A/N: Alrighty, Folks. Here's a fanfic I began working on roughly four to five months ago after this idea popped into my head. As the fanfiction says, it is a Crossover between Zootopia and Rurouni Kenshin (Samurai X). And while this fanfic will be heavily based off of Samurai X: Trust and Betrayal, it will be a modern take on that film (to an extent), with Elements of Zootopia being added to the mix. Hope you guys enjoy the fanfic ^^

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EDIT 11/11/2016: For those new or rereading this story, I changed the appearance of Matt Wilde in this chapter. Instead of fur matching hair, his hair is now brown and even bears a brown goatee on his chin.


Various species of the mammalian race wander about the train station in Zootopia, from the smallest of prey to the biggest of predators. Whether it be trying to depart from the city or coming to the city as an arrival, it did not matter, for the station was rather busy of late. One of those arrivals happened to be a red fox with his long, brown colored hair being lowly tied back with a black ponytail, with his medium-long length bangs, along with some hair on the sides, remaining on the front. Similarly enough, a small, brown colored goatee can be seen on his chin that was bit thicker than his spring/summer coated fur. On his left cheek was a tan colored, rectangular shaped bandage, covering whatever the vulpine had on his face. What the bandage covered, nobody knew but the fox himself.

The fox himself walks towards the escalator and walks onto the large sized metallic step (which seemed to be able to company larger animals such as bears, wolves, lions, etc), letting the escalator take him up to the upper floor where the exit was located. The vulpine's attire consisted of a black denim vest with a midnight gray long john shirt underneath (the sleeves being pulled up to his forearm muscles). Black leather fingerless gloves occupy his hand-paws, with holes on the knuckles portion of them. His cargo pants were of a green camouflage color, with the leg openings being tucked into his black boots. On the back of the vest bore several patches on the back, the top patch bearing the words 'Defilers', and bottom patch bearing 'Zootopia' on it. The middle patch, on the other hand, depicted a fox skull with two katanas right behind the skull.

Speaking of Japanese swords, a medium length samurai katana was attached to the left side of his pants, the sheath being attached to the silver studded belt he wore. The design of the sheath was of a black color with a dark golden cord attached to the top part of the sheath. The blade length of the sword was a good twenty-six inches in length, with the handle of the sword being about eight inches in length. The hilt of the sword is covered in a black cloth with diamond shaped holes on the sides extending from the bottom of the hilt to the ring-shaped heft.

After waiting a short period of time, the escalator manages to take some of the arrivals to the upper floor leading to the exit, including the fox. Examining the environment around him, he notices notices the various other animals inside along with the types of transportation many of them used. For instance, anthropomorphic hippos used the underwater passageways and stood on top of the high velocity fans underneath to dry themselves off (for the most part), or how those of the rodent families used colored tubes to transport themselves to their destination. Now moving his attention towards the front, he notices the exit along with a few other canine mammalians bearing similar clothing, with the exception of having any weapons on him, and holding up a sign bearing the name 'Matt Wilde'. Seeing this made the fox nod at the sight before walking towards the group holding the sign, embracing the few canine males who waited for him inside the station.

"It's been a while, Matt, how have you been?", one canine male greeted with a soft smile on his face, who was an arctic folf bearing traits similar to an arctic fox and an arctic wolf. He was taller than any fox that existed, being about five feet ten inches tall, yet shorter than most wolves that lived. Medium-long jet black hair can be seen on the male's head, which was long enough to touch the upper part of the top rocker patch on his vest. His eyes were that of a light brown color

"Likewise, JP", Matt Wilde, the red fox, replied while placing his hand-paws inside of his vest pockets. "How have things been in Zootopia while I was out on business in the mid-west?" he asked with a curious tone before beginning to walk out of the train station, heading outside to the parking lot area.

"Well, aside from me, Kris, and Flynn here waiting for you for the past half hour, we're pretty much alive and running like usual", JP replied.

"But despite being glad to see you here, there's been some odd shit going on for the past couple days", Kris, a brown and white timber wolf, answered with his English accent while looking down at the fox with a pair of brown eyes while leading the group to the parking lot where their vehicles were located. The timber wolf was the tallest of the group, being about six feet three inches tall in height. Long, slightly darker brown hair occupied the wolf's head, which was long enough to touch the upper part of the skull and cross katana patch on his vest. Though what caught the attention of many was the fact he had a dark brown goatee on his chip and part of the upper lip, a trait that was uncommon amongst mammalians. If anyone were to compare the Kris with someone, he would be best compared with Kili.

"What do you mean?", Matt asked, cocking a slight brow not out of suspicion, but out of curiosity on what he meant behind their words. But before Kris could answer, Flynn, the white timber wolf grabs a hold of Matt's shoulder and causing the vulpine to turn and face him.

"Thor will explain everything once we get back to the club", Flynn replied, also bearing an English accent, before turning towards the parking lot up ahead. Flynn was the elder brother of Kris, not to mention being the same height as him. Unlike his brother, he bore dirty blonde hair along with his hair (for the most part) being brushed back. Parts of his hair were also braided while still brushed back as well. Like his brother, he bore some facial hair that many mammalians wouldn't usually bear, but was noticeably thicker than his brother's. Hell, his facial hair was thick enough to braid the mustache portion of his beard. If anybody would compare Flynn to anybody, he would be identical to Fili.

The group drew closer to the parking lot with each step, with Matt discovering they were not the only ones here to meet him. Then again, bearing identical vests with the same patches and whatnot usually meant there would be a big group of people waiting for you anyways. And just as expected from the small group, a bigger group of various predators (and a few large prey mammals) was roughly ten meters in front of them, on their bikes nonetheless, have been waiting for the small group to return, for Matt to return. While many mammalians there were of unique builds, one mammal stood out the most from the larger group. That mammal was none other than the Defiler MC president, Thor.

Thor was a timber wolf like his nephews, Flynn and Kris, but bore the fur colors of gray and white. His long, wavy black hair was brushed back, and his black beard trimmed down to the same size as Flynn's facial hair. Unlike where Flynn and Kris' eyes were of a brown color, his eyes were of an icy blue color, and they were gazing towards the direction of where Matt and the others were located. If any would compare him to anybody, he would be best compared with Thorin Oakenshield. The old wolf stands up from the seat of his bike and walks towards the others, his height being about six feet six inches tall, and places a gloved hand-paw onto Matt's shoulder before grinning softly.

"At long last, Matt Wilde. Welcome home", Thor greeted, bearing an English accent in his voice.

"Likewise, Thor", Matt replied before the Defilers president turns to one of the members and moves his head towards him. "I've also heard something's been going down recently. Mind telling me what's going on?" the vulpine asked, with Thor turning to face him upon hearing his question.

"I'll tell you everything once we get back to the club", Thor answered.

Shortly afterwards, one of the Defilers bikers, a large tiger to be precise, walks towards the group of canines with a Fox sized Hexer model Motorcycle before gently setting the vehicle down in front of the fox. Matt looks up to the male and nods at the tiger with a thankful gesture, walking to his bike and taking a seat on the leather padded seat. The other canines head to their respective bikes right after Matt had got onto his, all turning their bikes on with a turn of the key. Matt was thankful his was already provided with a key in the vehicle, allowing him to turn his bike on and making the engine roar as loudly as the others. Thor is the first to begin driving out of the parking lot, followed by Flynn, Kris, JP, Matt, then the rest of the bikers who tagged along. But as they began driving, they were stopped by a red light at the street needed to turn to get to the highway. The vulpine notices the two massively sized screens attached to the sky scrapers turning on at the new hour, and for him, it wasn't pleasant.

The two screens turned on to reveal Zootopia's pop singer, Gazelle, who interestingly enough was a Thompson Gazelle species and was most likely where her name had come from. Her fur colors were a mix of tan and gold, with some hints of brown and black here and there. Her dressed consisted of a glittery red top and a feather red skirt. Her blonde, wavy hair was facing the right side of her face, covering her right eye thanks to the angle her head was facing. And with her appearing on the huge screens, that meant only one thing….

"I'm Gazelle, Welcome to Zootopia", Gazelle greeted on the huge screens, only for Matt to raise his left arm and stick his middle finger right at the image of the pop star. Right as he flipped the screens depicting Gazelle off, the light coincidentally turns green and enables he and the other bikers to continue with their journey back to the club.

Matt began to look around the city of Zootopia to help get him reacquainted with the city along with the roads as he followed the other bikers to the club. As he made a right turn with the other members, Matt notices a female bunny in a police officer uniform and a casually dressed red fox having some sort of conversation. What was odd was the baby stroller the fox had with him, and why it was booted it the first place. But despite briefly seeing what was going on, along with some thoughts of familiarity regarding the two coursing his mind, he shrugs them off before refocusing his sights on the road.

They soon reach the highway that would lead them directly to Sahara Square, Sahara Square Freeway. Taking a right on the highway, the Defilers MC began driving around the various lanes on the road, passing each car rather quickly thanks to there not being as many during this particular hour. Reaching the exit needed to get off the highway practically took little to no time at all, ten minutes meaning nothing to the bikers thanks to driving at high speeds than the speed limit. Turning right on the exit and then left on the main road, they continue to drive about the city at a slower speed, yet fast enough to try and get to the club as quick as possible.

It was when they arrived to the Sahara Square District when Matt began to see missing signs on the signal light poles and on the windows of numerous shops and office buildings. Whatever it was that was going on, it must've been some serious shit. Taking one more left after passing four more signal lights did they make it towards the designated street. And there it was, the Defilers Motorcycle club, a four story bar located across the street from a corner store.

The bikers turn to the parking lot behind the bar and start parking their bikes on their designated spots, which the spots were based upon rank to rank. Thor was the first to walk towards the club, unlocking the door for the others before stepping foot inside of the bar. Everyone else happened to follow suit right after Thor had entered, Matt being the last person to enter since he was looking at the missing signs from numerous persons all over the area. And when he got in, he began to look upon the familiar sights of the bar.

The interior bar was pretty much the same as any other bar across the entire country, yet with a few minor exceptions. One of the obvious ones was the fact the bar had three extra floors to the place, which was rather convenient for some of the members of the Defilers since it was literally home to them. Another obvious trait this bar had was the fact it bore a fenced up stage, a stripper pole along with a set of instruments placed on the far right corner of the stage. The other floors bore different themes to them, such as gaming, shooting range, and so forth. But now was not the time to get reacquainted with the place. No, the fox's eyes were gazing towards the Defilers MC President, Thor himself, who was taking a seat at the bar area where the others were gathering around at. Matt walks over to the bar and takes a seat on the couch near the bar, sitting next to JP and Kris with his arms crossed.

"Gather around, brothers! Gather around", Thor yelled with a calm fashion, using his tone to get the attention of the other bikers. "One of our fellow brothers has returned to Zootopia after handling Business with the Defilers in the Mid-west chapters. Please give a warm welcome back wish to Matt Wilde!" he roared cheerfully, the other brothers howling, roaring, whistling, and even crying out Matt's name. The fox couldn't help but chuckle lightly at this and raises his right hand-paw up, moving it up and down slowly as if to get them to settle down.

"Guys, its great seeing you again in all. But I believe there are other matters we are in need to discuss", Matt said, wanting to change the subject towards the missing persons signs he had been seeing throughout the drive to the club. "For instance, I noticed there have been a large number of missing mammal signs throughout the entire city. Can you tell me what's been going on?" he asked, wanting either Thor or someone who knows of the situation. And although his fellow brothers wanted to celebrate his return, they understood the need to discuss the matter. Now everyone's attention, including Matt's, shift towards the Zootopia Chapter President at the bar.

"I was about to get to that, Matt", Thor replied, turning to face the rest of his fellow biker brethren inside the bar. "Recently, there have been a growing number of missing persons cases surrounding some of the citizens of Zootopia, specifically towards the predators themselves", the chapter president claimed, causing quiet chatter amongst the other members of the club. That had actually, genuinely grabbed the fox's attention right off the bat, cocking a curious brow towards the chapter president in response to hearing the type of people that were going missing.

"Wait a sec!" Matt calmly exclaimed, standing up from his seat and walking towards the old wolf at the bar. "You're telling me the predators are the one's going missing?" he asked, placing his hand-paws inside the vest pockets. He was genuinely interested in hearing this, and he wanted to know more on the matter.

"That's correct, Wilde", Thor answered. "As for the reason why only the predators are going missing, or what's become of them, I do not know", the wolf added, turning away from Matt and begins to pace slowly towards the end of the bar. "However...", he started, turning around and pacing towards the other side of the bar. "But all I know of at this time is they're starting to disappear almost rapidly, and something must be done to deal with the matter".

"Thor, is it possible someone in the city might be having a nasty agenda towards predators in general?" A random biker asked, who's species was a silver fox.

"Perhaps…." Thor answered calmly. "But let us not jump into conclusions on the matter though, not until we gather enough information on whatever's going on exactly", the wolf added, turning his body towards his brethren and looking at all of them straight in the eye. "But I will say this, however. I do not intend on having us predators becoming missing, nor for anything to happen to our fellow prey brethren who are with us", the president said with a reassuring tone. But before the chatter could progress, a black jaguar raises his hand-paw up and begins to approach the chapter president. Thor notices this and turns to face him. "Kyle Manchas, what do you need?"

"Thor, my younger brother, Renato, told me something similar to the missing predator's case last night over the phone, and I think this relates to what we're talking about", Kyle began, grabbing everyone else's attention, including Matt's. "He told me he was taking Mr. Otterton to go speak with his boss, Mr. Big about something Emmitt discovered", the jaguar explained. "I can't exactly recall what else had happened, since my brother was rather panicked about something relating to that night", he recalled, with the chapter president approaching the jaguar rather curiously.

"What are you talking about?" Thor asked, the eyes of everyone inside the bar gazing towards Kyle with curious interest.

"As I said, I can't exactly recall what else he told me that happened on that particular night", Kyle replied, placing his hand-paws inside of his vest pockets before letting out a calm sigh. "However, I do recall him mentioning something about 'Night Howlers' or something like that", he added. And right as soon as night howlers were mentioned, Matt's eyes widened with a strong sense of surprised. But this wasn't an ordinary sense of surprise, but a familiar sense of it. However, he needed to be sure if all of this information was accurate. He needed some time to think. With this in mind, the fox walks towards the set of stairs nearby, only for Thor to spot him upon seeing him.

"Matt, where are you going?" Thor asked with a tone that bore a mixture of seriousness and curiosity in it. The vulpine turns his head towards the chapter president's direction before beginning to speak.

"I need some time to think to myself, get settled if I may", Matt answered. Although Thor preferred for him to stay, he nods towards the vulpine and grants him that request, albeit reluctantly.

"Alright, you may go ahead and get settled as you wish", Thor replied, with the fox giving him a thankful nod in return. He walks upstairs and heads into the computer room, shutting the door behind him and walking towards the ICarrot computer. He presses the power button on the back of it and walks towards the mirror, which was attached to the wall adjacent to the wall where the computer was stationed.

Seeing the reflection of his own face, particularly the bandage on his right cheek, reminded him of everything he's went though. Using his right hand-paw to grab a hold of the bandage, the fox slowly removes the bandage off of his face to avoid accidentally removing too much fur off of his left cheek. Though regardless of his efforts, a few strands of his fur was ripped off from the sticky bandage being on his cheek. He throws the bandage into the trash bin and turns to face the mirror once more.

On his left cheek, a cross shaped scar can be seen, the very scar that the bandage hid from the public eye. Tracing his right index finger over the scar gently, past memories began to resurface from the back of his mind. The fox turns his attention back to the ICarrot computer and walks towards the machine, removing his samurai katana from his belt and placing it on the desk next to him. He logs onto the computer and takes a seat on the provided chair, pulling up a new libreoffice writer document and began to type up some words into the document.

"It is said that everybody's story begins once you have been brought to this earth. And although I was born in the City of Zootopia, it wasn't where my story began, for mine began when I was only a child, the point in whichmy life took an unexpected turn

My name is Matt Wilde… and this is my story…."