Chapter 1

"I SAID STOP THE FIGHT!" With a resounding clang, he brought his hammer down upon one of the rims of the arena.

However, once metal made contact with metal, a bright light illuminated the area, temporarily blinding everyone in the vicinity. Within seconds, the light cleared and as everyone opened their eyes to adjust, they realized with a start that they were no longer in the village of Berk. Instead, they found themselves in a vast room, with a screen, large blue chairs arranged in rows in front of them; it seemed like a setting for a large village meeting.

Hiccup looked around and with a small shout realized every dragon that's been to Berk during the raids and the ones living in the nest were settled 10 feet away from him in the back of the room, looking just as confused and scared. The villagers immediately grabbed for their weapons, but realized they have all vanished from their hands or belts all except Hiccup's dagger. Scrambling over themselves, they pressed themselves against the furthest wall away from the threatening beasts. To their shock, Hiccup made no move to back away from the reptiles; instead, he eyed them curiously and seemed to be scanning the restless crowd of dragons for something.

"HICCUP! Get over here before you get eaten, son!" Stoick called frantically for his son, fearing for his safety due to Hiccup's uncanny ability to land himself in the worst of situations. Stoick's call went ignored as Hiccup continued to stand there, even taking a hesitant step towards the dragons. Hiccup paused, and then turned towards the village with a determined glare.

"These dragons are not threatening, they attack for a reason. As long as we don't provoke them, they're as harmless as we are, although that's not saying much." A dead silence fell over the room as both village and dragons watched the tense stare-off between father and heir.

"Well said, Hiccup." A loud woman's voice emanated throughout the room, startling everyone. They frantically looked around, searching for the unknown speaker, to no avail.

The voice chuckled as it said, "I am known for many names, Writer, Student, and Child of Imagination. My pen name is Schoolie, but in my world, I am known as Ali; worker of Pizza making and the Pupil of the Literature Arts." Everyone turned to see the owner of the voice, she was a young woman that looked like a teenager with short to medium ruffled black hair wearing a white blouse, blue jeans, and pink sneakers. Snotlout smirked at Ali as he said trying to flirt with her, "Well, hello gorgeous." Disgusted by Snotlout, Ali said, "Dude, I'm passed my teen years. So I am out of your league and plus I don't date jerks or bullies." To prove her point she punched Snotlout and kicked him in the groin. Astrid was happy that someone else can give the Jorgenson son a black eye and a kick like she can. Ali turned to the Vikings and said, "Now, the reason you are all here is due to my power of my words. I'll explain everything once everyone is comfortably situated. With that said, all inhabitants of Berk, please settle yourselves into the chairs in front of you, there are enough for all of you and Hiccup, sorry honey, this includes you too, but I have assigned a seat for you."

Grumbling, the Vikings did as they were told, pushing each other as they scrambled to grab the seats closest to the front. Hiccup, however, followed Ali as she guided him to his seat which was in the last row, closest to the dragons which were getting comfortable in the chair-free section at the back of the room. Ali placed a hand on Hiccup's shoulder and whispered, "Hiccup, don't worry. I'll bring Toothless." Hiccup looked at Ali and nodded as she vanished. The other Vikings had grabbed the rest of the chairs from the last row and placed them in the aisles near the front of the room, too afraid to sit in close proximity with the dragons.

Ali appeared on the front as she said, "Thank you. Now my reason of why I brought you all here is confirm Hiccup's claims on dragons."

An outraged murmur spread across the crowd like wildfire. For all they knew, Hiccup was merely a traitor to the village, conspiring with the hated dragons!

Not wanting to make things worse and hoping to end this quickly, Ali yelled, "Silence! I am allies with Odin and Thor and I could ask them to destroy Berk with one call! And I'm not bluffing!" All was silent; she was friends with the king of gods? Ali continued, "Ah, much better. Actually, I think what I'm about to show you all will serve as much better view of the situation. I merely ask that everyone be quiet as the screen in front of you displays what we call a movie. Do not worry about the dragons, they are of no harm to anyone– as Hiccup had mentioned before. However, if any of you make a move towards the dragons, there will be consequences, not just from them, but from me. The same go for you too, dragons. So is everyone much more comfy with that so far?"

A mumbled agreement came from both crowds as they eagerly stared at the screen in front of them, wondering what they are about to witness.

"Excellent. Now, one last thing, once we play this all secrets will be revealed so, beware for full disclosure!" All faces were confused as Ali defined it, "It means what secrets you were keeping are about to be shown for all to see." Hiccup turned cold, is she going to show his friendship with Toothless and the nest location? Ali continued, "I'll stop talking and let the story begin!"