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Chapter 2

"Well – this is… cosy," Georg remarked, as he perched, with his hands flat on top of the bedcovers at the foot of the bed and bounced up and down a couple of times as if checking the firmness of the mattress.

Maria stood open mouthed in the doorway. The fact that she could glance from one side of the room to the other without even moving her head, she found very disconcerting.

"It isn't even as big as my cell at the Abbey," she grumbled to herself, although Georg overheard her.

"You should feel quite at home then, Fraulein," he smirked with a sideways glance, noticing Maria's obvious discomfort. "Although, I'm not sure they have double beds in postulant's cells," he winked at her and chuckled to himself as he saw her cheeks flush for the umpteenth time that evening.

She was no longer concentrating on what he was saying. Watching him intently while he turned down the bedclothes, she began to recall a recent dream. In fact, over the last few weeks when she had drifted off into a fitful sleep, her dreams had been invaded by many similar scenarios where she and the Captain had found themselves alone together for one reason or another. Her mind wandered to one particularly vivid dream.

He stood behind her, naked apart from a towel tied around his waist. She felt his breath, warm and moist on the back of her neck. He grasped her shoulders and began to massage the strains of the day out of her knotted muscles. As he whispered the most impossibly erotic things in her ear, which made the hairs on her neck stand on end, gradually his hands skimmed down her arms until they covered her own. Threading his fingers through hers he pulled her arms around her into a tight hug and rested his chin on her shoulder. She could feel the coarse hair of his chest tickling her bare back and as she sighed she tilted her head to one side. His lips found the tender, delicate skin of her neck and he nibbled and kissed his way along to the top of her shoulder. Letting her hands drop to her sides he swept his fingers sensuously over her stomach until they came to rest on her full, soft breasts…

"Fraulein… Fraulein MARIA!" he shouted and her head snapped up as she was wrenched away from her forbidden thoughts.

"Wh… what did you say? Sorry, I was miles away," she blushed, as she could still feel his warm, supple hands on her…

NO, this has to stop, she scolded herself.

"I said… I asked the owner to contact the villa and let everyone know that we are fine but that we won't be back until tomorrow," Georg explained, as he took off his Trachten jacket and draped it over the only chair in the exceedingly cramped room.

"Are you alright? I mean, I know this is less than satisfactory but I'm sure we can make the best of it," he was worried because she seemed distracted, like she often had done when he'd sat with her and tried to make conversation. Now of course, he understood the reasons why she had been so distant.

"Oh, I'm fine. I'm just worried about the children," she shook her head to thoroughly banish the wholly improper images that kept bombarding her thoughts and she smiled at him nervously.

Maria and Georg had already left the overcoats that the driver had given them downstairs in the lounge of the hotel. They had been offered some food by the owner, which they had gratefully accepted before he had shown them to the only room that he had available on this treacherous night. So, she took off her hat and flimsy jacket and stepped into the middle of the room.

"At least there's a bathroom," she observed, as she put her hat and jacket on top of Georg's coat. "I suppose that's something."

"Yes," he beamed, happy that at last she was finding a positive in their less than perfect situation. "So you see, it is better than your cell at the Abbey. I'm sure you don't have en suite bathrooms there!"

Maria gave him a glare and he decided that it would be better not to make any more sarcastic comments until she got used to the idea of staying in the cramped room. In a couple of strides, he walked into the bathroom and peered into the small mirror above the sink.

"It was kind of them to put us up for the evening, don't you think?" he shouted from the bathroom, as he tentatively prodded his bruised cheek to see if the cut had finally stopped oozing blood.

Maria glanced at him as he stood examining his face in the mirror.

"Yes, very kind. I'm not sure what would have become of us if they hadn't come back."

She almost pinched herself to see if the events that were unfolding around her were actually real. Feeling tired and overwhelmed, she went to the edge of the bed and gently sat down.

In the course of only a few short hours her life had changed beyond all recognition. She had finally reached the conclusion; with the help of the Reverend Mother, that she would never be a nun. Both she and her employer had declared their love for one another and shared a kiss. A wonderful, glorious, teasing kiss that she wished had lasted longer and now they were about to spend the night together…

Spend the night together, she groaned, just as they had done so many times before in her dreams. As Maria closed her eyes in dismay, a vision of her handsome Captain, naked apart from towel invaded her mind, once again. Suddenly and without warning, just as Georg was about to remove the last remaining vestige of his decency, the faces of Sister Berthe and Sister Margaretta appeared before her. They were wagging their fingers and shaking their heads in disgust. Maria's eyes flicked open in shock and she brought her hands up to her face.

"Please," Georg pleaded as he joined her on the edge of the bed. "Tell me what's wrong. I thought, after our talk earlier you would be… well, happier than this."

"Oh, I am happy, I really am. I just wish we were back at the villa with the children." Maria stammered as her delicate nerves were beginning to fray.

"Yes, me too. It's funny, there was a time when I spent weeks away from the children and it never troubled me. I feel ashamed to admit that now, but since you came to us I don't even want to spend a minute away from them, or from you." Georg leant over and pressed a soft, sweet kiss on Maria's cheek and warily he slid his arm across her shoulders and pulled her to him in a gentle hug.

Whether she would ever get used to the sensations that coursed through her body every time he touched her, she wasn't certain. She felt warm, secure and the most settled that she had done in a long time. A huge weight seemed to have been lifted from her shoulders. Instead of going to the confessional at the Abbey all she'd had to do was allow Georg to hear her innermost thoughts and then her fears and doubts had all been eased.

Maria pulled away slowly from him, not because she wanted to escape his arms but because she was surprised by the strange sensations that she felt in her stomach. A fluttering that made her both unsettled and excited, but she wasn't yet sure why.

"That looks very sore," Maria grimaced, inspecting his cheek to take her mind of things. "I think you're going to have another scar to join this one," she sighed, as she ran her fingertips across the uneven, ragged skin below his bottom lip.

Georg took her fingers in his and brought them to his lips. He kissed the tip of each one, before bringing her hand to rest on his thigh. Apprehension pierced Maria's sparkling blue eyes but he reassured her that it was perfectly decent to touch him in that way.

The gravity of the situation wasn't lost on Georg. This morning the young woman who had left his house, was to all intents and purposes about to become a nun and yet here he was sitting next to her on a bed, having admitted his love for her. The rogue that he once was would have wasted no time in taking advantage of the situation and her, but the man he was today was respectable, honourable and trust worthy and he would never do anything that would make her feel uncomfortable. He loved her too much, he respected her too much.

"Are you worried about our sleeping arrangements?" he decided to cut to the chase. He doubted that she would want to share a bed with him and he would never expect her to but maybe she didn't know him well enough yet to realise that he would do anything to make her comfortable.

"I wouldn't be being truthful if I didn't admit that it had crossed my mind," Maria blushed again, in fact it was crossing her mind over and over again.

"Well, you will take the bed, obviously and I'll just settle down here on the floor next to the bed. I'm sure there'll be some blankets in the wardrobe, there always are," he smiled reassuringly and saw that Maria's shoulders which had appeared sore and stiff, were slowly starting to relax.

"I can even give you a massage before bed if you like, your shoulders look very tense," he suggested, innocently. "I've been told I'm quite good at it."

Maria almost choked on her own breath as the vision of him approaching her; an Adonis with rippling muscles and bare chest about to scoop her into his arms, came charging back into the forefront of her mind.

"Oh, no, no, that really won't be necessary. I think it might be better if we avoid…" she coughed again, awkwardly, "…if we avoid any – physical contact," she gulped, not quite believing what she had just uttered.

"You do know that I would never touch you without your permission, don't you? I'm really not the same man that Max takes great delight in telling you salacious stories about."

"I know that you would never do anything to hurt me," she smiled. "It's just too… well, it's just that… I can't tell you why I'm so uncomfortable, you'd be disgusted and I don't want you to think badly of me." Maria would rather die than tell him about her dreams and the fact she was more concerned about her own behaviour than his. She never did have any will-power and the temptation of being near the man that she loved would be far too much to resist.

"I would never force you to tell me anything that you weren't happy to. But I'm quite sure that there's nothing that you could say that would shock me. You have to remember that I've been around for a lot longer than you have," he chuckled. "When you've spent time cooped up in a small cabin with a smelly, sweaty and totally uncouth shipmate then there really is nothing more that could possibly disgust me."

Maria smiled but she still wasn't convinced. If he found out that a former postulant and supposedly innocent, naïve young woman had less than appropriate thoughts about him, she was sure that it would put him off at the very least.

Perhaps the best thing to do would be to go to sleep, but then again, no doubt her dreams would return. There was no escape this time but at least dreams were better than reality. However, there lay the problem. She was sure that her Captain would be far, far better in reality and the opportunity to find out was within reach. It was no good, the more she thought about it the worse it was. Sleep was the only option.

"Well, I'm quite tired so I think I might go to bed," she stated abruptly and kicked off her shoes before pulling her legs up under the covers that he had already turned down.

"Surely you aren't going to sleep in your clothes," Georg was surprised but when he thought again he realised that she was probably just bashful.

"Unless I'm mistaken, we haven't got any nightclothes," Maria answered, a hint of sarcasm in her voice.

"Noooooo… we haven't but I'm quite sure that your under garments are plain, sensible, Nonnberg Abbey standard issue items, that haven't got a chance of being regarded as the slightest bit risqué!" Georg teased even though he knew he was overstepping the mark.

"So, just because I might not be wearing an alluring silk negligée, no doubt like Baroness Schrader would wear," she shot him a cynical glance, "…it is perfectly alright for me to parade around in front of you is it?"

"That isn't what I meant." He decided to ignore her jibe about Elsa. "I'm sure your modesty will be perfectly safe. Why don't you go into the bathroom first and get undressed and then when you're ready to come out, just shout and I'll face the window so that I can't see you," he suggested, although the idea of seeing his Governess even in her unflattering underwear made his body react in ways that he was afraid would betray his increasing desire for her.

"Hmmm… I suppose I could do that," she decided and so she slipped into the bathroom and shut the door behind her. After splashing her face with water in an attempt to freshen up she took off her dress and folded it neatly. She was rather ashamed of the way she looked and she desperately hoped that he wouldn't see her before she scurried underneath the covers. Her plain slip had seen better days but then she didn't usually have to worry about other people seeing her in this sort of state. In fact, she wondered if she would ever get used to being so exposed in front of him. But of course eventually, if they got married, which she very much hoped they would do, she would have to get used to being naked in front of him. Why did it appear to be so natural in her dreams and yet now, it seemed totally unthinkable?

"I'm ready," she shouted from the bathroom, "please look out of the window."

The door creaked open and Georg did as he had promised and he turned to face the window. What he failed to anticipate was that the darkness outside and the reflection of the light in the window made it almost like a mirror. He gulped as he watched Maria peer around the door and then when she was satisfied that he had turned the other way she dashed the few steps she needed to take to reach the bed. As she leapt onto it her slip rode up and he got the briefest of glimpses of her thighs and knickers. He tried not to look, he really did but unfortunately, it seemed that not all of his rakish ways were buried in the past.

Safely under the covers, Maria pulled them tightly up to her chin.

"You can turn around now, I'm decent," she beamed, quite pleased with herself.

"You certainly are," he growled under his breath.

"Sorry, did you say something," Maria asked as she plumped up her pillows.

"Err… nothing, my darling, nothing at all." Georg escaped to the bathroom before his resolve totally disappeared and he leapt into bed with her.


Maria lay totally still with the covers still pulled up to her chin as she heard the water splashing in the basin behind the bathroom door. It irritated her slightly that Georg seemed to be coping with their unexpected situation far better than she was. In fact, it wasn't long before she heard him humming a familiar Austrian folk song as he got himself ready. Finally, after what seemed liked forever, he opened the door.

What Maria saw as he strolled out of the bathroom with his clothes slung casually over his arm was nothing short of astounding. It was clearly apparent that he didn't share Maria's modesty. Wearing only his undershorts, which seemed remarkably tight to Maria, who was struggling to avert her gaze, he placed his clothes down neatly with the rest. His chest was quite similar to how she had imagined it in her dreams and she found herself longing to run her fingers over it. The unsettling feeling of butterflies invaded her stomach again and so she turned over and screwed her eyes tight in an attempt to forget the image that was now burned into her consciousness.

Oblivious to the effect that he was having on Maria, Georg rummaged in the wardrobe and found a couple of blankets just as he had predicted. He took a pillow from the bed and dropped it down. A searing pain shot through his shoulder and along his collarbone as he tried to get settled on the floor. He groaned as he turned over, hoping that it would be less severe if he rested on his other side.

Hearing his moans of discomfort, Maria turned and hung her head over the edge of the bed looking down on him.

"You don't sound very comfortable down there," she stated, feeling more than a little guilty that she was in a surprisingly comfortable bed while he was on the cold hard floor, with only flimsy blankets to keep him warm.

Georg cried out in pain again as he finally managed to manoeuvre onto his back.

"I must have done something to my shoulder when the car swerved into that snow drift. I'm not sure that I can last the night down here." He struggled to stand and staggered across the room. "Perhaps if I just sit in the chair it won't be as painful."

She couldn't bear to think of him spending the night in a tiny chair in so much discomfort, and so, with no other realistic options available she sat up and drew back the covers.

"Why don't you sleep here," she patted the bed next to her. "I'm sure we're both mature enough that we can sleep in the same bed without anything improper going on." At this point she found herself saying a silent prayer, asking that for once her will-power wouldn't desert her.

"I'm not sure that's such a good idea," Georg murmured. Lying next to her, feeling the warmth of her body tantalisingly close to his own would be like torture.

"Oh, please, just get into bed, Georg," Maria was losing patience and getting cold.

With a sigh of resignation, he sat on the bed and slid his legs over, pulling the covers across himself. Lying flat on his back he turned his head and looked at Maria who he found was also staring at him.

"We should probably try to get some sleep," he suggested. "I assure you that I'll keep to my side of the bed. You can even put a pillow in between us if it makes you feel better."

"Don't be silly, I know that isn't necessary. Well, goodnight…" Maria leant across and placed a soft kiss to his forehead. As she pulled away, Georg reached out and cupped her cheek in his palm. He brought her face closer to his and looking deep into her eyes for approval he pressed his lips to hers.

"Thank you, for sharing the bed with me, Maria."

Georg turned and faced the window. Maria reached out, her fingers hovered just above his arm as it rested on top of the covers. But she slowly pulled her hand away and turned to face the door, hoping that sleep would take her quickly.


Somewhere between dreams and reality, Maria became aware of an unusual sensation. It was pleasant, actually more than pleasant. A warm, delicate tingling, sweeping up her thigh. Lying motionless, she resisted the urge to moan, even though the fluttering was back again, something which was quickly becoming synonymous with the close proximity of her Captain. If this was a dream, then she didn't ever want it to end and if it wasn't then she dared not think of the consequences of allowing it to continue.

Gradually, having reached the top of her thigh, Georg's hand snaked around Maria's waist and as he pressed his body against her back his head came to rest against her neck. She could feel his slow, warm breath on her neck and the rhythmic rise and fall of his chest against her back. It was clear that he was fast asleep.

If she moved, then she would be certain to disturb him. Having him so close to her, knowing that her virtue was quite safe was pure bliss.

Eventually she felt him adjust his position and he began to stir. He was still half awake and incredibly adorable as he buried his face into her hair and started talking in his sleep.

"Mmmm, you smell so delicious," he whispered. "Do you know how beautiful you are?"

Just as Maria felt something warm and firm against her back, Georg began to wake. He opened his eyes but at first he didn't realise the position that he had got himself into.

"Was that…" she gasped.

Georg immediately shuffled over to his side of the bed and tucked the covers around his body.

"What? No… NO, it was my hand, I'm sorry, it just sort of wandered."

Having been aware of exactly where his hands were, Maria knew that his explanation wasn't entirely truthful. But then she couldn't admit to him that she'd allowed him to lie there wrapped around her for far longer than she should have. In fact, she felt quite proud that she obviously had an effect on him, although not one that she fully understood just yet

Georg smiled to himself as it dawned on him that he must have gravitated towards her in his sleep. It had been a long time since he had shared his bed with a woman but the mutual contentment that they found, seemed to come naturally between them. He was also well aware that it wasn't his hand that had pressed into her back but the thought of scaring her was upmost in his mind, so he decided it was best to just try and ignore the lower half of his body, in the hope that he could get himself under control.

"You know; you'll have to get used to this when you become, Baroness von Trapp," he laughed as he turned on his side to face her.

Maria also lay on her side and propped her head on her hand. "Is that a proposal, Captain?" Maria was beaming but couldn't resist the chance to tease him.

"Yes…" he shrugged, smiling at her. "I suppose it is." He pulled her to him and enveloped her in his safe, strong arms.

"I love you, Maria," he whispered, before they both drifted off to sleep, wrapped up in each other's love.

The End