Disclaimer: I will only say it once for this collection: Harry Potter and all its component do not belong to me. They are the property of J. K. Rowling, and the people who own the franchise (no idea who it is nowadays, but I know it's not me).


A Collection of various pieces on the love between Minerva McGonagall and Rubeus Hagrid, containing various OS, drabbles, and even multi-parts. They may or may not all be AU, they may or may not be related unless the author tells you so.


Rating: K+

The first time they met, Minerva McGonagall was a third year sitting quietly on the train to Hogwarts. First year Rubeus Hagrid was looking for a seat that would both accommodate his size and enable him to make some friends before the beginning of the term. (He had always had some difficulty at making friends. He suspected he was too tall. Too slow on the uptake. Too naïve.)

He had just opened the door and stepped into a new corridor when he saw her. He had never seen such beauty before. She was a vision. Black shiny hair held up in a ponytail. Lovely pale complexion. Soft pink lips. Fabulous green eyes guarded by severe glasses. (She put all the girls of his village to shame. She put all girls to shame.)

They were two other girls sitting near her. Probably her friends. Visibly excited by the new term, they could not contain themselves. Their antics visibly amused her: a fond smile had turned her lips upward while she kept reading the enormous volume sitting on her knees.

How long did he stand there, basking in the sight of her? One of her friends – she would later introduce herself as Augusta– eventually noticed him. She nudged the green-eyed girl with a mischievous smile before asking what he was doing there and making space for him in their compartment.

Minerva had raised her head and blushed under the weight of the boy's admiration, while his cheeks became the proverbial red. A little embarrassed, Rubeus sat next to her. Her friends Rolanda and Augusta grilled him teasingly.

There were worse traveling conditions.