A little bit later...

Tarzan was finally finished with helping Jane and the Professor with the chores. His mind switched to his son, and he wondered how he was doing at the moment. He had a feeling he should go and see how he's doing, but he didn't know why. Well, I could go and check on him real quick, he thought.


He turned around to see Jane staring at him a bit worriedly. ''You were staring into space. Are you okay?''

''I'm fine, Jane.'' He assured her. ''I just, had a feeling I should go and check on Sam real quick. Just to see how he's doing.''

Jane smiled. ''Alright, go ahead then.''
Giving her a quick smile, Tarzan exited the treehouse and set off to look for Sam.

At the camp -

''Now that we finally have his son captured, we can move to part two.'' One of the men spoke up. ''Part two, is to lure Tarzan to us. We can take his son anywhere in the jungle and tie him to a tree. When Tarzan comes to search for his son, finds him trapped and tries to save him, we'll ambush him.''

Sam's eyes widened at that and he struggled against the ropes again, desperately trying to free his hands so he could remove the tape from his mouth and let his dad know he was in danger with his jungle yell. But no matter how hard he pushed and struggled, the ropes didn't budge. Not willing to give up, he tried again, as hard as he could, but pretty soon found it a bit painful so he gave up, panting a bit. The men had noticed his struggle and chuckled.

''Don't even try, little boy.'' The leader said, walking up to him, smirking. ''I made sure I tied the ropes very tightly. You're not going anywhere.''

Sam gulped.

However, what he and the men didn't know, was that they were secretly being watched. Manu, the baby baboon Jane had encountered many years ago, was hiding behind a tree. Seeing Sam tied up and struggling and what the leader had said, his eyes widened and he immediately turned around and ran off to warn Tarzan.

Meanwhile, Tarzan had arrived at the watering hole, thinking his son was there to have a swim. He looked around, his eyes scanning the area for the boy, but he wasn't there. He might be somewhere else, he told himself in his mind.

Suddenly, he heard some bushes move. He quickly turned his attention on them. ''Sam?''

Tantor appeared from the bushes, noticing Tarzan almost immediately. ''Hey Tarzan! What are you looking for?''

''Tantor,'' Tarzan began. ''Have you seen Sam anywhere?''

''No, I haven't.'' The elephant replied. ''Why, is something wrong?''

''No, I just came to check up on him, and I'm not sure where he is right now.''

''Oh, well, I will be on alert if I do see him.''

''Okay. Thanks, Tantor!'' He took off, Tantor waving after him with his trunk.

Tarzan searched for Sam in a few other places, but he was in none of them. Feeling slightly worried, he left the area, shaking the feeling that something could be wrong off. He didn't know why he felt like that. Sam could just be in the gorilla's nests. There was nothing to worry about.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

But when he got to the gorilla's nests, he didn't see Sam anywhere in sight. He went a bit closer to see perhaps he was hiding somewhere, but still didn't spot him anywhere. Now he felt a bit more worried.

''Excuse me,'' He caught the attention of a nearby gorilla. ''Do you know where Sam went? I searched for him but can't find him anywhere.''

''Well, Sam didn't show up here.'' The gorilla replied. ''I was here the whole time throughout the morning and didn't see him.''

''I didn't see him either.'' A female gorilla spoke up. ''And so didn't any of the little ones.''

Hearing that, Tarzan's eyes widened slightly. He never showed up? Did something happen? Was he stuck somewhere? Did he get hurt?

''Wherever he is, I hope you find him.'' The female gorilla said, noticing Tarzan's concerned look.

''Thank you.'' Tarzan nodded to them and left the area, trying to think of any-place else Sam could be, but none came to mind. He had searched everywhere he knew Sam had hung out at and loved to go to, but he wasn't in any of them. He felt the worry in his mind spreading. Then he let out his jungle yell, knowing that wherever Sam is, he will respond to it.

At the camp -

Sam's head perked up when he heard his father's jungle yell. He tried to struggle against the sticky tape to answer him but it was a bit too tightly on for him to get it off.

His head and look dropped in defeat. Oh, dad. If only I could answer you, he thought sadly in his mind. Clayton's men had also heard the yell and grinned at each other, knowing it meant Tarzan was looking for his son.

''He must be looking for his son already.'' One of them said.

''It's only a matter of time now,'' The leader smirked.
They all started laughing evilly, knowing that it won't be long before they'll get their revenge on Tarzan.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Hearing no answer, Tarzan began to grow even more worried. Sam hadn't replied. Something must've have happened. Is he okay? No, he's fine, he argued in his mind,though he didn't really believe that anymore. Before he could worry any more, Manu showed up, hanging from a tree branch, having a worried look in his eyes.

Tarzan noticed that and asked him what was wrong, in the baboon language. Manu immediately then said about everything he heard and saw (Sam being tied up against a wooden pole and struggling, Clayton's old men being there, and the leader saying he's not going anywhere, and them planning to tie Sam to a tree and wait for Tarzan to try to save him and then ambush him without him knowing)

Tarzan's eyes went wide as all his worst fears, had now come true.

Sam was in grave danger.

There we go, chapter 7. Hope it's okay, I tried to flesh it out and not make it rushed in any way. Also I know I'm hardly active here anymore. But I'm planning to rewrite my deleted Bambi fic ''Brothers'' so I might get to that sometime. And regarding the Coronavirus, I'm fine, but my country has over 500 cases already. I hope all you out there are fine, avoid contact with any large groups of people and wash your hands regularly, even after touching any packaning that was brought from any malls. Don't take any risks and stay at home.