It was a blunderous day at Dunder Mifflin.

Jim Halpert was snickering as he waited for his favorite fool, DWIGHT SCHRUTE! to return to his desk. His betrothed wife, Pamela Halpert, was also there, busy being pregnant. Again. Giggling, Jim shushed Gabe, who was kneeling next to him, hungrily whining for attention, like a dog waiting at the dinner table, watching for fallen scraps.

DWIGHT SHRUTE! walked back from his disturbing love session with Angela, the hippocritic christian. As he walked towards his desk, he noticed sommething peculiar. His entire desk, carved from a redwood tree him and his disabled brother Mose stole from the wild life sanctuary, was COVERED in his secret Micheal Scott porn gallery!

Unable to handle his humor, Jim broke out laughing, screaming "GOT YOU!"

Dwight at first was unable to say anything, but, with eyes straining, fists clenched, his mustard shirt glowing with enervating power, he let out an ungodly screech of hatred. "JIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII-

Toby Flenderson heard a sound he'd hoped to never hear again.


And worst of all... He was in the bathroom. With this sudden realization, and a splash to boot, Toby Flenderson jumped off the toilet, barely dodging the sound activated capsule that fell from the ceiling, shattering the toilet. Speaking of shat, although unharmed, Toby was DRENCHED in shit. The capsule door slid open, and carried by drone, a black outfit was carried to DWIGHT SHRUTE!.

Quickly donning the suit, DWIGHT SHRUTE! turned around, revealing his alter ego... Batman.

With a shrill laugh, Jim stood up, and with the help of nano bots swathing him in cloth, he became the Mad Clown, the Prince Of Comedy, the Stitch Of Laughter...

Inspector Gadget.

Seething in rage, Batman called out to the inspector. "Give up inspector! You know I'm too powerful for you, you'll be killed!"

Giving Batman a deadly glare, Inspector gadget declared "Well, I'm terribly sorry, Sir! I'm afraid I've gotten lost; have you seen my niece and her dog?"

Looking at a raggedy girl and dog waiting in Micheal Scotts office, waiting to pounce with a kind of madness in their eyes that Batman hasn't seen in a long time, he took a gadget off his belt, pressing a button in the middle. The resulting explosing from the c4 planted in Micheal's room whipped Batman's cape around.

"No, I'm afraid I haven't.

Narrowing his eyes in anger, Gadget said "WELL THEN! Your under arrest, Batboy!"

Running at eachother, fists and gadgets flying, the whole city heard the fighting of these two titans.

Including God.


The battle was nearly over. The building was destroyed. Inspector Gadget was nearly dead. Batman, bruised and burned, still managed to stand. And Toby Flenderson was DRENCHED in shit.

He was about to punch through Gadgets temple, when a holy light suddenly restrained his fist.

"How dare thee."

Upon the hearing the voice of his savior, his love, his GOD, Batman turned to see Micheal Scott, creator of man, hovering in all his fury. "You dare to harm an innocent!?"

"Wait my lord, I can explain!" Kneeling, Batman tried to defend himself. "He-"



And so, mankind was gone forever.

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I do however, own the rights to the weak chuckles coming out of your mouths, and the idea of DWIGHT SHRUTE! being Batman, Jim Halpert being Inspector Gadget, and Toby Flenderson being DRENCHED in shit.