Chapter 16

A long silence filled the room, many still unsure of what to do now. Was this how the movie ended? Was this just a warning on Hiccup's behalf?

The scene shifted once again, startling many of the Vikings, eyes whipping back towards the screen.

DISSOLVE TO: A whiteout of ash.

And through it comes...

STOICK: Hiccup? Hiccup!?

Hiccup felt a pang of sadness at how scared his dad sounded, eyes stinging with tears once again.

Ali hated doing this to Hiccup or to the Berkians, but it was the only way to show them the consequences of their pointless war against each other.

Stoick remained on the ground, refusing to stare at the screen. He refused to see what might possibly be Hiccup's… corpse. He shuddered just at the thought.

Stoick appears, searching desperately. Everything is scorched. Even the ground is smoking from the terrible heat.

STOICK: (CONT'D) Hiccup!? Son!?

Through the ash, Stoick the motionless silhouette of Toothless.

Hiccup's felt like his heart had stopped; he held his breath, praying that Toothless would move, do anything to show he was okay! Adina whimpered at the sight of her friend in that awful state. That Night Fury and Hiccup were her dearest friends; she would be heartbroken if they were dead.


He hurries to the dragon's side. Toothless is roughed up, but conscious. His scorched saddle, however, is vacant.

Overwhelmed with relief, Hiccup collapsed against Toothless, giving his dragon a grateful pat. Toothless was okay…!

Toothless, however, whined quietly, terrified that he couldn't see his rider anywhere near him. Had he not made it on time?

Stoick looks to the sky in despair. He buckles at the knees, overwhelmed by the loss.

STOICK: (CONT'D) Oh son...I did this...

The fists on Stoick's lap curled even tighter, grief turning into anger. What torture was this girl implementing, making him sit through this?!

Ali said, "Just like you wanted. Remember, I warned you: Find the nest and you lose everything..."

Astrid pushes through the crowd, her eyes welling up. Followed by Gobber. They flank Stoick as he kneels, slumped over.

Through her own tears, Astrid stared at the screen, her future self an exact mirror form of how she felt right now. Her mind was racing, unable to believe that Hiccup was actually gone; they had just gotten so much closer!

Snotlout even seemed devastated, staring at the screen with fearful eyes. The twins thankfully remained silent, knowing that their ruckus would definitely not be appreciated now.

Ali's chest ached as she said, "War is about taking and giving. You lot took, but never gave back. So someone gave it for you, but with a cost."

Behind them, a ring of Vikings form, keeping a respectful distance. As the dust and smoke clear, a ring of wild dragons can also be seen, gathering just behind and between the Vikings. Toothless stirs and groggily rolls his head toward Stoick. Their eyes meet.

"I'm so glad you're okay, bud." Hiccup whispered shakily, trying to give his dragon a weak smile. Toothless growled at him, annoyed that Hiccup wasn't even worried that he might be dead! Ali said, "That's what I like about him, he cares for others before himself. I wish all men were like that, the ones who cares for others and not himself." Adina said in Dragonese, "Toothless, he is just happy that you're alive, you mean everything to him. Imagine if he woke up first and saw you dead, he'd be devastated and crushed. He might even lose the will to live." Toothless thought on what Adina said, Could she be right? Would Hiccup be heartbroken if he awoke first and see that he, Toothless the Night Fury died?

STOICK: (CONT'D) I'm so sorry...

Hiccup stared at the screen, filled with remorse. He had done this to his dad… Why hadn't he told them about Toothless earlier? Why had he told his dad about the nest? This was all his fault. Ali said, "No one is to blame, it's that queen who must suffer, she started this whole thing." Adina and Toothless rumbled in agreement. Ali said, "Besides, I don't think that this is game over." Hiccup turned to her in confusion and she said, "Watch."

Toothless unfolds his wings, revealing Hiccup, unconscious, clutched safely against his chest. Stoick's eyes widen.

An audible gasp spread through the room, many Vikings filling with tears again; this time, though, they were tears of joy. Even the dragons perked up at the sight, amazed that the rider had survived yet again.

Gobber frantically shook Stoick's shoulder, trying to get him to look at the screen. Stoick roughly shook him off, not in the mood for any more of the future.

"Stoick, you'd best be lookin' up now!" Gobber hissed. With a growl, Stoick glanced up at the screen for a brief moment and froze. No… Could it truly be…?

Hiccup looked at her in jaw widen, how did she know? Ali snickered and said, "I just can."

STOICK: (CONT'D) Hiccup.

He scoops Hiccup into his arms. Listens to his heart. Bursts into relieved laughter.

STOICK: (CONT'D) He's alive!

Hiccup smiled fully this time, glad to see his dad out of his broken state. Toothless barked, overjoyed to see his rider alive.

Stoick had never thought he would be indebted to a dragon, especially a Night Fury! But now, he found himself eagerly wishing he could go hug the dragon.

Astrid was beside herself with happiness. He was okay! Hiccup was alive…! Thank Thor…

Ali laughed as she smiled, "Even the weakest can be great!"

STOICK: (TO TOOTHLESS) You brought him back alive!

The crowd roars. Followed by the dragons. The Vikings look around to find themselves surrounded.

The Vikings cheered alongside the movie, once again overcome with victory. The dragons chirruped, amazed and grateful that the Vikings were no longer acting hostile towards them.

Stoick leans close to Toothless, meeting him eye to eye.

STOICK: (CONT'D) (PRIVATELY) Thank you... for saving my son.

Hiccup had never felt so proud of his dad for finally getting over his hatred of dragons. Of course, it had involve him almost dying again, but at least it finally happened! Ali said, "Hiccup, your love you had for Toothless, for ending the war, for the people who shunned and hurt you, for the girl you adored, and for your father saved you from death. That's something even the gods can give you."

Gobber looks Hiccup up and down.

GOBBER: Well, you know... most of him.

Stoick glances back at him.

The victorious cheers dimmed slightly, confused by Gobber's comment. 'Most of him'? Ali said, "Ooh. I forgot about that."


CLOSE ON HICCUP, asleep, his head on a pillow. Healing scars on his face show that maybe a week or two have passed. Toothless hovers over him, WHINING and GRUMBLING impatiently. Hiccup stirs. Opens his eyes.

Toothless gave Hiccup a gummy grin and licked on the side of the cheek again, happy that things seemed to be going back to normal. They could fly again! Gobber turned to Ali and asked, "Lass, can you tell me how long he has been like that?" Ali examined the screen and said, "Looks like a week or more to me."

HICCUP: (GROGGY) Oh, hey Toothless.

Toothless excitedly nuzzles and nudges Hiccup.

HICCUP: (CONT'D) Okay, okay! I'm happy to see you too, bud. Now just-

Toothless steps on his groin, causing Hiccup to sit BOLT UPRIGHT with a YELP.

Ali and all the men in the room cringed violently, as if experiencing the pain with Hiccup himself.

He looks around, confounded. He's in his bed, moved beside the fire pit on the main floor of his house.

HICCUP: (CONT'D) I'm in my house. (re: Toothless, leaning over him, excited) You're in my house.

"Nice detective skills you got there, Hiccup!" Snotlout snickered, no longer silent now that he knew his cousin was fine. Hiccup merely grinned this time, appreciating Snotlout's humor for once. Ali smirked at Snotlout.

Toothless TEARS around the room, knocking things over, far too big for the space.

Hiccup winced at the destruction that was ensuing. Oh, his dad wasn't going to be happy… Ali said, "Remind your dad to make more room for you and Toothless, after all he is living with you." Hiccup and Stoick looked at her as Ali said, "Yes and before you ask, spoilers."

HICCUP: (CONT'D) Uh...does my dad know you're in here?!

Toothless pauses at the foot of the bed, tongue wagging. He eyes the rafters... and LEAPS UP onto them, brimming with 'happy dog' energy.

Hiccup found himself laughing, loving Toothless' energy. He was once again eternally grateful that they were reunited again.

Stoick had settled back into his seat, smiling at the scene before him. Hiccup and that Night Fury sure had a unique friendship.

Ali smiled as a memory of her pet and herself as best friends.

HICCUP: (CONT'D) (DISTRESSED) Okay, okay - no Toothless! Aw, come on...

Hiccup shifts to get out of bed... then pauses... sensing that something is wrong.

Stoick eyed the screen warily once again. Things seemed to be going well, what could go wrong now? Ali looked a bit green as she said, "Uh boy."

He peels back the covers slowly. What he sees startles, horrifies, and overwhelms him - all at once.

"Oh I know! He turned part dragon didn't he!" Tuffnut exclaimed, voice filled with both horror and wonder. A pause filled the room as all the Vikings – even the dragons! – turned to stare at the twin in disbelief. Tuffnut, not feeling any of the glares, stared at the screen anxiously, wanting to see Hiccup in part-dragon form. Ali said, "You wish!"


His booted foot touches down. Followed by a mechanical prosthetic in place of his second leg. It's an ingenious spring-loaded replacement, made of wood and iron.

Gobber sucked in a harsh breath, understanding how hard it could be to lose a limb. Stoick was filled with concern; Hiccup was far too young to be losing a foot!

The teen's jaws fell upon in shock, not able to imagine themselves losing a foot. Tuffnut, through the shock, huffed disappointedly, still wishing he could have seen a real half-human half-dragon Hiccup.

Ali said, "Hey! It's war, what did you expect?! This is what happens in a poor plan to take out the enemy! Know that!" Stoick looked at her as he knew she was right.

Toothless lands by the bed and approaches calmly, sniffing the new leg. He raises his eyes to meet Hiccup's, seemingly aware of what Hiccup is going through. Hiccup braces himself on the bedpost and tries to stand on it. He winces and stifles the pain...

HICCUP: (CONT'D) Okay...okay...

... but STUMBLES with the first step. Toothless catches Hiccup's fall with his head... and slowly lifts him up, stabilizing him.

Hiccup reached to the side and curled closer to Toothless again, thankful that if he lost a leg, at least Toothless was there to help him through it. Adina rumbled as Ali giggled at her as she said, "Brothers to the end." Adina agreed as they stared at Hiccup.

HICCUP: (CONT'D) Thanks bud.

Hiccup leans on him like a crutch. They take a few steps together. Their missing parts form a poetic silhouette as they make their way toward the door.

"Now we're equal, aren't we bud?" Hiccup joked lightly, Toothless cooing in response.

Hiccup pries it open (as he did in the opening scene), revealing a MONSTROUS NIGHTMARE flapping outside the door. Hiccup YELPS and slams the door closed. He turns to Toothless, alarmed.

Hiccup and Stoick both tensed. It couldn't be a dragon raid, could it? Hadn't they made peace with the dragons?

HICCUP: (CONT'D) Toothless? Stay here, bud.

Hiccup pauses... and cracks the door open again. He peeks outside, his eyes widening. He allows to door to swing open, revealing... ... the Monstrous Nightmare, carrying Snotlout on its back.

SNOTLOUT: Come on guys, get ready! Hold on tight! Here we go!

Hiccup rubbed his eyes, he was surely dreaming.

Stoick watched the screen in wonder, the village seemed intact and Vikings were working with dragons on fixing it? Amazing…

Vikings and dragons mill about by the dozen, basking on the rooftops, weaving along the plaza. No one seems upset, there isn't a sword in sight. Hiccup takes a step outside, finding Stoick waiting for him on the step.

HICCUP: I knew it. I'm dead.

The Vikings chuckled, realizing how much they missed Hiccup's sense of humor.

Stoick laughs.

STOICK: No, but you gave it your best shot.

He puts his arm around Hiccup, steadying him. He gestures to the transformed village.

STOICK: (CONT'D) So? What do you think?

Hiccup just shrugs, amazed.

Both Vikings and dragons were awed at the scene; the village looked the most in peace than it had before in years! If this was the future, they were definitely okay with that.

Below, the plaza, villagers take notice.

VIKING #1: Hey look! It's Hiccup!

They rush over, surrounding him with a hero's welcome.

VIKING #2: Hiccup, how you doin' mate?

VIKING #3: It's great to see you up and about.

Hiccup shifted uncomfortably towards Toothless again, not used to that enthusiastic of a welcome. Stoick grinned, happy that Hiccup was finally accepted by the village… and by him.

STOICK: (SWEETLY) Turns out all we needed was a little more of... (GESTURES NON-SPECIFICALLY AT HICCUP) ... this.

HICCUP: (PLAYING ALONG) You just gestured to all of me.

Stoick and Hiccup mirrored each other in the large grins plastered on their faces. This was the father-son relationship Hiccup and Stoick had always wanted. Ali said, "It looks like Berk is about to get a whole lot bigger."

GOBBER: (O.S.) Well. Most of you.

Gobber pushes through the crowd, beaming proudly.

GOBBER: (CONT'D) (re: the prosthetic leg) That bit's my handiwork. With a little Hiccup flare thrown in. Think it'll do?

HICCUP: (bittersweet, coming to terms) I might make a few tweaks.

Gobber chuckled heartily, glad to finally see the old Hiccup again.

Hiccup could already feel himself brainstorming ways he could make that prosthetic even more handy, a grin forming on his face again. He couldn't wait to go back to blacksmithing… and flying, couldn't forget flying!

Astrid appears and jabs Hiccup in the arm. Hiccup recoils with a grumble.

Hiccup frowned, her punches actually hurt! Astrid didn't know how strong she was sometimes.

ASTRID: That's for scaring me.

HICCUP: (PROTESTING) What, is it always going to be this way? Cause I...

She grabs him aggressively... then kisses him.

The Vikings began to hoot and whistle, reacting positively to the scene. Astrid's eyes had gone incredibly wide, surprised at her blunt actions. She didn't deny that she had been wishing to do that for a while now, and she was glad she did it.

Hiccup was blushing furiously, embarrassed yet extremely happy. Astrid was kissing him! Toothless chirruped at Hiccup, understanding that these "kisses" were a good thing for Hiccup and that blonde human.

Ali giggled as she nudged Hiccup's arm and joked, "Nice, lover boy." Hiccup smiled playfully at Ali. Astrid saw that Ali and Hiccup were just friends and that she felt silly for believing that Ali was stealing Hiccup away. She reminded herself to apologize to her when this ends.

HICCUP: (CONT'D) ... I could get used to it.

Gobber presents Hiccup with a rebuilt saddle, rigging, and tail.

Hiccup was impressed; Gobber had done a great job with those! Then again, Gobber was the one who taught him all he knew about blacksmithing!

GOBBER: Welcome home.

VIKING: Night Fury, get down!

Suddenly, Toothless pounces on the crowd, crushing several unsuspecting Vikings under his weight. Amidst the groans and grumbles, Hiccup and Astrid exchange a sheepish grin.

CLOSE ON Hiccup's prosthetic foot, snapping into the modified stirrup. The two pieces click together, forming a single shape. Astride Toothless, he's whole again. He rotates the pedal. The new tail opens. Bright red with a skull and Viking horns emblazoned on it. Hiccup approves.

Hiccup whistled appreciatively, excited to try out the new improvements. Toothless stirred restlessly as well, wishing it was him on the screen right now about to fly.

CUT BACK TO REVEAL... Hiccup and Toothless, saddled up and ready to fly. Astrid backs her Nadder into position.

Astrid paused, surprised she had actually gotten her own dragon now! It was a Deadly Nadder! The longer she stared, the more she grew to like the dragon.

"Hey, I want a dragon too!" Snotlout called out pleadingly, the rest of the teens nodding eagerly as well. Hiccup grinned, overjoyed they no longer feared or hated the dragons.


Toothless SNORTS an excited 'yes!' From his mount, Hiccup looks out over the changed world.

HICCUP: (V.O.) (CONT'D) This... is Berk. (BEAT) It snows nine months of the year... and hails the other three.

"At least it's not snowing or hailing today!" Hiccup thought humorously.

They LEAP into the bright blue sky, together as one. Astrid follows, giving chase.

HICCUP: (CONT'D) Any food that grows here is tough and tasteless. The people that grow here are even more so.

"Hey!" A Viking called out indignantly, but many of the others chuckled at the comment.

Hiccup and Astrid race their dragons through the village - under eaves, over rooftops, down cliff-sides, and between ship masts. It's a high energy, romantic dance of sorts.

Hiccup longed to go flying again, hoping this movie was ending soon.

Stoick was impressed at how easily Astrid and Hiccup navigated though the village, also content at how peaceful the village finally seemed.

HICCUP: (V.O.) (CONT'D) The only upsides are the pets. While other places have...ponies or parrots, we have...

Their fellow recruits join them as they take to the open sky, rocketing far above the village.

"Hey look, I've got a dragon!" Snotlout called out excitedly, the other teens also perking up when they saw themselves on dragons too.

Hiccup and Toothless break from the pack, spinning into the blinding sun.

HICCUP: (V.O.) (CONT'D) (PROUDLY) ... dragons.


A brief silence passed, immediately followed by an uproar of applause. The dragons roared in approval, happy with the events that occurred. No more queen dragon controlling them! They were free! Ali appeared as she said, "Thank you all for listening! Now, I'm sure many of you are wondering what happens now."

Hiccup glanced at the screen curiously; that was true… would it send them back with them knowing about the future?

Ali said, "In a few moments, you will return back to where you came from, with no knowledge of the future events that will unfold."

A murmur of disappointment fell across the crowd, upset that they wouldn't be able to remember anything after this. Ali calmed them down as she said, "Please do not fret. Once the events that you saw on the screen occur, your recollection of these events will return, but only then."

Stoick stood up brazenly, silently noting how he was still unable to move from his position. "Are you saying you want us to live through my son losing his leg and almost dying?!" He exclaimed, outraged. Ali said, "Look, I don't make the rule, man. You know that the future cannot be tampered with, Stoick."

Stoick grew silent, taking in a couple breaths to calm himself. He knew the woman was right, but that didn't mean he didn't like what it meant.

Ali said, "But before I send you back, I believe that you may want to say a few words. Anything you say you won't remember." Astrid said, "Miss Ali, I am very sorry for treating and accusing you harshly last night. I was just jealous that you were treating Hiccup like you were going to date him." Ali said, "What? You think he and I are..." Hiccup and Ali turned red as the woman said, "I may like Hiccup, but only as a brother/friend and let's be honest, its you he likes. Besides, I'm not a Viking or from your time. And between you and me, I'm not a teenager, I'm an adult. I'm passed my 20's." Astrid had to agree with her on that one as she said, "Hiccup, I'm so sorry on how I treated you over the years." Every Viking cried out apologies as Hiccup forgave each one, as Ali said, "Stoick, you're the last one." Stoick got up and walked to his son as he saw that he could walk again.

Stoick bent down to Hiccup as he said, "Son, when your mother was taken away that night, I didn't know how to raise you, so I decided to do what my father did to me. And let's be honest, it wasn't the best way." Ali rolled her eyes meaning, "Huh, no kidding." Stoick continued as he said, "I wish I could have been there to help you when you were bullied and tortured." Ali said, "Be happy that you lived in a time when bullying wasn't illegal. If you did, Snotface, Ruff, and Tuff could have been taken away to prison instantly." Everyone gasped as Astrid said, "Prison for hurting others?" Ali said, "Yep. Nowadays, in most parts of my country, it's a crime to bully people and sometimes it gets so bad, some victims don't even live long." Ali shuddered as the Viking were shocked. Stoick continued, "What I have seen from Ali and the Night Fury made me realize that Berk and I should have given you attention and some care. And we failed on giving you that." Hiccup looked at his father with wide eyes. Was his father starting to cry?

Stoick said, "Son, will you forgive us and me?" Hiccup said nothing as he looked at Ali as she mouthed, "Go on. Go." Hiccup let a smile as he hugged his dad and said, "I Love you, dad." Stoick shifted his eyes towards the woman as she closed her eyes and gave a nod. Father and son embraced as Toothless walked next to Hiccup as Stoick bent down to him. He extended his hand as Toothless touched him as the Night Fury purred. Stoick said, "Dragon, thank you for being with my son." Toothless grinned his gummy smile as Stoick embraced his son and Toothless. Ali and Adina looked at each other as Ali said, "Looks like my work here is done."

Hiccup was released as Astrid said, "Looks like its time to go home."

Hiccup asked Ali, "Will we ever hear from you again?" Many Vikings hoped that someday Ali will return as she said, "In due time, Hiccup. There is more I wish to show you, but not until these events have all passed."

Hiccup nodded slowly, slightly confused at what more it wished to show. More of the future?

Ali said, "Now, I shall release you all and send you all home. Till we meet again!" Every Viking and Dragon shouted farewells and goodbyes as Ali snapped her fingers.

A bright light burst into the room, momentarily blinding both Vikings and dragons as Ali and Adina waved farewell. In a few seconds, the room was empty, all back in the positions they were before Ali and Adina had brought them there, letting fate take its course. Ali said, "Come on, Addie. Let's go back home." Ali and Adina vanished without a trace.

-A couple weeks after the events of the movie take place-

Hiccup landed softly in the cove with Toothless, filled with nostalgia at all the things that had happened in this cove. This was where he had befriended Toothless, where Astrid had first met Toothless!

As Toothless sauntered to the pond in search of some fish, Hiccup sat on a rock and thought back to Ali and that room. Had that really happened? Or was that a dream? It couldn't have been, every Viking he had encountered recalled remembering the same thing! He remembered that Ali had promised to return in the future, and glanced up at the sky, a grin playing on his face.

"See you soon, Ali."

Ali looked out her window of her room as she said, "See you soon, Hiccup." She returned to the screen of her laptop as she began to write her new story.