? No! He isn't freaky at all!" Mertle remarked with a big grin as she picked Mr. Stenchy up, rubbing and stroking over the experiment's furry pink head.

It seemed pointless to pry for further information, so Lilo decided this conversation was over.

"See ya later, then," Lilo waved her hand.

Mr. Stenchy cheerily waved back at her as Lilo turned to Stitch.

"Well, he seems harmless enough," she reasoned with a shrug, "he seems okay."

"Ih," Stitch agreed with a nod.

"Do you think Jumba has anything on Mr. Stenchy?" Lilo clamored.

Stitch nodded. Jumba did, after all, create all the experiments. They could just ask him.

But of course, when they did, he began to snigger.

"So…pfft…little red-haired glasses girl is having new friend?!" he began to laugh hysterically as Lilo pouted.

"What's so funny?" Lilo demanded.

"Did she say how long she had been around her new, fluffy friend?"

"Um…I think she found him kinda recently," Lilo answered, "she says sometimes he occasionally smells bad but that's it."

"Is BUILDING UP," Jumba remarked, "must have delayed reaction! Ohhh, she is in the troublllleeee!"


"254's ability is to emit extremely noxious, foul odor 48 hours after activation! Smell spreading for 40 square miles! Making place uninhabitable and stinky! Very stinky!" Jumba guffawed.

"That would make the whole town uninhabitable, KOKAUA TOWN isn't 40 square miles long!" Lilo proclaimed, "this is terrible! We need to let Mertle know!"

"I can help," Pleakley offered warmly, "I've got the car ready, I was going into town to get some Febreeze! Ironic, I know."

He poked his head into the room and smiled warmly at them all, Lilo feeling she'd never been so glad to see that cycloptic goofball's face. From there, Pleakley led Lilo, Stitch and Gantu out of the house.

"We'd better hurry!" Lilo insisted as Pleakley raced down the street, barreling off for Mertle's house, "we don't have long!"

"I'm going as fast as I can!" Pleakley replied, the car almost going on two wheels as they peeled down the lane, finally arriving at Mertle's house, Gantu having a big, giant experiment-containing canister ready, "Stitch may want to plug his nose. Enhanced senses, after all!"

"Wow, you actually thought of something really smart, Pleakley!" Lilo remarked aloud as Stitch grabbed some tissue boxes out of the car's glove compartment, stuffing all the contents up his nostrils…just as they arrived at Mertle's house.

And then…

It happened. A horrible cry of "OH MY GOOOOOD" echoed out through the window of the second floor, the cries of Mertle and her friends filling the air.

"Uh-oh," Stitch squeaked out.

Gantu sniffed at the air, sticking his tongue out.

"UGH," he grumbled, "I can smell him from here!"

"EWWWW, so can I!" Lilo remarked, Stitch thankful his nostrils were plugged as Pleakley sniffed the air too.

"Oh!" Pleakley chirped, "he smells like my first date!"

"WHAT?! You…you like that smell?" Lilo asked as they piled out of the car, racing into Mertle's house.

"Yes, that sort of scent is a great perfume where I'm from!"

Lilo pinched her nose. It was then that they had their one piece of good news, as a loud thunk filled the air. They looked around, eyes wide.


It was a mecha-mosquito! Larger than a normal one, a good foot length wide and long, menacing and foul, but distinctly synthetic and terrifying-looking, with red eyes. But its eyes were faded and it was spasming on the ground…

Even more were falling all around them as Lilo and her friends glanced around.

"Ohhhh, I get it. Mosquitos use scents to track down prey, mecha-mosquitos included! Dr. Pestus's little robotic pests must not be able to handle Mr. Stenchy's odor!" Pleakley realized aloud.

"Wow, once again, you're being really intelligent today!" Lilo complimented.

Lilo tilted her head towards Stitch and grinned.

"Looks like we'll just round them up!" she suggested.

"Don't worry, everyone. We've got this," Pleakley offered.

He handed out spare boxes of tissues for Gantu and Lilo to plug their noses up as they raced into Mertle's house, Mertle giving her a dark, irritated look as Pleakley handed her and her friends and her mom, gagging and coughing on the floor, tissues for them to plug their noses up too.

"Don't you ever…tell anyone…about this. Ever!" Mertle demanded as Lilo tried not to laugh.

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