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With some equipment gathered, Lilo, Stitch, Gantu and Pleakley were set to go.

"I've got a good feeling about today," Lilo said with a grin, "we're gonna get rid of all of Dr. Pestus's little mecha mosquito pests! We just have to divide and conquer!"

"You mean split up?" Pleakley asked, "you sure that's a good idea?"

Lilo extended her right arm and the armor shifter materialized her outfit into her armor without the standard phrase.

"We can handle it," Lilo said, she, Stitch and Gantu taking off in different directions as Pleakley shrugged and sighed.

"Oh well…" he intoned.

Suppose there was nothing to be done now. Pleakley simply sauntered down an available path in the search for downed mechanical mosquitos.

One by one, each of them made their way off through the two, Lilo being the first to notice some mosquitos as they buzzed after poor Keoni Jameson and his dad. Keoni was actually doing surprisingly well, he was whacking and thwacking at them with his surfboard.

"Back! Back, you freaky fliers! Bug off!" he yelled out.

"Don't worry, Keoni, I'll save you!" Lilo proclaimed.

She leapt in the air, grabbing hold of one of them, tossing it at the other like a discus. It exploded in a shower of sparks and Keoni gazed in awe at Lilo.

"Oh wow…" he murmured.

"You ok?" Lilo called over.

"That was amazing!" Keoni told her with a grin, "I didn't know you could do that—"

A large explosion filled the air without warning, followed by irritated, furious swearing as Lilo and Mr. Jameson and his son looked off to the south.

"My uncle Jumba's clearly having some problems," she remarked as a charred mecha-mosquito flew through the air and flopped down next to them.

Jumba let loose a loud "TAKE THAT". Lilo glanced over her shoulder and waved her hand.

"Take care!" Lilo chirped.

Keoni waved goodbye, with Mr. Jameson looking astounded.

Meanwhile, Stitch was having an easy time. He was easily crushing mecha mosquitos at the mall in town, chunks of them littering all over the ground as he leapt from mosquito to mosquito.

"HA! Stitch could do this all day!" Stitch proclaimed.

Stitch scanned his surroundings in search of more mechanical mosquitos. It was then that Stitch heard a distinct, loud, immense buzzing noise filling the air. He turned, eyes widening. A horde of them were barreling out of the food court, aiming right at him! He stiffened, trying to figure out whether to dodge or brace the attack.

And then…it happened. A big, enormous, gigantic flamethrower bathed over all the mecha mosquitos, and there stood experiment 150! The rather big jawed, somewhat tubby, small antennae'd experiment had small black eyes and a mechanical arm, which had transformed itself into a big flamethrower! The mosquitos were burnt into a crisp, dissolving away into tiny flecks of metal that wafted through the air like ash as 150 grinned at Stitch, the people in the mall looking at him, gaping in shock.

"Heya, everybody," he chirped in an oddly distinct, thick-accented voice, "glad to help. Please, please, no need ta thank me."

Stitch couldn't help but give a blank stare.

"Cousin?" Stitch inquired as 150 grinned.

"Yeah, I heard a bunch of stuff about you, cousin. Don't gotta worry. I got this mall all protected. You can go off and find your lil' gal Lilo if ya want," he remarked with a shrug as Stitch nodded, heading off.

When he was out of earshot, the people in the mall turned to 150.

"However can we repay you?"

"Oh, that's easy. Empty out your wallets!" he demanded, holding out the pockets of the big belt he wore along with the blue jacket he had on his frame, "my baby needs a nice new shirt."

The crowd gulped nervously.

"C'mon. You all owe me. Empty out your wallets," he insisted, "or y'all gonna have to answer to ol' Betsy."

He held up his metallic arm as it formed a perfect mechanical fist.

"Knock it off, Clyde!" a familiar female voice barked.

Clyde turned, seeing another experiment. This one was a a small, light green koala-like experiment smaller than Stitch. She had a yellow stomach, a slim body, small antennae, big dark blue eyes with girly eyelashes, a big head, a wide mouth with two fangs sticking out, a round nose, rabbit/mouse-like ears, two dark green marks on the back of her head, dark green, arrow-like patches on her arms and legs, and a yellow V-shaped stripe on her forehead. She also had a cute, adorable little stumpy tail like Stitch did.

"We can't go askin' for this sort of stuff," she insisted, shaking her head, approaching Clyde and tugging him down to her level, "not openly. Bad for business!"

"Sorry, Bonnie," Clyde muttered.

"Sorry, folks. My pal Clyde here is really sorry," Bonnie announced loudly, "y'all have a good day now!"

Bonnie watched as the humans headed off.

"Listen…" she whispered at Clyde, "I staked out the richest-looking humans here. The ones with real fancy clothing and watches and especially shoes. We're gonna follow them to their cars, and then to their homes. Then we rob them blind. We don't just go for chump change in people's wallets."

"Oh," Clyde crooned, "ok!"

Bonnie and Clyde headed out, hiding behind a large dumpster, which had a good view of the parking lot at the mall. Bonnie held up a notepad as she smirked.

"I got all their license plates. Now we just wait for…ah! Look!"

One of the humans was already heading for his car. A nice Lamborghini car that was a beautiful black color with luxury seats. Bonnie and Clyde nodded, racing over in its direction as the man got inside the front seat and Bonnie and Clyde quickly jimmied the trunk open, hopped inside, then shut it before the man noticed something was wrong. It wasn't long before the car had taken off, and then come to a halt at his lovely home on the east side of town, Clyde using his mecha-arm to unlock the trunk from within as they crept towards the house, seeming pleased indeed.

"Look at that. Crystal chandelier. Fancy piano," Bonnie whispered.

"Two cars in his garage," Clyde murmured, "and is that a 70 inch HDTV I see in there?"

"Ohh yeah, I want it bad, but first things first. We take the jewelry and the smaller stuff first," Bonnie insisted, "we're gonna get him out of the house, and then we're gonna sneak inside and start stealing the rest."

"How we gonna do that?"

"Simple. We make his car go on a joyride," Bonnie chuckled, "Clyde…you hotwire his car. Use your remote control app you got. Make it go…slow. Slow enough for him to chase after so he won't think to call the cops up."

"You got it!" Clyde said with a grin.

But before they could start their approach…

"Cousin!" they heard someone call over.

Bonnie groaned and glanced over her shoulder, giving Stitch the stink-eye as the blue experiment chased after them.

"Cousins, wait!" he called over.

"Crud crud crud! We can't have him interfering in our operations!" Bonnie cried out, "Clyde, we gotta split up! We'll meet at our base!"

Clyde nodded at Bonnie before they sprinted off in different directions. Stitch barreled after Bonnie, trying to get hold of her, but she dove down, sliding into a slightly-open manhole company. She raced off through the sewer, Stitch opening up the manhole.


The stench was foul and rotten. His enhanced senses were going into overdrive as he coughed and spluttered, covering his face.

"UGGGH," he couldn't race after her. Crud.

Still, he did know an experiment who perhaps could find them…

Scampering out of the street, Stitch climbed onto a boulder and scanned his surroundings. He sniffed at the air, looking left and right before, at last, catching Finder's scent. And…there he was. Stitch barreled down the road and…sure enough, there Finder was. He was hanging out with a child, and holding up a puppy.

"You found him! You found Sir Fluffles!" the blonde-haired lad said, smiling in delight, giving both his puppy and Finder a big hug as Finder smiled warmly back in return.

He could track down just about anything, he was immensely useful. He'd be perfect for tracking Bonnie and Clyde! He didn't hesitate to scurry towards Finder, catching his attention.

"Cousin!" Stitch told him in the Tantalog language, "I need your help. Experiment 149 and 150, they're called Bonnie and Clyde, and they're out stealing things. I need your help to track them down."

Finder perked up his ears before giving Stitch a thumbs up and a wink. Finder began to sniff around, Stitch following after. He scoured over the sidewalks, sniffing and sniffing, black eyes narrowed before he held his nose up, then turned quickly, racing off towards the west. They were heading in the direction of some old warehouses, currently abandoned.

"There," Finder proclaimed as they came to a stop behind some bushes, Finder's nose lighting up a bright red, "they're in there!"

Stitch held his paw up to his ear, listening intently.

"…yes, yes, I can hear them…sure hope their hearing isn't as good as mine," he quietly whispered back, "I want you to go find Lilo, bring her here. I'll keep an eye on the warehouse, see if they try to leave."

Finder began scanning their surroundings in search of a sneaky way inside the warehouse. Finder sniffed about, Stitch following after before, at last, they reached their destination…a vent shaft.

"I'll unscrew the screws and sneak inside," he told Finder, "go get Lilo, let her know I'm here."

Finder nodded before he scampered off. Stitch took this opportune moment to climb into the shaft. Stitch snuck his way through the ventilation shaft, carefully going further and further into the expanse within. The blue experiment reached another vent and peeled the grating open, setting it aside as they peered down at Bonnie and Clyde. After a brief moment of calculating in his head, Stitch jumped down and landed behind them.

Bonnie and Clyde whipped about, eyes wide.

"Wh-what the?!" Bonnie cried out.

"How'd you figure out we were here?!" Clyde proclaimed in shock.

"What I do," Stitch said, appearing smug and satisfied, "you two crooks…need to be stopped!"

"Oh please. It's two to one," Bonnie told him.

Clyde managed to punch him squarely in the face, knocking him back. Stitch groaned as he staggered back to his feet. Stitch leapt at Clyde, smacking him in the face, knocking him through the air into crates.

"Ha-HA!" he proclaimed, looking about.

Where'd Bonnie go?

A crane within the warehouse knocked him flying too, now he collided with crates as Bonnie giggled to herself.

"I ain't as dumb as Clyde is, bucko. We know all about you, 626, and we know your little tricks," she said, Clyde rising up and dusting himself up, "Clyde, get out the goo gun!"

"Right!" Clyde nodded, adjusting his blaster hand.

The instant he fired, green goo shot forward, slamming into Stitch, pinning him to the wall. The blue experiment struggled to free himself and snarled at Bonnie and Clyde as they approached him.

"You ain't so tough," Bonnie chuckled with a grin before there came a bright flash of light behind them, and they twirled about.

"What the—?!"

Finder had sailed towards Bonnie, chucked like a fastball by Lilo as she shot forward, punching at Clyde, knocking him, cascading, into a collection of crates. He groaned, struggling to get up, only for Lilo to deliver a powerful kick that sent him spiraling up, embedding him cleanly into the roof.

"Oh no, you don't!" Lilo proclaimed, "you don't get away that easily!"

Bonnie looked up in surprise, scratching her head as she looked at Lilo.

"Who the heck are…" she asked, giving the girl an astounded look.

"You don't recognize me?" Lilo tilted her head, "wow, you must've been away for too long."

Bonnie blinked her eyes, rubbing them as Stitch held up a paw, catching Clyde as he flopped down out of the hole in the ceiling.

"Wait…it's you! I could barely recognize you in all that fancy armor…" she remarked aloud.

"Yep," Lilo chirped with a nod, "and I have a proposition which you guys can't refuse!"

Clyde groaned, rubbing his head as Stitch tossed him onto the floor, Bonnie giving Lilo a look.

"And what's that?" Bonnie snapped.

"You join up with our ohana, of course!" Lilo suggested, "and stop causing trouble!"

"Kid, we're thieves, stealing stuff is what we're made for. Literally!" Bonnie told Lilo, giving her a confused look.

Stitch and Lilo took a second to exchange glances.

"Where is thief's one true place?" Stitch mused aloud.

That one was a toughie, stealing stuff was baked into their very DNA. Where would they belong? In jail?

"You think their function can translate to infiltrating hideouts?" Lilo pondered.

"Stitch could see that," Stitch said with a big grin and a nod.

Lilo and Stitch then turned their heads towards Bonnie and Clyde, eliciting nervous gulps out of them.

"Do you happen to know where Dr. Pestus even manufactures his metal mosquitoes?" Lilo asked.

Bonnie and Clyde nervously glanced at each other.

"Y…yeah…" Bonnie grumbled, "we do."

"Hard not to miss," Clyde remarked.

"It ain't on the ground, though," Bonnie added.

Lilo and Stitch sighed.

"We figured as much," Lilo offered, "but we can get you up there. How'd you figure out where it was?"

"Well, it's been hovering in secret over the town, but occasionally…" Bonnie gestured up, "the holographic disguise messes up. The thing's supposed to reflect stuff around it…but it didn't reflect a bunch of birds flying by it. We saw it when we looked up about a day ago."

"So it can't reflect living lifeforms outside it…" Lilo remarked, "okay, okay. And it's hovering over the city?"

Bonnie and Clyde nodded in unison.

Gantu, Victoria and Scylla arrived at the warehouse an hour later.

"Did you manage to bring a ship for us?" Lilo asked Gantu as he nodded.

Scylla nodded as well as Victoria held up a small remote. A faint beeping noise echoed as they stood in the back of the warehouse, and the hidden spaceship popped into view.

"We can use this to sneak onto Dr. Pestus's sinister station," Victoria told them all, "with Bonnie and Clyde leading the way."

Lilo nodded even when she stared out the window, only to realize the sun was setting over the horizon.

"We should leave first thing tomorrow," Lilo suggested to them all, "and make sure we've got everything ready."

"Good idea," Gantu admitted.

With Bonnie and Clyde reluctantly joining them, Lilo and the others returned to the Pelekai house.

Pleakley and Nani had decided to try and cheer everyone up by cooking. They were in the kitchen, hard at work, making up a big dinner.

"A good dinner will put a smile on all your faces," Pleakley insisted.

"Just nothing freakishly healthy," Lilo insisted.

"Well, we're not making pizza," Nani added, "you guys eat too much of it already!"

"But it's delicious!" Stitch protested.

"Even so!"

"We should've stocked up on Qualot berries," Gantu muttered to himself.

"I'm going to make pasta," Pleakley suggested as Lilo, Stitch and the others, save Nani, gulped a bit nervously, "I'll make a delightful bit of spaghetti for all of you. How does that sound?"

"G-Great!" Lilo said nervously.

The last time he'd made spaghetti, it had come with mushrooms in the sauce…mushrooms that grew in said sauce on their own.

"Just no sauce," Stitch mumbled.

"Yes. No sauce…at all," Lilo insisted quickly.

"Well, would something else to go with the pasta be sufficient?" Gantu offered.

"Hondew berries?" Stitch chirped.

"Sounds good to me!" Pleakley grinned as he began to boil the water for the pasta, "it's important to eat lots of fresh fruit!"

"I think we could use some rolls too," Lilo added as they heated up the oven as well.

They managed to finish cooking dinner within half an hour. At long last, everyone was sitting down, and passing food around and stuffing their faces. Luckily, for once, Pleakley's pasta came out just fine. Albeit slightly overcooked, but nobody really minded.

"Stitch naga fan of 'al dente'," Stitch confessed as Nani looked down at him.

"What're you doing?"

"Tying all spaghetti strands together. Make one big string, slurp up!" Stitch bragged.

"Daww, thanks!" Pleakley chirped.

Lilo, Stitch, Gantu, Jumba, Scylla and Victoria led Bonnie and Clyde in setting off to find the base the following morning with Ace, Splodyhead and Sparky accompanying them. Getting into the ship, they all crowded together inside of it, rather scrunched up, tightly bound indeed as Gantu grunted.

"Next time, we should either get a larger ship…or a smaller crew."

"Yeah, good point," Lilo confessed with a sigh as they sailed up, up, over Kokaua Town, in the direction of the base.

"Shouldn't take long to get there. But we need to go in hard and fast," Bonnie insisted.

"Yeah, meega like fast," Stitch agreed.

Then…it happened. They heard the sound of something grinding in the engine and Bonnie cringed as she looked at the display console.

"Uh-oh," she muttered.

"What was that?" Clyde warbled.

"Um, don't freak out but…a seagull got sucked into the ship's carbine and we're gonna have to…crash right into Pestus's hidden space lair."

"Wait, crash?!" Gantu cried out.

"Oh, the humanity!" Lilo proclaimed, shaking her head in disbelief, "the poor seagull!"

Gantu didn't hesitate as he steered the ship closer to the floating station. Much to his luck, the ship rammed through a metal door in the station and skidded along the hangar until it came to a complete stop. After everyone inside recovered from the shock, they all let out a loud sigh of relief.

"Ok," Lilo commented, "let's just make sure we don't crash the station into the city."

"Bah!" Jumba grumbled, "you always ruin exciting moments, little girl!"

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