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Chapter 3

As Bella was led down the hall, Heidi kept her eyes on the girl's ass, desire still raging in her gut. Her hands had never been so itchy to just reach out and grab something before, but what could she do? The human's ass was just begging to be grabbed, touched, squeezed…

"Heidi, dear, you might want to tone it down a little. Your arousal is just getting a tad too strong at the moment," Didyme murmured, too low for the clearly nervous human to hear.

Shit. Heidi frowned, but tried to think disgusting thoughts, which only turned to how grumpy she was that a human was doing to her. A human who wouldn't just give in and be seduced like every other Heidi had ever so much as glanced at, no less.

While Bella kept walking without even taking a peek back at Heidi, she was intensely aware of Heidi's gaze burning into her from behind. It made her incredibly self conscious, almost painfully so, to the point where she lost track of her surroundings. She almost ran into walls a few times, and even managed to trip over nothing. And every time, it was Heidi who caught her, and who then gazed down at her with a fire in her red eyes, like the vampire just wanted to devour Bella whole.

Talk about unnerving.

After what felt like an eternity, Bella finally made it to what looked like a small office, where Athenodora and Sulpicia were already waiting, a computer in front of them. Neither of them bothered to even acknowledge the human, instead examining Heidi for a brief moment before focusing on Didyme.

"You took longer than expected," was all Sulpicia said to the other queen.

"Oh, did I now? Or are you just being as impatient as always?" Didyme murmured in reply as she joined the other two queens, before letting out a soft sigh. "Oh well, I suppose it doesn't matter now. Besides, you must remember, I was escorting a human. They are much slower than us."

Heidi almost gave herself away, she was so surprised Didyme hadn't mentioned Heidi's strange reaction to the queen when Didyme had first appeared. But Didyme truly didn't say anything, didn't even hint that Heidi had done something so out of character, not to mention something that would usually resort in a heavy punishment.

Never one to be considered a fool, Heidi of course kept her mouth shut.

"Yes, whatever," Athenodora muttered, dismissing what she deemed a foolish conversation. "Now, we must face the problem at hand; the Cullens." She spat the name Cullen like it was one of the most disgusting things anyone could come across.

"Athenodora, if you would stop speaking of them in such a manner; Carlisle is an old friend of ours," Sulpicia chided. Then her eyes came to rest on Bella, and for some reason, Heidi felt an intense desire to step closer to the human, almost as if she needed to claim Bella as hers in front of the queens.

Really, had Heidi completely lost it? Was some stupid human, one meant to only be a plaything, making Heidi lose her mind?

"I see you haven't gone too far with her yet," Sulpicia mused as she regarded the human, taking in the faded scent of desire, desire that clearly hadn't been spent. "This is quite surprising for you, Heidi."

Bella glanced between Sulpicia and a suddenly tense, yet clearly sulky Heidi, realizing that Sulpicia had expected Heidi to have had sex with Bella. Oh god, Bella might as well have been sold as a sex slave by the Queen.

"I know, my Queen," was all Heidi said, frowning with her own disappointment.

"Hm." Sulpicia turned away from Heidi, focusing on Bella once more. "Isabella, we are about to have a skype call with the Cullens. You will explain what has transpired here, and why we currently have two members of their little family in the dungeons. You will also make it very, very clear to them that you have not been harmed. I'm afraid if you do not do so, then they will kick up quite a fuss, and I do not want to deal with that. Understood?"

"Yes," Bella said, even as worry tightened in her stomach. Not only was she going to have to talk to the Cullens after not having seen them for so long, but she couldn't even give them any reassurances. She had no idea what was going to happen to Edward and Alice or even herself.

"Good. Now, come here. You must be in view of the computer for them to be able to see you," Sulpicia said, standing from the chair she was sitting on and gesturing Bella over.

Bella walked towards the queens slowly, clearly uneasy, before realizing it wasn't like she had a choice in the matter. If she continued to walk any slower, she'd succeed in doing nothing except possibly pissing them off. So she fixed her pace to a normal walk and arrived in front of Sulpicia, who promptly sat her in a chair.

Heidi, whose gaze had once again been glued to Bella's ass as the human had walked, managed to move her gaze to Bella's face as she tensed. She wasn't exactly sure why she tensed, but she did, and she felt an urge to inch herself a little closer to where Bella was now seated.

"Gentle," Didyme chided the other queen, mindful not just of Bella, but of Heidi's own unconscious reactions when it came to the human. "You must not forget how breakable humans can be."

Breakable. That's right, humans were incredibly breakable. It was why Heidi couldn't go full out when having sex, and was often left unsatisfied in the long run. It was also why even the best human playthings never lasted long after she got their hands on them. So why was she just so invested in this one? Virginity aside, this was a girl who, no matter how beautiful, looked quite frail. A girl who Heidi doubted would last past their first fucking, and who Heidi apparently had to be gentle with until the Queens said otherwise, which meant Heidi couldn't even risk being rough with her. She should stop being so invested in Bella, plain and simple, no matter how horny Heidi was at the moment.

In know what Heidi should do? Heidi should just make a request to the queens, asking to leave, so she could find a vampire to fuck and satisfy her. It was that simple. Yet Heidi couldn't even open her mouth to make the request, let alone imagine leaving the room.

"Hello," Bella's voice, so nervous, shy, and just plain miserable, had Heidi's head snapping up so she could glare at the human, who was currently looking into the computer screen, all three queens behind her. What right did the human have to even act so miserable, anyways? She was unharmed, and had she given in, she would have lost her virginity to a seriously sexy vampire and would have enjoyed every moment of it.

"Bella!" four voices, filled with relief, answered her greeting. That meant all but one had spoken, and from Heidi's guess, it had to have been the blonde bitchy vamp whose looks almost rivaled Heidi's.

"Oh, Bella, I'm so glad you're alive," Esme's voice gushed, making Heidi's lips curl back in a disgusted snarl. Did those vampires honestly believe that the Volturi would so quickly kill any and every human that came into the castle? Although in Bella's case, the Volturi did have every right to.

"Bella Bear!" Emmett boomed next. "Damn, you really are alive. And here we all thought you had offed yourself after you jumped into the water. You've totally gotta tell me that story now."

What? Water? What were they talking about? Heidi frowned, confused and irritated, as she glared daggers at the brunette who was the cause for...whatever was happening inside of Heidi at the moment. However, she eased her irritation when she remembered that she would be able to get Bella to answer all of Heidi's questions once she fucked the human's brains out, however long that would take.

"Everyone, you must calm yourselves," Carlisle said, trying to settle his family down. "Now, Bella...where are Alice and Edward? What happened over there?"

Athenodora opened her mouth to release a scathing retort, only for both Didyme and Sulpicia to put their hands on her arms. It was a light touch, yet very effective, as Athenodora closed her mouth, her expression making it clear how annoyed she was to have to do so.

"I have already explained things, Carlisle," Sulpicia said, her voice icy. "You have some nerve doubting my words."

"I do not doubt anything, Sulpicia," Carlisle assured the Queen. "I only wish to hear what happened in Bella's own words; surely you understand."

"Of course," Sulpicia agreed, but her eyes were still hard. "Isabella, speak."

I'm not a dog, Bella thought, a little bitterly, as she gazed at the people she still thought of as family on the computer screen. "As you can see, I'm fine. Edward and Alice...last time I saw them, they were fine too, but now they're in the dungeon…" The more she spoke, the more she struggled to get her next words out. It was just so hard. These were the people she had thought of as family, who she thought loved her-Rosalie, and sort of Jasper excluded-and here they were, in front of her, relieved she was alive. Not just asking how Edward and Alice were, but how she was doing, too. Like they cared.

But if they cared so much, why did they leave her?

Emotions getting the better of her, Bella felt herself start to tear up.

"Bella, dear, what's wrong? Are they hurting you after all? Scaring you?" Esme asked worriedly, which just made it all the harder to fight her tears. Tears that Heidi could see very, very clearly.

A sudden hiss echoed through the queens' office, startling all of the vampires on the computer screen, as well as Bella. Bella's eyes flew to meet Heidi's, noticing how pissed the vampire was despite viewing her through blurry vision. Her heart felt like it was doing some kind of bungee jumping thing in her chest, not sure if it should drop in fear and worry or jump up into her throat, because Heidi looked sexy when she was pissed. And that's the only reason why her heart wanted to jump, clearly. It was just because Heidi looked sexy, nothing more.

"Who was that?" Carlisle asked cautiously, noticing how all three queens turned to look off screen, although only they could see the trembling vampire that was Heidi.

"Nothing that concerns you, Carlisle," Didyme assured the man, although unable to hide the small smile that graced her face.

"It does when it concerns my daughter," Esme spoke up, her mama bear instincts surfacing. Horrible thoughts entered her head, thoughts revolving about the danger Bella was in being around an uncontrollable vampire.

"She's not yours!" Heidi snarled, some instinct inside of her flaring to life. Despite the fact that her three queens were right there, Heidi didn't even ask permission as she composed herself and sauntered over towards Bella. She stopped behind the human, making eye contact with each and every vampire on screen as she smirked and, bending over, draped her arms around Bella from behind. "And very soon, Bella will most certainly become mine," she added in a purr, very close to the human's ear, making Bella turn bright red and try to shrink away as the jaws of five vampires dropped open.

"She is Edward's mate!" Carlisle was quick to say.

"Really now? I don't see any claims on her...hell, I don't even smell any scent on her but my own." As Heidi spoke, she ran a finger down Bella's neck, making the girl break out in goosebumps, and she let out a giggle. "If anything, I believe I have more of a claim to her than your Edward, Carlisle."

"You will never...not with Bella," Esme struggled to say. "She likes men."

Heidi laughed again, this one louder and longer than before. Unable to stop smirking, let alone wanting to, she gave Carlisle a knowing look from the corner of her eye. "I don't believe that matters. You do remember my gift, don't you Carlisle?" While she had never had sex with what she considered a very unattractive vampire, she had used her gift to taunt the man quite a bit when he had been staying with the Volturi.

"Of...of course I do, Heidi," Carlisle acknowledged with a bow of his head, making Jasper grimace at the power of his emotions. And Jasper had looked bad before, seeing as he had been in clear pain as he wondered and worried about his mate.

"And, well...she's going to be mine for quite a long time," Heidi said, making a show of nuzzling Bella behind the ear, before nipping at her earlobe. And the human, who was undeniably turned on, also appeared to be mortified and speechless as she looked anywhere that wouldn't make her into someone's face.

"Wait, what the hell? You're telling me that Bella is just going to be living there, happily getting fucked by this bitch, while we all wait and wonder if Alice and Edward are going to live?" Rosalie spoke up, sounding furious.

Heidi almost said "precisely" just to rub it in the Cullens' faces, but Sulpicia put a hand on Heidi's shoulder, shutting her up.

"Of course not. As soon as we decide on a punishment, we will notify you, and will tell you when and if they will be coming home. But I'm afraid that Bella will most likely not be leaving this castle without either being turned, or killed," Sulpicia said, seeming to take her own joy in rubbing the news in the vegetarian vampires' faces.

"As for now, I believe we've put Bella through enough strain," Didyme piped up. "Heidi, be a dear and take Bella back to her room."

"Of course," Heidi replied, clearly pleased with herself.

This got Bella's attention. However, before she could even manage to say more than, "Hey, wait-" Heidi had scooped the human up and taken off down the hall, not stopping until they were once again in Heidi's room.

Just like that, Bella found herself once again on Heidi's bed, this time on her back in the middle of the mattress, with the vampire straddling her.

"Now, where were we?" Heidi purred as she pulled her shirt over her head, making the human's eyes grow wide.

"Nowhere," Bella said desperately, even as she struggled to tear her gaze from the vampire's perfect breasts, her desire only amplified now that they were alone.

"I don't believe you're right about that, Isabella," Heidi said, saying Bella's full name in a way that made the human so much wetter. She started to squirm, desperate to get Heidi off of her before Bella lost her will and gave in, but Heidi didn't care. She wasn't going to move, not until she had her way with Bella. She couldn't.

There was just something inside Heidi, driving Heidi to claim claim Bella in every way possible. And Heidi planned on doing just that.