It was an average afternoon. Tarzan was with his adopted mother, when his wife, Jane, ran in, and by her actions looked like she was quite in hurry.

''Is everything alright, Jane?'' Tarzan turned and looked at his wife, a bit worried.

''No. Everything's so fine. I have something to tell you, come down.'' Jane replied and giggled to herself a bit.

Tarzan came down, and then Jane lead him away to a shadow of a tree, and then stopped.

''Alright, what is it?'' Tarzan asked her.

Jane took a deep breath. ''Tarzan… I am… I am pregnant.''

First, he was clearly taken aback, and then asks slowly. ''You're.. having.. a child?''

Jane just nodded with a smile.

After minutes, Tarzan suddenly started to jump and dance around her happily. She smiled as he grabbed her into the dance as well. Then, Tarzan stopped and smiled. ''I'd be honored to be its father. I'm so happy.''

''I'm glad you are.'' Jane smiled. ''I don't know yet if its boy or girl, but we'll see.''

''Yeah, I can't wait until others hear it.'' Tarzan made on an excited face.

''We'll tell your mother, friends and my daddy later.'' Jane said to him. ''I'm sure they'll be surprised much.''

Tarzan nodded. He already could imagine their reaction.

After, when it was a bit of becoming to night, Tarzan went and told everyone to gather around right now. Everyone obeyed, though they were surprised, thinking of if something is wrong.

When they all had gathered around, Tarzan slowly walked out and told Jane to come out as well. They walked in front of everyone.

''I know you all wonder what's wrong. But listen, I have something great to tell you all.'' Tarzan began with a wide smile.

''Is something wrong?'' Tantor asked from his spot.

Tarzan shook his head, and then turned to Jane. ''Tell them.'' He whispered. Jane nodded and then took another deep breath and then said. ''Well, I am… pregnant… with Tarzan's kid.'' She glanced around quite nervously.

Everyone were shocked, their eyes wide. Tantor even fainted.

''Seriously?'' Terk walked up to Jane and Tarzan. ''You not joking?''

''No, Terk, it's true.'' Tarzan said this time. ''I'm going to be a father.''

''Well, congratulations, wild boy.'' Terk smirked, and then circled around him a bit. ''But I warn, babies can spit you in your face.''

''TERK!'' With a playful smirk, Tarzan ran around to catch him as he ran away. Jane chuckled at them, and then was met by Kala, Tarzan's adopted mother.

Kala looked at her and then pointed at her belly what was quite a big now. ''Yes, your son will be a father.'' Jane said, softly.

Kala smiled, and Jane smiled back at him.

Then, all apes started to cheer around them. They all went running on trees in joy and some gathered around Jane, and checked her all over, and she let them.

''You won't catch me.'' They could all still hear Terk's sing-mocking voice from far.

After minutes, Tarzan came back, and successfully, pinned his friend to the ground. ''Next time think twice before you challenge me.'' Tarzan grinned over at Terk and got off her.

''I won't,'' Terk grinned as well, as she got up. ''You cheated anyway.'' Tarzan gave another playful glare at her, but she decided to ignore him. ''So, young lady is pregnant?'' She walked up to Jane. ''Pretty cool. I just hope I won't be babysitter again.'' She muttered the last eight words out.

Everyone laughed.

''What are they saying?'' Jane asked, as she watched apes cheer around.

''They are excited and happy about the news.'' Tarzan turned to her. ''They all are okay with it, you didn't need to worry.'' He gave a wink at her.

''Yeah, yeah, jungle boy.'' She winked back at him.

Tantor finally came back to life, and ran up to Tarzan and Jane with wide eyes, still remembering what he had heard. ''She's with child?'' He questioned.

Tarzan nodded.

''Oh my gosh, I'm so happy for you, Tarzan.'' Tantor's excitement seemed to be endless.

''I knew you guys would be excited.'' Tarzan smiled.

''Oh my dear, Jane, dear, are you really.. pregnant?'' Professor Archimedes, Jane's father, walked up to his daughter. ''Am I going to be a grandfather?''

''Hard to believe, but yes.'' Jane smiled down at her father, and then received a hug from him.

''I'm happy for you, you'd be a great mother.'' Archimedes said to his daughter, as he hugged her.

''Thank you, daddy, I wish mother would be here to be proud of me too.'' Jane's gaze went a bit sad, at the mention of her late dead mother.

''She is with us, although you can't see her.'' Archimedes told her. ''And she's very proud of you, I know she is.''

''Thank you, daddy.'' Jane smiled, and then turned over to watch what her husband was doing.

Tarzan was talking with his mother and friends, and it looked like they were all happily discussing. Jane smiled, she was glad everything about telling the news worked out well.