10:30PM Selina's Apartment

Selina stalked up a set of stairs and stopped in front of her door. She quickly rifled through her bag for her keys. Bringing them out, she placed the key in the lock. She fumbled with it momentarily, her thoughts focused on a different issue. Selina cursed silently. Ever since the charity event, the scowl hadn't left her face. Her and Bruce. Bruce. Wayne. The thought of that detective was enough to make her want to yell out in anger. Her grip tightened on the key, causing it to slip. This prompted a grunt of frustration. She steadied herself, breathing deeply and brought up the key again. The key finally went into place and she turned open the lock. She quickly swung the door open and slammed it shut behind her. Marching forward into her living room, she was greeted by her two cats. They rubbed themselves affectionately against her legs, purring gently. Selina threw her bag onto her coffee table, set a bowl of cat food on the floor and sat down on her couch. The two cats jumped onto the couch next to her, one of them curling up on her lap. Selina's frown softened a little as she caressed the cat. Her fingers brushed over it's silk black body, and Selina felt herself calming down. She breathed out a gentle sigh.

"I can never stay mad around you Felix."

Selina leaned over to pat the cat next to her, which stretched out its body and purred happily. She smiled despite herself. These cats had never failed to improve her mood; she'd always felt a kinship with them. This reminded her of how she'd begun to think of the Batman. They had always been in opposition, but Batman had always helped her out, even if he'd threatened to turn her in to Gotham PD. He'd always have her back when other villains were involved. She'd had her fun with him as well. The always serious attitude that the Batman always had towards her was what had kept her interested. Now that she knew he was in fact Bruce Wayne, it all made sense. That's where the Bat hid all his charm, in his rich playboy alter ego. In the several times she had interacted with Bruce, Selina had always found him to be mysterious and alluring as a result. The pretty boy looks alone wouldn't have been enough to entice her. Now she knew the truth. As Catwoman she'd constantly flirted with the Dark Knight, but her advances had never been serious, there was always some ulterior motive like jewels and priceless art. But now that she'd started to like him, this detective came in and stole her limelight. Her true prize, snatched away from her.

Selina stopped stroking her cats, the scowl slowly returned. She picked up the nearby remote and switched on her TV. It crackled to life, displaying the Gotham Nightly News. The headline being broadcast was about the incident at the charity event. She was about to switch channels, when the face of Detective Yin flashed across the screen. Selina turned up the volume. A female reporter was interviewing Yin, who had changed out of her dress and was wearing her usual red jacket and grey pants.

"What can you tell us about what went down tonight?"

"Several armed assailants attempted to robbed a number of guests here tonight. I can't give you any specifics, but rest assured no one was harmed in the incident."

Yin looked slightly tired and was clearly not in the mood for the press. She continued.

"We have reason to believe that the Joker is involved somehow and will be working to track him down. That's all I can say at this time."

One of the reporters stepped forward eagerly.

"There have been reports that you were at the event accompanying Bruce Wayne? What is your relationship to Gotham's own billionaire philanthropist?"

At this Yin turned away with a look of annoyance, prompting Chief Rojas to take her place, who pushed the reporter aside and began ranting about the Batman's presence at the scene.

Selina had seen enough, she switched off the TV and placed a hand under her chin. She slouched over and groaned in exasperation.

"Why her Bruce?"

She sat up. Admittedly he was her type, she thought: Strong willed, strong sense of justice, always getting into trouble with the wrong kind of people.

"And kinda pretty too, I guess.." she breathed, "..But I don't see why he would choose her over me."

Selina stood up and walked over to her bedroom, with the cats padding quietly behind her. She went over to her closet and pulled out her cat suit.

"I think I'm going out for a little while girls", she crooned, stroking her cats. She quickly slipped out of her dress and into her cat suit. Making sure her whip was secured to her belt, she walked over to her window, opening it. Selina pulled her goggles over her eyes and lightly leapt out of the window. Only one thing was on her mind. Detective Ellen Yin.

11:00PM Batcave

A cool breeze entered the cavernous space which housed the Batcave. Bruce sat at the Batcomputer, looking through recent Joker related crimes. The first one had occurred several weeks earlier when he tried to rob a few jewelry stores. He had been apprehended after Batman and Detective Yin had cornered him at one such store. The following few were similar crimes, except for one case where a local chemical plant was robbed, though the chemicals were never found after the Joker was stopped. There were a two more cases; the gallery incident and the most recent incident at the charity event.

Bruce scratched his chin, there didn't seem to be any clear connection between them. But he knew that Joker had to be planning something, since he had hired goons to crash the charity event. The only thing that seemed consistent was that Yin had been there to stop Joker every time alongside Batman, which was unusual for minor Joker mischief crimes. Batman would usually have stopped Joker by the time Yin had arrived if they were simple robberies.

Bruce leaned forward in his chair and tapped a few keys on the keyboard in front of him. A map of Gotham came up on the screen with all of the Joker crime scenes. He pressed another button and new points popped up on the map. His eyes widened as he realized the truth.

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