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Escape from Kawasabus

"Get going!"

Immediately after those words left Jenny's mouth, Judy Hopps grabbed a hold of her father's right arm and starts dashing away from the ongoing battle, continuing their own journey towards the their truck located in one of the neighboring districts in the town.

Even in the darkness of night, the flames that continued to spread all across the entire region like an epidemic brightened the dark alleys like dimly lit candles. It wasn't much, but they had to make due with what was provided. They were often tempted to take the main alleys in order to get to the neighboring district faster, but alas, they decided against it after hearing explosives and gunfire coming from that particular direction.

They knew it would take longer to reach the truck, their means of escape, but it lessened the chances of running into the Neo-Shinsengumi or any other Neo-Shogunate armies or extremists. All they can hope for now is to get out of this god forsaken region before they themselves were slain.

Whether fortunate or not, at least Matt was able to provide the Hopps some sort of weapon they can use to fight back with in case they were to somehow run into the Neo-Shogunate forces. Matt's sixteen inch blade lengthed wakizashi had proven to be a bit heavy, and because of her two and a half foot height, merely felt like a katana. With her left hand-paw clutching the sheath of the short sword and resting her thumb on the guard, she was prepared to draw the weapon at any given moment if necessary.

Several minutes have passed and despite the rapid gunfire, the cries of dying residents and soldiers alike, and the raging flame that continued to burn the large rural town, they hadn't run into another member of the Neo-Shogunate army or extremists aligned to them. And after passing through numerous alleys undetected, Judy's amethyst eyes capture the faint sight of a bridge leading towards a shallow river in the woods. Alas, she found a way to cross towards the district they needed to go and tightens her grip on her father's arm.

"C'mon! I found a bridge we can cross!" Judy exclaimed right as she starts dashing towards the woods leading to the bridge, the woods working not only as a source of camouflage, but as an improvised shortcut to get to their destination quicker!

It didn't take too long for them to course through the woods like a marathon race, thanks to the faint moonlight illuminating the passageway for the two rabbits. They quickly cross and immediately rush towards the wooden bridge that connected the two districts together! Following the dirt trail leading to the bridge, they quickly make it to the wooden surface and began dashing through the overpass quickly.

But from the corner of Judy's right eye, she caught the sight of somebody rushing through the shallow watered river towards their direction with their left hand-paw gripping the sheath of their katana. That was when she stopped dead on her tracks and started gazing at the mammal.

The mammal in question happened to be a male arctic wolf with white fur and long, wavy brown hair mostly tied back in a high ponytail. His attire consisted of a black tight fitting shirt worn underneath a blue and white Neo-Shinsengumi montsuki haori jacket (most likely for extra warmth). The tight fitting black shirt accentuated the strong definition of his muscles to the point his abs and chest could be seen. The shirt was ticked into a pair of khaki hakama pants, which were baggy in fit and had the leg openings tucked into his black open toe combat boots. His forearms and the back of his hand-paws were covered in a pair of black samurai tekkou bracers, and no gloves covered his hand-paws underneath the tekkou bracers. His eyes appeared to be a dark blue color, but the wolf was moving too fast for the rabbit to decipher.

But it seems he wasn't alone.

Roughly several yards away from him, three other Neo-Shinsengumi members were rushing towards them, two of them timber wolves and the other a black and white malamute. Their clothes were exactly identical to the wolf's clothing, except for the malamute's hakama pants being a black color instead of the usual khaki color. Unlike the arctic wolf, the others wore a pair of thermal gloves underneath their samurai tekkou bracers to keep their fingers warm.

Their brows were furrowed sternly and their eyes were narrow with a fierce glare. Their eyes were filled with a deadly, righteous intention to kill, and they were fixed directly upon the brown haired arctic wolf. Why would members of the Neo-Shinsengumi be inclined to kill one of their own?

Whatever the reason, the bunny remained still and her eyes fixed upon the scene in the shallow river. She couldn't move for some reason… she felt as if some unknown force told her to, no, forced her to remain still and witness the scene that was about to unfold.

And as soon as she and her father saw the timber wolves and malamute unsheathe their katanas, they knew without a doubt this was about to turn for the worst.

"That sword of yours which hungers for the blood of other Mammals is a disgrace to the name of Neo-Shinsengumi, Jin-E", one of the timber wolf Neo-Shinsengumi members suddenly said with an oddly vicious, strangely justified growl in his voice.

"You shall repent with your life!" and right after the malamute growled those words, the three canines suddenly start rushing towards the lone arctic wolf with their blades raised.

But completely unaware to the rabbits, a sinister grin began to form on the arctic wolf's, no, Jin-E's muzzle. It seems he, too, had plans of his own!

Even as the Hopps remained still to witness the battle unfold, many thoughts began coursing the doe's mind. Thoughts of how this town, no, the entire region plunged itself to such chaos. Thoughts on why the hell they didn't heed Matt and Jenny's warning up until now, why they didn't realize the severity of the situation. But while these thoughts coursed her panicked mind, one in particular stuck out the most.

The thoughts concerning the leader of the third Neo-Shinsengumi squadron: Saito Hajime.

There was something familiar about the wolf, yet she cannot discern the reason why she somehow knew the wolf from somewhere. She recognized the narrow eyes on his face, and how those eyes matched the yellow-orange flames currently burning the city. She saw those eyes somewhere before, just barely over two months ago at the very most. Is it possible he was one of the wolves who-

"Jude, we've gotta go, now!"

And there goes her train of thought! But nonetheless, she snapped out of her trance and looked towards her frantic looking father, whom had his right hand-paw gripping her left arm and started dragging her away. She was about to respond, but was interrupted when she heard an agonizing cry from one of the wolves following a loud 'CLING' from a sword clashing against another. She turned her head towards the bridge she was now fleeing from, and even caught a brief glimpse of another Neo-Shinsengumi wolf being slain by the mad, brown haired wolf.

But right after she saw that, she immediately turned her head away from the bridge with wide eyes and started sprinting along the path, continuing towards their destination as fast as they could muster. She didn't know if any of the Neo-Shinsengumi members fighting against the rough manslayer, or Jin-E if her hearing was correct, had survived or not. But honestly, she didn't care, nor did she want to be around the area much longer in case he decided to come after them.

Luckily for them, Jin-E never followed them, much to their relief. One less obstacle to worry about. But now was the matter of the current whereabouts of the Neo-Shinsengumi, or more importantly, if any of them were currently lurking about waiting to kill them on sight. That thought alone drove the two to continue increasing the pace of their running despite their heavily panting breaths. It was a good thing they were breathing out of their mouths at this point.

Otherwise if they hadn't, they'd be smelling the strong aroma of death and smoke around the district they were now passing through. The corners of their eyes noticed the bodies of numerous bodies, many of them killed by what appeared to be gunfire, some by melee weapons (Japanese swords in particular), and several others continuously burning within the raging fires in the district.

Their ears easily picked up the increasing volume in agonizing cries, gunfire of all sorts, and the occasional explosion going off. Not even the faintest, crisp sound of burning fire was muted from their strong, sensitive hearing. As much as they wanted to try and help the others in the town, they had to rely in themselves until they arrived to the sanctuary of their truck, even if they were reluctant to leave the others to fend for themselves.

But they had to do it if they wanted to get out of here alive.

As they reach the busier, or rather chaotic, parts in the district, the eyes of the Hopps immediately widen with terror at the sight they now behold. Buildings were set ablaze, many local residents were dying trying to flee, fight against the Neo-Shogunate forces, or even caught in the raging fires burning the district. They stopped dead in their tracks and frantically started looking around the terrain for a way out of the hell they now bestowed upon. Alas, to their luck, they notice an alley just to their left.

The lights within the alley were nonfunctional, so they couldn't tell who'd be coming out of the alley at this time. Not even the faintest sound could be heard in the midst of all this chaos around them, so close to the position they occupied.

But this was their only chance, and it was now or never!

"There they are!"

That immediately caught the attention of both bunnies! They immediately turn to their right and notice several Neo-Shinsengumi, four of them wolves, one a Siberian husky, and the last two being silver foxes. Three of the wolves blades were drawn along with one of the silver foxes. The husky, second silver fox, and the fourth wolf carried lanterns on them for light, and the group of seven immediately start rushing towards the terrified rabbits.

Without hesitation, both Judy and Stu Hopps immediately turn to the dark alley and started dashing through the streets as fast as possible. Their breaths became ragged even as they entered the dark alley, their minds focused on getting the hell away from their new pursuers, just as they thought they had gotten away from them. The end of the alley didn't seem too far, however, since they saw the light from the fire near the end Just several more meters and they would reach their destination.

But her father's agonizing cries stopped the doe right as she reached the exit, immediately turning around and noticing one of the timber wolves raising her father with his left hand-paw. A sinister grin was plastered on the lupine's face, one revealing a set of white, sharp canines that were barely noticeable in the lanterns' lighting. But the most distinguishing trait were the eyes on the wolf.

The same, orange-yellow eyes matching the colors of the wreathing flames burning across the entire rural city…

"Wow, I've gotta hand it to ya, bunny! You're much faster than we've expected from you", the wolf with the flaming eyes merely chuckled with a devious grin as he said those words to Stu, whom was lifted by the wolf himself. "But not fast enough", as he said those words, he tossed the buck to the silver fox carrying one of the lanterns. The fox merely smirked and drops the lantern onto the ground before wrapping them around the buck's own, thus locking him in place and keeping an iron grip on the rabbit.

"Dad!" Judy suddenly exclaimed and immediately started sprinting towards her father. She didn't make it far, because right as she closed half of the distance between where she once stood and the fox who held her father captive, one of the timber wolf immediately sprints at the doe and kicks her in the stomach with enough force to knock her back several feet. Despite the pain she now felt om her stomach, Judy quickly recovers and prepared to sprint towards her attacker, much to Stu's dismay.

"Judy, Don't!" by the time Stu shouted those words, the doe was already sprinting towards her attacker.

But she didn't get too far, however, because the Siberian husky manages to grab a hold of the bunny by wrapping his arms around her torso and locking his grip onto her. While her arms were free, she couldn't do much aside from jerk her arms and legs around. She even attempted to remove the husky's arms off her, but his grip was iron! She wasn't going anywhere anytime soon.

"Well lookie here, if it ain't that bunny Ken's been dating!" the Siberian husky Neo-Shinsengumi member exclaimed with a rather devious grin plastered on his face, even as he retained his iron grip on the doe. But even as she continued to struggle in his grip, she couldn't help but immediately look upward at the husky who mentioned Ken's name. "Man, he sure knew how to pick 'em! Quite the looker, for a bunny", that immediately caused the bunny to struggle harder with as much strength as she could muster, much to the point she was literally trying to yank her arms off his iron grip.

"Get off me, you bastard!" Judy suddenly shouted with a sound that sounded much similar to a growl. The husky merely grinned at the doe with his fangs flashing, yet was soon replaced with a pained expression when Judy lifted her feet up and kicked him just above the groins. It was just enough for the husky to release his iron grip from the bunny and allowing the doe to create some distance between her and the Neo-Shinsengumi.

She watched the others drawing their blades and turning to face each other, aside from the flame eyed wolf along with another. She was about to grab the hilt of the fox-sized wakizashi before her ears perked towards the husky's direction upon hearing the devious chuckles leaving his mouth. When she laid eyes on the husky, her eyes widen upon seeing a sinister grin on his face.

"Whew! Ho boy! She's a feisty one alright. I'll give her that", even as the husky claimed that with a grin, it faltered into a frown and furrowed his brows, his eyes gazed directly at the doe. "But it ain't enough for her to get away with that!"

Immediately after those words left his mouth, he charged directly at the doe with his sword raised. Four other mammals followed him shortly after he darted after the bunny just the same, yet the flame eyed wolf and one of the silver foxes kept their positions. Their eyes were currently set on Stu, and they had other plans they needed to tend to.

However, the buck manages to kick the silver fox's right leg hard enough to knock him off balance and free himself from his grip. Stu immediately started dashing a few meters away from them before turning back to face the two.

"If you want your prey that badly, you're gonna gave to earn it!" Stu raised his now clenched fists upward and narrowed his eyes directly at the two predators. His eyes narrowed at the two right as he noticed them raising their blades and preparing to attack.

His heart was pounding hard, and he was definitely more than terrified on the inside. But that doesn't mean he wasn't gonna go down without a fight!

While the flame eyed wolf and the second silver fox were fighting against Stu, Judy was currently in the midst of dodging numerous attacks the remaining members of the group. The five mammals attacking her were swift in their attacks, but the doe was just slightly faster than the motions of their attacks. Only slightly.

But one wrong move on her part could prove fatal. And that mistake happened to be the instant Judy accidentally tripped over one of the glass bottles on the ground, thus hitting the ground on her right side. Luckily for her, she recuperated quick enough to draw the fox sized wakizashi and block the husky's attack with it. As for the others, however, she wasn't able to block those. However, she managed to roll out of the way and regain her footing rather quickly.

With her stance regained, the doe raises her fox-sized wakizashi upward while gripping the hilt with both hand-paws. Her amethyst eyes remain locked with the five canines in front of her, the wakizashi raised and prepared to defend herself if necessary.

But she couldn't stop her arms from shaking, even if it was only the slightest. Yes, she had to do whatever she could to defend herself, but in a kill or be killed situation, it was honestly scary. Horrifying even. If only she knew of a way she could try to incapacitate them without having to take their lives.

"Ha! This bunny thinks she can try to fight us with that damn thing!"

"How absurd!"

"How cute" the last word leaving one of the wolves' mouths caused the doe's eyes to widen and her ears to perk up at the remark. But her eyes soon narrow and her brows crease downward furiously. She was about to make the first attack when the silver fox decided to speak up.

"She won't be able to defeat us! Not even Ken was strong enough to withstand against us! Not even his competent swordsmanship was enough to stop us, nor from preventing his execution by the leader of the third Neo-Shinsengumi himself!"

That remark in particular immediately stopped her from enacting on her plans to attack, and her eyes widen and brows raise with shock. Her mouth became ajar and an audible gasp left the doe. The bunny leaned her head forward and merely gazed upon the ground in shock, almost as if she were literally punched in the gut. She could not believe the words that came out of their mouths, the way they talked about her late boyfriend like that!

How dare they?!

Her brows immediately furrowed and her eyes widen with pure, undiluted anger! Her amethyst pupils shrunk to almost three times their original size. She gritted her teeth as growls (or the closest thing to them) began leaving her mouth lowly. Her grip tightened on the hilt of her fox-sized wakizashi and her arms no longer shook from fear. She immediately raised her head and her mouth immediately opened wide agape. And with her mouth wide open, a loud, shriek of undiluted rage left her mouth, but a loud explosion nearby blocked the shriek enough to where Stu, the flame eyed wolf, and the second silver fox couldn't hear what was going on.

Before the three wolves, husky, and silver fox could comprehend what happened, two of the wolves found themselves being slaughtered by the bunny's wakizashi at a speed they couldn't comprehend. She was exploding with rage, and her speed was literally on par with the Battousai's own! Faster even! The three of the five Neo-Shinsengumi members surrounding the bunny started rushing towards the doe. But before they could attempt a single attack, their bodies were immediately slain and both the walls and floor were painted crimson.

Shortly before the five mammals whom went after Judy were slain, Stu was doing his part in staying alive by dodging the wolf and silver fox's attacks all together. It was difficult to say the least, almost to the point the task grew impossible. However, despite having sustained a couple of nicks on his arms, along with getting a few punches on the two himself, he was doing a decent job at keeping himself alive for the most part. However, he accidentally steps on a glass bottle nearby and trips backwards, thus landing onto his back rather painfully, much to the delight of the others.

With the buck down on the ground, the two mammals approach the fallen bunny with grins plastered on their faces. They grip the hilts of their blades with both hand-paws and raise their swords upward, preparing for the final kill, much to the buck's horror.

But the loud cries of pain from their five comrades before their deaths were more than enough to interrupt them from their actions. They immediately cease what they were doing and look directly towards the direction where the cries came from. Neither the flame eyed wolf nor the second silver fox were prepared for the bloody scene they now witnessed, nor did they expect the assailant to be the female doe carrying the wakizashi. Not even Stu, whom leaned up to see what it was that now shook the two surviving Neo-Shinsengumi members, expected to see his own daughter bathed in the blood of the five mammals she had just slain.

In that moment, their priorities were shifted from the rabbit buck to the doe immediately, their eyes narrowed and their brows creasing downward with a deathly glare. They snarled at the doe carrying the partially bloodstained fox-sized wakizashi, the blood that belonged to their now dead comrades in arms.

Not only were they furious about the deaths of their comrades in arms, but they were made aware of one thing!

"Ugh! Looks like we've underestimated her!" the silver fox growled shortly before pointing his katana at the doe and began sprinting towards her swiftly. "You shall pay for what you've-GAH!" he wasn't able to finish what he was trying to say, because by the time he drew close enough, the female rabbit pierced the wakizashi right through the vulpine's skull without a single drop of hesitation.

Judy's eyes narrow at the now dead vulpine and twisted her blade ninety degrees counterclockwise, right before the bunny literally severs the blade right through the left side of his head. The body of the silver fox collapsed onto the ground below a fresh corpse, and the surrounding soil painted crimson. Alas, her eyes now shift at the direction of the surviving member of the Neo-Shinsengumi, whose gaze never left the bunny, nor did his stance falter a single bit.

"So it seems you're a much more competent swordsmaiden than we've expected", the flame eyed wolf raised his blade and tightened his grip on the hilt even as the words left his mouth, his eyes filling with rage and his brows furrowing with fury. "But if you think it'll be enough to stop me, you're sadly mistaken!" those final words left with a growl right before he started sprinting at the gray furred doe.

But this would prove to be a costly mistake on the wolf's part.

Before he could seize the chance to strike the bunny with his raised blade, the doe leaps up to his chest at a speed close to god-like and swiftly pierced the wakizashi right through his chest. The wolf's eyes widen with shock and agony before rolling up to the back of his head, The doe pulled the blade out of his chest before grabbing his shirt and pulling herself upward. Even as she jumped towards her father, the body of the flame eyed wolf collapsed onto his back and his blood painted the ground a crimson red.

Stu honestly could not believe what he had just witnessed. He literally just watched his daughter slay all seven of the Neo-Shinsengumi like they were nothing, completely unaware of what truly caused his own flesh and blood to commit murder. His eyes were wide, his mouth agape, and his arms were trembling from fear. He couldn't decipher if it were the fact she committed the murderous act… or if it were the aura her narrowed amethyst eyes gave off.

If he weren't in a town which had gone to utter shit, he would've fainted right then and there…

"We have to go", the tone behind Judy's words were unusually calm, chilling even. But nonetheless, her words were sharp enough to snap the buck out of his shocked stupor. He rapidly shook his head a few times before refocusing his attention back to the doe, who knelt down next to one of the bodies and used their shirt to wipe the wakizashi clean of the fresh blood. "The parking garage shouldn't be too far from here", she continued, right before the bunny stood up onto her feet-paws and sheathed her blade. She turned to her father and retained the stern, narrow eyed look on her face. "If we're lucky enough, we might not run into anymore of them", it was after that claim she grabbed the sheath of the wakizashi and started sprinting towards the end of the alleyway.

It only took the old buck a moment for him to register what was going on before immediately sprinting towards his daughter, regardless of his growing weariness. He didn't care of his lungs or body had been hurting from all the running and dodging. All he cared about was getting the hell out of there with his daughter…

…even if it meant having to resort doing the very thing they abhorred.

Alas, shortly after he and his daughter fled the alleyway and into the chaotic streets, both rabbits were met with a large army of Neo-Shinsengumi heading right towards them head on. Their blades were drawn and ready for battle, and Stu's eyes immediately widen at the sheer number of them. It was in that moment both Judy and her father come to an immediate stop.

"You have got to be joking!" Stu suddenly shouted, the terror evident in his voice. "There has to be dozens of them! Over a hundred even!" the buck frantically exclaimed with shock, much to the point his body started to shake with terror. Could this be it for them, he wondered? Or will they somehow get lucky enough to get out of this situation alive.

"Leave them all to me", Judy replied with a rather cold, unusually calm tone in her voice. She leaned her upper body forward only the slightest and pressed her thumb against the guard of the wakizashi. Stu glared at his daughter with a terrified look on his expression at first… but given the current circumstances, he understood and immediately rushed towards the sidewalk and hid behind one of crates displayed outside (albeit reluctantly).

Judy's eyes narrow at the approaching Neo-Shinsengumi army, her eyes moving left and right as if she were making a headcount on how many were in the army. It took roughly forty five seconds to make a head count, but she discovered a hundred consisted in the army. It was going to be difficult getting passed them, but that wasn't gonna stop her from trying.

She had to for the sake of herself, her father, her family. And most importantly, for Ken…

The doe grabbed the hilt of her weapon and drew the wakizashi from its sheath, right before sprinting towards the army with her gaze locked on them. The Neo-Shinsengumi immediately followed suit and rushed in the bunny's direction with the intention to slay the doe. Now, it was kill, or be killed!

Many of the Neo-Shinsengumi members attempted to strike her down with vertical or diagonal sweeps of their blades, but not only did the bunny dodge them effortlessly, but she immediately slaughtered them through various means. Some of them were beheaded, some suffering lacerations to the throat, the blade being pierced through their skulls, or even through their chests.

Agonizing cries filled the sky and blood immediately started to paint the streets a crimson red with each mammal Judy kills with the fox-sized wakizashi, regardless if they were the smallest prey to the biggest predator. Speaking of prey, even if her facial expression didn't show it, she admittedly was surprised to see several prey (bunnies and hares included) being involved with the Neo-Shinsengumi. But nevertheless, she continued to slay one mammal after another and dodged their attacks whenever needed.

To say the least, not a single mammal in the Neo-Shinsengumi army gave the doe the slightest injury thanks to her agility. Many of them were either slain in battle, or slain during their feeble attempts to flee the scene of battle. Her attacks were swift and merciless, quick and agonizing! Not a single member of the Neo-Shinsengumi army she and her father encountered would be getting out of this alive. Not one!

Several minutes pass rather quickly, and by the time the allotted time passed, the army she and her father encountered lay dead on the ground. Much of her clothes and parts of her face were covered in the blood of the mammals she's killed by far. Blood dripped down to the sharp end of the blade and dripped onto a small puddle forming directly under the tip of the wakizashi. Judy's eyes scout the area thoroughly for a good minute before turning back towards her father, who's eyes were gazing at his daughter with pure, undiluted shock.

Her father was not just shocked by what her daughter had once again did, but with her rather unusual deadly mastery with a sword, let alone a fox-sized wakizashi. One question immediately coursed his mind: How the hell did his daughter go from being an optimistic bunny who wants to become a police officer in the future, to becoming a ferocious bloodthirsty manslayer within less than half an hour?

"We should get going", Judy suddenly said calmly, turning her back towards her father before raising the wakizashi up and flicking the blood off the blade. "The parking garage is about twenty blocks from here. If we leave now, it'll lessen our chances of running into anymore of them", and right after she said that, the bunny immediately started dashing along the road, not bothering to place the wakizashi back in its sheath. Stu stood there for only a brief moment before he started following his daughter, not wanting to stick around any longer at the risk of being discovered at the bloody scene.

But completely unaware to the two, someone with a pair of eyes as red as blood had been watching them from within the shadows…

As Judy and Stu continued to tread along the path set towards the parking garage, their eyes scout the area for anybody who stood in their way. Yes, they've seen members of the Neo-Shinsengumi and other Neo-Shogunate forces within the area, but they were preoccupied fighting the Neo-Imperialists and extremists sided amongst them, much to their convenience.

And it didn't take long for them to spot the logo of the Parking Garage, which was roughly just a few more blocks up ahead. A small, but very real smile started to form on Stu's face. Alas, they could finally escape this hell. Even in the midst of this chaos, they were able to find the smallest form of solace within the hell they continued to escape.

Yet Judy's stern expression didn't falter one bit, not even for relief. Even if she saw the large sign depicting the Parking Garage logo, she knew neither one of them shouldn't let their guard down, and within reason, too. Getting there was only half of it, and escaping from this hellish region was the other. So until they were out of this god forsaken place and out of reach from the Neo-Shogunate forces, she couldn't let her guard down, even if only for a moment.

And it was a good thing she didn't lower her guard one bit, because up ahead, a large army of what appeared to be well over a hundred mammals residing within the Neo-Shinsengumi army. Stu's smile faltered and his eyes widened with fear at the sight of them. Like the previous army before them, their blades were drawn and heading directly towards the two rabbits. Parental instinct took over, and the male buck grabbed his daughter's arm and tried to drag her to an alternative path to the parking garage.

But that plan was cast aside when Judy yanked her arm off her father's grip and started dashing towards the army with her right hand-paw tightly clutching the hilt of her weapon. Her eyes were fixed upon the approaching army and her brows remained furrowed. She leaned her upper body forward in an attempt to increase the speed of her sprinting. She wanted to put an end to these bastards once and for all. She wanted them dead…

…to be bathed in their blood.

And that's what she was about to get! Because as soon as she was within a yard from the army, she hopped directly towards one of the mammals, an Alaskan Malamute to be precise, and slaughtered the mammal by beheading the predator with her blade. But she didn't stop there! Hell no! Even with the corpse of the Malamute falling onto the ground, she hastily started slaying numerous mammals one by one through a variation of attacks. Many were killed by the blade piercing their heart, others through their foreheads to the back of their skulls, and in some cases for smaller sized mammals, literally hacked to nothing but a pile of body parts.

To say the least, the agonizing cries of the Neo-Shinsengumi immediately started filling the battlefield Judy occupied.

Even as she was slaying them one by one, Stu stood there wide eyed and mouth agape in pure shock and terror. He literally couldn't, no, still couldn't believe it, even if he saw his own daughter taking numerous lives for the third time, regardless if whether or not her intentions were good. It was honestly repulsive, almost to the point he could potentially start vomiting. If he weren't focused on getting the hell out of there, he honestly would've vomited right then and there.

The battle did not last much longer, however, because by the time Stu broke from his trance, the agonizing cries had been silenced and the army of over a hundred had single handedly been slain by his own daughter. His eyes scouted the area and, once again, was completely bewildered at the freshly gory, bloodied scene before him. Severed body parts lay on the ground in pools of blood, and the bodies of everyone in the army (whom haven't been severed to pieces) lay dead on the ground with pools of crimson leaking from the wounds that caused their deaths.

"Two hundred and fifty mammals…" Judy's hushed words suddenly snapped the buck out of his trance and caused the older rabbit to face his daughter. But right as be did, Judy had finished cleaning the wakizashi by using one of the deceased soldier's shirts to remove the blood from the blade. She sheathed the weapon before turning to face her father. "We should evacuate now while the other solders in the area are distracted", the doe suddenly said towards her father even as she gazed directly at him.

Yet he didn't pay attention to the words that left her mouth, but instead paid close attention to his daughter's eyes with a look that was borderline shocking and terrifying. No longer did her eyes shine with their amethyst beauty, but a fierce, golden yellow color. He recognized those eyes anywhere!

Not only were they the same eyes Matt bore when he fought and slain Tatsumi. They were the eyes of a Manslayer.

"We're only a couple blocks away from the parking garage. If we leave now, we should be able to get there unseen and escape Kawasabus with little to no trouble", Judy's unusually calm words once again snapped Stu out of his trance. Despite seeing her eyes being a different color, he nodded with understanding before his daughter turned at the direction where their destination lied.

Judy didn't hesitate to sprint towards the direction of the parking garage, with her body slightly leaning forward and her left hand-paw gripping the top portion of the wakizashi's sheath. Stu quickly followed his daughter, despite having to run passed the bloodied scene in which the battle had taken place. It was sicking to witness such a bloody scene, let alone run through one.

But the important thing is the fact they were literally just a couple blocks from the parking garage, which, despite it suffering from a bit of damage from the ongoing war-driven riot, was relatively intact. The sooner they get out of this hellhole, the better chance they have for getting the hell out of there! The cries of battle and pain, and the terrifying screams from the ongoing chaos gradually began to decline, which meant either the Neo-Shogunates or the Neo-Imperialists had won this battle.

Neither one of them cared, though, because the two rabbits soon arrived to the large entrance leading to the basement level parking lot. Both of them were relieved to finally arrive to the entrance and dash down the ramp into the basement level. Stu's eyes were wide and began to well up with tears. Judy, however, while the faintest hint of a relieve smile can be seen, she kept her stern look to hide her relief. She wanted to feel relief just like her father, but now was not the time nor the place to feel such emotion.

As soon as they entered the basement level, Judy and Stu's eyes gaze directly towards their family truck with the Hopps Family Farm logo plastered on both the passenger and driver's side door. Attached to the back of the truck was a U-Howl truck that was about double the length of the truck, but one and a half times taller in height. The trailer itself was thoroughly secured with thick, silver chains and locked tightly to ensure it wouldn't detach during their escape.

Stu quickly started patting himself down for the keys on the way to the truck and pulls them out of his jacket pockets. He slides the key into the truck and immediately unlocked it, thus allowing him to quickly pull the door open and step into the truck.

"C'mon, Jude! We gotta skedaddle!" Stu hastily said those words all while he quickly stuck the key into the ignition and turned it forward. Both the engine and the headlights flickered with life, the engine roaring and the lights shining brightly in front of the vehicle. Judy was rushing towards the other side and ready to get the hell out of here with her father.

But she stopped dead on her tracks by the time he was within a couple feet away from the front of the truck. Her ears caught the faintest sound of rapidly approaching footsteps heading towards their direction. Her eyes widened a bit and immediately of instinct, her right hand-paw clutched the hilt of her fox-sized wakizashi and drew the weapon of its sheath. She turned to the opposite direction and raised her weapon with her left hand-paw grabbing the back of the blade.

And it was a good thing she did that, because as soon as she rose the blade upward, she blocked a mid-air vertical sweep from a lone swordsman and pushed upward with enough force to knock him back. But even after the mammal landed in their feet-paws, the mysterious person leaped several yards away from the doe.

"What the hell?!" Stu suddenly squeaked with shock from the unexpected attack to the point he literally had fallen backwards on the passenger's seat. He quickly recovered and moved his cap upward to see what the hell just happened.

"We were followed!" Judy growled, or as close to one considering she was a prey mammal, even when she cursed under her breath at this. How in the hell did she not notice this until now?! But no matter, because her 'Hitokiri' eyes immediately glance directly at the mammal in an attempt to identify their attacker.

But even as she did, Stu was also gazing directly at their attacker in an attempt to identify the mammal. One thing they knew right off the bat was the fact the mammal in question was obviously male, and a predator at that. In fact, they immediately discovered the predator was a Shiba Inu bearing tan and white fur colors on his body. His long, raven black hair had been tied back, bangs included, in a high ponytail. His torso was covered by a dark green montsuki shirt tucked into his midnight black hakama pants. But underneath the shirt was a black, tight fitting long john shirt that was most likely worn for extra warmth. His hand-paws were covered entirely by a pair of black leather gloves, with a pair of black samurai tekkou bracers covering his forearms and back of his hand-paws.

After seeing the articles of clothing, they immediately knew he wasn't amongst the Neo-Shinsengumi nor any of the other Neo-Shogunate forces. Yet he didn't look like he was dressed as one of the Neo-Imperialists either! Could he be a rouge swordsmammal who was on neither side and merely murdering mammals for their own benefit, or was he something else?

But they didn't linger on that question for long, because their eyes caught the most distinguishing trait of all. The Shiba's eyes were as red as blood itself, and they were gazing directly at the two rabbits before him.

More specifically, the female doe herself!

"So you must be the bunny responsible for the deaths of two hundred and fifty Neo-Shinsengumi soldiers", the Shiba Inu spoke with a rather malicious grin on his face. However, right after saying those words, he rested the back of his sword on his right shoulder and his left hand-paw on his hip, even tapping the back of the blade on his shoulder a couple of times. "Man, I have to hand it to ya! It's not often I see prey mammals leap to the top of the food chain like that, but you're certainly an extraordinary case", even as he gave the doe a commendation for the deaths she caused, that didn't ease the bunny one bit.

"Who are you?" Judy asked, her eyes narrowing slightly and tightening her grip on the hilt of her wakizashi. Instead of receiving an answer, all she got from the Shiba was a mere, sinister chuckle.

"My name is of no importance, bunny", the shiba responded, yet he moved the blade from his right shoulder and raised it forward, gripping the bottom of the hilt with his left hand-paw. "All I care about is engaging in battle with the one who made herself into one of the deadliest hitokiris in the Kawasabus region!" right after the words left his mouth, the shiba started sprinting towards the doe with his blade pointing directly towards the woman herself. "And how can I not indulge myself in such a battle worthy of my time!" after the words left his mouth, he immediately raised his blade upward and attempted to strike her down with a fast vertical sweep.

Judy easily evaded the attack by jumping towards her left within a fraction of a second before the blade could strike her down. Stu jumped backwards into his truck when the blade drew close to striking him, but the only thing that happened was the driver's side took a bit of damage from the vertical sweep. Ignoring the buck's shocked cries, he turned to his right and started darting after the doe with his blade raised. His smirk widened even as he attempted to strike the bunny down with his blade.

Again, Judy easily evaded the attack easily, this time by blocking the attack with her fox-sized wakizashi. She punched the back of her blade with her left hand-paw with enough force to knock the shiba back somewhat, thus allowing her to jump several feet backwards from the canine. But that didn't stop him from trying to strike the bunny again with a different approach.

With quick haste, the shiba rushed towards the bunny doe and attempted to strike her with a diagonal sweep. Again, the bunny blocked it by raising her blade in the opposite direction, easily blocking her opponent's weapon with a loud 'CLINK', which the noise became rapidly repetitive the more the assassin tried to strike Judy down, but to no avail.

Even as the fight continued to linger, Stu couldn't help but watch the ongoing battle with widened, horrified eyes. But even as the battle continued to linger, he had to admit watching her daughter fight like this… well, it was making him swell in… pride, maybe? He wasn't sure. But what he was aware of was the fact the ongoing battle was terrifying to watch, yet simultaneously exciting to say the least. Not on the fact her life (and perhaps his) was at stake, but with the thrill of the fight itself.

The same could be said with Judy herself, which the faintest smirk can be seen on her face even as she continued to fight against the mysterious assassin, whom she continued to block his attacks easily thanks to her swift speed. Her golden yellow eyes remain fixed upon her opponent's blood red, as if she were reading his movements by gazing into them. Whether by skill or coincidence, it seem to have worked… at least for now.

The shiba, on the other hand, while grinning widely with blood lust and from the thrill of the battle, started to become enraged at the inside. As much fun as he was having with fighting the doe, it was starting to become aggravating with the way she was blocking his attacks, let alone with a fox-sized wakizashi! He was honesty starting to run out of ideas with how to deal with this bunny sized problem.

That is until an idea suddenly struck his mind, and his grin widened just at the thought of it!

With haste, he suddenly jabs her in the stomach via knee kick, which was more than enough to knock her onto the ground and cause the doe to grab her stomach and start wheezing in pain. But he was far from done! The shiba ran towards the bunny and grabbed her by the collar of her hoodie with his left hand-paw, lifting her up easily because of her light weight.

The shiba aligned his sword with his left samurai tekkou bracer covered forearm and ensured the blade pointed upward, directly towards the bunny's right. Judy herself grabbed his forearm and was about to try and free herself from his grasp.

But an odd scent caused her nose to twitch with surprise and stopped her from trying to free herself.

"That scent…" Judy began in her mind, her left brow arching upward slightly in confusion, yet with an odd sense of familiarity. But by the time her eyes widened with shock upon recognizing the scent, the shiba immediately thrusted his blade downward slightly against the bracer with enough speed to ignite the garment, thus creating a small explosion powerful enough to not only blow the bunny almost across the other side of the parking garage, but with enough firepower to blow the front portion of her hoodie off.

"JUDY!" Stu shouted shortly after witnessing his daughter being blown across the room, his eyes wide and mouth agape in terror. His hearted pounded heavily with fear and started searching his truck frantically for something he could use against the assassin.

But while Stu was searching his truck, Judy was struggling a bit to get back onto her feet-paws, grunting in pain not only from the knee jab earlier, but also from the force of the explosion as well. She was admittedly surprised the explosion didn't kill her, but grateful to be alive nonetheless. She used her weapon to help support herself enough to get her back onto her feet-paws, yet her left hand-paw kept itself wrapped onto her stomach. Her eyes were half-lidded and her brows were furrowed at the sight of the shiba. She was about to sprint towards the predator with her right hand-paw tightening her grip on the blade.

But when the shiba passed through a light that was enough to reflect off its blade, her eyes widened with the odd discovery she made, her eyes now drawn towards the serrated sharp edge the shiba's blade.

"What the hell…?" Judy thought within her mind with her mouth opened slightly agape. "His sword's… like a damn saw tooth", as that thought left her mind, she looked up towards the assassin, seeing the toothy grin he was giving her even as he drew close to her.

"Man, you're definitely something else, bunny. That's the first time I've seen someone survive the Ni no Hiken: Guren Kaina head on", the shiba chuckled with his words even a he placed the back of his blade against his right shoulder, drawing closer to the bunny even as Judy gripped the bottom of the hilt with her left hand-paw.

"Ni no Hiken: Guren Kaina?" Judy asked with confusion in her voice, arching her right brow upward slightly even as her eyes remained narrowed.

"Second Secret Sword: Crimson Lotus Arm", the assassin answered. "Its one of the three sword techniques that requires the use of gunpowder and applying it onto one of my garments", he explained, his left hand-paw reaching into his hakama pants pocket and pulling another from it, using his right to put the garment onto his left forearm while holding his sword. "In this case, my tekkou bracer", he finished with a chuckle, yet Judy furrowed her brows to the point she gave him a toothy growl, or as much of one as she could muster considering she was mere prey.

"Then how did you ignite the damn thing? Even with a sawtooth blade like yours, thrusting your sword can't be enough to ignite it!" as those words left Judy's mouth, the assassin furrowed his brows and faltered his grin only the slightest.

"Aw, sawtooth blade? How rude", the shiba sarcastically replied, right before moving the blade from his shoulder and moving it forward, the blade pointing towards his left and revealing the blade towards the bunny. "But if you're that damn insistent on knowing, I'll go ahead and tell you. You're right on the fact the blade by itself can't ignite the gunpowder applied to the tekkou bracer", he paused for a moment enough to widen the toothy grin plastered on his face, and widen his narrowed eyes only the slightest. "But using the substances soaked on the blade after killing so many mammals in a mere day, that is more than enough to ignite the gunpowder with a single thrust", even as the words left his mouth, it took roughly a good moment for the information to sink in. And when it did, her eyes widen with shock and looked up at the shiba himself.

"You mean you're telling me that blade's been soaked by mammalian fats and body oils?!" Judy yelled upon asking that question, and honestly couldn't help but gag a bit from discovering this new found information.

Hell, even Stu visibly cringed upon hearing this, but that didn't stop him from searching his truck frantically for something he could use to fend the assassin off.

"That's exactly what I'm implying, bunny!" shortly after those words left the shiba's mouth, the assassin leaned his upper body forward slightly and started sprinting towards the doe. "And yours will be NEXT!" it was then, the battle between the assassin and Judy Hopps resumed where it left off, where, despite her injuries from the explosion, Judy sprinted towards the shiba and continued clashing her fox-sized wakizashi against the serrated blade.

But as the battle between the two continued on, Stu was frantically searching the back of his truck for anything that could be of use. By far, all he found for the most part were nothing but a bunch of fruits, vegetables, straps to keep the cargo secured, none of which were useful in this particular case.

But one crate he hadn't checked in particular had caught his eye, and was the one thing he hadn't checked just yet.

Grabbing a crowbar attached to the left side of the crate, he sticks the sharp end of it into the top of it and began prying it open. Up and down he moved the crowbar, the lid nailed onto the crate slowly began to separate from the box. The buck applied as much force as he could in an attempt to pop the top off the crate, gritting his teeth and closing his eyes as a result of the amount of force he was exerting to open it.

But once he applied his body by jumping upward, he manages to pop the top off and open the crate! The buck threw the crowbar onto the floorboard and began examining the contents within. Yet all he found inside were numerous bottles of alcoholic apple cider within, much to his disappointment. His relieved smile began to falter into a frown…

…until a shiny, metallic object within the back left corner caught his eye. He reached into the crate and grabbed the small object, or rather three tied into one, and pulled it out. As soon as he did, along with catching strings, his eyes widened with shock upon what it was!

"Good god! What the hell's this thing doing in the crate the Jenkins' gave us?!" Stu asked himself upon seeing this and contemplated on getting rid of it. But an idea suddenly sparked in his mind. It was a risky and dangerous idea, but an idea nonetheless! One that might help them get out of this hellhole he and his daughter bestow upon.

That was the instant he began his search for something to ignite the fuse connecting the three sticks of bunny sized dynamite.

As he did that, Judy and the mysterious assassin continued to clash blades against one another, neither one of them faltering in terms of skill. Both of them were ready to kill the other to decide the winner of this battle, one for the benefiting pleasure of themselves, and the other to get the hell out of this place. Blades hit one another with repetitive 'CLINK' and 'CLANK' noises echoing the walls of the basement level parking garage.

Soon, however, the assassin jumped several feet away from the bunny and placed the sharp end of his blade against the top of his sheath. This was the moment Judy sought the opportunity to strike her opponent down once and for all. She sprinted towards him and placed the wakizashi inside the sheath, planning to strike him down with the a battojutsu attack. She got close and gripped the hilt of her sword as tightly as she could and prepared to unsheathe the sword for the killing blow.

But she didn't expect the assassin to strike her with a similar stance, nor did she expect the blade to ignite from the friction of his sword pressing against the scabbard.

She stopped dead on her tracks and jumped away from the shiba's attack. While his blade didn't touch a single part of her body, the flame that ignited on the blade struck the upper part of her right arm, scorching some of the sleeve off before the bunny used her left to pat the fire out quickly. A grunt of pain had left her mouth and her mouth seethed with her buck teeth showing. She closed her eyes only for a moment, but reopened and glared at the assassin's scarlet red with her hitokiri, golden yellow pair.

"Damn, you're rather persistent, aren't ya, rabbit?!" the assassin asked with a growl in his voice, his eyes widening and his grin faltering only slightly, but enough to reveal his annoyance towards the rabbit. "As much fun as I'm having with this battle, its time we end this now!" right after the shiba said those words, he started sprinting directly towards the rabbit in a speed that matched, even rivaled the Battousai's own.

"I agree!" even as the doe herself agreed with his words, Judy darted directly towards the assassin's direction with her blade raised to her right side, ready to end the battle with his death and get the hell out of this god forsaken place…

But her right ear suddenly perked upward and caught the fain sound of sizzling coming from the truck. She turned her head to the right and her eyes widened with surprise upon seeing her father carrying what appeared to be three bunny-sized stick's of dynamite strapped together.

And it seemed her father was just about ready to hurl the damn thing directly towards their direction.

"Jude! Get out of the way!" Stu shouted loud enough to catch the assassin's attention, causing him to turn his head directly towards the buck himself. But by the time he did, the male rabbit had already threw the conjoined sticks of dynamite towards their direction. Judy immediately jumped backwards and dashed as far away from the scene as possible, yet even the assassin himself attempted to flee as far from the bomb as possible.

Alas, despite the assassin's great speed, he wasn't fast enough to avoid the conjoined dynamite's blast radius. The bomb exploded with a loud 'BA-CHOOM' and not only managed to knock the assassin towards the other side of the basement level parking garage, but even blew up three other bunny to wolf sized vehicles within the blast radius. The raging flames started to scorch the other parts of the parking garage, even to the point the flames started reaching the other vehicles within the parking garage, bound to explode and worsen the damage at any given moment.

Judy's eyes started scouting for her father in hopes he managed to get out of the way in time. Her eyes started to widen when she saw no signs of him anywhere, nor of the truck for that matter. She quickly sheathed her fox-sized wakizashi and cupped her hand-paws in front of her mouth into a megaphone shape, preparing to call her father's name whether in vain or not.

But a loud, honking horn stopped her from such actions, and caused the doe to turn towards her left. Her eyes widened with surprise and a loud gasp left her mouth out of relief. Her father had not only somehow managed to get out alive, but even managed to get the truck out of the way fast enough to avoid the blast radius. How he did it, she didn't know, nor did she care for that matter.

Stu reached for the passenger side door and opened it quickly, pushing it open and gazing at his daughter with terrified, widened eyes.

"Get in!" right after Stu shouted those words, Judy wasted no time jumping into the truck and buckling herself in. She immediately shut the door right after placing the wakizashi on the floorboard, and that alone immediately prompted the buck to press the gas pedal and haul ass out of the parking garage. And it was a good thing, too, because the flames that spreaded throughout the basement level parking garage started to ignite the other remaining vehicles almost immediately

Hell, if he hadn't pressed the gas so hard, there would've been no chance they would've escaped the next set of explosions alive.

Now that they were out of the confining basement level parking garage, Stu immediately turned left, wanting to get away from the bloody chaos that surrounded the city. His eyes stayed focused on the road ahead and, while the flames continued to rage and the violence persisted, started to decline enough for him to drive along the roads without any difficulty. But regardless of the growing chaos, one thought coursed his, no, both he and his daughter's minds.

They finally had the means to get out of this hell hole! They were finally free from the Neo-Shogunate's grasp!

The two continued to drive along the road for about several minutes, mainly to avoid many of the civilians roaming the rural city and crossfire, before they reached the highway. Turning right onto the highway as they did, they head to the east and into the beginning of their long journey home.

"Wow, um, heh eh… we finally escaped that god forsaken town", Stu spoke nervously, albeit with a large amount of relief in his tone. "Phew! I literally thought we were gonna die from that explosion. Who would've though the Jenkins' knew to make bombs that packed quite the-" the buck continued even as he turned to face his daughter…

Yet when he did, he noticed the stern look Judy bore didn't falter a single bit, nor did her golden yellow color eyes return to their normal amethyst color. The doe was currently holding the weapon with her right hand-paw and had her thumb placed on the guard, the weapon pushed upward slightly enough to reveal part of the short sword's sharp blade.

"Keep driving", Judy calmly ordered, albeit with a slight gruff in her voice to push the sternness of her voice across. "There might be others out there trying to hunt us down", at first, Stu gave his daughter a bewildered look upon hearing such information. However, he nodded with understanding shortly after and turned back to face the road, his eyes slightly narrowing, yet filling with focus to compensate his narrowing vision.

Judy's eyes remained fixed on the road, her ears perked upward, and her right hand-paw remained tightly gripped on her weapon. Her left hand-paw even grasped the middle of the sheath and kept a right grip on it… just in case. The adrenaline that filled her body started to drain, and the pain from the previous battle began to intensify at a greater level, albeit gradually. But she ignored the pain and kept silent about it. She wasn't gonna give her father something else to worry about, nor did she plan on losing her guard for a moment.

Not even the slightest moment…

Completely unaware to them, however, from the top of a building two blocks from the parking garage, a pair of blood red eyes watched the Hopps Family Farm truck drive away from the burning city with a pair of customized binoculars. A grin began to form on his muzzle even as the mammal lowered the binoculars to his right side. The light from the raging fires below reflected off the mammal's form and revealed to be the shiba inu who fought and attempted to slay Judy in the parking garage.

He had suffered some injuries after the explosion had occurred, yet none of them were life threatening. His left cheek and the right side of his chest had suffered some lacerations from rocks or metallic objects slicing his furred flesh, yet were not deep enough for the shiba to seek medical attention. The clothes covering his upper body had been lacerated to the point only the left side remained on his body, and the right hung from his waist. Parts of his upper body, mainly the right side, had suffered enough burns to where some patches of his fur were missing.

But despite the injuries he sustained, burns or lacerations, he merely continued to grin towards the direction he saw the truck head towards. And only one thing coursed his mind.

"You've may have won this battle… but I promise we will meet again one day…" the shiba thought within his mind, crossing his arms before narrowing his eyes slightly, with two words leaving his mouth.

Two words that would soon, unbeknownst to him, become known all across the entire Kawasabus Region in the midst of all this chaos.

"Hitokiri Hopps…"