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Chapter 11

Bella and Heidi couldn't stop staring at the room they suddenly found themselves in. A way too large, heart shaped black and red bed was right in the center of it, and they were so desperate to pretend it wasn't there that they looked at everything else. Which meant, of course, that they got to experience everything else. In detail.

The lighting was low with a pink shade, making the red rose petals scattered about the floor and the bed much darker in the light. The only other lighting was from candles-electric ones, in case something they did in the room that Heidi refused to think about caused them to get knocked over. There was also another door, a fridge, and a chest, all of which Heidi was too afraid to look at with Bella there, as well as a bookshelf.

Finally, Heidi had no choice but to focus on the bed. In the center were two wine glasses, a variety of wine bottles, and a note.

"Bella, I swear I have nothing to do with this," Heidi said.

"I know. If you wanted to fuck me, you'd be much more forward than this," Bella reassured her, although she wasn't able to look away from the note on the bed. She wanted to read it, but she was also afraid of what she would find.

Heidi grumbled at her mate's response. "I'm not sure if I should be offended or not." Was it even possible for anyone to be more forward than the setup before them? "I need an explanation." She went over to the bed and put one knee on it to reach for the note, only to be startled when music started to play.

"You've got a fetish for my love…" a woman sang.

Never before had Heidi wanted to kill any of the queens, let alone Didyme,
but now, it was all she could think about. Just what had Didyme been thinking? Already, Heidi was struggling with control, and now it seemed Didyme was goading her into snapping.

Bella couldn't stop staring at Heidi on the bed, even as her cheeks burned with a blush. Despite the horror of the situation, seeing Heidi mostly on the bed, even frozen in place from surprise, did things to Bella's groin that couldn't be denied. But damn was Bella going to try to deny it anyway.

Heidi snatched the note up and got off the bed, Bella barely managing to look away in time. Before so much as glancing at the note, Heidi came back to Bella's side, holding the folded piece of paper between two fingers like it was a dangerous snake ready to strike.

"Do you want to read it with me, or do you want me to read it out loud?" Heidi asked, still holding the piece of paper away from her body.

"Um, you can read it out loud. I'll stay with you while you read if you want me to though. You know, if you need moral support." Bella blushed at her own words, silently cursing herself. It was just a note, why would Heidi need moral support? Ugh, way to put her foot in her mouth.

"If you insist." Heidi dreaded opening it, having no idea what the particular queen had written, but she couldn't put it off forever. Slowly, carefully, Heidi opened the note. Her vampiric eyes read everything in a second, and she was absolutely mortified by what she saw. What was Didyme thinking, writing such things for them?

Quickly, the mortification was replaced by offense. She was Heidi Volturi; why would the queen think she actually needed help, let alone this much help, in seducing her own mate?

Bella pressed against Heidi's side, curious to see what on the paper actually managed to stun Heidi silent. She had only managed to read the first line before she was too embarrassed to go any further, blushing so hard she almost felt overheated.

"...Oh," was all Bella managed to say.

Heidi glanced over at Bella knowingly. "Do you still want me to read it out loud?"

"Yes please." The answer clearly surprised Heidi, but Bella couldn't help it. She needed to know what the rest of the note said, and for some reason, she believed it would be easier for someone to read it to her instead of reading it herself.

Deciding it was best not to think too much into why Bella wanted Heidi to read it out loud, Heidi just decided the best thing to do was get it over with.

"For Heidi and the dearest Bella, I've noticed that there is a concerning lack of fucking happening between you two. So as to help things along, I have arranged all this for you two to 'go to town' as the youth say. This room is a place for you both to have the time of your life, so grasp it with both hands. You two are not allowed to leave this room until I say so, and I won't say so until I know there has been plenty of bonding and love making between you two." Heidi shook her head in disbelief. If she had been human, she most likely would have been blushing just like Bella was. Why was the queen taking such interest in what happened between them? "If you need anything, ring me on the phone next to the bed. The room has the best soundproofing modern technology has to offer. There is whipped cream and a variety of chocolate syrups in the fridge in case Bella wants to lick it off of you-"

"Christ," Bella squeaked. Heidi decided the humane thing to do for her mate was to ignore her embarrassed outburst and continue.

"As well as chilled blood in case Heidi wants something to lick off Bella." The image made desire flare up in Heidi, given away only by the darkening of her eyes. Christ. "I am aware Bella is underage, however, no one around here is a snitch, so feel free to drink as much as you want. Take your time and explore what the room has to offer, there's plenty of toys and clothes for a variety of kinks. I will be very irate if you both sit there doing nothing, and you will be punished appropriately. I expect progress to be made. You'll thank me someday. Didyme." Heidi didn't know how to react to her sudden situation. She didn't dare look at Bella, not out of embarrassment, but because she knew her eyes would be black and her desires apparent. Regardless of the ludicrousy of the situation, Heidi had been handed something she could have only dreamed of; uninterrupted time with her mate, something that her mate couldn't run away from. She would let it all happen at Bella's pace, of course, but the fact of the matter was; intimacy was something that was going to happen between them, at least to some degree. The beastial part of Heidi was all but singing with glee.

"This is so weird. Why is Didyme so invested in our lives anyway?" Bella muttered. She turned away from Heidi so that Heidi couldn't see how hard she was blushing. Sadly, the blush was still visible on her ears and the back of her neck, and it enticed Heidi just as much. The human felt too self conscious. Too aware of her own confused feelings and how aware she was of the vampire's presence.

This was Heidi's chance. She had to say it. Had to explain what Bella was to her. "Actually, Bella, the truth is-"

"I mean, seriously, it's not like you're my mate or anything. I'm just your new conquest or toy or whatever." Bella let out a nervous laugh as she started to babble. Anything to fill any potential silence between them. "I mean, come on, what is the point of this? Is she upset that their bargain with me isn't paying off? Is she upset that I haven't jumped into the nearest bed with you?" Of course Bella managed to remind herself of her weird push and pull relationship with Heidi, how Heidi wouldn't sleep with her yet still seemed to want her. Or maybe Heidi just liked to screw around with her? Just liked to play around with the pathetic hopeful human? Stupidly, she felt her insecurities rise to the surface, and had to lash out a little. "Come on, what did they expect? It's not like you're my mate."

Heidi's beast wanted nothing more than to throw her onto the bed and make Bella say otherwise, but Heidi of course held back. Letting her instincts run wild obviously wasn't the way to handle this. "And if I was?"

Bella turned to stare at Heidi with a blank look on her face. "What?"

"What if I was your mate?" She could see how anxious and stressed Bella was. Heidi stepped closer to Bella, wanting to comfort the girl in some way, but in that particular moment, she wasn't quite sure how.

It hadn't been long ago that Heidi had made Bella realize that she wasn't Edward's mate, and had appeared to cruelly take pleasure in giving Bella the news. Now this? Was Heidi playing with her after all? Toying with her emotions? But Heidi had been so sweet recently...surely she wouldn't say something like that just to hurt Bella. What if Heidi meant it?


As quickly as the hope came, it started crashing down as more insecurities rose in the human. There was no way Bella would set herself up for failure. Just because she was hopelessly attracted to Heidi wasn't enough. What if Heidi really was playing with her? Or even if she wasn't, what if she had somehow confused the mate bond as something else, like Edward had for her?

If she put her hope in Heidi, let herself fall in love, believe in an eternity with the woman, only to end up broken hearted again…

"I wouldn't be able to stand it." Bella hadn't realized she had spoken the words out loud, but she had. She had said it, and Heidi had clearly heard it.

She wouldn't be able to stand being mates with me? Really? For a moment, Heidi just stared at Bella hopelessly. Her heart started to break with her mate's words. But then, she quickly put herself back together, hardening her resolve. If she believes she would hate being my mate that much, I just have to show her how wrong she is. I'm done playing around; I'm going to do everything in my power to show how amazing it is to be mine.

Heidi Volturi was not about to let her mate deny their bond.

Bella had no idea why Heidi had said such a thing, but Bella had come to a decision. Even if it was going to be painful, she was going to insist on talking things through with Heidi and get to the bottom of whatever was happening between them. She was tired of being confused and conflicted all the time. Bella needed answers.

"I think we should sit and..." Bella started to say, but any other words she might have said died in her throat when she looked up and found Heidi less than an inch away from her. The woman's eyes were black, a dangerous air around the vampire, but Bella wasn't afraid. Something about the change in the vampire's demeanor was exhilarating, electrifying even, despite the fact that she was still stewing her fears. "Heidi?"

"Get on the bed, Isabella," Heidi ordered softly, the huskiness in her voice making Bella shiver and her brain short circuit.

Wait, what was happening? Bella didn't have time to gather herself before Heidi lost her patience. She picked Bella up, hands cupping Bella's ass. Bella didn't have time to even finish her gasp before she found herself on her back on the bed, thankfully next to the wine, with Heidi on top of her. Heidi's knees pressed in on either side of her hips and a hand on either side of Bella's head.

The thundering of Bella's heart and her lack of lashing out only encouraged Heidi. She slowly lowered herself onto Bella so that she could rub the length of her body against the human, almost purring at the scent of Bella's arousal. She wasn't going to fuck Bella, not until Bella's mind, heart, and body begged for it. But there was still so much Heidi could do to "help" Bella along. So long as Bella wanted it and wasn't uncomfortable, Heidi was going to take things as far as she could.

She was a vampire that inspired lust wherever she went. Right now, she intended to inspire so much lust in Bella while also showering the girl with love, that Bella wouldn't be able to ever say she wouldn't want to be Heidi's again.

Heidi's lips skimmed up Bella's neck, along her jaw, before finally reaching Bella's ear. "Oh, Bella," she breathed, making the already quivering human shudder. "You have no idea what you do to me. What you mean to me. I feel like it's only fair that I make sure I inspire the same in you."

"What?" Bella choked out.

"Mm hmm. If you don't like anything I'm about to do to you, say so. But if you do like it…" Heidi rolled her hips against Bella's, and smirked when Bella's breath caught. "Feel free to make any noises you want."

No, they should talk first. They really needed to talk first. Bella really needed to know why Heidi was suddenly coming onto her so strongly and the vampire's feelings on everything. They had to stop.

The vampire's hand crept up Bella's shirt, fingers resting on Bella's bare stomach, and the human's mind blanked.

They had to stop...but did they really? Maybe the talk could happen after the fucking? Because, Didyme's ridiculousness aside, Bella had been wanting Heidi to fuck her senseless for days now, and that desire had only gotten stronger.

Maybe...maybe the talk could wait after all. Bella would probably get hurt more after giving her virginity to Heidi if Heidi was just playing with her, but she found it wasn't something she could regret at the moment.

The vampire's hand slipped a little higher, just an inch. Both to gauge Bella's reaction and to build anticipation.

Bella arched her back to try and encourage Heidi's hand higher, but Heidi kept her hand where it was. "Heidi…" Bella whimpered.

Hearing her name coming from her mate in such a way made Heidi soaked. "I do love hearing you say my name. Feel free to call for me as much as you like." For now, she would only get to hear her name coming from Bella's lips in whimpers and moans. But soon, once Bella embraced what they were for each other, Heidi would have Bella screaming Heidi's name too. Heidi couldn't wait.

Bella would do whatever Heidi wanted, so long as Heidi just moved her goddamned hand higher. Yet the vampire didn't, even after Bella nodded in understanding and mumbled an affirmative. Instead, Bella could feel Heidi smirk against her skin as Heidi moved back to her neck, and Bella couldn't take it anymore. She grabbed Heidi's hand with both of hers and shoved it further up her shirt so that Heidi's hand cupped a breast.

If Heidi's eyes could turn any blacker, they would. There was so much Heidi wanted to say to her mate in that moment, so much she wanted to do. At the same time, she was rendered speechless, staring down at the beautiful woman she was already in love with. The woman who wanted her. She couldn't imagine a better feeling in the world.

That is, until an impatient Bella pulled her into a kiss.