I know I haven't been on here in a while, but I have been writing stories in Quotev. I apologize for that. It's just getting hard, especially at school.

I hope you like this poem, I made it a couple months ago, but realized I didn't post it. I hope you like it, it also means a lot to me.

If I cry,

Would you comfort me?

If I scream and shout,

Would you come to me?

If I am terrified,

Would you reassure me?

If the villagers maltreat me again,

Would you rescue me?

If I am hurt,

Would you heal me?

If the children are bullying me again,

Would you help me?

If I fall into despair,

Would you save me?

If I seek vengeance,

Would you join me?

If I get lost,

Would you direct me?

If I kill again,

Would you stop me?

If I see the big raccoon again,

Would you make it go away?

If the big raccoon screams again,

Would you make it sleep?

If the Golden Sandman comes,

Would you protect me?

If the Golden Sandman hurt me,

Would you stop him?

If I can't sleep,

Would you sing me a lullaby?

If I see darkness,

Would you be my light?

If I am broken,

Would you fix me?

If I cannot see,

Would you be my eyes?

If I am weak,

Would you make me stronger?

If I am gone,

Would you bring me back?

If I am consumed by my own hatred,

Would you show me kindness?

If I am a demon,

Would you be my angel?

If I am bound in hell for all eternity,

Would you be my heaven?

If I am the moon,

Would you be my sun?

If you find love,

Would you show me?

If I am alone, isolated...

Would you be my friend?

How do you feel?

After reading this poem.

How does this connect to you?

This connects to me in many ways.

Especially how I feel, sometimes.

Please review and tell me your answer.