The party began at two with wild vivid music and warm laughter. Everyone was enjoying themselves, but I could still feel the sad. I could still feel the sad and anger from my friends. Both emotions were because I was leaving, and I wouldn't be here for everything that I've promised them. Now my promises are out of the window for a bigger one. One I didn't know when I made the smaller ones. Now I wish that I could be there for Sam's Halloween haunting, or Blythes 13-year ghoul party where she officially gets her haunting licenses from her father. I wanted to be there for all of that, but now I knew I couldn't. I needed air, I needed to get out of here for just a moment.

So, I walked away from the party and to my favorite spot on the land of my parents. I took the time I needed for feeling bad until I thought about how close that monster was to my family for all I knew he could be celebrating with them right now and I wouldn't know. How could he do this to a kid? What kind of monster messes with a kid? I shrugged it off and looked at the party happening. I watched Blythe walk towards me with a smile I waved her over.

"Why are you here when the party is over there?"

"I wanted some space all that fun was getting to me." I said honestly and looked over the hill to where my family was. I wanted it to stay like this. To freeze in this moment.

"Would you like your gift from me now?"

"Of course I do! Who wouldn't?"

She handed me a box. "Here." She laughed and nudged me with her shoulder "It'll be a constant reminder of home. So you never forget."

I opened it and it was a photograph of all of us. Me, Blythe, Loc, Stoc, Barrell, and Sam. We were all laughing about something childish, but that what kids were supposed to do laugh about childish things laugh about things that were small and odd an weird. Laugh about things that were supposed to be funny. Not go off and defend a school full of magic against someone who knew how to use it better than they did. Or at least that what it seemed like and I really didn't want to cause any trouble… I just wanted to go and learn so when the time came I could defeat him.

"Are you nervous?"

"Can't you tell?"

"Yes… And you're very nervous. Will you miss us?"

"Not with this I won't."


"It's just a picture I know, but it moves. It's something. It will give me hope about my home… My real home and I don't care if it's just a picture or letters. I'll miss this place and I need a constant reminder of what is waiting for me when I finally make it home! When I am finally done, and you have done just that. Thank you, Blythe."

"Think nothing of it Harry it's what I was supposed to do. Make you feel like you are someone special here. Loc Stoc and Sam all chipped in. Barrell was so sad I don't know what to make of it. Maybe you should talk to him before you leave."

We walked back to the party in silence and I seen Barrell sitting there alone while everyone else went into what they'll miss most about the Pumpkin Prince of Halloween. About how hard it will be without me and how sad it will be without me in classes etc etc. I sat beside Barrell. "They don't know we used to put frogs in the coffee."

"Or we'd play paper football during lectures."

"Or we turned Pinprick pie into pumpernickel and it always tasted like bread and they never understood why. Those vampire sisters were annoying."

"They were the worst."

"Now who will I share that with?"

"Me. You can write me every day. I know I'll do the same."

"What if you make a new best friend?"

"He'll never take the spot of my first one." I promised "You're my best friend and I'm not going to forget you, honestly I wish I could take you with me, so I wouldn't feel so alone. But I can't if something happened to you I'd never forgive myself."

"Harry." Jack said sullenly "It's time."

The gate was gold and green. Beautiful really. It had a lion, a badger, a snake, and a raven hanging above it. "It's august there. So you're going to meet a man named Hagrid and you two are going to go on an adventure of your own. Holidays and things will be hard… But you can come and visit as long as you wear this. It has to be recharged with pumpkin brew and I packed you some in this bag." Sally handed me a sown up bag full of odds and ends from my room. "We want you to have a piece of home."

"I love you guys. I love you all."

"We love you too." They said and began to wave me off. I walked to the gate and my hand outstretched. I wanted to be with them. I'd miss them so much. I ran back and gave them one last hug and then like a bandaid I walked into the gate. I reminded myself, this isn't goodbye, this was until we meet again.