RWBY SLVR Origin Prologue: Destined Soulmates

Chapter 3: Sorrow Departure

After dinner, Ruby and Yang head to bed as they have a big day tomorrow with Ruby is going to hang out with friends and Yang going to see a concert with one of her classmates.

Ruby still down that she didn't received valentine from her class except her friends, sister, and family. Even though she suppose to feel happy and joy she receives some from her friends, but she feels something empty inside she can't figure out.

"Ruby.. Are you still down that you didn't received valentine in class?"

"Yeah.." said Ruby, slightly depressed.

"Don't worry.. maybe next time for sure someone who admires you greatly and he was too shy to confess their love to you." Yang comforted her.

"I already have someone I like.." she say.

"Really?! Who is it? Is it from your class, older or younger than you, or a teacher?" Yang completely mind blow by Ruby's suppose claims.

"He doesn't attend our school though."

"Oh.. then who?" she asked her curious.

"It's Silver our beloved pet!" Ruby affectionately hug Silver tightly in delight.

"*chuck* you silly goofy funny loving Ruby, he's a dog. It's impossible. Is he like your prince or your knight in shiny armor. " she joked.

"Maybe a prince." she blushed.

Silver blushed slightly.

"Keep dreams.. let's talk about this to Mom and Dad and think about what are they going say about your "relationship" with Ein. Goodnight." Yang turned the light and go to sleep in her nice comfortable bed as she drift into a good night sleep.

"Goodnight, Yang.."

Before Ruby goes to bed, she places Sliver inside the blanket so she can sleep with him. And finally she fell asleep.

Silver overheard Ruby a while she sleep talking in her sleep.

"*snore* You're your soft and fluffy that I want to stay by side forever.. I wish you were able to transform into a human.. so that you can be part of our family."

He appear to be puzzled and mix feelings whether or not that how she feels about him a while she dreaming about him. But this is the last time he will spend time with Ruby and her family as he has to back to the White Fang.

In the middle of the cool breezily night, where everyone fasts a sleep after a long day from work, school, and teaching. Except Silver, who make his decision to come back to the White Fang so that he can find about his father's disappearances. He went back to normal, and cover himself with a cloak that he made when Ruby and Yang were at school, Summer at her usual missions, and Taiyang teaching at Signal.

Before he leaves, Silver places a small organized gift box he made for her about few days before Valentine Day, next to her bed. He softly whispers to her, "Ruby... I'm sorry I have leave. I wished I could stay a longer with you, Yang, Miss Rose, Mr. Taiyang, and Qrow. I really appreciate the love and caring you have given me when I was still wounded as a wolf cub, you never abandon me… but you save me from my burdens I endure. You're my savior, and…" He paused a bit, and he gentle stroke Ruby's head. "…The only person I cherished the most the all." He kissed her on her forehead.

As Silver quietly leave Ruby and Yang's room, Ruby wake up from a strange dream that involves with her mother and her beloved pet, who suddenly turn into a young boy with short silver hair and golden eyes. She is unable to hear his words to her.. however he slightly smile at her, teary eyes. Ruby try to look around for her pet Silver everywhere, and notices a small decorated gift box attach with a small tag that said "To my precious friend, and family, Ruby"

"Huh? It this from Yang, Mommy, or Daddy? No. if it is.. it would be said sister or daughter." she wondered. "But now it's not the time. I'll open it later.. I need to find Silver." She desperately search for her cloak, but have no time for it, so she wears her sister jacket instead despite being a little too big for her, and ran out of the house to search for her pet alone without notifying her family.

Ruby later first start searching in the forest where she first met him in the beginning of winter.

"Silver! Sliver, where are you?" she yelled.

As she continuing finding around the Forest, she spotted a unknown strangler alone gathering some water in nearby Lake. She wonders why he's alone in the middle of the night, so she walk toward and gently pull his cloak and said to him, "Um... Excuse me.. I'm sorry I bother you, but... Have you seen a small puppy with silver fur and golden yellow eyes-" Ruby suddenly stopped and she was overwhelming by the strangler's face in which it was a exactly spitting image of the young boy she saw in her dreams. She also notice around his left wrist is the same red handkerchief that she give to her pet.

"Silver? Is that really you?" she questioned him out of curious.

"I'm sorry... I'm not. You must have mistaken me for someone. It just confidence that I have a similar trait to your lost pet, little girl." He lied to her.

"Are you sure? That handkerchief is the same one I give my pet."

"A lot of people has a the same handkerchief."

"No it can't be... My Mommy made that for me as a lucky charm when I don't get scare of being myself and is the only one with a family emblem on it. Please tell me the truth.."

Silver silent, sadden.

"Fine... Don't tell me. I guess I may be wrong. I do mistaken you for someone else. I guess I should look somewhere else." Say Ruby, crying.

Before he can leaves, Silver saw one of the tree branches, a big one at that, was about to fell on Ruby. Silver ran toward her and yelled, "Ruby! look out!"


Silver successfully push her to safely and she was unexpectedly land it on top of him.

"Oh my gosh.. I'm so sorry. I'll get off." She quickly takes a few inches away of him to give him her personal a while she extremely blushed with her cheek still red.

"No it's fine.. I'm oh ok with it." he slightly blushed.

After a few minutes to cool things down, they have a proper conversation.

"I knew you save me! Silver, it really is you!" Said Ruby, smiled.

Ruby embraced him, tightly a while she hides her face as she doesn't want him to see her crying. Silver, who stilled worried about her, he too hugged her back too.

"Silver, you got a lot of explaining to do.. How were you able to transform into a human, Why are you running away from us even though you wanted to stay with us, and why do to you lied to me?" She asked him a while she still crying.

"It's hard to describe to you at the your current age that you won't be able understand until you get older, I have my reason, and I don't want you or your family involved with my personal affairs.. And I have to go back to the place I belong to." He explained. "And also... I'm not really a human, but a Faunus who has ability to transform into "puppy" at will."

"Oh I see... That will explain why you were able to go to the bathroom inside in our toilets and able to watch your paws in the sink rather than outside." She stopped crying and had calm down a bit.

"Is that all of your questions to asked me before?"

"Nope just one more... after you made back safety. Are you going to come back to visited us?"

Silver becomes very sadden, he stop hugging her and he help her up. "Ruby.. I don't think I won't be coming back here ever again."

"What.. why?" Ruby becomes very sad.

"It's not you... it's myself... For the past three months with you and your family, were the best things in my life. However.. I don't want you to get involves with my burdens, and I can't tell you what it is since if you knew the truth about me... You will be hurt even more."

"Silver..." she worries.

"Ruby.. Please.. Promise me.. you won't tell your family especially your sister and your father about my true identity or my where bouts." he plead Ruby.

"I promise.."

"Good... but before I go. Do you still have the gift that was leave by your bed?" he asked her.

"Yes.. but I didn't know who would belong to. I know it's not from one of my family" she replied.

"Open it. I'm sure you will love it what inside."

As Ruby open the decorated gift and she was be overwhelming with excellent. Inside of the small box was a beautiful red rose hairpin.

"Wow! I love it so much!" say Ruby, excited in delight.

"Happy Valentine, Ruby."

"Thank you very much for this pretty gift. How or where did you get it?"

"I actually bought it at a jewelry and accessory shop close to Signal Academy because the rose hairpin remind me of you."

Ruby is full of joy and yet sadness the gift that Silver give her as both is wonderful and yet it feels like a departing gift. She smiled at him, teary-eyes.

Suddenly she heard a familiar voice somewhere nearby "Ruby! Where are you?"

"Yang?.." she shocked.

"I hope my dear Ruby is alright. Why would she come here. It's dangerous at night." say Summer, worried.

"Don't worry, honey.. We will find our daughter." Taiyang comfort his wife.

"Mommy.. and Daddy too?"

Silver comes close to Ruby and whisper to her ear and said, "Go to them.. they need you."

As Ruby was about to turn around to Silver and to ask him about what does he means, but Silver wasn't here as if he vanished from thin air. She was become emotionally confused after his departure.

Before she breaks down in tears, she heard Silver's voice one last time.

"Don't cry, Ruby, even if we are apart from each other... I'm sure we will meet again in the near future."

"'Silver..." she wiped the tears from eyes and calm down. In her heart, she trust his kind words to her, knowing they will meet again somehow.

"Ruby there you are! Where were you? You know it's dangerous to be here. You got a lot explaining to do-"

She embraced her mother, warmly.

"Ruby? Is something wrong? Where's Ein?" Yang questioned her.

"He found his family and went back to their home." she lied.

She holds the present Silver gave her tightly a while she holding her emotions.

The following day... Silver's cousin pick him up and drop him off to his next mission in somewhere near Vale. Where he unexpectedly see his uncle. The same appearance he last saw him, His shallow golden eyes short silver hair, a scar across his left eye, and his Faunus trait wolf tail. He wears a platinum suit with black collar shirt. Right next to him is a young women with short sky blue dye wavy hair with some of natural hair color orange showing on the back is her hair, but the color of her eyes are unknown since she wears Grimm mask to conceal part of her face, her Faunus trait to appear to be fox ears.

"Uncle.. What are you doing here?" He coldly question him.

"Is this how you greet your me, your dear uncle. I'm so glad you're alright and well." He said, sarcastically.

"Don't pretend you care about me. You want me dead to begin with after my Dad's disappearance." He seems disgusted by his Uncle lies.

"I'm not.. If you have died... It will break my heart."

"Let just get it over it. So who do you want me to kill." He asked.

"Oh so my son tells you some detail about the mission, but he didn't tell you who." He smirked.

"You guys keep saying that, who is the person I know?!"

"I'll bring him right now. Fei bring the poor soul now."

"Yes sure." say Fei.

As she brought the prisoner, she untie the bag around his head and remove it revealing that Silver was horrified and shocked to see.

"No it can't be... Father?!" His eyes widened.

His Father in terrible bad shape with so many scars, bruises, and burns all over his body with only wearing trouser in tears and cuts. His feet is covered in blood, his arms in chains to his back, and his face he has blood from his forehead and cheeks. He wears a bandages on his wrist, chest, legs, and covering his left eye.

"I can't believe this.. You're alive. How does this happened."

He turned to his Uncle and glared at him.

"You did kidnap my father, and torture my him... How could you.. "

"I did it out of jealousy and hatred. I knew one day I will take over the White Fang. "

"You cold heartless monster!" he yelled.

"S-Silver..." he say, with concerned expression upon his face.

"Father, it's okay.. don't talk.. save your strength."

"Son.. this is a trap.. you must hurry.. and warn Sum-" before he can finish his sentences, his brother kick him in the back.

"Silence Siber.. I don't want you to ruin the surprise."

"What surprised? Not only you want me kill my father, but there was someone else as well?" he questioned him.

"Yes.. there is. I send a concern fake mission request that my brother's master will surely accepted." he explained to Silver.

"What request? What did you wrote?"

"It said, "Please help find my Father. The last time I saw him was in somewhere near Vale and he never come back. Please come! signed Silver Helsing"

"What?! No.. I never send that request... then that's mean.."

"Yes the second person I want you to next is Summer Rose."

Silver express with great fear and worry as he doesn't want Ruby's mother, Summer to get involved. "No.. Not her.. Leave her out of this."

"Huh? How do you know Summer? You never met her.. Unless." he looks suspicious toward him.

"No.. I don't know her." Silver lied try to retain his composure toward him.

"Really? You seems very shocked and scared when I mention her. If you don't tell me what's your connection toward her, then I'll just bring her."

"Uncle, what are you doing?" he question him, scared.

Silver's uncle suddenly disappear into thin air.

He was overwhelmed shocked.

Meanwhile somewhere far away from Patch.

Summer headed to her destination for her mission. Although, for some reason, she became suspicious about the mission she accept. 'Why do I get a feeling this is a trap. Whatever it is. I will take the risk in order to save Siber, my familiar.'

Suddenly she felt like someone was following her.

"Who's there?" she said, serious.

Revealing was her former friend, ally and family, Silbermünzen.

"You.. Where's my familiar.. Where's Siber, Münzen?" she said, serious.

"You will be joining him soon, my dear." he grin.

Before she can take her weapon. She was knock out from behind and lost conscious.


After a minutes.. His uncle reappear with Summer, tied up from the back, and unconscious.

"Miss Rose!" he yelled, worried.

"So you do know her. Not a big surprise." he say, sarcastic.

"You monster.. you want me to kill her Miss Rose too?! What reason you want my father and Miss Rose dead?!" he glared.

"Revenge... Their the two people who ruined my life." he explained. "Your father become Summer's familiar right before me and responsible of awakening her powers.. that she stop aging and remain the same forever."

Sliver was horribly shocked, and yet, feels sorry for her.

Siber remain silent.

His uncle continues.. "As for Summer Rose.. She choose a human over a faunus, who always protect her since the day she was born even though I wasn't chosen her to be my master."

One of the white fang soldier gave Silver a sword that he will need to kill off his assigning targets.

"Now you know my reason, Silver. I'll give you one more chance to redeem yourself of the White Fang. You'll have two choices: Kill your father and Summer, or be killed by me for your betrayal."

Silver hesitate whether or not he should obey him of killing the two precious people who raise and be treat as part of a family. Despite of knowing the whole truth of his father's disappearance.

"Sliver.. Don't let your uncle get to you. You don't have to listen to want he says "

He turn out and see Summer regain conscious a while she is still retain. She looks calm and look at him with concern eyes.

"You knew who I was?" he question her, curiously.

"Oh course I do. How can I not know you're my familiar and guardian's son. You remind of me of him when he was in his wolf form, and his heartwarming, and brave personality. I know you will make the right choice because you were so kind to my younger daughter Even if you choose the dark path like him... I will respect your decision and accept my fate." she replied, warming.

"Summer..." Siber shed a single tear on his right eye after he was touched by his master's words toward his son.

"It's alright Siber.. It's my fault that you end up like this... I'm so sorry. I shouldn't have part ways with you after Raven's disappearances and Team STRQ disbanded. If I let you to stay by your side, then you won't be suffering." she apologize him, sincerely.

"Summer.. It's was never your fault. I should be the one.. to apologize." he speak, weakly.

"Cut the warm and dovey conversation you two! You're distracting my nephew!" he yelled at them.

The two stay quiet, but they have their eyes on Silver to make an important decision.

"I..I.." say Silver, still hesitating.

"Well?" he grows annoyed.

"I don't want to kill the the people who raised me and take me in! Their my family and I won't be taking orders from the likes of you!" he shout in determined. He quickly use the sword and cut the ropes that binds Summer so she can reach her weapon to the cut the chains on Siber and quickly carry him to somewhere safe.

"YOU BACKSTABBING LITTLE TRAITOR!" he grows extremely angry toward his nephew and punch him in the stomach and throw him at the cliff.

"Silver!" say Summer and Siber, in union

As Silver fall at a cliff, he close his eyes and he wonders, what he did was right and save one of the people he cares deeply about rather than becoming a murder like his uncle. He wish he could see Ruby's loving smile again.

"Don't give up all hope, kid" say familiar voice.

Silver open eyes, where he found himself been carry by someone he unexpect to to see was Ruby and Yang's Uncle, Qrow, just a nick of time to save him from falling. "Mr. Brawen?!"

"Qrow?! How did you find us?" she say, surprised.

"I places a tracer on Silver's handkerchief where he wasn't looking before his departure." he explained.

"You what?!" he quickly take off his gloves and desperately search underneath his handkerchief until he finds it. The small tracker looks like a small raven bird with it's red eyes, blinking and beep.

"I knew something was off.. that's why I was following you around after you left yesterday. At first, I was suspicious whether or not if you were really Siber's son or just a look alike, but now I know you're the real deal when you decide to spare your father and Summer. Man, you really are like your old man, brave, kind, caring and a crybaby."

"Hey! I'm not a crybaby! and neither is my son, Qrow!" said Siber, annoyed.

"I know... I was half-kidding. Can you just take a joke." Qrow chuckled.

Siber still annoyed at Qrow, but feels a little relieved to see him again.

"Qrow.. What are you doing here."

"Oh it's good to see you too. Still hot headed and impatient as ever." say Qrow, sarcastically.

"Are you here to stop with my plans?" he asked.

"Oh no.. I'm here to stop all of your plans. Especially when you forced your nephew of almost killing one of my former teammates and friend."

"Fine then.. so is that what's going to be. You're always a cool-headed as ever." he glare at Qrow.

"Men! capture my nephew and my brother! Make sure you torture them until their last breath!" he commanded his soldiers, and they head toward them ready their swords and guns.

Summer protect them with some kind of invisible silver white barrier she projector that no weapon can't be broken from the inside. She manages to knock several soldier and send them flying. She gave Silver and Siber, a relieved smile a while both of them was uncertain and confused what was she doing to do.

"Don't worry my barrier will keep you safe until the battle is over." she says, calmly.

"Summer.. don't tell me. Are you going to face Münzen?! Please don't do this! He's not like from before. He's has unbelievable new power that you're unfamiliar with." Siber begged her.

Silver was confused of why was his father scared and worried about his uncle. He wonders, 'What did uncle Münzen did to father after the past three months.'

"I'm sorry, Siber. I have to.. it's my fault he's like this and I'm going to fix this even if it's impossible." Summer determined.

Summer uses her presumably semblance to sprout out her aura-like wings from her back and fly fast toward Sibermünzen a while Qrow is facing the other White Fang members.

"Miss Rose.." say Silver, sadden.