Shrek had just left the swamp, leaving all of the fairytale creatures to themselves, hoping they would get their homes back soon. But little did they know that Pinocchio was about to go on the biggest adventure ever. Not only to discover himself, but to also find the miracle of true love. Lee the elf was too shy to talk to anyone so she just sat on a log, sketching some scenery.

"Well this sucks" said peter playing with a stick.

Suddenly, he saw lee sketching and rushed over, snatching it out of her hands.

"Whatcha drawing?"

"Hey! It's scenery!" she said taking it back.

"Why don't you draw something cooler!" he said rolling his eyes.

She growled in anger as tears formed in her eyes. She picked up a stick that was in front of her and aimed it at Peter.

He started to laugh.

"Oooo I'm so scared" laughed peter sarcastically.

"Why don't you bend over and I'll shove it up where it shouldn't be!" said lee in a low voice.

He suddenly got a bit scared and left her.

"Pshh I'm not scared of you. I just happen to hear my name being called" he said, nervous that he was threatened by a girl.

Lee rolled her eyes and decided to sketch Pinocchio. He saw her and smiled a bit considering he had a crush on her. He decided to go over to her after taking a deep breath in.

"Hey lee, how are you?"

She looked up and saw him and yelped, falling back in surprise. She teared up as the others laughed at her. He glared at them and took her hand, helping her back up.

"Lee? I wanna ask you something"

"Umm….Ok! What's up?" she asked.

He held her hands as he looked into her beautiful brown eyes.

"Would you like to go on a little trip with me?" he asked.

She blushed and giggled like she was a big fan girl over a cute boy.

"Yeah ok" she said still giggling like an idiot.

Pinocchio smiled and laughed.

"Great! We will leave first thing in the morning!"

Lee smiled to herself as he walked away to be with the others. The white rabbit laughed and cheered as Pino made his way over to him.

"ow ow ow! Way to make a move Pino!" he said clapping him on the back.

"Stop it I like her! I'm lucky she is actually going with me" Pinocchio said blushing.

"And what do you plan to do with her?" asked rabbit, very eager.

"Just take her on a trip to the enchanted forest and spend time with her to see if she likes me too and if she does then I'll ask her to be my girlfriend" he said in a whisper.

"ahhhh a soiree in the woods! Perfect way to get your mind off of us being banished from duloc. Just make sure you kiss her….with tongue" said rabbit as he spun and dipped his friend.

"Stop! You're making me blush! I mean just look at her! She's so beautiful" he said lancing over at lee.

"yep! And she'll make beautiful kids with you too!" said rabbit in a cheeky tone.

Pinocchio then smiled as he pictured him and lee having two beautiful children.

"I know! I can't wait to have kids with her and be with lee forever!"

Everyone then headed off for bed, with Pinocchio very eager for his journey into the enchanted forest tomorrow.