Author's Note: Okay, so here it is, the beginning of my Heidi/Bella fic. It's a little different, probably going to be a lot more sexual, and I'm still not sure how I feel about it. So, it's up to you guys whether or not I'll continue it. Just tell me what you all want. Also know, that if this story has any impact on the rate of which I update my other stories, it will only serve to increase the rate. The more my mind works, the more likely I am to end up on a roll and go on an updating binge. So don't worry about me being too spread out by all the stories. Oh my god, this was a long Author's Note I'm so sorry.

Chapter 1

It took everything Heidi had to stop from laughing out loud as she led the humans further into the castle, nearly every single gaze glued to her ass. They were just so easy-of course, they always were-but it just never got old to the sexy vampire. All Heidi had to do was meet a human's eyes and smile, and they were hers.

Of course, even vampires had trouble fighting her allure, but they could. Maybe not when Heidi went all out, but they would certainly struggle and avert their eyes. Not that there were many who wanted to. Heidi was beyond gorgeous after all, even for a vampire.

Heidi kept her voice tone casual as she talked about the Volturi Castle, while the humans tried to act like they were paying attention. They had just turned a corner to continue towards the room where all the thirsty vampires waited, when Heidi caught a glimpse of a brunette human she hadn't seen before. Not only that, but the human was clinging to the golden eyed vampire that had come in earlier desiring death.

Never once even faltering in her speech, Heidi's gaze roamed over the human, hungrily taking her in, desiring her in a way she hadn't desired anyone since-well, perhaps since Heidi had been human herself.

The human, Edward, and one other golden eyed vampire were being led into the castle by Felix, Demetri, and Jane. Good. That meant Heidi had time to bring the humans to slaughter, catch a drink herself, and still appear in the throne room before the human, at the very least, got too far away. Then they'd just have a quick fuck, most likely against a wall, and after her desire died down, Heidi would be on her merry way.

Edward, having heard Heidi's thoughts, stiffened and had to bite back a growl as he pulled the human protectively against his side, glaring at Heidi openly. Heidi smirked, unrepentant, and thought, I'll see her later. Without you, I'm afraid. She never did like the self righteous vampire, and not just because he only drank from animals.

This time, Edward let out a loud growl, startling the human and making the Volturi guard members surrounding them tense. Heidi could hear Jane pleasantly threaten Edward as Heidi led the group away, and she couldn't help but let out an unrestrained laugh.

Her laugh got everyone's attention, but most of all, it captured the human's. Bella looked over towards the owner of the laugh, her brown eyes meeting Heidi's red, and Bella's heart, for a reason unknown to her, started to beat out a much faster rhythm that every vampire heard. And the reason for the quickening heartbeat wasn't fear.

Oh yes, Heidi would definitely enjoy the human soon. Although she better be prepared, because once Heidi got going, she was insatiable.

Smirk still in place, she shot the human a flirty wink before disappearing down the corridor, the group of humans following closely behind. The second they entered the room where the vampires waited eagerly and the door had slammed shut behind the last guest, Heidi grabbed the nearest human, a man, and bit deep into his neck. As she drained the life out of him, she idly made a note that she should clean up to look extra sexy for when she met that human again later.

The screaming quickly started as the rest of the vampires descended, and those screams echoed down the corridor. Bella, hearing them as well, clutched at Edward's arm tighter and looked towards Alice, horrified with what she already knew had happened.

"Everything will be okay, Bella. I promise," Alice said, reaching out to touch Bella's shoulder in a comforting gesture.

But it wasn't herself that Bella was worried about. All those people…

"We've arrived," Jane announced as large doors opened, revealing three thrones, with three women sitting on them, as well as several other guard members positioned around them. All of them had no expression on their faces as they kept their eyes on the new arrivals.

"Very good, Jane," the woman in the middle spoke. "Although I have to say, it did take longer than I thought to get them here."

"They tried to turn down our hospitality, mistress," Jane replied with a quick bow. Once Bella, Edward, and Alice were inside the room with the doors closed behind them, Jane left them to take up a position between the blonde woman in the middle and the dark haired one on the right.

"Well, well," the middle woman murmured, eyes landing on an incredibly tense Edward. "I have to say, that's already one strike against you."

"My apologies, Sulpicia," Edward all but spat as he gave a quick bow. "It just so happened the Isabella was in fact alive, and I felt that there was no reason for us to come back for another visit so soon."

"Oh, cut the crap," the other blonde, the one on the left, all but shouted. "Don't think we didn't notice what you planned to do, Edward. You're lucky you and your human are alive after the stunt you pulled."

"I never pulled anything, Athenodora," Edward quickly retorted, before regaining his politeness. "Bella stopped me from revealing myself to the sun."

"Yet you still planned to do it," the dark haired woman replied. "And that alone is a serious breach in our trust. Of course, we have to punish you for this."

"But no one did anything wrong," Edward argued, which even Bella had to admit sounded kind of stupid, especially seeing as Edward was talking to, whom Bella realized, the three vampire queens.

"Oh, you did quite a few things wrong, child," the woman Edward called Sulpicia retorted with a somewhat cruel smile. And then, she went into a long, detailed explanation of everything Edward had done wrong since first laying eyes on Isabella Swan. Bella might have been creeped out by how much detail the woman seemed to know, if it weren't for Alice whispering what Sulpicia's power was in Bella's ear.

No, that would be a lie. To find out that Sulpicia could read every memory someone ever had with a simple touch still seemed incredibly creepy to the human.

Halfway through what honestly felt like a lecture to Bella, her attention shifted when the auburn haired woman from earlier sauntered into the room. She somehow managing to draw all attention to her, even though it appeared like she wasn't trying to cause at least too big of a disruption. However, Edward's reaction seemed to be the strangest, as his entire body stiffened, and he pulled Bella behind him hard enough that the human nearly fell on her face.

The auburn haired woman went right up to Sulpicia and gave the woman her hand, never taking her eyes off of Bella. In return, Bella couldn't look away either, despite Edward constantly trying to keep between them to block their view of each other.

"Well, isn't this an interesting thing Heidi has brought to the table. Didyme?" Sulpicia said, turning to the dark haired vampire. "Do you think you could check Isabella's bonds for me?" As she said this, the dark haired vampire held out her hand to Sulpicia, letting the woman read her.

"So, will you give me the chance to have my way with her, my queen?" Heidi asked with a winning smile, although her voice was low enough that the only human in the room couldn't hear her.

However, every vampire did hear, and Edward leapt forward with a snarl, rage aimed right at Heidi. He didn't get very far before he collapsed on the ground, writhing around in pain. Immediately, Bella screamed and tried to rush to him, but Heidi was suddenly behind her, wrapping both arms around her waist and resting her head on the human's shoulder.

Mm, do you smell good, Heidi couldn't help but think, looking at the human's face from under heavy lids. You're actually trying my patience, little human. I can't wait to sink my fingers into you.

Hearing Heidi's thoughts despite the pain Edward was in, he tried to turn and at least grab the woman holding Bella. However, Jane only had to increase the level of pain, and he was rendered useless.

"So, my Queens? You have to admit, she'll be interesting for at least a day or two, yes?" Heidi asked, her voice alone making Bella shiver. While she wanted to run to Edward's side, to beg someone to help him, she couldn't even get her voice to work, and her struggles were beyond weak.

"You know, this would be so much easier if we didn't have these distractions," Sulpicia said after a long moment which she spent deep in thought. "Felix, Alec, Jane, escort Alice and Edward to the dungeons for me so we can deal with this later."

That got Bella struggling again, much harder than before. "No! Please, don't kill them! They're important to me!"

Heidi nearly wanted to laugh in excitement as she got a glimpse of the human's fire, but instead, she only changed her grip to make sure the human didn't hurt herself and kept her mouth shut.

Alice gave Bella a sad, worried look. "We'll be fine, Bella. It's you that you should be worried about." As Felix grabbed her by the arm, Alice turned her attention to the Queens. "Please, no matter your decision, don't hurt her. None of this is her fault."

"You are not in the position to be making requests right now, Alice," Athenodora said with a thin smile.

"But we shall see," Didyme added with a frown at the blonde. Didyme knew that Athenodora would only try to get the golden eyed vampires worked up so she would have an excuse to take them down.

Before another word could be said, the three guard members escorted-or, more accurately, carried- Alice and a still writhing Edward out of the throne room.

Just like that, a trembling and terrified Bella was left alone in a room full of vampires, wondering what she was in for next. She was afraid of dying, of course, but she also expected it. The only regrets she would have involved Charlie, and what would happen not just to Edward and Alice, but to all of the Cullens. Would any of them even be left alive?

"Now then," Sulpicia started, turning back to the matter at hand. She stared at Heidi and Bella for a long moment, still partially in awe at how dense her own vampire was. Even now, in Heidi's eyes, was the excitement of a new playtoy, a new sexual conquest. Despite having made the choice to take Bella, to save her, Heidi herself had no idea why she was so drawn to Isabella in the first place. Well, Heidi would certainly be in for a big surprise when Isabella was turned, that was certain. "All that is left to deal with is a single human and Heidi's request."

Heidi. What request could the vampire have made? Especially seeing as she was hanging on to Bella, making it clear that Bella was part of whatever the request was. It made Bella tremble even more, wondering what this super sexy, super dangerous vampire could want with her. After all, Bella realized that whatever it was, it was enough to make Edward attempt to attack her, even knowing he would lose.

Oh god, was Edward okay now? Was he still in pain? Still being tortured? Just the thought of what could be happening made Bella get choked up with fear and feel the urge to run after the vampires and to Edward's side, even if that meant ending up in the dungeon as well. Of course, as long as Heidi kept her hold on Bella, none of that would be possible. Bella wasn't stupid enough to think she could escape a vampire.

"Will you allow it, mistresses?" Heidi asked in a way that almost sounded like pleading to the vampires who heard it. It was enough to almost make Athenodora do a doubletake, as Heidi was never one to beg. Instead, she just glanced at Sulpicia, swearing that she would make her explain later. Now, whether Athenodora would make Sulpicia talk using words, or through fucking her senseless, that would be decided later.

"Hm…" Sulpicia murmured, pretending to be deep in thought, as if she might actually say no. She wouldn't, of course; she just felt it would be best to make one of her favorite vampires squirm a little. It wouldn't do to make Heidi think that she could get everything she wanted, after all.

"Please," Heidi added, even as she wondered where her sudden desperation was coming from.

"Don't I get a say in this?" Bella asked desperately, at least wanting to know what the request involving her was.

"Of course you don't," Sulpicia replied immediately, with a dismissive flick of her wrist. Then, focusing on Heidi, Sulpicia said, "Fine, I will grant your request. But you must not damage the human, do you understand me?"

Heidi's eyes lit up, followed by a wicked grin curving her lips. "Of course! I'll take the best care of her," she purred, licking her lips as she gave Bella's side profile a once over. Oh, the girl was going to be delicious.

"Huh?" was all Bella could think to squeak, however no one gave any indication that they cared about her sudden panic.

"Good, then you will take her to your room. And you will take good care of her and all of her needs." Sulpicia stood when she finished speaking, the other two queens standing with her. "Now, we are clearly done here. You're all dismissed."

And that was that.