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"Rei." A soft voice whispered beside his ear. "Rei, wake up."

Rei opened his eyes groggily, adjusting his glasses and running his hand through his hair. The source of the voice was the kind-hearted man he met yesterday

"Ryuugazaki Rei? I'm calling for Ryuugazaki Rei." A blonde haired doctor that Rei didn't know called.

Rei sprang up, and checked his pockets to make sure he had everything. "Thank you, Tadao."

Tadao nodded and waved. "Good luck."

Rei offered a last smile before trotting towards the doctor. "How's Nagisa?"

"He's doing very well." She smiled and nodded. "The surgery was successful and he has been moved to a recovery room."

Rei grinned and adjusted his glasses again. "Thank goodness."

They walked in silence for a couple minutes until they arrived at the room. Nagisa was still asleep, and he was hooked up to several machines, beeping softly in the background. Rei walked quietly to his side, and held Nagisa's hand, absently checking for his pulse. He brushed Nagisa's blonde bangs out of his eyes lovingly and sat down in the chair next to his bed, still holding his hand.

Rei realized that he hadn't thanked the nurse and looked up, but she had already left, most likely to give the two lovers some privacy. When he turned back towards Nagisa, his eyes were fluttering open, and as soon as he saw Rei he smiled weakly.

"Rei." Nagisa whispered. "You're here."

Rei squeezed his boyfriend's hand gently. "Of course I am, baby. Where else would I be?"

His shoulders rose and fell softly. "The last thing I said before I fell asleep was that I wanted you to be the first thing I saw when I woke up.. I'm glad they took care of that."

Rei blushed and laughed. "The first thing I saw when I woke up was a man I met a couple hours before, and a nurse yelling my name."

"Oh good." Nagisa yawned. "I'm glad you got some sleep.. Sorry for waking you up so early."

"Nagisa," Rei replied sternly. "It's not your fault at all that you got appendicitis." His voice softened. "I'm just really glad that you're ok."

"Me too." Nagisa slowly began to push himself into a sitting position, with a little help from Rei.

"How're you feeling?" Rei moved his chair closer, and held Nagisa's hand.

"Tired," He yawned, as if to prove it. "But better. The pain meds haven't worn off yet."

"You should probably go back to sleep. I'm thinking of driving back to my house to get some clean clothes and stuff of that variety." Rei said. "Do you have any requests?"

"The book." Nagisa replied thoughtfully. "The one that you read me during the blackout."

Rei smiled. There had been a short time when the power had went off several days ago, and Nagisa was absolutely devastated because the tv wasn't working. So, to keep him occupied, Rei got a book with a collection of stories in it and read them to him by flashlight.

"That's sounds fine. Now get some sleep, okay?" Rei said.

Nagisa nodded softly, and slid until he was lying down again. Eventually, the grip on Rei's hand loosened, and Nagisa fell asleep. Rei walked out, pausing at the door to ensure that Nagisa was still sleeping. However regretfully, he left eventually.

The drive seemed twenty times shorter without a sick boyfriend in the passenger's seat. Even though Rei was still worried, it was considerably less than the drive to the hospital now that Nagisa was okay.

Nevertheless, he still rushed to grab all of the things from his house, smiling fondly when he saw the story book, reliving the memory of Nagisa gazing intently at him as he read, mouth slightly open. Rei could basically see the gears turning in his head, formulating a picture to accompany the words he was reading. It was a truly adorable scene, and Rei eventually let out a soft giggle, growing into an uncontrollable bout of laughter. Nagisa scowled softly, and punched him half heartedly on his shoulder, before pulling him in for a kiss, shutting him up affectively.

Rei shook his head happily as he tucked the book into the backpack he grabbed a moment before. The other things in the bag were some clothes, water, and a board game.

As Rei drived as quickly as possible back to the hospital, he continued reliving all of the great times he had with Nagisa these past days. Dinners with him were always fun, arguing playfully about what to have if they weren't eating out. Nagisa always just wanted to order a pizza, but Rei argued that they needed a balanced, healthy meal in order to stay in shape for the swim club. Nagisa would then often say that they could just get a veggie pizza. He normally won those arguments.

Rei was soon at Nagisa's hospital door again, a smile still dusting his lips at the fond memories. He shrugged his backpack off, leaving it on the coat hooks near the door. Rei approached the bed quietly, not wanting to wake up Nagisa if he was still asleep.

He was surprised to see that the bed was empty.

"Nagisa?" Rei called worriedly.

"Bathroom, Rei." A weak voice called from behind the bathroom door.

Rei rushed over and opened the door, to find Nagisa sitting on the floor, head finding its way to rest against Rei's leg. Rei sat down beside him, redirecting Nagisa's head to his shoulder.

"What happened?" Rei asked, worry lacing his voice.

"Nothing much. They said this might happen." Nagisa played absently with the sleeve of Rei's sweater. "The painkillers wore off, so I woke up and was really sore. And then I kinda threw up, but not as bad as before. Something about getting something out of my system. It was hard to listen to them seeing as i was half asleep when they told me."

"You still are." Rei smiled anxiously, cuddling the smaller boy. "You should probably get back to bed, if you don't feel like you'll throw up again."

Nagisa groaned. "Carry me?"

Rei chuckled and picked Nagisa up bridal-style, who cheered triumphantly, albeit quietly. He layed the blonde gently on the bed, and sat back down in the chair.

"Get some sleep okay?"

Nagisa snored in agreement, earning a light chuckle from Rei.

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