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Now on Dr. Pestus's floating, hidden station high above Kokaua Town, all of them exited the spaceship as Bonnie and Clyde led them across the hangar, towards a small doorway with some writing on it and a control pad. The door appeared locked, but Clyde held up his mechanical arm as it embedded into the console. A powerful mechanical series of tentacles shot out as he began to hack it.

"Okay, I'm downloading a map of the place through this stupid little thing," Clyde announced, "we could bring the whole place down if we get to the bridge and pilot it right on down."

"We gotta crash it somewhere away from the town, we don't want people to get hurt," Lilo reasoned.

"Ih," Stitch agreed.

They finally got the door open and slunk down the hallway, everyone glancing left and right.

"Is it me, or is it…oddly quiet in here?" Lilo quietly inquired.

"It's quiet…too quiet," Gantu remarked.

Scylla peered around the corner.

"I doubt Dr. Pestus might be here," Scylla assumed.

"Something's up," Bonnie murmured as they made their way through the hall, finally arriving at the bridge.

It too was as empty as the grave as they all glanced about, before Stitch raced towards the control console.

"Gonna break!" he proclaimed, holding his fists up high before...

Hard metallic shields popped up over everything as the doorways and entrances became blocked, and a video screen descended down from above, showing Dr. Pestus's smug-looking mosquito-esque face.

"Well, well, well. I had a feeling you would find your way onto my space station. Luckily I moved quickly when you landed…or rather crashed into my little lair. I must say, you didn't really think it'd be so easy to stop my work, did you?" he asked with an evil chuckle, "I'm an evil genius, little girl. You think I'm so stupid I'd forget to install some kind or trap or protection if people snuck on board my lair?"

"Stitch and I and all our ohana are still going to wreck your ship!" Lilo proclaimed as Stitch slammed his fists down onto the metallic shield, "we'll break through this in a few minutes easy!"

"Oh, you probably will…" Pestus said with a smug grin, "but the thing is…you don't have a few minutes!"

"Oh no."

They all glanced about as the ventilation shaft system began to release what was distinctly a type of greenish gas.

"With you out of the way…nobody will be able to stop me!" Dr. Pestus laughed sadistically.

"I don't suppose anyone brought, like…gas masks?" Bonnie cried out.

Stitch scanned his surroundings in search of some sort of cabinet he could raid. All of them looked through the bridge in desperation, Pestus laughing sadistically.

"I am just going to watch you all die!" he proclaimed with an ominous chuckle, "at long last, my plans will succeed!"

"The window!" Lilo exclaimed, "if we could get all of the gas out through the window, we'd be okay!"

Gantu raced over to the window with his giant foot. He kicked it hard until it cracked open.

"The gas is coming closer!" Bonnie cried out as Clyde quickly fiddled with his robotic arm.

"Fan setting, fan setting, c'mon, c'mon, c'mon…"

"Hurry, blow it out, it's coming closer!" Bonnie shrieked.

Clyde kept fiddling with the panels on his arm. Finally, at long last, just when it looked like the gas was about to reach them, Clyde's metallic arm finally manifested his fan. He swung his arm about, blowing at the gas, spreading it out, out the window as Dr. Pestus gasped in surprise.

"WHAT IN THE…?!" he exclaimed.

Scylla gave the holographic projection of Dr. Pestus a fierce glare.

"You, sir," Scylla commented while she pointed at him, "have underestimated a fighting spirit!"

"And your station's going down!" Gantu added as he approached the bridge controls.

The Shaelek captain tried tampering with the bridge controls, but he couldn't get them to respond, much to his disappointment.

"I'm sorry, Gantu," Dr. Pestus smirked over the transmission, "these controls are too small for your fat, fat hands."

"Wow, the controls for ships these days really are advanced."

"Outta the way!" Bonnie snapped, hopping on up and typing away, "sheesh, I gotta do everythin' around here!"

Gantu groaned before he stepped aside. Bonnie began to quickly type as Dr. Pestus's eyes went wide, the mecha-mosquito looking furious.

"You keep away from there!" he roared.

"Don't think so," Lilo grinned, "she's almost got you beat, that's for sure!"

"I will beat you black and blue!" Pestus snarled furiously.

"You're not even on the station, are you?" Lilo snarked back.

Dr. Pestus smirked a bit.

"You're right. I'm not. I actually left the minute you began fiddling around with my bridge. You're clearly a clever little girl," he told her, "I've long since left."

"We'll find you, trust me!" Lilo proclaimed dramatically, "you keep losing to us every time, we'll hunt you down eventually!"

With Bonnie still operating the controls, Stitch and Sparky started scouring the bridge in search of anything they could salvage.

"Bye bye!" the mosquito doctor laughed as he vanished from the vid screen.

Sparky's eyes widened as he looked at the computer screen off to the western side of the room, his blue eyes going wide.

"Uh-oh!" he remarked aloud as Stitch made his way over to it, his own eyes widening as well.

"What is it?" Lilo asked.

"Coordinates!" Stitch proclaimed.

Gantu's eyes widened in surprise yet he kept himself composed.

"To where?!" Gantu insisted.

"Looks like to a Galactic Federation base," Stitch confessed, "if ol' mosquito jerk's looking at it..."

"Maybe that's where he's actually hiding," Gantu remarked aloud, "you might be right!"

Lilo and Victoria shuddered and exchanged confused glances.

"Is it really a hiding spot?" Victoria paused, "what if Dr. Pestus just wanted to attack it?"

Jumba quickly waddled on over, the tubby mad scientist examining the location.

"Oh my, my, my. How unfortunate indeed. That's a Galactic Federation weapons depot!" he exclaimed aloud, his four eyes bulging wide, "whether it's his lair or someplace he intends to attack, we are not daring to let him getting hands on it!"

Lilo, Stitch, Victoria, Gantu and Scylla shuddered upon hearing those words.

"Let's bring this thing down to the beach and get out of here as—" Scylla reasoned before a loud alarm blared.

"Uh-oh," Lilo remarked aloud.


Our heroes cringed as a horde of robots began to trot into the room, aiming big arm-cannons right at them, their eyes glowing red and whirring!

"DUCK AND COVER!" Lilo cried out, diving to the side.

Ace barreled over the desk, slamming his fist into one of the robots, knocking them into a chunk of the horde, whilst Splodyhead fired off thick, powerful balls of fire at the horde as well.

"We'll hold them off!" Ace cried out, "you try to get this station down!"

"Okie-taka!" Stitch gave Ace a salute.

Stitch managed the controls, all of them feeling the makeshift station of Dr. Pestus shuddering and quaking in the air as he piloted it towards the beach. Lilo ducked to avoid a torn-off robotic head of a drone as Splodyhead fired off a fiery missile from his nose. A drone burst into chunks as Gantu ducked to avoid being nearly impaled by the burning, fiery metal chunks it had become.

Then…the beach, at last, was on the horizon!

"Almost there!" Stitch called out, tugging the controls down.

The place crashed into empty sand, water splashing against the station, the power finally cutting out as the whole place shut down, the remaining drones turning off and dropping to the floor with loud thuds.

"Phew," Scylla wiped her brow, "that was close!"

Lilo and Victoria scampered over to the large window and peered outside.

"We didn't hit anyone, did we?" Gantu called out as Victoria shook her head.

"No, luckily," she remarked.

"My sand castle!" a blonde haired kid proclaimed, tugging at his hair, gaping at the scene before him, "nooooooo!"

With the station taken care of, the next option they had in mind was to scour the entire facility for anything useful or at least some value. Well, Bonnie and Clyde seemed to favor the latter.

"We're gonna strip it of just about everything!" Bonnie said as she and Clyde currently looked through Dr. Pestus's obvious living quarters, tossing books and the like about.

"Anything useful?" Lilo wanted to know.

"Nothing beyond some exotic fiction stuff involving insect aliens. A few encyclopedias on bugs, there's that too and…oh? Oh, we got his journal!" Clyde remarked with a big grin, holding up a book, "he hid it among a bunch of books about 'Martin Miggs, the Mad Muridean', an adventure series. Oooh, this'll be good. Can't wait to see what dirty secrets he's got!"

Gantu facepalmed.

"Oh, Blitznak," he grumbled.

Clyde looked through the journal, grinning evilly.

"Oh my, look at all this!" Clyde continued, "we've got some super embarrassing thoughts. He actually forgot to install a bathroom in his first fancy-pancy mecha suit! How humiliating! What a rube!"

"Ooh, anything else?" Bonnie inquired, peering over his shoulder.

"Oh, lookie here…says he messed up on his security grid and he got locked out of his base for two hours as it shot lasers and missiles at him and he had to reset his password," Clyde read on, "oh, this is juicy, he's found several experiments and he's been trying to use them as gifts to court some chick! But she's not interested in any of them cuz they're not in the 6-line. Oh, the nerve!"

"Yeah, we non-sixers ain't good enough!?" Bonnie proclaimed, looking irritated, "the cheek of this dame!"

Jumba groaned as he leaned his back against the wall.

"Can we track where he sent them? Where she lives?" Jumba finally asked, after he finished shaking his head back and forth.

"Yes, we can!" Bonnie said with a grin, "he left her address in here! We can use this to get some of our cousins back!"

Lilo blinked twice as her face lit up.

"Really?" Lilo blurted.

"Absolutely!" Bonnie grinned, "rescue mission, baby!"

The cousins all perked up along with Lilo, eagerly grinning at each other as Jumba chuckled.

"Very good, Bonnie. Very good work. Jumba is most pleased!"

Lilo and Stitch exchanged glances and winked at each other.

"Goobaja!" Stitch chirped.

"So where did that stupid Doctor Pestus send them?" Lilo asked as Bonnie brought up a display on the nearby computer screen.

"Take a look. She's actually staying on Pluto of all places!" she remarked.

Lilo scratched her head.

"How many layers of coats do we need?" Lilo pondered.

"Not needing coats. Needing special space suits!" Jumba said as he smugly grinned and jabbed his thumb at himself, "and Jumba will provide. We must act with hasting! Sooner the better, before ugly mecha mosquito mad scientist realizes he left dirty laundry behind!"

The next thing they knew, they started their flight across the Solar System.

"Remember, we're going to hit fast and hard," Stitch told his cousins, pacing back and forth before them, "she doesn't know we're coming, it's the element of surprise!"

"Yeah, sure," Bonnie rolled her eyes, "whatever, honey."

About half an hour later, they arrived at their destination, and it was pretty obvious that this would be trickier than they thought. There was a positively ginormous space station set up right on the surface of Pluto, so big you could see it from space. Everyone nervously glanced at each other, eyes wide and fearful, gulping a bit before turning to glance back at the window gazing out the front of their ship as they touched down hidden in a crater, trying to remain out of sight.

"Looks like they're strip-mining the place for resources. Not knowing Pluto had any," Jumba confessed.

They got their space suits on and trekked out, using cloaking devices to remain hidden from view, but having to move slowly. They had a large group and they couldn't draw too much attention via the obvious footprints they were still leaving in the dusty, dark ground below them. They finally approached a large entrance, and took notice of what was obviously a mecha-insectoid guard, one of several who were patrolling around, waving in other mecha-insectoid aliens. This one was a mantis-looking thing with large bladed hands, four legs, and rather big goggle-type eyes as she looked over a datapad, then stopped, glancing around.

"Hmm. Is someone out there?" she murmured aloud.

They all hid behind some large cargo crates.

"We need to find a way to sneak past her somehow," Lilo murmured, "our cousins are right inside this space station."

"What we need is to alter our disguises to look just like them. Then we could sneak around the base without worrying about being caught at all," Scylla suggested.

"To adjusting your disguises, am needing ID chip," Jumba told them, "we will have to steal from guard."

Bonnie and Clyde grinned.

"So you want us…to steal something from someone without being seen," she giggled.

"SSHHH! The guards'll hear us!" Gantu insisted.

Bonnie and Clyde instantly swallowed the nervous lumps in their throats.

"We trust you to steal it," Lilo said with a grin, "it's what you do."

"Leave it to us!" Bonnie replied with a salute.

Bonnie and Clyde started sneaking closer to the building. They were moving so quickly and fluidly, like living water over the ground, getting closer to the guard. Soon they were right behind the guard, Bonnie using a careful slip to slide the ID chip out of the guard's belt. With the ID chip in hand, they made their way right back to the others as they grinned.

"Stealing things is what we're best at. It's our ability and we're damn proud of it," Clyde said.

"Goobaja!" Stitch chirped.

With the ID chip now in hand, Jumba could craft the holographic disguise he needed for all of them as they all hid behind the large boxes. Soon the formerly evil genius scientist had finished his work, and now all of them looked like various-sized insectoid aliens that approached the front door.

"Come on in, come on in," the guard said, examining their IDs, "but keep an eye out, Dr. Pestus is here and we want to make sure we give him a good impression!"

The guard stepped aside, allowing the disguised group to step through the door. The group headed through the halls, various other insectoid aliens chatting all about them as they kept moving.

"Working hard, or hardly working, eh, mac?" Bonnie called out to a few of the guards, trying to look natural.

The guards nodded and smiled back, the group making their way at last to a hall which had some heavily armed guards in front of a storage room as Jumba took out a small scanner from his pocket as the gang hid behind the curve of the hallway.

"They're in there. Device is scanning, senses dehydrated experiments behind door. Are needing to get inside," Jumba told them all.

"We need to distract these guards and sneak in," Lilo reasoned, "anyone got any ideas?"

Sparky raised his hand, prompting them to turn towards him.

"You've got an idea on how to distract them?" Lilo inquired.

"Ziz-ziz?" Sparky suggested.

"If you think it'll work…"

Sparky nodded, and he shot through the air, living lightning, soaring into the wall, his form vanishing as he then blew out the light fixtures above the guards far down the hall!

"Hey, who turned out the lights?!" one of them yelled.

"Hey!" another guard yelped, "don't push!"

Lilo and the others grinned. They had their chance! Stitch crept towards the dark recesses as the guards looked around, trying to figure out what had just happened. Without warning, Stitch knocked all of the guards out in the darkness, Sparky popping out of the light fixture as it turned back on.

"Phew! That was nice!" Lilo grinned, "now we just gotta hide these guards, and we can sneak on in."

Bonnie and Clyde nodded.

"Leave it to us. We're good at hiding things."

And with that, Bonnie and Clyde got to work. Both of them took off, dragging the guards away, Lilo and the others heading on inside the room, opening it up and turning on the lights.

"Oh!" Lilo gasped.

There, on the other end…were a host of dehydrated experiment pods all lined up like trophies as they ran over to examine them.

"They're behind a force field," Lilo realized.

"Ha! Is no worry. Jumba will crack it," Jumba bragged, "rest of you should stand watch. Am not wanting to be caught with the pants down!"

Lilo, Stitch, Gantu, Scylla and Victoria, Splodyhead, Sparky and Ace took a step back upon cue. Jumba kept typing away at the computer as the others stood guard.

"Ha. Is easy peasy!" he laughed, "their password is simple numeric encryption. Someone's birthday!"

And with that, the force field dissipated.

"We've got them all?" Lilo asked as Jumba nodded, everyone filling up little bags they'd brought with them of their cousins.

"Yes, now let us be making our escape, post-haste!" Jumba insisted…just as a loud siren filled the air, and the lights flashed red.


"Uh-oh," Scylla remarked aloud as she looked at the others, "I think they mighta found the knocked out guards—"

Without warning, they heard banging on the door to the room.


"Any other way out?!" Clyde panicked.

Bonnie and Clyde were scrambling around, trying to find some other alternate route out. But there was only one door, and there was no way Jumba was gonna fit through the small vent shaft above the computer system. Sighing, Gantu prepared his blaster.

"Sparky!" Scylla turned to him, "go through, get to the power on this wing. Shut it all down so we can get out in the dark!"

Sparky nodded, zooming through the vent shaft, the door to the room beginning to buckle. Without warning, the lights shut off instantly.

"What the?!" the guards outside cursed angrily, and our heroes immediately took the opportunity to race forward.

Fists flew, kicks sailing forth, boots to the head, Lilo and her friends fell on the stunned guards, catching them off-guard and plowing through them.

"Now let's get out of here!" Lilo insisted.

And with that, they raced down the corridor and escaped the base, thankfully before any more guards could catch up.

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