RWBY SLVR Origin Prologue: Destined Soulmates

Chapter 1: Destiny

In a breezing cool afternoon, a young man, who appear to be in his early twenty, who is shrouded in dark navy cloak with his emblem appear to be wolf-like design on the back, slightly bagging dark gray trousers tucked in his dark brown boots. Where he's currently on the mission to search for an Alpha Beowolf in a nearby village and eliminated it.

It's been several months since the fall of Beacon, with everyone lost all hope of humanity and lost trust in each other in every kingdom. Because of negative emotions, a large invested of Grimm is currently spreading across the continent. However, that doesn't stop the young man, as he still has hope that someday he will help restore humanity's belief to trust each other, and the kingdom. Suddenly he heard a child screaming in same direction he's going to, he quickly used his semblance, he shapeshifts part of his body and run to a speed of light. As he found where the screaming coming from, a young boy, scared corner by Alpha Beowolf. As he Grimm about to harmed the child, the young man then quickly active his weapon that resemble to gauntlets, and it extended it razor sharp claw-like blades to blocks its attack.

"W-Who are you… Are you a Huntsmen?" said the boy, whimpering.

He turned briefly to face the boy a while still blocking the Grimm's attack. He notices, the boy is still crying, and fright. The young man, calmly talk to him and said, "Yes. I am… But don't worried. It's going to be alright. I won't let this Grimm hurt you."

The boy, a who stopped crying, startled to calm down by a kind Hunter's calm words toward him.

"What's your name?" he said.

"I'm Sliver. Sliver Adoff." said Sliver, smiled. After a brief conversation, he punched and stab the Alpha Grimm with brute force to far range trees, breaking it into pieces as it has a hard impact.

"Whoa!", said the boy, amazed.

"Edward where are you?" say unfamiliar voice, worried tone.

"Big Bro?!" say Edward,

"Edward!" say Edward's brother, worried.

The brothers have heartfelt embraced each other. However, it has to cut short, as the Alpha Beowolf quickly recovered from his attack.

"You two should get going... thing will get ugly."

"You're right, thank you for saving my little brother Mr. Huntersmen."

And with that, Edward's brother carried Edward and ran away as possible to get to a safe place.

The Alpha Beowolf prepare to attack and ran forward him.

"Now I can unleashed my true power!" say Sliver, determined. He activate his weapon, switching his melee mode to ranged attack with his gauntlets, as his weapon into mini attached laser gun.

Ten years ago, Sliver Adoff, also known as Sliver Helsing, he is the son of the former leader and founder of was peaceful but now a terrorist organization, the White Fang, Silbergeld Helsing. His father suddenly disappearance, and has be replace by his uncle, and twin brother, Silbermünzen. Things changed, as the faunus began to hate humans, killing them, and want to end the human races.

Before his father mysterious disappearances, he once told his son a story of the Silver- Eyes warriors, they are lineage of an ancient warriors before Huntsmen and the Kingdoms were created. They are feared by many Grimms just by looking at them. Silver eyes are very rare trait and meaning they are the bringer of peace ad protector of humanity. Silver-Eyed Warriors can only awakening their powers by grief by someone very precious to them killed right before their eyes.

According to to legends, the Silver-Eyes Warriors also has familiar with them, that can help suppressed their master's ability before their power overwhelmed and lost one self. Those familiars are called faunus, however the Silver-Eyes warrior can only make a pact with wolf trait faunus since they are very loyal with the owners. The wolf faunus can't not chose on their own master, but by choice when first meeting them face to face and they Imprinting them. Imprint is when a faunus meeting a human with silver eyes, they'll see a glimpse their future and one day meet again and make a pact with them by fates. After imprinting, the Faunus can be their friend, act like older sibling, guardian, or a lover.

The young Sliver comes very interested to the story, he asked his father if there people with sliver eyes are still around, but his father shaking his head, and become saddened. As he tell them the rest of the story to the point that one of the wolf trait faunus betrayed his master and massacred all the silver eyes warriors, leaving only a handful of young and older warriors survivors left. Most of them are scattered across Remnant to remain hidden.

Back to reality, with his uncle charge of the White Fang, he was forced to joined the White Fang army despite of a young age. He watched helpless as the once peaceful army to hate group by stealing Dust, killing the innocents, and worst of all, torture them. At a certain of point, Silver disobey an order to capture the human, he instead find a safe place to hide them before being capture and torture. He received an unbearable torture as punishment for helping a human by his uncle. He gets beat up, tied up and have his back whip. After that, his Uncle decides to send him someplace far away that he won't able to survive on his own and he gave him another chance of rejoining the White Fang if he can survive within three months or not, he'll dies a pathetic death in Patch.

After arrive at Patch, the White Fang members untie Silver, and toss him to ground where he is too weak to get up or move as he has several bruised all over his body.

"Do you think this is too much for him, he's just ten years old." say the White Fang soldier 1#, worried.

"Maybe.. but this is what our boss wants.." said other White Fang soldier 2#.

"Don't.. just leave him like that... he's deserve it. " say a familiar voice and yet a cold tone.

Silver open his eyes slightly to get a close up of a certain person who appear to be in his mid teens, messy spiky silver hair, and golden eyes. He was horrified to see his older cousin, Gray Helsing. He dress in a similar White Fang uniform, except without of Grimm Mask, and replacing with sleeveless top with a long dark gray jacket with black trimmed on the collar and sleeves.

"G-Gray... why..You'll one of them!? I thought... we have a same ..goal of bring peace to mankind."

"Oh we did, but not with the likes of humans. They are like parasites, keeping on leaching each other business, using us like animals, weapons, and slaves . I want a world without any single human around."

"What has.. happen to you."say Sliver, teary eyes. "You used a kind person, you want Faunas and Human to coexisted with each other. What happened to the lovely cousin I used to know? Was it all a lie?!"

"Not all of it. I have my own reasons... and I don't want you to inferer with my or father's plans" say Gray, acting hostile towards him. "This is farewell, dear cousin."


He finally lose conscious as his cousin and his men leave Patch and back to base for instruction. Unknowingly Silver partially awaken his semblance and his body transforms to a wolf cub due to critical injuries he received. 'Am I going to die here... but I haven't found out what happen to my father whether or not he's alive or not. ' said he in his thoughts.

Meanwhile somewhere in a snowy day.

"Mommy can I play somewhere in the forest. I want to get some material so I can make a snow bunny for you and Yang because I love you so much!" said a cheerful girl with a red hood.

"Alright Ruby, but don't get too far. Bring Yang with you so she can keep an eye on you" she smiled.

"Oh ok Mommy"she replied, cheerfully.

"Yang will you come with me and help me find some material I need please." she give sister her best puppy dog face.

"Well I was planning to build a snowman, but that can wait for another day. Alright I'll help sis."

"Yay! You're the best big sister ever!"

Before Ruby and Yang can go together in forest, Summer gave them one simple advice before leaving.

"Be sure not to go too far before I can see you." say Summer, worried.

"Don't worry Mom, I can protect Ruby all by myself. And beside, we'll be back right a war before you go to your next mission." she said, with a positive attitude toward her lovely mother.

As they arrive in the forest, Ruby and Yang gather materials they need to build each other a snow bunnies and their mother. Each of them split up to get other materials.

The young Ruby cheerfully wondering in the deep parts of the forest until, She discovered a injured wolf cub unconscious. "Oh no that poor puppy.. I need to help him." she said, worried. She quickly ran towards the injured wolf cub (Silver, without realized he's a faunus).

"Don't worry little puppy, I'll save you. Please don't die." she cried. One of Ruby's tears splash onto Silver's face, where he woke up to see a bright girl with silver eyes in a red cloak.

Suddenly he begin to a see a grimspe this girl's future flashing before his eyes. A young girl, grows up to be a strong innocent girl who dreams to become a huntress like his mother, but her mother dies by an unknown caused. She become strong-willed throughout the years went by. She will make a lot a new friends that supports her and help her on her journey, and one day form a team of three unknown members and the savior of mankind. She will be facing remorse of one of her precious friends killed right before her eyes, and awaken her hidden powers. 'What am I seeing.. Is this ability of imprinting someone?' he said in his thought. He later see a vision of himself with the young mature woman all growing up together and holding hands, and shared their first kiss. With the vision ended, realizing that the story that his father told him was real, not just a fairy tale. He found another resolved once he recovered, he will protect her and be be her side at all cost, even if it's means betraying the White Fang.

"Ah you're still alive.. that's good. " she said, relieved "Now I need to batch up that wound on your left paw. What can I used to stop the bleeding." as Ruby begin to wonder what she can just to stop the bleeding, she got an idea she takes out from his skirt pocket, it's a red scarf with a rose emblem on it. She tied it to his injured paw. "That will hold for now. I need to take you with my sister and mom so you can get proper treatment at home." She carried Silver's body and run out of the forest.

Outside of the forest...

"I wonder what's taking Sis so long.. She's never this late." Yang worried.

"I'll go get her. Yang, you stay here, and don't wander off." said Summer, serious.

"But Mom, I'm coming you she's my sister too."

"No. It's too dangerous.. I don't want to risk you getting hurt. Please just listen to what I-" before Summer can finishing her sentence, Ruby appear right in front her and Yang carrying a injured wolf cub.

"Ruby! There you are, Where were you? And what are you holding?"

"There's no time to explain, please I need to get the little puppy some treatment at home, pretty please." she begged her sister and mother.

"Ruby.. are you sure? I'm sure this "dog" might be lost and got separated from his family. Is it will be okay to-" say Yang, unsure.

"Alright. Let's get going." Summer agreed to Ruby.

"What?! Why?" Yang shocked.

"Not argument, Yang. I have my reason" say Summer.

After few hours later, Silver gets a proper treatment, and currently resting on Ruby's lap in her and Yang's room . Ruby gently touched and pat Silver's head. She wonders why she wanted to save him, and why she become so attached toward him. Maybe become her fond of wolves perhaps since she has a wooden carves of Beowolfs in her counter that her parents gave her for Christmas. "Poor puppy. You must felt lonely without your family. But don't worry, me, Yang, and my parents and uncle will take care of you until we can tried to find your family."

"For now, I need to come up with a name for you since you're staying for a while. Hmm what should I name you." she wondered.

"You're fur looks like the color of silver, just like my eyes, the same innocent look like me."

Before she can think a name for him, Silver woke up in confusion as he is unfamiliar place. 'Where am I? How did I get here?'

"Oh you're awake little puppy. I'm so glad you're alright."

Silver attempt to talk to her normally to thank her for saving his life, but he is unable to awhile in his wolf form. The only thing that Ruby hears is a simple barks. 'Maybe... I can tried change back to my faunus form." As he about to change back, Yang suddenly comes into their room..

"Oh hi Big Sis, Are you alright? You seems down ever since I found the little puppy in the forest. Is something bothering you?" she questioned Yang.

"No it's oh ok. I'm alright.. but I want to apologize to what I said.. that it was a bit selfish. I know you wanted to help people and animals in needed who are in trouble. But some reason... I have a bad feeling about our little friend." say Yang, worried.

"Bad feeling how?" Ruby confused.

"Like if you become too attached, you will regret with the rest of your life. He may be a bad influence on you." Yang described her feelings about Silver towards Ruby.

"Yang don't be silly. He's just a little puppy. And plus, he's still recovery from his wounds. How can he be bad influence on me?" say Ruby, heartened.

"Well... I guess you're right. Maybe I was too suspicious toward him even though we just met. " say Yang, reconsider Ruby's decision about taking care of the little wolf cub until he recovers. " So have you decide on a name for him?"

"Yes I did." Ruby excited.

"What it is?" say Yang, curious.

"I think I'll name him..."

'I wonder if she name me someone she admires or inspire by. Maybe it's the best to hide my identity and true name for now. I don't them to feel betrayed or harbor a deep hatred toward me if they find out. For now, I wanted to get to know better, and their family if they are good person I can trust especially Ruby.' say Silver, determined.

"Silver!" say Ruby in a cheery tone.

Both Yang and Silver were unexpected shocked and dumbfounded.

'THAT THE NAME SHE COME UP WITH?!' he said, still in shocked. 'Well... I have that coming. At else she got my name right then'

"Why on earth you want to name him Silver? I thought you will name him Ein."

"Ein? But that's sound like a female name. I like that name Silver. It's because I love the color of his fur, and his fur matches my eyes too." say Ruby, smiled.

"Come on Ruby, let Dad and Uncle Qrow know about our little friend." say Yang, smiled.

"Oh ok!" she smiled back at her.

Both Yang and Ruby left room tell their father and uncle some good and bad news of their day. Silver feel relieved, and went back to sleep peacefully. As he haven't felt relax and in peace since the day before his father's disappearance and he started to dream, a happier life.