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Okay, maybe I didn't charge at him.

I pounced over him like Toothless pounced over me, the time I had saved his tail, not letting me move, pinned to the ground. He slipped of the chair and... Well let's say, old age has its tolls. What, that man must be forty-fifty years old?

He just fell down and gave an ear-splitting yell of pain. Again I shut my ears. Gods, he was louder than a Thunder-Drum, the dragon that could make you go deaf if you were in its field of roar. The whole room was vibrating as I struggled to my feet after being knocked down by the huge Viking. And the ground was so cold. It sent shivers down my spine

My head was throbbing of pain. I couldn't smell blood; so I knew my head was still intact; well, as intact as a broken cranium could be. The bandage was coming off, as it came in my field of view. I pushed it a few times as I rushed out and knocked into, what's-her-name Astrid; she seemed stunned and breathless, probably had rushed on hearing the roar of pain coming from that man.

Her sapphire eyes were wide, shocked and confused. For a moment I forgot that she was going to kill Toothless the next day and just stared at her. Then I lashed into her side and she crumpled onto the ground, giving a small grunt as she dropped to her knees. I knew she wasn't hurt but that would delay her for some time until...

Gods, the wood was so cold. I ran down a flight of stairs to my right. Downstairs, there was a table with a huge seat in front of, mercifully, a door. Beside it there were two more unused chairs, I didn't know why. Unsure, I drew a concealed dagger from underneath my shoulder sleeve. I couldn't believe that they hadn't found it. What sort of people were they?

I opened the door and the bright sunlight hit me in my face. The sudden light made me to squeeze my eyes and I stared around. The house was on a hill, naturally, and was overlooking the small village and the unusually calm sea. The sun was setting, sending hues and gradients of pinks and oranges and yellows across the sky, dousing the tiny village in warm light. The view was so beautiful; something told me Toothless would have loved it.

And now I had to find him.

I raced down the hill and entered the village, through what I thought to be a square. Viking men and women hustled about doing their jobs, hammering, cooking, feeding and slaughtering animals.

Yep, a normal day for them and a totally bad day for me and Toothless.

I just wondered for a second what my mom would think if she saw see me this way, inside a Viking town with my dragon (okay, without him). I peeped at the pink sky just cautious that if she was seeing me. She'd be so cross...

Some of the kids who were fighting with wooden swords stared at me. Some other older girls looked at me and giggled. I rubbed my face and pressed my hair, frowning, wondering what they were laughing at.

I decided to use a technique my mother taught me, should I ever get lost away from my dragon. I cupped my hands around my mouth and mimicked a Nightfury. And that was a bad choice if you were living in a Dragon-killer zone. But ten years of bonding didn't go in vain. The call came out neat loud and clear. And so did the screaming of the children and the then clashing of metal against metal as the Vikings rushed into their houses.

It was all silent for a moment, just a moment before they stormed out with axes, maces, swords, bows and arrows, and spears. They formed a protective ring around the women and children. Women too were holding something or the other: a mug, cudgel or a knife. It felt good to see that there were places where they respected women, to let her take up arms.

But then again, would my mom have been the dragon rider, if there were other men back there? Probably not. There. Again I was thinking about Mom. By now probably she might have read the letter and might have even begun searching for me. Probably.

Find me. And again persuade me to become the dragon lord. I say no and everything happens again. Gods. Thor, help me!

I just stared at them staring at the sky. And that's when I heard it. The Nightfury call. Toothless's call. I spun my head and broke through the ranks just as a booming voice ran through the calm ocean breeze, "Catch that sneak!"

I groaned as I turned my head around. Stoick the vast was standing in the door, Astrid supporting him. Her eyes were sorry as she looked at me and shook her head: No

I kept rushing through, giving calls. Some tried to intercept me from the side, but training/fighting with Dragon hunters taught me quite a lot. So when someone jumped over me from the back, thinking to knock me down, I bent down and side-stepped, the dagger bringing a sharp cut on his back arm. He groaned and held his arm, the blood seeping out slowly. In front of me a young adult like me stood cracking his knuckles. I smiled, still running. His shaggy black hair and watery blue eyes frowned together as I rushed past him, my dagger neatly slicing his face. I knew I hadn't done much but that felt good. Probably he'd have a scar.

I had a scar on my shoulder while sparring with my mother when I was sixteen. Well that's when she began to teach me the use of the weapons. I was clumsy and WHAM! She had cut my shoulder, my right shoulder, my dominant shoulder. That's how I became a left-handed guy.

Mom. Again. I groaned as I picked a shield lying on the ground. Wasn't I ready to forget her, at least, yet?

"Catch him and throw him in the dungeons." Stoick's voice rang out again. All the people cheered on seeing him raise his hands.i began running and saw my destination the next minute, an arena on an island connected to the village with a bridge. I gave another call and got another too.


I slid under the door after crossing the bridge before cutting the bridge, hence separating us from the villagers. The arena wasn't much. Just grey walls and chains as the ceiling. My feet were blistered from running barefoot all the way from the house to the arena, right. What, I could have ran around three miles. I found a pair of fur-boots, thrown near a gate carelessly and put them on. They were a perfect match.

I gave the last call and Toothless replied to it from a door to my left. My dagger clattered to the floor as I opened the door. The bolt was really heavy. And when I did manage to open it, he jumped out.

"Toothless!" The Nightfury jumped out immediately and pounced on me, bringing up certain recent, unpleasant memories. He licked me to an extent that I need not have bathed for a few days. His saliva doesn't wash out. Ever.

My head began throbbing and my surroundings blurred. Toothless growled at me, lovingly, before I swooned, thus waking me up.

"Thanks bud." I sighed as I rubbed my head lightly. The bandage was ripping off and no blood flowed. Probably the blood had clotted. I crawled towards Toothless's bag and rummaged through it.

It was empty. Nothing at all.

"Argh..." I banged the ground and winced. Behind me the locked door pounded and the chief yelled.
"Get out of there!"

Astrid left his side and cautiously entered the arena. How had they got this side? Hadn't I cut the bridge?

She picked an axe and took a steady stance. She swung her axe carefully and Toothless growled. The dragon curled himself around me as I stood up. She was beautiful in looks but her stance and position, the way she swung her axe with experience, I realised that all that glitters is not gold. And certainly she wasn't gold. She was gun-powder, ready to blow up any minute now.

One of the men spoke, "Look Stoick, looks like da lass will kill de dragon today. Not tomorrow." The blonde one-hand-hooked-and-one-leg-pegged man chortled then grew quiet after he got a death stare from the Strawberry-blonde Chief.

"HA!" one of the younger blonde pushed a fist in the air. "I bet you seven coins sister Ruffnut. This boy will die - either by his dragon or by Astrid."

"Taking the challenge eh, brother?" Ruffnut gave a toothy grin as she rubbed her palms. "I hope not. He's hot." Ruffnut coyly said.

Okay, I was feeling awkward. Somehow, the thought of that girl, Ruffnut, being in my hands was way more repulsive than dying at Astrid's hand. Heck, dying at Astrid's hand was the sanest choice I had made since I landed in this god-forsaken land. I didn't know why Odin had made this island. Why did you?

"I wouldn't do that if I were you." I raised a hand in a defending position, the other reaching out for my dagger as I picked it up from the ground.

"Look dad! That's the knife that cut me." the boy, whose face I'd slashed with the dagger, said.

"Snotlout, not another word from you." Snotlout's father, I guessed, spoke. They both had the same hair and face-cut. Another guy was furiously scribbling in his book.

"Please, don't." I winced from pain and lowered my hand. Toothless saw this as a sign for attack and he let a small plasma blast near Astrid's legs. Astrid gasped; taking the chance of distraction, I climbed onto Toothless, my hands on the saddle. I looked behind and saw that Toothless's tail was still there, the black fabric still. Probably they hadn't realised that the tail was artificial. I was a good Leathersmith too, along with working with Dragons and Forges.

"Alright Toothless," I patted the dragon. "We're getting out of here, bud. Plasma Blast." Toothless fired a purple ball of heat at the chains of the ceiling and destroyed it. Then we flew out. Stuff or no Stuff, I wasn't going back there, even if it was decreed that I'd be buried there. The chief looked with astonished eyes like the eyes of the villagers, old and young alike, at us. I changed the gear and we left the village behind us, took a round before flying away.

The nausea of a head injury was getting me dizzy. I knew we had to land or else we could die falling down. If I fainted, then Toothless couldn't fly then we'd crash. Wasn't that exactly what I wanted?

I decided to push my luck a little more until we at least flew out of the village borders, maybe till one of the sea stacks and then rest there before thinking of a plan to bring back my stuff.

I guess I had spoken too soon.

The world blurred, and there was a screaming pain in my head. I don't know what happened next. We lost altitude and I was separated from Toothless. My eyes rolled in my head after I felt Toothless's wings around me. And I passed out.

I felt a dull throbbing in my head, and pain behind my eyes. Someone gave me a sloppy lick and I opened my eyes. Toothless looked at me, cocking his head, like he did when we decided to run away, from the nest.

I sighed, Mom. I missed her so much.

"Toothless," my voice was hoarse and my head was screaming.

Toothless chased his tail and I propped myself on one hand. With the other hand I rubbed my temple and ran a hand through my hair till the cloth. Toothless disappeared from my peripheral view and I turned my head around, still finding it unbelievable that we survived. The details of the crash began replaying in my mind. I fainted. Toothless caught me, shielded me. Then we crashed into a forest, beside a lake. I sat up and looked around. The flora around me suggested that I was still in Berk and I groaned. The place was covered on all the sides by high cliffs. Little vines like those that covered the secret entrances in the nest tumbled down the rocky cliffs. The lights were dimming, the warmth of the sun disappearing as he disappeared. I knew it would soon be night. The sky was a dark blue with a tinge of red on the edges.

Toothless would miss his nightly flight. I felt so sad. Toothless turned around and crooned.

"I am sorry, bud. But no flights today." I said; Toothless pouted. "But you get a well deserved scratch underneath." I smiled and Toothless hopped around in happiness, silently. He just never ceased to amaze me. We spent the night together in silence, me and the dragon. "Today was such a long day. First running away. And now, this." I sighed.

Toothless growled, lovingly and I patted his head. "Thanks bud." I smiled at him before I lay down. The stars twinkled like white-silver gemstones. They would have looked lovely on Astrid.

Well that girl was something, Ithought. Simple, serious, hardworking. What else? I spent some time thinking about the girl, her blonde hair and blue eyes, the way she'd shook her head at me. She was beautiful. Then I closed my eyes. I dreamt of Mom and Cloudjumper and also had a small dream regarding Astrid swinging her axe.

The next morning I woke up when I heard a scream and a growl, both simultaneous. I sat bolt upright and looked around. A girl was staring at me her mouth hanging open; behind her there was a crack through which, I thought, she might have come. Toothless growled protectively as he brought his tail around me. She was in a red shirt and a skulled skirt over blue pants. Her blonde hair was haphazardly tied and her blue eyes, Blue sapphire-like eyes, widened as she brought a hand to her mouth. In her hand was an axe. The girl was shocked.

Astrid was staring at me. And in her hand was an axe.

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