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We touched down back home the next night. To be frank, I hadn't expected ships to be patrolling the borders of the Alpha's reign. It was hard work, sending them off in the most Viking-like way. Whatever, I was getting old, and Hiccup needed to take training from me. I decided to ask him at dawn when he went for his morning flight because, when we descended, the lights in his room were off and I didn't want to disturb them while they slept, especially Hiccup. Gods forbid what he would do if he was woken up in the middle of the night.

The minute we descended, Cloudjumper gave a roar. When I looked at him, he pointed to Hiccup's room. Hiccup? I brushed the Storm-Cutter's thoughts aside as I settled on my bed. But when he growled once again, I lost my temper.

"Cloudjumper!" I hissed, giving him a hard look. "They're sleeping." I shushed him and turned away as I lay down. I didn't know when he slept, but I was sure I fell asleep before him. The dragon's consistent growls were like lullaby to my ears. After some time, the sounds too grew dim as the dragon rested on the ground, using its tail as a cover for its face.

That night nothing disturbed us. We slept as though dead.

In the morning I was the first to wake up; Cloudjumper was dozing, still. After a bit of freshening up, I opened the door to Hiccup's room. Usually if he was woken up by his dragon, he wouldn't be as cranky as he would have, had I woken him up.

But he wasn't there.

The room was neat and kept tidy, a habit I ensured he followed because I was tired of cleaning up Stoick's dirty mead-laden table and chair, back in the old days. Those days were the toughest and it had even become more when Hiccup had come along. I missed Stoick a lot, a lot more than my own parents, probably because he was my family, my only family. After the marriage, my parents were no longer my parents. I closed my eyes remembering those first moments on our first night as husband and wife, when I was crying and Stoick had consoled me and given me a surprise: my brother Dreawes [1]. Apparently Dreaves was sent to take care of me in our new island home while my other brother stayed back in Skjaldey [2], continuing the family there. I was so happy at that time.

Hiccup wasn't in bed but, neither was Toothless. I assumed that they had gone on a flight a little early.

Good, I thought. He'll need to be fit. There is no reason to fall sick. Nodding so, I went back into the main room. Cloudjumper was awake and the dragon was staring at me as though I were a lunatic. I was a lunatic in front of the Vikings, not dragons. I frowned at him in a playful way and the dragon rolled its eyes as though I were missing a point and growled at Hiccup's room again.

"Cloudjumper," I sat beside him, giving him a well deserved relaxing scratch. The dragon was as tired as me and needed to be awarded his meals. He had fallen like dead on his bed and was really hungry. So after scratching beneath his fire-glands I walked to the kitchen fire and tossed him some fish that he gulped down with gusto.

"We'll have some rest. Once Hiccup comes we'll go on rounds, alright?" I asked the dragon; the dragon hid itself behind its tail. I laughed and closed my eyes, lying on my bed, the coarse cotton being the only barrier between my warm skin and the cold stones. He'll come soon, thinking so, I fell asleep.

A few hours later, I suddenly bolted upright from my dreamless sleep. The sun was shining high in the sky, and so I assumed my son had come. The Storm-Cutter was sleeping soundly. Wiping my face, I made my way to my son's room, expecting him to be scratching his dragon or scribbling furiously in one of those books with charcoal sticking out of his hair in a messy way, the room floor hidden by spare or dirty parchments of ideas. He, fixing his armour, was accepted too. Or him sleeping, at least. Certainly not an empty room that looked the same as I had seen at the break of dawn.

I walked around, searching for him. I opened a few cupboards and got the shock of my life: everything was stripped clean. The cupboard was clean, stripped clean. Nothing there gave a sign that Hiccup had –

Enough, I instructed myself, taking a deep breath. He'd be just coming, now, just about now. But nothing about the room was encouraging. Hastily I fumbled pulling drawers free and opening other cupboards. Some of the drawers were full, untouched but a few of them was stripped clear. The air was of a balmy sea scent, not something disgusting but good in a way, like Nightfury saliva.

"Stop, He's just coming." I told myself before looking at his room again. My hopes rose again seeing the messy room before it all dropped down as I realised that I had dirtied the room, searching for him.

A growl caught my attention; Cloudjumper was there cocking his head before looking around and shaking his head in a dragon-like way. Fear and worries overcame me as I crashed down. I hadn't even realised that tears had begun to flow down my cheeks until Cloudjumper wiped them with his wings delicately. My hands automatically went to my mouth as I cried into it, looking around for a sign that he'd come, a sign that he'd never left –

I gasped as the thought struck me. Did Hiccup leave yesterday? I hadn't even bothered to check on him. He had been so angry and distraught after I had mentioned my wish of his becoming the Dragon Lord after me. His eyes had widened and his shoulders sagged as he moved his arms around in a very vibrant manner. He was... I don't know... so disappointed.

Cloudjumper nudged me as I wiped my tears. I knew I couldn't speak dragons, but the look the Storm-Cutter gave me, I understood what he wanted to convey – Let's get out there and search for him. Crying is not going to be useful.

So true.

Wiping my face, I hopped onto Cloudjumper in a minute and we soared into the sky with mixed hopes. I didn't know what to react. I hadn't even expected it to be that way.

What had he done? Hiccup, what have you done?

The whole afternoon and night we had searched. Cloudjumper had hardly rested. He had been awake the time I was asleep in the sanctuary. The dragons flew in every direction but none of them brought any news.

Nothing about him. Nothing at all.

I began crying into my hands, in those hands that took care of him since he was a child, those hands that heated up the water he refused to bath in... A flurry of memories flashed against the back of my eyes and I cried on. All the dragons around me grew silent as I heard my sobbing loud and clear. Cloudjumper frowned as he crooned. I wiped my tears hastily and fed all the dragons that had helped me for no reason tons of fish.

They all deserved it. I didn't.

The next two days the hope that he would come just hanged from my heart, connected by a sliver of a string. It was dangling and swishing and I was scared that it would break any minute then.

Two days.

I spent two days waiting. But, no. He never appeared, and neither did his dragon. The past two days had been spent in agony and motherly pain.

It was enough for me. I broke down completely. I began crying on Cloudjumper's scaly skin, my hands wrapping around its huge neck. I just stayed that way for the whole night. When I woke in the morning, I realised that I was still sobbing. Cloudjumper stood up and walked behind me when I went to drink some water to quench my thirst and parched throat.

"Cloudjumper," I gave a tired smile as I caressed him. "I'll be fine. I'll be in Hiccup's room if you need me." Saying so, I strode into his room and sat on his bed. Well, he never slept on it. It was mostly beside Toothless that he slept, on the heated up floor. I just brushed the coarse cotton bed sheet he never used. It felt so ... distant. There were a few charcoal sketches pinned on the rocky brown walls. Pictures of him and me, him and Toothless; some were of his ideas for Toothless' prosthetic, each one better than the previous. The pictures of himself were the ones that I wanted as of then as I reached out to grab one. How fluid his sketches were, slim and flexible, as though a Roman musician were playing a harp, soft tunes emitting from the instrument. His imagination was wonderful although I did wonder as to why he would have such an artistic imagination – Stoick never had such imagination and I didn't think I could have it. He truly was a miracle.

Seeing his beautiful self portrait, I cried for some time, silent tears making their way to my pointed jaw line. His portrait brought forth a few thoughts and flashes of vision which disturbed me a lot -

If Hiccup was gone, he wouldn't be coming back for a month at least. If he wasn't coming back for a month, he was sure to have made friends somewhere: Vikings who kill dragons or Vikings who ride dragons.

Either way it might not be good for the sanctuary.

What if he made friends with the enemies – Like Drago Bludvist?

Hiccup was gullible and naive; he wouldn't able to differentiate between the good and the bad. Wasn't he, a few days ago, persuading me to talk to Drago Bludvist, to solve our problems in a peaceful manner?

I had shushed him: a chief protects his own. He hadn't taken that well – he had come home late in the night all frowning and pouting and, without a second thought, had crashed, asleep.

Either way, not knowing how long he'll take, it was dangerous to remain here.

And without a moment's hesitation, I decided what happened to be the harshest decision I had taken since I decided to leave Stoick and live with the dragons.

I looked at the room, felt the cotton under my hand, took in gulps of air, tangy Balmy sea-ice air and opened my eyes.

"We're leaving. Now."

The poor dragon had no idea as to what I was doing, as rushing here and there and collecting stuff, putting in Rucksacks. The dragon crooned at me and I looked at him. The dragon moved to my side and nudged me.

"Cloudjumper," I sighed as I patted his head. "We're leaving." The dragon gave out a painful growl that surprised me. "What's the matter?"

The dragon pushed me away from the rug sack and to Hiccup's room.

"NO!" hearing my raised voice the dragon stopped. "He's gone. He won't be coming back for a long time..." I trailed off, my eyes filling up again before I snapped back and filling the bags. "We're leaving, Cloudjumper." My voice came out lower than I thought. The dragon cocked its head at me.

"Listen, if Hiccup comes back, he'll come with friends. They may be Friends or enemies. It's best not to take any chances." I sighed and put my hand on the cool rock wall. Brushing my hand over it, an idea flashed.

"Cloudjumper!" I hissed the Storm-Cutter's name and it came bounding towards me. "Release fire." I instructed the dragon pointing at the wall with one hand, the other fumbling for an instrument on the rocky platform beside. After the dragon spew fire and I had got a dagger, I began carving a message, a message I knew Hiccup would understand, a message he was not supposed reveal to anyone. I considered myself an expert in really Ancient runes so I made sure that Hiccup too learnt the runes. Not many people knew runes, hence it was an advantage when we had to communicate between attacks, to inform each other of news we had gathered.

I sighed. It was such a long time ago.

The runes were hard to carve in spite of the heated up rock, which should have made it easier. But nevertheless, it came out perfect. I looked at the dagger in my hand. From holding it tight, blood was seeping from my hand and I wiped the blood hastily, sticking the dagger hard into the rock, such that it went as deep as its hilt. Hiccup had made it for me.

A rune stood out in a lucid handwriting, bringing out old memories -

Hiccup had come out of the Dragoon forge, wiping his hands on a grey cloth. I was sitting there scratching Toothless while he sat beside me.

"So, what did you make?"

The fifteen-year old smiled as he handed me over a slim dagger, with intricate designs on the hilt and a rune on the sharp blade,

"Dette er for deg, mamma, med kjærlighet, hikke" [3]

"It's beautiful, Hiccup." I smiled, turning the blade in my hands. It was done with precision, all the figures on the hilt easily distinguishable. Hiccup was working on his own invention, for some reason, he didn't want me to see. I assumed this was what he didn't want me to see. [4]

"I thought you might like it," he shrugged while running his hand through his hair.

I ruffled his auburn hair as he smirked. I began seeing Stoick in him. His eyes and jaw, they were all his. I wiped a hidden tear as my son snuggled in with me, between Toothless and Cloudjumper. It was such a simple moment - Mother and son, sitting together in front of a fire, warming fish that their dragons eat.

It felt such a long time ago.

I brushed the cool hilt slightly before snapping out of the flashback. Cloudjumper looked at me nodded. After placing the rug-sacks on the dragons, I swung myself over Cloudjumper, my trusty staff in my grasp. Everything in me told not to leave.

I was doing it for the dragons. My mind retorted back. Hiccup and I had taken a pledge to do what was the best for the dragons even if it cost either of them their lives. I consoled myself, telling it was the pledge that I was following.

One final look at the cave that sheltered me and my son for years and we were off. The dust rose up behind us as the dragons flapped behind and the Alpha Bewilderbeast followed.

And all the other dragons of the Sanctuary followed it. In a few hours my former home was a speck, a sole dot of hope for life in the middle of the unending sea.

I had no idea where I was heading to, but something told me to trust my instincts and my instincts told me to move Southwest.

And so I did.

Hi guys I hoped you guys enjoyed this chapter. I was struggling to search for something to add for Valka in the hard copy draft in my notebook, but When I began typing, everything seemed to fall in place. I guess I was lucky.

Isnt it interesting, the fact that both Valka and Hiccup thought they didn't deserve something they thoroughly deserved?

On with the footnotes:-

[1] I assumed Valka came from another island, hence her brother was sent to accompany the bride to her new home. As for the name, I don't know if it is an authentic, but I liked it, hence I am putting it.

[2]Skjaldey – I have no idea what it means. But the –ey in the end signifies an island.

[3] This is for you, Mom, Hiccup – Norwegian. (Google translate)

[4] Well sure Hiccup didn't want his mother to see her surprise; but his invention that he didn't want her to see was Inferno, the fire sword.

That being said, hope you guys liked it...

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