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The Return

Story by Kyoka Suigetsu Totsuka

Chapter 7: My Promise

In deafening silence, the night slowly vanished and the bright sun rose from the horizon. The sunlight casted a coat of warmth over the Town of Kuoh, but did nothing but extend the shadow that towered over Naruto. Laying in the darkness that lived hidden from all else, all he could feel was the pain coming from his chest. Pulsating and bloodied, Naruto watched as his body worked to heal the wound, but the pain was only getting worse. Not the physical pain, but the pain that came with his heart being in pieces.

Never in his short life had he ever imagined that the woman he loved would hurt him so much, and he hadn't even considered the possibility that the first women he had ever fallen in love with would turn out to be some kind of biblical monster. It didn't matter how hard he tried to rationalize his thoughts; his eidetic memory seemed to enjoy showing him the black wings that sprouted from her back, and the sight of her green eyes slowly bleeding to blood red.

For hours, he stared through his window, watching the moon fade away into the brighter light, wondering what had happened to him. And it was after hours of painful thinking and sullen whining of his own powerless body that he came to realize that there was no way for him to rationally deduce what happened. His mind syphoned through all the words he read in all his medical science and biology books, and none could even remotely explain what he saw. It wasn't until morning, as he watched the sun rise from what seemed to be another world, did he think back to his early learning.

As his eyes shifted to the high sky, he thought back to his lessons at church.

'A demon,' Naruto pondered, silently in pain, 'Could she actually be a demon?'

In the past few days, it was as if Naruto's accumulated scientific knowledge was useless. It was painfully clear that science could not explain many things, like Asia's healing powers or his own eyes, and he couldn't help but think back to his parents' words.

With tense hands, Naruto managed to reach for his phone. The dial-tone was uncomfortably loud after such a long silence, and it took four rings for the other side to answer.


"Hello, mom," his voice came out raspy and aged.

"Naruto?" came the voice of Griselda, much more tender than usual. "Are you alright? You sound terrible."

"Mom," he started with a fearful pause, "Do demons actually exist?" A long silence came between the call, and Naruto felt his own anxiety increase and the silence become more and more unbearable. "Please tell me, mom. I need to know."

"Did something happen to you?"

Naruto could no longer take it and slammed his fist into the wall, "JUST TELL ME!" He let his anger and frustration pour out and threw the nearest pillow across the room. "DO DEMONS EXIST?!"

Griselda's breathing was calm and composed, "Yes, they really do exist." Naruto bit down on his lips and shut his eyes, the pain in his heart throbbing with every beat. "Demons, which I usually call Devils are real. I have seen many in my life. As I have always taught you, there is a natural balance in the world between light and darkness. Devils are creatures of the dark, and as members of the Church, we stand by the pure light, God and his angels."

Rubbing his eyes before opening them, Naruto furrowed his brows as he spoke, "Are they evil?"

"Devils are creatures of greed, lust and desire. They tempt humans to do evil in order to spite our Lord. They are our natural enemies, so yes, they are evil."

"All of them?" he whispered, almost fearfully.

"Naruto, what is going on? I know something must have happened. Did you…encounter a devil?" Griselda concern was clear in her voice, "You can tell your mother anything. If you really did encounter a devil, I can help you."

"Sorry, mom." Naruto cleared his throat, "I need to go. I'll talk to you later."

Without letting his mother continue, Naruto ended the call, and silence once again became overbearing. Running his hands roughly through his hair, he grunted in frustration and threw his phone on his bed. He pointlessly wandered in his room, turning on the balls of his feet, trying to find a semblance of normalcy in a wreck of twisted reality.

Falling to his desk chair, he slowly calmed by listening to the ticking of his clock, his heartrate slowing with each passing second. As his frustration and anger faded away with the testosterone levels in his blood, he closed his eyes. For the first time in a long while, Naruto tried to clear his mind.

Very naturally, he fell to his knees by his bedside.

'Dear Lord,' he spoke in his mind as his fingers interlocked, 'Please guide this lost lamb of yours. I don't know what to do. I don't know what is going on anymore.' It had been years since his last prayer, but it felt like confiding in an old friend. 'My life has been flipped upside-down in the last two days. It's all happening so suddenly. First Asia-chan comes to live with me, and on the same day, I get stabbed by that crazy person. I don't know if one of your angels saved me, but somehow Asia-chan appeared next to me and used some heavenly healing power to save my life. These things I can learn to accept, but why did Rias have to turn out like this?!' Naruto grunted and kneed his bed in anger, 'I love her, I truly love her. Why did the one person who I thought of as my angel turn out to be a devil?' He shook his head and gritted his teeth, 'Please, God, show me what I should do.'

All was silent, and no mystical calling appeared before him.

'I know…I know Rias isn't evil. It might be stupid of me to think that, but…but my gut tells me that she didn't want to hurt me, and I know beyond a doubt that she loves me. All this time, we were so happy. I know some will just call me naïve and stupid, but I am in love with her. I love her so much that even now I want to hold her. But…dammit!' Naruto slammed his fist down onto his bed and cracked his bed frame with his knee. 'I don't know what to do.'

At the silence, Naruto cried out in frustration. "Please, just give me a sign!"

At his call there was a knock on his door.

"N-Naruto-san, are you okay?"

"Asia-chan," Naruto managed to whisper. "I'm sorry, Asia-chan, but I don't feel very good right now. Give me a few minutes."

Much to his surprise, his door opened and he saw Asia stand by his door. She looked oddly determined, but that quickly vanished when she squeaked and turned at the sight of his nakedness. Naruto quickly put on his bathrobe, feeling awkward more than surprised.

"S-Sorry." Asia managed to break the silence first. "I got a bad feeling just now that you needed my help, so I couldn't wait."

Naruto's eyes widened for a second, 'Did…did she just hear my prayer'

With a shaky hand and hesitant eyes, Asia pointed to his chest. "Just let me heal that wound for you."

The older blond merely sighed and sat down on his bed, "Okay, sure."

The girl smiled as she approached her brother, but frowned when she saw the wound. She quickly hovered her hands above his chest and channeled her focus until a soft green glow covered the bloodied area. Once again, Naruto watched in fascination as the damaged cells regenerate before his eyes. In just a few seconds, the pain was completely gone and there wasn't even a red spot left on his chest.

"Thank you, Asia-chan."

She smiled up at her brother, her green eyes twinkling with innocence and joy. "You don't have to thank me."

"Aren't you going to ask me what happened?" Naruto fixed his robe and stared down at the floor.

Asia shook her head, "It's none of my business. All I care about is making sure you're not hurt."

Naruto smiled at his sister and ruffled her hair, and the two new siblings sat together in silence. He turned to look at Asia, and found her small smile to be very comforting. She was simply staring off into space, her lips curled into a natural grin, and after an entire night of confusion and anger, he finally found peace. In Asia's presence, he could finally relax and calm his mind. She really was like his own guardian angel.

Which was why he felt comfortable talking to her.

"Do you believe in the Devil?" Seeing the shocked expression on Asia's face, Naruto quickly corrected himself. "I mean do you believe that the Devil actually exists?"

Asia's face rested into her natural smile as she nodded. "Of course."

Naruto was surprised at her quick answer, "I get that it's what we grew up learning, but how are you so sure?"

"Because I met one myself."

"Wait, what?"

Asia tilted her head in confusion, "Did mother never tell you why I was expelled from the Vatican City Academy?"

Naruto slowly shook his head, "No, and I never asked." But it dawned on Naruto just how strange it was for any school to expel someone as angelic and sweet as Asia. He couldn't even imagine the girl stepping on an ant, much less do anything that would result in expulsion. "If you don't mind telling me, what happened?"

Asia stared down at her lap, "I was expelled because…because I saved the life of a devil."

Naruto was utterly lost for words.

"I had never been anything but grateful for having my powers." The girl stared at her hands as she spoke, "Ever since I was a little girl I had the power to save lives, and I knew it was the Lord who gave me this gift. So I never once refused to heal anyone, no matter their background. I healed everyone from school children to convicts in prison, even if the Church Elders sometimes don't let me act on my own."

Naruto smiled and nodded, "You will be an amazing doctor, Asia-chan."

Asia's smiled brightened, "I don't consider any life different from any other. A life is a life, and no matter who that life belongs to, it is worth saving." She bit her lower lip, "But that isn't what the elders think. So one day when I found a man bleeding and dying on the ground, I went to save him. I didn't stop, not even when I saw his black wings and felt his demonic power." Naruto couldn't help but reach out and held onto Asia's shaking hand. "I didn't stop because I knew he needed my help, and even though he is someone who stands against our Lord. I know that if the Lord was in my position, He would do the same thing. Because no matter what, he considers even Devils and Fallen Angels His children, and he would do anything to save their lives."


The girl turned and gave Naruto another smiled, "Devils are real, Naruto-san. And like many humans they are merely poor souls who have lost their ways. And I only wish that the elders thought the same way I do." She grew red and shyly added, "I-I don't mean to sound so arrogant, though."

The older brother shook his head, "No, you're completely right."

"Thank you."

"So," started Naruto, still holding onto Asia's hand. "You think it is possible for devils to be good? Is it possible for them to love?"

Asia stared at her brother with her emerald eyes and merely smiled, "Of course! Everyone is capable of love."

Naruto sighed with a soft smile, "Thank you."

"Gabriel, listen to me!"

The foundations of Heaven shook under the immense power of the Seraph. Gabriel glared at her older brother as her ten wings vibrated with power, sending tremors throughout the Holy Land. It took Michael nearly all he had to hold Gabriel in place, and it was getting increasingly difficult to not get scorched by her light.

"This has gone on long enough!" Gabriel flared her power and everyone in her vicinity was nearly blinded by the holy light. "I don't care what you say, Michael. That devil tried to turn our little brother into a devil! Do you have any idea what that could have done to him?! His powers haven't even begun to sprout, and she could have destroyed his soul doing what she did!"

"But she didn't!" Michael was forced to retaliate, and his own twelve golden wings soothed the violent white light that threatened to destroy their home. "And she didn't know any better! Naruto is fine, and there is still a chance for this alliance to work out!"

Angels in Heaven all fled from the clash of their leaders' power, and soon the two Seraphs were alone in their personal level of Heaven.

"We don't need this alliance!" Gabriel tore away from one of her brother's wings, but was quickly held back again. "All we need is for Naruto to stay safe. He is a cradle of Father's power, our legacy. When he matures, we will once again become the greatest power in existence!"

"And you know that doesn't mean anything!" Michael had enough and flared his own full power. Golden light overwhelmed the white and Gabriel was forced to step back. Calmly, Michael placed a caring hand on Gabriel's shoulder and gently held her other. "Dear Sister, you know that we need this alliance. If what Father predicted comes to pass, Naruto cannot face it alone." Gabriel refused to meet her brother's eyes, but he continued. "We have a chance to bring our entire family back together, just as it was in the Beginning. If we want to continue our Legacy, to keep Father's creation alive, we need the support of all of His children."

Gabriel calmed her power, and Michael released her, but she still refused to look at him. "It shouldn't be all for Naruto to carry. This responsibility falls upon us, not our little brother. And I cannot for one second longer leave him in the dark and not tell him anything!" Tears welled in her eyes when she finally turned to glare at Michael. "He's just a child, and he's living in the middle of a town festered with devils and fallen angels. He doesn't know who he is and what they are. And I am sick of lying to him about it!"

"Fine, we will tell him everything and send in our people to protect him." Michael sighed, and raised his hand when Gabriel tried to interrupt. "But not right away. Give me one week. In one week I will have Griselda tell him of our world, and of our current situation." The Archangel stared at his sister, "And if you feel he is ready, you can tell him of his heritage and who he really is, but only when you feel he is ready. I will trust your judgement."

Gabriel managed a smile, "Thank you, brother."

"As for protection, I do not want you or Griselda handling it." Michael stopped Gabriel's interruption again, "Regardless of power, I still value this alliance above all else, and you and Griselda are too high profile and will be instantly recognized. We will send in some of our rookie Holy Sword Users, and I believe two of them are already close with Asia Argento."

Gabriel conceded, "Fine, I will organize that right away."

"Make sure that they know of what we are trying to do. Unless Naruto is put in immediate danger by Rias Gremory or any of her peerage, they are not to antagonize them whatsoever." Michael looked stern at this, "This is the direct order of the Archangel, and I expect everyone to follow this rule." Gabriel huffed, but Michael wasn't finished. "If anything, everyone involved on our side of the board will try to protect Naruto and Rias Gremory's relationship. Their bond and potential marriage is the only bridge between us and the devils."

"I understand," muttered Gabriel.

Michael sighed with a smile, "Good." He fondly ruffled Gabriel's hair, and poked her forehead, smiling at her pout. "Now stop throwing tantrums and go make sure our little brother will be fine."


For the first time in a long time, Akeno had no idea how to talk to her King. In all her years as a Devil, she understood Rias more than anyone. They were sisters in everything but blood, and there were no limits between them. But Akeno found herself standing in front of Rias' door, her hands shaking and unable to open the door. She found herself afraid of what she'd find behind the door, and it that realization scared her more than she expected.

But nonetheless, with the worry of everyone else in their peerage on her shoulders, Akeno gently stepped into Rias' room.

"Hey," whispered the Queen as she slowly approached her King, "Are you hungry? I made your favorite."

There was no answer, and in the darkness of the room, Akeno only heard faint breathing. It wasn't until she was standing by Rias' bedside that she saw her best friend. Her eyes were as red as her hair, and the light, that sparkle that Akeno adored was no longer there. Wrapped in a cocoon of a thick red comforter, Rias trembled. It broke Akeno's heart to see Rias so broken.

"Rias," Akeno whispered, but once again there was no answer. Tears welled in Akeno's eyes as she carefully sat down on the bed, gently scooting close to Rias. "Please, talk to me."

Tears started to fall from Rias' eyes, "I lost him." Her voice was raspy and aged, nothing like her usual confident and vibrate self. "I lost him," she whispered again, her voice now trembling.

"No," Akeno sobbed as she wrapped her arms around Rias, kissing the side of her head, "No, everything will be okay. You know that Naruto loves you, and you will never lose him."

Rias shut her eyes as tears flooded out, her shoulders now shaking as she sobbed, "I lost him!" She cried as her power flared out of control, but Akeno held on. "HE'S SCARED OF ME, AKENO! WHEN HE SAW ME, HE SAW A MONSTER!" Rias' hands were shaking and she could barely hold on to her blanket. "And he's right to see that."

"You are not a monster, Rias." Akeno was very stern, "And Naruto is wrong if he sees that in you."

After a long silence, Rias whispered, "I hurt him, Akeno."

"Huh?" Akeno held Rias closer, "What do you mean?"

"None of my powers worked on him – none of them." The tears were ever-flowing from Rias' eyes, and she didn't even bother to wipe them dry. "I tried everything. I tried to wipe his memory of last night, I tried to use my knight piece again, then my rook piece and then the bishop. No matter what I did, there is something preventing my power to enter his body." Rias choked back a loud sob as she burned away a part of her blanket. "But I didn't stop."

Akeno bit her lip and kissed Rias' head, gently stroking her hair. "You were desperate."

"I tried to force my power into him, and it really hurt him." Rias grabbed her hair and cried, "I can't stop hearing his voice begging me to stop! Whenever I close my eyes I see him looking at me…he looks so betrayed!" She sobbed into her hands, trembling all over. "I b-betrayed him," she choked out.

Akeno once again had no idea what to say.

"I couldn't accept not spending my life with him," Rias managed between breaths, "When I found out about the termination of my marriage contract, I was so happy. For the entire night I thought about how I can now marry the man I love and we can spend our lives together." Akeno could only hold onto Rias' hand as she continued, "I-I actually started thinking of where we could live as a married couple. I dreamt of us buying our own little house in France or England, and of Naruto and I having our own clinic." She choked back a sob and turned away, "I even started thinking about baby names."

Akeno wiped her own tears away and managed to speak, "Y-You can still have that."

Rias shook her head, "No…"

"It is done, Sirzechs-sama."

Deep within the Underworld, the Red Satan nodded at his wife. In the solitude of their home, Sirzechs gently removed the lace headpiece from his wife's head, and kissed her softly on the forehead, smiling as she sighed and rested against his chest. As much as he respected Grayfia's decision to serve the Gremory Family, he wanted her as his wife, especially during troubled times.

Grayfia gave her husband and kiss before speaking, "We may have stopped Okaa-sama from visiting Rias for now, but we don't have long. I know she is suspecting something, and soon she will find out."

"Sorry, I know this has been hard on you." Sirzechs led his wife to their bed and gently removed her uniform. "But we simply cannot let anyone get in the way of Rias and that young man. If it comes to it I can handle Okaa-sama, and I can even get Otou-sama to help as well. What we have to make sure is that no one from the Underworld can discover what is really happening."

"The illusion barrier is still working, so no familiars will be able to see anything inside Kuoh Town, but it is still a temporary solution. Rias doesn't have much time left, so we have to prepare our offer for Heaven as soon as possible."

"It has already been done." The Satan lifted their covers and pulled his wife into his warm embrace, "We will offer them Rias' hand in marriage to their own young hopeful. If everything goes right, I know they will be willing to negotiate with us."

Grayfia snuggled against her husband, "That's good."

"Now we just have to wait for the right time." Sirzechs smiled, "I'll send a request to Michael for a meeting, but we cannot let anyone know of our contact before then. I will coordinate with Ajuka and he will be able to cover for me then."

After a moment of silence, Grayfia decided to ask, "How do you think everyone will react to this?"

"Definitely very shocked at first, but they will learn to accept that this alliance is necessary, and this feud has gone on long enough. The original Satans are gone, and so should our hatred for Heaven. We have to accept the fact that we all need each other if we are to survive what is coming." Sirzechs then chuckled, "And I know Okaa-sama will be very unhappy at first, but she did say that she wants Rias to find a good man, and I don't think we can ever find a better person than the Son of God."

Grayfia sighed, "I don't think she meant that kind of goodness." She turned to face her husband, "And we don't even know if Rias can manage to fix her relationship with him yet. We're lucky her Magical Power isn't powerful enough to permanently damage his soul. She would have started a full scale war."

Sirzechs smiled, "Don't worry. I have a lot of faith in those two."

"But why?"

"Because they're just like us, and we turned out perfectly." Grayfia couldn't help but smile at her goofball husband. "And let's not talk about them anymore."

Grayfia giggled as Sirzechs pulled the covers over them, both trying to fulfill their promise to their little boy of giving him a sibling.

Approaching the Old School House, Naruto felt like he truly saw it for the first time. He had passed by the old building countless time in the few years he had been a student, but never had he truly paid attention to it. Now he felt a very peculiar presence from the gothic home of the Occult Research Club. It was dark and gloomy, and no less intimidating than the dark energy he felt from Rias.

But now he couldn't care less about it.

Without thinking, he pushed his way through the door, not caring that they slammed into the walls. He knew he was loud, but he ran his way up the stairs, not once searching for other people. He knew Rias was on the top floor, in the office she had told him about so many times before. There was desperation behind each of his steps, as if he could lose Rias if he was too slow. So he didn't stop for anything, not even when a certain person he despised tried to stop him.

"You bastard!" Turning into the main hallway, Naruto was confronted by Issei. "What the hell did you do to Buchou?!"

"I have no time for you," muttered Naruto, his anger once again rising from within.

"The hell you don't!" Issei pulled on Naruto's collar and glared at him, "You made her cry!"

For the first time in his life, Naruto slammed his fist into someone else's body. He watched with clear distinction as his knuckles slam into Issei's abdomen, forcing his muscles aside and nearly straining his stomach. But the man still didn't let go, so Naruto punched again. This time he watched as his fist knock Issei's jaw out of its socket, and as his anger rose, he kicked Issei away from him

"Naruto-san, what are you doing?"

Naruto looked ahead and saw who he recognized as Kiba and Koneko, both members of Rias' club.

"Let me see Rias."

"She is not feeling well right now," muttered Koneko in a monotone voice. "Let us deliver a message for you."

Naruto grunted, but before he could argue, another voice broke in. "Let him in, Koneko-chan, Kiba-kun." Everyone turned to see Akeno, who's eyes were still red. "Rias needs to see him."

Naruto immediately ran for the door behind Akeno, but he was stopped, "What is it?"

Akeno rested a hand on Naruto's shoulder, tears threatening to fall from her eyes, "Please forgive her. Don't hurt her anymore."

Naruto pushed passed Akeno, "You don't need to tell me."

Akeno watched as Naruto enter Rias' room before she turned to the rest of the peerage. "This is none of our concern." Kiba help Issei to his feet, who was still nursing his face, "There will be no meeting today, so everyone is free to take today off. Go home and leave them be." Akeno raise her hand to stop Issei from speaking, "This is an order, Issei-kun. Go home."

A large red magic circle enveloped the group and everyone was teleported away from the Old School House.

Rias woke from her dream, and sobbed as reality rushed back. She clenched her blanket against her chest as her heart broke for the hundredth time in one night. She closed her eyes, almost desperate to return to her dream of still being together with the love of her life, and away from the nightmare that was her reality. In her dream, she never hurt him, never betrayed him. They still shared his little home, talking and making love, happy and content. He would hold her in his arms, kiss her as tenderly as he possibly could, and whisper those three words in her ear.

"I love you."

She sobbed at his voice rang in her mind, and desperately shook her head as tears fell from her closed eyes. She wanted her dream, but couldn't bear to wake again and discover such a reality. As if fate wanted to play a cruel joke on her, she woke whenever he whispered those words. Words she'd never hear in reality.

She choked back a sob and whispered against her pillow, "I love you so much."

"I love you."

Rias' cries echoed through the room, and she wanted to die.

But it was quite miraculous that with only one touch, her reality could turn from her nightmare to her dream. Her eyes slowly opened, as if she was terrified of what she'd see. But the soft touches on her cheek encouraged her to go on. And when she opened her eyes and saw, tears once again fell.

"I'm sorry to wake you up like that, but I didn't know what else to say." Gentle fingers wiped her tears dry as they refused to stop. "I love you, Rias."

"N-Naruto…" she whispered, refusing to believe her eyes, refusing to fall for another dream that would break her heart.

"Please stop crying," he whispered as he gently caressed her cheek, "Please, I'm right here."

Shaking badly, Rias slowly reached up and felt his warm hand on her cheek. "Naruto?"

Refusing to let his own tears fall, Naruto planted a kiss of her forehead and pulled her into a tight hug. "It's me, Rias. It's really me." He ran his fingers through her hair like he'd do every night in their bed and whispered gently in her ear, "I'm right here."

Rias let out a silent gasp, trembling in his arms.

Naruto felt his heart clench, then break as she shook. "Rias."

"Naruto," she whispered.

He kissed her head, "I'm right here."

Out of desperation, Rias wrapped her arms around Naruto as tightly as she could and cried into his chest. Tears soaked his shirt as she sobbed against his chest. "I'm sorry! I'm so sorry! I-I didn't mean to hurt you like that!" Naruto wrapped his arms around her just as tightly, kissing her hair again and again. "I'm sorry, I'm sorry…" she went on and on until her breath ran out, gasping loudly as she trembled. "I'm so sorry."

"It's okay," he whispered, "I'm fine."

"I-I didn't want to lose you," she choked out.

Ever so gently, he loosened their hug and kissed her cheek, "You'll never lose me." He ran his thumb across her soft cheek, "Please look at me."

Very hesitantly, Rias looked into the blue eyes she loved more than life, and sobbed when she did. "I-I love you, Naruto. I won't ever h-hurt you again."

"I made you a promise, remember? We'll be together forever, and I will never leave you." Brushing her tears away, he kissed her as lovingly as he could on her lips. "I love you, Rias." Rias held onto Naruto's shirt like a lifeline as she trembled, "I will love you forever."

The End!

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