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"So what you're saying is that we need to go back, because you think that something bad happened to Yang or your dad?"

It was kind of weak now that Jaune said it out loud, but it wasn't enough to stop me.

"Yes. I uh... really do feel like something bad will happen to them."

"Didn't you say that something bad did happen to them?"

I waved my hands out in front to try and wave away the confusion. "Well you see— I don't know if something has happened to them, but I mean I feel like it might, or maybe uh... Yeah."

With the sun just rising, Nora and Jaune looked at me as if I'd just snorted dust.

"Ruby, I know that you feel homesick, and I do sometimes too, but we really need to go to Mistral to get revenge on the bad guys, right?" Nora pleaded.

"I-I just think that maybe we should go back and make sure. Isn't it a common thing to feel like something bad has happened to your family, and then have it turn out to be true?"

"She's right, if that is the case we should make our way back immediately." Ren agreed.

"But we have to! It's for Pyrrha, and Penny, right Ruby?"

Jaune looked at us desperately.

"That's true Jaune, but their fate is sealed, and we can deal with our enemies later. I believe that if Ruby truly does feel that someone close to her is in danger, we should change our goal and return to Patch."

"No, I'm the leader, I get to make the final call. We're going to Mistral, and that's the end of it. Once we get there, I'm sure that there's someone that we can ask to deliver a message to make sure that Ruby's family is fine."

"Jaune, that was mean. She's just worried about her family."

"It's fine to worry Nora, but I can't have people just leaving because they think someone they know is a little hurt."

"We don't have to stay at Patch. Why not just check on her family, and if they're okay then we'll return on the trip?" Ren offered.

Jaune was about to argue again, when I heard a small cough behind me.

"Hey kiddos. Been watching to make sure you don't do anything too stupid. I believe that I can solve your little problem."

I smiled and ran to give Uncle Qrow a hug as he leaned on the tree.

"Uncle Qrow! Did ya miss me?!"

"Nope. It's also only been a week, and I've been trailing you the entire time. Not much room for missing."

"Aw... okay. Not even a little?"

"Alright, maybe a little." He conceded, smirking.

"How do you plan to fix it, sir?"

"It's pretty simple," Uncle replied to Jaune, "I'll just go check on them myself, and come back to let you guys know what the deal is. I think it would be better for all of us if you continued on."

That wasn't good, if I didn't go with him my plan was toast, there was no way I could convince them to go back with me. My only chance was to convince Uncle Qrow to take me with him.

"Oh. Can I uh... talk to you for a second Uncle Qrow?"

He raised an eyebrow in concern, but I waved my hands to try and placate him. "It's not that important."

"What're you talking about? You're one of my favorite nieces, of course it's important. Excuse us guys."

We walked a little bit out into the forest as the others sat back down, just waiting on us I guess.

"I've been your uncle for 15 years Ruby, and I've seen enough people lie to know one when I see it. What's really going on here?"

So I explained everything that I knew, the nightmares, visions, whatever you want to call them. And the feeling of dread that feeling I had about home. Uncle Qrow held his chin, thinking.

"If any other hunter told me that I'd say they were going crazy, or homesick. But your mother's side of the family has always had a little bit of a... secret going on. I wish I could say that I knew what it was, but I'm not sure they even knew what it was. So yeah, you can come with me we'll bring your team along too, there's a reason that there's teams of fours, and not less."

"Thanks Uncle Qrow!" I squeaked, hugging him.

"No problem kiddo."

After heading back, he informed him of the decision that we were going to return to Patch. Jaune grumbled a bit, but still agreed that it would be okay to go back, just to check that everything was okay.

And that's when I started getting more vivid nightmares.