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Darkened Moonlight

"Prologue: Forgetting the Past"

In the far European continent of the Western Country of England, there is a small tucked away village in the backwaters of the country side. Not much was built in the small town, a handful of houses and a church down the street. The settlement was seemingly normal, not an abnormality in sight. It was a cold night, the end of October. Children that lived there had been taken out by family members to bigger towns to trick-or-treat, the once vibrant community becoming a ghost town just for tonight.

Leaves bristled in the wind of the cold air, an invisible wall in a shape of a dome shielding a house from the outside world and all dangers that one may face. The house was relativity small, two stories tall and painted white with a picket fence. The front yard was decent, green and luscious though there wasn't much there on the grounds. In the windows a few lights were turned on, helping the inhabitants find their way in the house.

Beyond the walls, there are sounds of giggling children bouncing off the corridors and rooms, showing an enthusiasm that hadn't been outside. In the living room, there were three children who played on the carpeted floor, stuff animals and toys around them. The older one, a girl with fiery red hair and green eyes, had a slight smile pulling at her lips as she brought the animals to life for her little siblings. The play that she had created consisted of a dog, a stag, and a wolf. The final member, a rat, laid forgotten on the other side of the room as the younger children laughed their hearts out.

The pair of twins, born not even a year ago today, stared in awe as their elder sister made the animals jump about in an attempt to entertain them. To them, no one could hold a candle to the older sibling, her happiness and liveness simply bringing out so much life in everyone it was hard not to smile in her presence. The twins, ever adored by their sister, were always smiling because of this. They couldn't not smile when that face was set upon them.

It was easier than the twins liked to admit to forget about the shadows in their sister's eyes, the way her hands shook and how often she took naps. Even now, as they made games to play, their sister was silently panting at trying to keep up. When they did remember, though, when they took the time to actually look at their older sibling, they would cling and try to do whatever they could for her. More often than not though it only made it worse.

The parents, more noticeable about their oldest condition, tried to ease the play time and brought her food whenever she needed it. They had gone to see a doctor about her illness many times, but there wasn't anything obvious to warrant such behavior. The medic said to keep her hydrated and give her light foods and plenty of rest, and the parents did try to follow it. But with two little ones taking up most of their time it was hard to keep track of such a schedule.

When they played with magic, however, even though it tired her out, it made her happy and so the parents tried to find a nice balance between the two. They tried to have her do other things without depleting herself, but their little girl was determined to use her magic to make her little sibling laugh. It would only get worse before it got better.

Outside of those hollowed walls a war raged in secrecy, screams pierced through the air million miles away and people losing their lives every second. It was a well-known fact for the couple that their friends could be dying as they stayed in their safe house, something they always kept in mind even as they watched their children play with each other. They were grateful that they were not one of those couples who would come home to see their children's dead eyes staring at them, but it didn't erase the fear either. While this house might be a haven away from the war, it was more like a cage to the inhabitants who lived there.

It was hard, nearly impossible, to forget that people you knew were risking their lives and may never be back to their homes that night. It grated on the couple's morals to stay behind when they could be on the front lines, fighting alongside their friends and family. They would never know what happened to them before it was too late to do anything. The thoughts of lifeless eyes and cold skin was enough to make them wake up in the middle of the night, their eyes bloodshot and darkening bags underneath. Skin seemed to pale and shallow themselves in times of war, smiles becoming too strained to even bother.

If the floo was ever to ring, all they could do was hold their children tight and pray it wasn't for a dear family member or friend, hollow words that would be spoken about bravery and how their death had helped move the war forwards to ending.

It was a lie.

Those deaths did nothing, the couple had seen it with their own eyes when they were the ones fighting on the front lines. They didn't do anything, becoming another name and lost face for the side that tried to keep fighting even as everything pushed against them.

Maybe it was that line of reasoning that Fate decided to reel its head in the face of this family and how it would come about in this world. In a different world, all hope was lost. In another, a sole child became an orphan. This world, however, would share neither path. Instead, they would lose a child in one year if they didn't clean up their act, and never see her again.

October 31st, 1980 – All Hallows Eve – would be the day of a countdown for this family of five.

Across the street of the protected house, a shrouded figure in a black cloak walked towards what appeared to be an empty lot. Their pace was steady and confident, gait calm and precise even when once upon a time their hand might have shaken. The once empty plot of land faded into view for this person, becoming a sweet cottage instead of tumbleweeds. Wards, once the only thing keeping him from reaching his goal, fell down to show the enemy of its inhabitants the way through. His hand was firm when he reached out for the door, wand in palm, blasting it down with a flash of orange.

The wedded couple could do nothing to stop him from entering the house, a flash of sheer terror gripping their lungs for less than an eighth of a second before they were set into action. Realization settling in, they could only think of one thought as they raced about to gather the kids in their arms and start to fight for their families' lives.

We've been betrayed.

The red headed mother gathered her youngest children in her arms before having the oldest go before her in racing up the stairs away from the oncoming fight that would soon happen. The messy brunette, which we can only presume to be the father of the three kids, raced towards the break in area – spells and curses flowing out of his mouth before he could even register them in his mind.

None of the lighter colored spells were able to do harm to the cloaked figure, flying off of his shield as soon as it came into contact. The father threw everything he knew at the intruder, but it mattered not as it would deflect as they were unable to penetrate the barrier. He grew desperate, willing himself to break through the shield though his prayers were in vain. With a magical power like his, he had no hope of getting a hit on the man in black without him majorly screwing up. He had thirty years on him, knowledge of darker spells than the father could ever hope to. A mantra repeated in his mind to keep in will strong, even in the darkest of times. Keep them safe, we've been betrayed, keep them safe. The thought never wavered even as his hand did. That one wave of tiredness was all the hooded figure needed to gain the upper hand, attacking and sending the man into the wall behind him without any chance of waking up soon.

The world would never know why, having become a mystery to the whole world, the parents were spared the night he planned the extinction of a Noble House. It was one of the many things in the world that would never be explained, and if it ever was, would not be for many years to come. People could sprout theory after theory until they were blue in the face and still not get the right answer because only one person in this world knew and he wasn't talking.

His wife heard the attacks shot by her husband and his opponent, the loud crash signifying that the man she loves was shot down like an insect. She could only hope he survived, but knowing their enemy it wasn't likely. That monster had no reason to spare him, much less anyone else in this household.

When she finally reached the nursery, she found the emergency portkey not working. She tried to apparate and found she was stuck in place. With no way to escape she set the twins down in the crib, left the oldest standing by it, and quickly crossed the room to lock the door. After a moment of thought, she decided to put a piece of furniture to block his path. The red-haired woman went back to her children in hopes that she could use herself as a shield if, and when, he broke through the barriers.

Her oldest child stood looking at her, a detached gaze that broke the woman because even her daughter knew what was to come. The red headed woman wrapped her arms around her child, whispering false reassurances in her ear as well as her love for her. All the while she stifled her sobs in the child's bright hair, so similar to her own that it almost hurts to look at the doppelganger. There is a desperation in her tone, begging for some deity to take pity on them and save her children.

There wasn't anything any god could do now, though, for Fate isn't something you can bend to your will.

Safety was ripped away from them when the door blew apart, shattering what little illusion of surviving that they had. The off-white color of wood scattered throughout the air, hitting randomly in the room as the explosion shook the walls as the mother desperately tried to keep the debris from harming her children. Her mind spun rapidly, ideas and scenarios being discarded as soon as they came. There had to be a way to make sure her children survived through this night, a sob trying to tear through her throat when it crashed down onto that the three kids in front of her had become her world the moment they were born and she couldn't bear to live without any of them. She would do anything for them.

When she turned to face the person who murdered her husband, who would murder her and most likely her children, she felt fear that wanted to collapse on top of her. Only her love, her determination to see her kids through this allowed her to meet his horrid red eyes and plead with everything she had for her children's lives. The red-haired woman doesn't think anything could have been too much for them, her life thrown away if it was needed. Even if it was just a few more seconds of living, she would destroy the world for them. It was hurtful to realize, and know, that she wasn't going to watch them grow up, find their perfect match and have their own families. Not long after she was departed to the afterlife, she knew her children would follow her. If this madman did heed her pleas, she could only hope that their godfather and mother took care of them. They would be the ones called mom and dad, and no matter how grateful she was, it hurt more than she would like to admit.

Her life, her family lives', it all played on their Destiny which was in Fate's hands. Even now it teetered from one decision to the other, not really knowing what would happen in the next few seconds that would change the world as they knew it. As for now, it all depended on how merciful Fate decided it wanted to be. The mother could only hope that it would give the three kids a chance to live.

A curse of red crimson sprouted from the killer's wand, words shaped differently than what was expected. She had enough time to think of the horrible reality she would awake to before the mother knew no more. She had fallen into oblivion before her unconscious body could hit the rugged floor.

The being cloaked in black walked closer, kicking the red-head aside and away from the crib. In the depths of his mind, he wondered how the couple would react to the deaths of the children they were unable to protect. He had seen parents plead for the safety of their children in exchange to do whatever he must with them, and could assume that as a parent nothing was more painful than the fact that they had been unable to shield them from their fate. In the very abyss, void of any consciousness from the host, a thought brought itself into existence.

Why did my mother not fight for me?

He stopped in front of the crib, a child standing in front of it with a detached gaze that could have almost unnerved him if he was anyone else. She was almost an identical copy of the woman that lied unconscious at his feet, but ten times brighter. Her hair was not the fiery red of her mother's, and her eyes were not the bright shade of green either. The girl had hair as dark as crimson, and eyes as bright and dark as the killing curse, the almost acid look coming together to make something almost entrancing about the girl before him. He couldn't help the amused chuckle that was stuck in his throat, something that was purely predatory that belonged to the Dark was birthed in the Lightest of houses.

A part of him wanted to regret what he was about to do, the light that burned in the child's eyes being smothered out before it could truly become an inferno. However, there was no hesitation when he said those unforgivable words, and for a moment the world seemed to stop just to take a breath for what was to come.

"Avada Kedavra."

The girl's eyes didn't leave his for a moment, didn't close and didn't glance away as her death raced towards her. She could clearly feel the intent to kill from the curse, the desire to snip at the soul threads that kept her soul in her body. She was positioned in such a way that she wouldn't need to cover her siblings as the curse was directed at her. It hit her, the green of her eyes seeming to intensify and the curse covering her form before it was bounced back at the caster. He had no time to react and it hit him, destroying his body that didn't even house a proper soul.

The backlash was instant, the damage from the curse taking over the whole room. The explosion blew apart the room, fire licking up the sides of the room and out the windows for more fuel. Wood and glass fell around them, and the sister had no choice but to shield her siblings from the houses' wrath. Magical infused glass and wood got through her defense, slicing through the twin's skin and cutting patterns of magical designs into their cells.

It was this moment that Fate decision was final and nothing could turn it back.

Fate determined Destiny.

Morning had yet to come, the sun still in a deep slumber and the moon wide awake to shine down on a little village in view. It witnessed a tragedy almost over a year ago today, and now it seemed as if that day had never occurred with the snow lapping at people's feet and falling into their hair. Tomorrow would be a day of celebration, a day where people could revel in the fact they survived another year and make hopes and wishes for the next. Today, however, was a day a little girl mourned for the family she once had.

In view of the full moon, a little girl with hair so vibrant it could have been the bright crimson of blood, mourned the day as the clock ticked by the last few seconds of the night. Today was an important day for her, one that should have been cherished and celebrated, but was instead forgotten and neglected. Bright emeralds glistened, a shine overcoming the bright color to cover them in jade. Lights flickered out in those windows, burning desperately to catch the next current before it died out.

The other occupation in the household had all forgotten this day, the day a flame flickered to life for the very first time. The little fire couldn't hate the people who she shared the house with, nor could she love them like she once had. She could understand it the first year it happened, the war finally ending and people still being paranoid over every shadow cast. Now, over a year from that horrible day where everything had gone up in flames, they still paid no attention to their first born daughter.

Oh, she knew they tried. She knew that there wasn't a day that went by where they didn't feel guilty for choosing her younger siblings over her, but that didn't stop the fact that they kept choosing the same option over and over again. With every question left unasked, every day left unmarked, every accomplishment left uncelebrated; it cracked the frail glass that resided in her chest until that was all there was.

Today it shattered into a million pieces, leaving nothing but a deep rooting anger and resentment in its place.

Today was her birthday, gone unnoticed and forgotten in the rush of whatever meeting her parents had. They would only remember three months from now, begging for forgiveness and being their little angel she would give it to them because she just didn't have the heart to not to. She didn't want to forgive them, though, she wanted to leave them behind like they left her behind.

As the clock struck twelve, signaling a new dawn, her wish came true.

Ember Lily Potter vanished, died, in that one second in time as if she had never existed in the first place.

Ember's parents didn't notice for quite a while, the empty space at the table in the morning being mistaken for a sleeping-in child that didn't want to get up. Lily and James, the parents of young Ember, weren't home for dinner and supper was assumed that she had already gone to bed after having her last meal of the day. It was only the next day around noon for dinner did they become worried, something unsettling in their stomach as they searched the house for their eldest.

The search came up futile, not a word heard from their daughter. When there was only one room left – rarely used and never occupied because it was for an important guest, usually family – they were left to panic as they gazed at the family tapestry at their family branch. Throughout the whole tree, branches had died off or intertwined with others, showing that the family was a dying house with very few members to carry on the name. At their branch, once strong and flourishing, there were only two twigs coming from their names where there should have been three.

Ember Lily Potter seemed to never have existed.

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