Scandal rocks Harmony as love is found and lost. Some couples are brought closer together; some are torn apart. On with the story.

Chapter 6

Three weeks before the wedding of Theresa and Fox a scandal rocked the town of Harmony. The disgraced Dr. Eve Russell was having an affair with none other than playboy, Julian Crane. But not only was the former doctor cheating but so was her husband. He was cheating with the woman she thought was her sister.

Alistair was livid. He saw the photos splashed across the tabloid's front page. In the pages of the tabloid was all the lurid details. If Alistair was livid, Rebecca was apocalyptic. She stayed faithful for nothing. If he thought, she would just step aside and let him be with his precious Eve he had another thing coming.

"Julian, just what in the hell is the meaning of this" a furious Alistair says slamming down a copy of Daily Private Lives. Julian, who had been called into Alistair's study early that morning, faced off with his father. "III don't know;" stuttered a scared Julian. He had defied his father's orders to remain faithful to Rebecca. Julian just hoped that Alistair will overlook this lapse in judgment, not to mention his "lovely" wife, Rebecca. While it was still too early for her to be up, Julian just knew that Rebecca's reaction would be just a bad if not worse.

Still seething, Alistair orders Julian to get out of his sight. Julian scrambles from the study. He heads towards his own study, where he locks the door and proceeds to get as drunk as possible. The day was still young.

As Alistair was doing damage control and Julian, damage to his liver, Rebecca was just waking up. She was alone again. This was just unacceptable. Just where was her wayward husband. Holed up drunk in his study again, probably. She noticed, as she was getting ready, that the maids were looking at her with something akin to pity. Deciding to seek out her daughter, Rebecca went in search of Gwen. She had to find out what was going on. Find her daughter having breakfast in the solarium, Rebecca noticed the tabloid, Daily Private Lives, lying on the table.

Gwen looked up when she heard someone enter the room. Seeing her mother come in, she scrambled for the paper lying on the table. Gwen wasn't faster than her mother. Rebecca saw what was splashed across the front page. A scream ripped from her throat. "How dare he," says a seething Rebecca. "Mother, it will be okay, you will survive, right," asks a worried Gwen. As
Gwen crosses to comfort her mother Ivy comes to find out what the noise was all about. Rebecca shoves the tabloid to her friend. Secretly, Ivy feels like it is karmic justice but outwardly tells her friend that she should have expected it from the man. Rebecca tells the other two that she wants to "talk" to Julian and goes in search of him. Gwen follows to stop her mother from doing something she would regret. Ivy follows to see the show.

They find the locked door of Julian study. As Rebecca begins to pound on the door of the study, Alistair arrives and demands to know what they think they are doing. "I want to know what my husband says about this," a teary and angry Rebecca says as she shoves a wrinkled paper at the man. "He and you will attend counseling and will have a united front. So, no more outbursts, and no divorce," with that Alistair left Gwen and Ivy to calm a raging Rebecca. Gwen convinced her mother to go shopping with her. Ivy even said she would go along. The three women left to go shopping.

Inside the study, a worried Julian finally relaxed. He needed to find a way out of this marriage and a way to keep Eve. He just didn't realize his father was very serious about the united front and counseling stuff.


That morning at Crane Industries, the news of the affair between Julian and Eve spread like wildfire. Theresa learns of it that morning. Fox heard about at the same time. Neither of them was surprised at this. Julian was never one for discretion. The rumors over the years are proof of that. The whole building was still talking about when Julian and Ethan came into work.

Julian locked himself in his office and told his assistant to hold all his calls. Ethan was worried about his wife. He knew that this was stress she didn't need and that Alistair was going to make sure that this gossip was squashed. Ethan looked into his email and saw one from the man. It said that there was a meeting for the board and that was followed by a press conference. Julian saw the same thing. Same went for Theresa, Fox and the rest of the executives. Everyone hurried to the boardroom. This was one meeting for the ages.

Soon everyone was gathered in the boardroom. It was standing room only. Everyone wanted to hear how Alistair was going to deal with this scandal. Addressing the room as soon as everyone, including Julian, Ethan, and himself had arrived, Alistair wasted no time in saying, "There will be a statement issued that Julian is deeply sorry and ashamed about his actions. He and his loving wife are going to counseling and he has ended the affair." There were murmurings from the crowd in the boardroom. Standing up, Alistair said, "Now come along Julian," nodding to Theresa and Fox, the four of them went to where the press conference was being staged.

The group went and had the press conference and said all the things Alistair wanted them to say. Julian now feared to anger his father further. So immediately following the press conference he called Eve and tried to break it off but in face of her basically pleading he just couldn't, but he did tell her they would have to not see each other for a while. They agreed and hung up. Wiping the sweat from his forehead, Julian rejoined the others, and all went to the Crane mansion for lunch. This storm momentarily halted.


The next day, Ethan broached the idea of counseling with Gwen. "Gwen, honey I've been thinking, and I think that we've benefited from some counseling ourselves" he brings up that morning in their room. At first, Gwen is taken back. Why would he ask such a thing? They didn't need counseling. They were perfectly fine. "Ethan, we're fine. We don't need counseling. Why would you think that" asks a puzzled Gwen? "I just think that it will help bring us closer and help with dealing with the pain of losing Sarah," says a calm Ethan who looks at his wife imploringly.

Gwen began to get angry at her husband. She couldn't understand why he was pushing this, they were fine. They would have been parents if not for Theresa. Huffing and turning away she says, "We don't need counseling Ethan we're perfectly fine." After she says that she walks out of the bedroom with a confident step to her stride. Ethan sits forlornly on the bed. He wonders what it would take to get Gwen to give up her vendetta against Theresa. Ethan gets up from the bed and gets ready for the day, all the while wondering what it would take for Gwen to let go.

Meanwhile, as Ethan was getting ready, Gwen was pacing downstairs. She, for the life of her, couldn't understand why Ethan still saw Theresa as innocent in the death of their daughter, Sarah. Couldn't he see that she poisoned everything she touched? With that thought, Gwen got ready for her day and went to the mansion to see her mother. She knew that her mother needed her support more than she needed her mother's right now.


At the Crane mansion that morning, Rebecca was up and in a mood. First, she was faithful to that rotten S.O.B, Julian Crane, but for his affair with the low-rate, insignificant doctor Eve splashed across the tabloids. To pass her, a scion of high society, for a commoner was an insult. Then she had to share the mansion with a smug Ivy. Ugg. A bright spot seemed to be that the chalupa is leaving her daughter alone. If only the little twit would disappear, that would be justice, thought Rebecca.

Sitting in the formal dining room, Rebecca was soon joined by Alistair, Ivy, Julian, and a newly arrived Gwen. "How are you this morning Mother," asks a concerned Gwen. "Fine" huffs a still angry Rebecca as she longs to wipe the smirk off Ivy's face. As for Ivy, she thinks this is divine retribution. Rebecca was one of Julian's many mistresses when he was married to her and now Rebecca was learning how it felt to be the wife to be cheated on. A lot of small talks was made. Julian tried not to attract any attention to himself at the breakfast table. Alistair was just enjoying his daughter-in-law's discomfort. They all eat quickly and set about their days. The ladies retired to the solarium to discuss the past few days' events. The men finished and left for Crane Industries. All too soon there would be a confrontation, the likes of which Harmony had never seen.


At Crane that morning, Fox was hard at work putting the finishing touches on a proposal to take over Hotchkiss Enterprises. The company had been hemorrhaging money for years but recently Jonathan Hotchkiss had begun to sell off portions of his empire to stave off bankruptcy. It seems he had made several bad investments and went a little wild after being freed from Rebecca. Now he was going to have to sell to someone or lose it all. Thinking about what this would do to the blonde menace and the red-headed bitch, Fox laughed to himself. In the middle of his musings, his sectary called and said that his sister was there to see him. Telling his sectary to send her in, Fox greeted Fancy warmly.

"Fancy, what can I do for you?" asks a smiling and curious Fox. "Nothing just wanted to see my big brother," says an equally smiling and curious Fancy. "What's got you in such a good mood besides your wife and kids," asks Fancy wondering at Fox's jovial mood. "Oh, just musing on the twist and turns of life is all, so how are things with Officer Lopez-FitzGerald. Should I be giving him the talk soon," replies Fox, eyeing his little sister. Fancy blushes and shakes her head no. Suddenly becoming quiet Fancy comes up with an idea. "Fox why don't we invite Pretty to work with Theresa. She always loved fashion and I think she and Theresa would get along great," says a serious Fancy. At first, this idea strikes Fox silent, but thinking about it for a minute, Fox realize it is a great idea.

"Give her a call Fancy and get her in here, I tell Theresa she has a new assistant," says Fox. With that, the siblings hug and Fancy leaves the office. Fox tells his sectary as he leaves the office with his proposal, that he will be out of the office the rest of the day to hold all his calls unless urgent. With that, he went in search of his grandfather to pitch his idea to take over Hotchkiss. After that, he would find his fiancé and tell her of his other sister and see about bringing her into the business. Knowing his wife, she would want to get to know his youngest sister.

Ethan, on the other hand, was having a bad morning. He was recalling the fight with his wife that morning and wondering when the world seemed stacked against him. He lost his daughter and his godson. Also, his wife was pushing surrogacy because she couldn't carry a baby to term because of the scar tissue left by Sarah's pregnancy. They had found a perfect woman to be their surrogate. Cheryl Hicks, a lovely young woman that came highly recommended by a highly prestigious agency. The Brightmann Agency, catering to the rich and powerful of society.

Ethan was having trouble concentrating on his work that morning when Julian walked into his office. "Ethan, my good man, may I have a word with you," slurs a slightly drunken Julian. He had been drinking more lately now that his affair with Eve was exposed. "What do you want Julian," asks a tired Ethan. He was in no mood for the man today. "I want you to convince the father to free me from Rebecca," asks Julian with a desperate look in his eyes. Looking in the older man's eyes, Ethan realizes that Julian is sincere and how desperate he has become. "I'm sorry Julian but you'd be better off asking Fox," says an honest Ethan. Ethan just knew that Alistair wouldn't be responsive from overtures from him. He wasn't Alistair's favorite person these days. Being on Gwen's, his mother's and Rebecca's sides wasn't endearing him to the old man. Julian just sighed knowing that Fox wasn't the most receptive to him these days.

"Guess I have to just face facts and come to terms with the fact that I can't have Eve anymore, Damn father," and in a quieter voice Julian goes on to say, "damn me too." He then proceeds to get wearily up out of the chair and decides to go look for Fox. Maybe he can convince Fox to at least free him of Rebecca. Even if he could never have Eve at least he could be rid of one burden.

Ethan watched the old man go. He realized just what Julian has lost and what he stands to lose. Ethan vows there and then to not let anger and hurt nor let jealously rob him of his happiness. Now to just convince Gwen of this. Shaking his head, Ethan buckles down to work again. Determined to not lose anything more.

Elsewhere in the building, Alistair was having a meeting with the design and marketing teams from the Fashion department. The projections were out of the park in terms of profits for the company. It seemed Theresa had a real knack for fashions and marketing. As well as a real head for business. She was a born leader. A great mate for the Crane Heir. The meeting was just wrapping up when Fox found them. Two birds with one stone so to speak thinks Fox. "Grandfather, Resa, I was just looking for the both of you. Got a minute," he asks. The two of them look at each other and think to themselves, he has something up his sleeve. "What can we do for you Nicholas," asks Alistair as Theresa greets him with a kiss. "Well, Grandfather, first I have a bid for Hotchkiss Enterprises. They are going under and this is the perfect time to snap it up before someone else does," Fox started. "That's a great idea son, not only do we grow Crane but this will drive the unholy trio as it were up to the wall, well done," praises Alistair as Theresa looks on in pride. Speaking up Theresa asks, "What's the other thing you're dying to tell us," "I would like to bring Pretty into work in the new Fashion division with you Resa," Fox asks with a sincere look on his face. A stunned Theresa looks back at him. "Fox that's great, I've been trying to think of a way to bring up bringing her into work here at Crane, you read my mind," says an excited Theresa as she comes too. Alistair looks on fondly. Now all his grandchildren will be back in Harmony. That would warm his heart. It seems the little Irish-Latina spitfire has given Harmony's version of the Grinch a heart. It still pains him that Ethan Martin wouldn't be among the grandchildren in the mansion but the thought of great-grandchildren and seeing the new ones grow eased the pain somewhat. Made getting through the day easier. If only he could make it easier for Theresa, he knows that she still suffered from the heartache of the loss of Ethan Martin.

The trio made plans to go to lunch and finalize what Pretty would do for Crane Fashions. They went to the SeaScape, where they were shown to a private table. This time there were no interruptions in their meals.


Julian staggered back to his room at the Crane mansion at the end of a long day at work. He couldn't find Fox anywhere at Crane Industries and his sectary told him in a very snide voice that Fox would be out the rest of the day and that unless it was urgent then she was to hold all calls. Julian doubted that Fox would consider his situation urgent. Julian knew that Rebecca was karma's way of punishing him for his actions over the years. It seems that his chickens have come home to roost. Entering the room he was greeted with Rebecca's accusing eyes in the reflection of the ornate mirror that dominate the vanity on the opposing wall. She was brushing her hair. "So see your whore today, Pookie," Rebecca spits out when she sees him stumble in. Standing up wearily, Julian responds, "I've had a long day Rebecca, and I am in no mood for your tongue, please keep it to yourself."

She just huffs and gets up to finish dressing for dinner. She tells him to get ready and they both join the rest of the residents of the mansion for dinner. Joining them tonight is Ethan and Gwen. Tonight, it seemed, would be a night to never forget.

Already seated at the table were Theresa, Fox, Fancy, Ivy, and Alistair. Soon the group was joined by Ethan and Gwen. Shortly thereafter they were graced with the presence of Julian and Rebecca. Rebecca was still sulking about being bested by the lowly, in her eyes, Eve. She could still feel the stares of the help and her friends at the country club. How could her Pookie do this to her? Was this karma coming to bite her in the ass?

"Glad you could join us, Julian," says an annoyed Alistair, who wonders what Ethan and Gwen are doing at the mansion. They had not been living there but Gwen herself seemed to make herself at home all the time. She was here all the time. It must be because of Rebecca thinks Alistair. "Sorry father I had just got in," mumbles a downtrodden Julian. The other occupants of the room could see a broken man. Alistair saw one too.

Moving on Alistair signaled for the meal to be served. Fox, Fancy and Theresa kept Alistair occupied with lively conversation. Soon the others overheard the plans to bring Pretty back to Harmony. Ivy was aghast. Pretty couldn't possibly be ready to take a place in Crane Industries. She still was just a child. Julian was just as stunned. His youngest daughter coming to work for Crane. Maybe he had a chance to make things right. To change karma and turn his life around. Rebecca was stunned. Pretty was getting a place at Crane while her daughter who had a college degree and experience was being shut out. Outrageous. This could not stand. It had to be Theresa's idea. It's all Theresa's fault. The rest of the meal progressed in silence for most of those attending. But for Fox, Theresa, and Alistair, a lively conversation flowed between them. The next few days would prove interesting for not only the Crane family but for all of Harmony.