She was so incredibly bored. At this moment in time she herself didn't really know who she was.

She wasn't even completely sure if she was still a she.

She remembered that she had most definitely died. She remembered studying, studying and more studying, and also recollected the topics of all her studies. That made her a junior doctor, with all the knowledge and experience that she had previously obtained. Yes, she had previously been a third year resident junior doctor who had started specialising in emergency medicine in what was then a country called England in the UK, after graduating from the prestigious University of Cambridge, St John's college.

However, she came to the conclusion that all that knowledge on procedures was probably fairly useless in this world, where there were super glowing hands that could seal up wounds in a few minutes and reattach separated limbs etc. etc. She wondered what sort of infectious diseases they could get here, since she didn't remember any of the Naruto characters having anything more than a cold.

Yes. She had come to the conclusion that she was now in a universe that she previously only knew from a TV series, a series of manga books and an endlessly increasing world of fanfiction.

Sure, the initial panic from the realisation that her mind did not match her new body wasn't a great experience, but what she had in spades in this new world was time. She had time to get over her panic, time to calm down, and time to work out what she was going to do with a second chance at life.

She hadn't even started to think about why any of this had happened though, she didn't think her mental state would survive that. Her current state was already fairly questionable after all - she was still referring to herself as two personas; a she and a she. She'd leave the questionings of why she had been reincarnated some other time.

…Probably never.

Her mind was incredibly active, but her body was not. How could it? She now had the small, supple container of a newborn child.

She spent most of her baby days realising that she recognised most of the people around her, more specifically the main characters from what she remembered as the Uchiha clan. A young woman's pale complexion, raven hair and kind dark grey orbs became more and more familiar as time passed, and she finally placed her with a name, Mikoto, after a younger woman with unforgettable long crimson hair had called her away. Memories of a giant orange fox demon and said redhead's ultimate demise had immediately surfaced at the sight.

Judging from her age, and how they treated her, she worked out that she was younger than Itachi by more than a year (as he was currently a baby starting to be able to walk) and so around three years older than Sasuke would be and the normal Naruto plot.

Fantastic, she had thought. Smack right bang in the middle of two major timelines.

Her conclusion?

She had to think.