Note: This story was a requested fan fiction. All credit for the characters goes to the creators of The Batman tv show. Enjoy.

Chapter 1 –Reflections

Batman awoke suddenly. He quickly realized that he had been tied to a pole of some sort. He tried to break loose from his bonds without success. He looked around. The room appeared to be some sort of warehouse filled with large container crates. Suddenly he remembered why he was there. The Riddler! He was stealing some sort of device, and the Batman had tried to stop him. But he hadn't been fighting alone. A groan directly behind him signaled Detective Ellen Yin's return to consciousness.

"Yin, are you Ok?" he asked with concern.

"Yeah, where are we?" she asked cautiously, her eyes slowly adjusting to the dim lighting.

"Still at the warehouse," Batman whispered,"the Riddler must have tied us up."

Yin began to struggle against her bonds, also without success. She turned her head around in his direction.

"Do you think you can get us out of these ropes?"

"There should be blade in my belt, if you can reach behind me it should be on the left side."

Batman felt the detective's hands moving around behind him. She finally found what she was looking for and brought it round to cut the rope. The slowly worked the blade up and down the cords.

"Almost there", she murmured.

Finally the bonds came loose and fell to the floor. Batman turned to face Yin.

"We need to find the Riddler and disable his machine."

Yin nodded. They both looked around when a whirring sound started up somewhere in the room. The source of the noise seemed to come from the entrance to the warehouse. They began to run towards the entrance; Batman brought out a batarang, whilst Yin took out her pistol. Soon they reached the entrance and hid behind one of the containers. The Dark Knight took out his grappling gun, using it to climb on top of the container. With his night vision goggles, he peered at the scene below. The Riddler seemed to be standing over a large cylinder, which was generating the whirring sounds from before. He seemed to be alone.

Yin peered around the side of the container. Upon seeing the Riddler she clenched her fists.

"I'm going after him," she said as she came out from behind the container. She charged straight towards the villain with her gun pointing at his back.

Batman put his hand out in warning,"Wait, it could be another tra-".

He was cut off as three of Riddler's minions came out of the shadows. Yin hadn't seen them yet and was still running at the Riddler. Batman jumped down and intercepted the first couple of goons, giving Yin enough time to reach the Riddler.

On hearing the scuffle behind him the Riddler turned around to see Yin running at him. He brought up his cane and swung it across her, which knocked the gun out of her hands. Yin flinched momentarily from the blow. The Riddler took the opportunity to jab her in the stomach. However Yin recovered and dodged his strike, following up with a roundhouse kick. This was blocked by the Riddler's cane. The two exchanged blows for a few moments until Yin kicked the Riddler's legs out from underneath him, causing him to fall to the floor.

Yin walked over to where he lay, raising her fists for the knockout blow. But the Riddler reacted first, spraying gas from his cane in her face. Yin stepped back, covering her nose and mouth. Some of the gas must have reached her, as she suddenly felt really drowsy and her vision began to fog. She fell down onto one knee, but stayed conscious. The Riddler stood over her, placing the tip of his cane under her chin.

"One cop and a vigilante aren't going to stop my plans to take control of all communication networks in Gotham," he whispered evilly," and I'm afraid I can't let you live to foil my plans again."

He then kicked her in the ribs. Yin doubled over, wincing from the pain. Riddler slowly raised the cane over his head. Yin realized he was going to kill her, but there was nothing she could do; the gas had made her too weak to stand.


Batman swung down and kicked the Riddler down. The cane rolled across the floor. Batman brought his fist up and punched the villain in the face, knocking him out in one blow. He quickly tied up the Riddler before walking over to where Yin lay.

"Are you alright Yin?"

"I'll be fine; I'm just tired that's all."

"Next time, leave the big villains for me."

She looked up at him. Those last words stung, but when she looked into his eyes she saw genuine concern. Looking over behind her, she saw where the minions lay, looking like they'd been trodden on. But looking back at the vigilante she really did care.

"You should go before Rojas' men get here," she told him, "I can handle these guys until they arrive."

"Are you sure?" he asked, not looking convinced.

Yin stood up slowly; she felt like the world was spinning slightly, but she walked over to where her sidearm had fallen and picked it up. Replacing it in its holster she faced Batman.

"I can deal with this for now. You need to get out of here. I'd like to keep my job."

The Batman nodded and turned around to walk away. Yin took one step towards him and placed her hand on his shoulder.

"You know, I never thought I'd come to like you when I first met you", she said, looking into his eyes.

She saw a slight smile creep across his face. Yin let her hand fall down to her side and turned back towards the unconscious villains. Before he disappeared though she added, "I didn't mean just you as the Batman…" she trailed off. The Batman made no reply, and when Yin turned to look at him again, he was gone.

Taking handcuffs from out of her belt, she reflected on her partnership with the Batman. She had only recently discovered the identity of the Batman, after starting to spend more time with Bruce. The way they both talked and even the way they behaved had been so obviously similar to her. Yin was glad that she hadn't noticed these things when she still thought that the Batman was the bad guy. She finished handcuffing the last of the criminals and stood up.

They had been fighting side by side for many months now and Batman had really become not only a good partner, but a good friend. On the other hand, Bruce had helped her get over Ethan Bennett's transformation into Clayface. He was her closest friend now. He seemed to care a lot for her. But did he have any deeper feelings for her, she wondered. Maybe she was developing feelings for him.

Her thoughts were interrupted by the sound of sirens in the distance.

Hope you guys liked this first chapter. Catwoman's chapter will come soon.