Ivy and Rebecca are in LA. Theresa and Fox growing closer. More heartache ahead for the citizens of Harmony. Chad leaves for LA and Whitney follows. Is it the end of the friendship between Theresa and Whitney because of Eve? Will Eve and Julian be together? What will happen? Read on.

Chapter 2

The Crane jet touchdown in LA. Ivy and Rebecca were greeted by Ethan as they exited the plane. They gathered their bags and got into the limo Rebecca made sure was waiting for them. After a relatively short ride, they arrived at the Crane apartments. The driver and Ethan took their bags to the apartment that Ivy and Rebecca would be staying in, the ladies went to Ethan and Gwen's apartment to see Gwen.

"Gwennie, you shouldn't be up on your feet" Rebecca says as they walk through the door. Gwen is getting a glass of water. She turns and see her mother and Ivy standing in the doorway. Relived, she is hugged by both women and is guided back to couch were she was earlier. Ivy gets Gwen that glass of water. "How you doing Gwen," asks Ivy gently as she hand Gwen the water. "Better now that you two are here" states Gwen. "Theresa still in Harmony right" asks Gwen suddenly anxious. "Of course she is, my spies say she is still there" reassures Rebecca.

Ethan walks in after dropping off the bags and asks if their mothers would like to see a DVD of the ultrasound they had recently. This excites both women. The four of them sit and watch the DVD. They also talk about the appointment Gwen has the following day. Gwen hopes for good news.

Gwen goes on to ask about Sheridan. They tell her of how Sheridan getting married to Antonio and how Theresa, it seemed to them, was making a mole hill out of colic. The four continue to talk for a while. Then Ivy suggested they go out to eat. Gwen thought that was a good idea and the four went to a nearby restaurant for dinner. This place even lived up to Rebecca's high standards.

While this was going on in LA, back in Harmony, Sam was concerned for his daughter, Kay. She seemed more withdrawn and sullen lately. He thought that she felt a little putout, what with Charity's wedding and all. But Sam hoped that this was just a phase and would pass soon.

Sam also had a lot on his mind from his wife, Grace. A man came to town claiming to be her real husband. His name was David Hastings. He also had a son named Jon. Sam was hoping that David was lying about it all or was mistaken about himself and Grace.

Kay was in her room, furiously racking her brain on how to stop the upcoming wedding. There was no way she was going to let her prissy-ass cousin marry the love of her life. She and Miguel were meant to be. There had to be a way to put a stop to it. Think Kay think, she thought, there has to be a way. Then a sudden thought goes through her head. Now all she had to do was put it into motion.


Pilar, and the others were gathered at the Mansion after the cryptic phone calls from Alistair. Shortly after they arrived, Alistair, Fox, Theresa and her son arrived at the mansion. The nanny took a sleeping Ethan Martin to the nursery to put him to bed.

Alistair wasted no time in telling the assembled guests what the doctor said. After a few minutes of silence, Alistair says, "I hope that we can work together and make whatever time the boy has left as comfortable and happy as possible." Pilar looked toward her daughter and saw Fox comforting her as the tears fell from her eyes. Then she looks to Alistair's face and saw genuine grief and a sincere, honest emotion. She knew that the next six months to a year will be hard on everybody including Alistair. Also that something in Alistair has changed and it seems for the better.

They all continue to discuss how best to care for the boy. Theresa decides to start working from the mansion so she could be nearer to her son on the off chance he might need her. Alistair tells Pilar that she should consider that helping Theresa and the nanny with Ethan Martin was her top priority. The others promised to pitch in and help where and when they can. Fox also promised to help however he can.

Just as they were breaking up the impromptu get-together, Julian came early from working at Crane Industries. Julian walks right into the front parlor and sees everyone gather. Upon seeing Theresa and his father, he says "I trust that everything's fine as Dr. Russell said it was."

This very statement enraged not only Theresa but everyone in the room. But before anyone else could say a thing, Alistair in his booming voice says, "Julian, you ignorant buffoon, where were you this afternoon? Obviously not with your son."

This startles Julian into silence. He hadn't really thought about it since that message he got that morning. "I was working Father" a shocked Julian stumbles out. He then looks around the room and sees all the angry faces. He suddenly feels all of about 2 inches tall.

Alistair dismisses him and bids the rest of the group goodbye. Telling Fox and Theresa he would see them at dinner, he leaves the room for his study. Julian quickly follows his father's lead and leaves the angry stares for his own study. The rest of the group break up and leave.

Leaving the mansion, Sheridan and Antonio invite Pilar to dinner at the Cottage. She accepts and leaves for the store to do some grocery shopping. Miguel and Charity leave to finalize some wedding arrangements. Luis heads back to duty. All are going over what was just learned. None can believe that a child so young will be taken from them. All started to pray for a miracle.


Kay knew that if she wanted her plan to work she had to put it into action in the next few days. She planned it for tonight. All she needed was a way to get Miguel alone. Kay had what she needed, now she only needed was an opening. It started getting dark, and Kay found out that Miguel would be home by himself. She also found out about Ethan Martin. Kay heard about it by overhearing her mom and dad talk about it when she was going downstairs earlier that afternoon. She felt bad for Theresa but was excited about then opportunity this presented her with.

Kay careful dressed and got ready with care. Not that Miguel will notice, thought Kay. Then she left the house with her supplies. She was going to get her man if it was the last thing she did.

Arriving at the Lopez-FitzGerald house, Kay rang the doorbell. Miguel answered the door after a short pause. "Kay, didn't know you were coming over" he said surprised, "why didn't you call?" He stands aside and lets Kay into the house. "I just wanted to come by and help out a friend. I heard about Ethan Martin" says Kay. Miguel, sensing there was something she wasn't telling him, decided not to let his guard down.

What he didn't tell Kay was that Charity was coming over in a few to spend some time alone together. Kay sat down on the couch and patted the cushion next to her. Heaving out a sigh, Miguel took a seat

"Look, I brought your favorites," she said, pulling out bottles of soda and several bags of chips. Miguel took one of the bottles of soda, not realizing the cap was already open. He takes a big swig as Kay smiles and opens one of the bags of chips.

Soon the room is spinning for Miguel, Kay helps him up a guides him to his bedroom. She pretends to be his fiancé, Charity and has sex with him. She tries to leaves soon after but is block soon after by the arrival of her cousin, Charity and Pilar.

Charity, angry at both at first, looks at the drugged expression on Miguel's face. Her anger turns to worry. "Pilar, I think something's wrong with Miguel" Charity says. Pilar takes a closer look at her son. She too notices the drugged expression on Miguel's face. Both women immediately get Miguel up and take him to the hospital. Kay takes that as her que to go home. She hopes that the drug she used is out of his system by time they get to the hospital.

Arriving at Harmony hospital, Miguel is whisked back into the ER. Pilar and Charity are told to wait in the waiting room. Miguel is checked for drugs. They call Charity and Pilar back into the ER with Miguel. The doctor tells Pilar that her son has been drugged with a common date rape drug. Whoever drugged him had used a little too much that is why it is still in his system.

Miguel is awake and alert finally and is told what happened. He relates what he last remembers. Him and Kay have soda and chips watching TV. "You mean she drugged me" states Miguel.

"Yes, and because of this we have to report it to the police" replies the doctor. In to the cubicle walks Chief Bennett himself.

Pilar relates how they found Miguel and Kay. Charity also tells of how Kay tried to play it off like it was an ongoing thing. Sam is upset as he then takes Miguel's statement and also takes the rape kit the hospital performed. He asks if Miguel wants to press charges. Miguel asks to have time to think about it. Sam agrees to it. He knows that even if Miguel doesn't press rape charges, Kay still faces charges of assault for the drugging.

The doctor releases Miguel into the care of his mother with an appointment for counseling the next day. Charity tells her uncle that she will be staying at Pilar's house. She doesn't think seeing Kay right now would be a good idea.

Sam goes to the station and writes up a report. He forwards everything to the DA as well as calls him. The DA tells Sam that this would be a mess of a case. Sam agrees. Then he heads home, angry and disappointed at his eldest daughter.

He arrives home and finds Grace having tea in the kitchen. He tells her what happened at the hospital with Miguel. Grace is stunned and appalled. How could Kay be so callous toward her best friend and cousin. Where had she gotten the idea? They called Kay downstairs to question her about what occurred earlier that night.

Kay arrived in the kitchen in short order and tried to pass everything off as meaningless. "Miguel wasn't drugged, and if he was it wasn't by me, Daddy, Mom" she says. "Kay we want the truth. Miguel could press charges and the case is pretty airtight" says Sam. "Just tell us the truth Kay" pleads Grace. "Whatever, you two won't believe me anyway. Miguel and I are soulmates. We belong together, not him and Charity" states an angry Kay. This floors her parents. "Kay, Miguel and Charity are getting married, not you and him. You need to let him go" her mother tries to let her daughter know gently. Sam just shook her head. What has happened to his little girl?

Kay waits in angry silence for a few minutes then stomps back up the stairs. Grace turns to her husband, because this is the man she wants not David, and she realizes her eldest daughter is in serious trouble. "Sam, in just how much trouble is she" asks Grace. "A lot" replies a grim Sam.


It was the day of Gwen's appointment. Rebecca reluctantly got out of bed. She got up this early for no one but her daughter. Ivy was awake and sipping coffee their housekeeper made fresh that morning. Rebecca grumpily greeted her comrade-in-arm, and Ivy gave an equal greeting back. "Have you heard from Julian at all" asks Ivy. "Yes, before bed. Turns out Ethan Martin has cancer. Julian feels it's not as bad as Theresa's playing it" says Rebecca. "How is she playing it" asks Ivy. She keeps to herself that Theresa might not be playing. "She supposedly said the doctor told them that Ethan Martin has something like six months to live" Rebecca says after giving her breakfast order to the housekeeper. Both ladies lapse into silence as they eat their breakfast and leave to join Ethan and Gwen at the Dr. Abel's office.

They arrive at the same time as Ethan and Gwen. Gwen signs in with the receptionist and waits in a corner of the waiting room with Ethan, her mother and Ivy. Her mind begins to settle as she feels safer with the older ladies in LA. The group didn't have to wait long for Gwen's name to be called. They all go back and Gwen is examined and Dr. Abel tells them he wants to perform an ultrasound. There was nothing to be alarmed about he just wanted to make sure everything was okay.

The nurse brings in the ultrasound machine and the doctor begins the ultrasound. They hear the baby's heartbeat and see for themselves the baby is okay. The doctor notes the placenta is attached low in the uterus. He tells them this could be a problem in the pregnancy as is her blood pressure and stress.

Gwen assures that she is trying to remain as stress-free as possible. Ivy and Rebecca assured the doctor they were there to help Gwen in any way possible. Ethan said he would do everything in his power to assure Gwen a stress-free pregnancy. They talked a little more and then they left.

Arriving back at the Crane Apartments, Ivy calls David and checks in on their plan. David informs her of recent events in Harmony and how Grace recently told him she was choosing Sam. She is at first angry but sees an opening in being supportive of the situation with Kay. Ivy hangs up after agreeing to not reveal the truth about David and David says he is going to leave town. He just hopes it doesn't blow up in their faces.

Rebecca flopped down on the couch after coming from her daughter's apartment. She worried for Gwen. Ethan seemed devoted. Coming all the way to LA, not even communicating with the trollop. Nothing seemed to put her daughter at ease. Hopefully they could keep Gwen calm enough to deliver a healthy baby. She, like her daughter, fear all their planning will be for naught if the baby dies or is stillborn. Especially, since Ethan Martin is sick. Coming out of her own reverie, Rebecca wonder what Ivy was doing in her room. She had immediately gone to her room as soon as they arrived back at the Crane Apartments. Rebecca was just about to go and ask her friend when Ivy appeared. Rebecca asked if she wanted to go shopping for baby things and Ivy said yes. They told Gwen to come with them and they would go out to eat as well. So the three ladies went shopping and to lunch putting aside all thoughts of the souls in Harmony.

While in Harmony, Miguel was still deciding on whether or not to file charges against Kay or not. He was deeply conflicted about his long-time friend. Miguel knew that Luis and his Mother knew. So did Charity. But he told them to hold off on telling anyone else. He wanted to rail at the world one minute and hide away the next. His therapist said feeling that way is normal. Miguel know he has a long way to go to get past this betrayal, but he doesn't think he has to strength to forgive Kay.

While Miguel and his family were struggling, Kay was certain that she would win Miguel. If she timed it right she would soon know that she's pregnant. Feeling confident that Miguel will realize that they belong together and will raise the child together. Then Charity will lose for once

While still lost in thought, Kay didn't notice Jessica walk by her room. It took all her strength to not walk in there and slap Kay for all she worth. Doing that to Miguel and Charity. How dare she? Bad enough what she did to Miguel, but to not even be sorry for it. She overheard what Kay said last night to their parents. Jessica feared for her sister. What heartache was instore for her family now. Shaking her head, Jessica continues on her way to the kitchen.

She joins her mother and father in the kitchen. "Hi, Jess, how are you this morning" asks Sam as Jessica kisses her mom on the cheek and sits down. "Good" she replies, taking in the appearance of both parents. "How are you and mom holding up" Jessica asks. "Been a long week" Grace replies. The trio sits down for breakfast as Kay comes down the stairs. Seeing to looks she is getting, Kay says, "Well I guess everyone knows." "Cut the sass Kay" says Grace as both she and Sam pose a united front. "You really need to hope that the DA doesn't decide to press drug or assault charges against you. Not to mention what Miguel could press" says Sam. Kay sullenly take a piece of fruit from the counter and leaves the house. "Where did we go wrong with that girl" asks a tired Grace to Sam. Jessica places a hand on her mother's shoulder. Sam replies, "I don't know, Grace, I just don't know." All three eat their breakfast in silence. Sam leaves after finishing for the police station. Grace for the B&B and Jessica for her mother's antique store. All were worried for Kay and the brewing storm on the horizon.