Chapter 1

The war between the Noah Clan and the Black Order has been going on for thousands of years. Fighting for the survival of humanity is the jobs of the Vatican's while the total annihilation of the human race is the Earl of Millennium's goal. Countless lives have been lost in this war and many more will be consumed if this continues on. Armies of Akuma, the Earl's weapons, against the Exorcists, God's Soldiers; Innocents are the only tool that can destroy the Akuma and exorcise the Noah family while Dark Matters is the only substance that can destroy Innocents. They are the opposite of each other, killing each other in the endless circle of war. This is the harsh reality, people who are compatible to these Innocents are practically slaves to the Black Order. And those who's Noah Gene has Awaken are forced to obey the Millennium Earl as he is the Creator of Akuma, Patriarch of the Noah Family and the 1st Noah to fight for his cause for the demise of the human race.

However, there was another factor that has been forgotten by humans and not known to the other 2 factors. This factor is something that has been in play far longer than any records that even the Bookmen Clan has ever recorded. This factor prefers to stay hidden and work alone, uncooperative even to their own kind. They are the true predator of the human race, hunting humans for a long time, hiding among their prey and use deception to their fullest form for a meal. They are the true survivor in this human infested world that has been under the wrath of the other 2 factors. They now lay in wait for the right opportunity to strike, and until they do, humans will remember who is on the top of the food chain.

Somewhere in Germany


Finders, eyes and ears of the Black Order. Their goal is to search for clues or leads for possible Innocent fragments. It is a dangerous job as they usually don't last long due to the Akuma killing or the Noah's handy work. And that is what was happening to those 5 Finders that were trapped in a ghost town with possible Innocent fragment.

Three Level 4s were sent to retrieve it and bring it to their creator, to fulfill the purpose of destroying their precious Innocents and render them helpless if they manage to find the Heart of Innocent.

The sudden interest of sending higher level of Akumas to retrieve Innocents by the Noah family begins about 6 months ago. The incident where the Earl had reveal his true face to one special Exorcist and the fact that the traitorous 14th Noah has indeed taken that said Exorcist as his host. Events that followed after that incident were not taken lightly for the young host of the 14th, and no one was willing to think him the same way as before.

"Give it up, humans~. This is the end for you all~" The deformed angel of a Level 4 Akuma sang, happily closing in to their targets which have gather together and prayed for a miracle to happen.

Just before the Akumas could sent another wave of Dark Matter at them, all 3 of them were slashed through their midsection by a large broadsword made of Innocent. The souls that were chained to the Akumas were released and all were able to finally rest in peace, and it was all thanks to one special Exorcist: Allen Walker.

"Are you guys all right? I hope that I'm not too late." Allen Walker, Exorcist of the Black Order, a kind young man that had been cursed to be able to see the souls of the Akuma and the prophesized 'Destroyer of Time'. He was also one of the strongest Exorcists the Black Order has and they were not going to lose him anytime soon. He was an important asset in this Holy War they were fighting.

"Y-yes, thank you." One of the frighten finders finally reply, still having those fearful eyes staring at Allen. Of course they would react that way to him. After all, he is the host of the 14th Noah, the very same enemy that the Black Order had been fighting for a long time now. Since after the incident, Allen Walker has been listed as a possible threat to the Order. CROWs were always by his side to observe his movements and everyday activity. If he is to do something that makes the higher-ups consider him an enemy, he is to be annihilated. And it was all because he is the host of a Noah.

"Walker, you have been call back to HQ immediately. Your mission is now done, please leave the rest to the Finders." Howard Link, Allen's escort along with other CROW members surrounding him. After his presumed 'death', Inspector Malcolm C. Lvellie had made another report about Link's mission to monitor Allen when Allen had escaped from the order about 9 months ago. Turns out that his action had gather vital information about the relationship between the Millennium Earl and Allen Walker. The 14th Noah and the Earl were once the original Millennium Earl that had split into 2 due to some unexplainable cause, this information puts Allen into a very unstable position where he could be executed for being the host. Malcolm made a suggestion of keeping the Noah alive as they knew that Allen is an important Exorcist and the prophesized 'Destroyer of Time', killing him would only result in losing a viable weapon. And so for the past 6 months after returning back to the Black Order, Allen Walker had been in tight supervision and was only allow to sent on dangerous mission that involves Level 4 Akumas or possible Noah sighting, even if the Noahs were not seen after that incident.

Allen Walker didn't say much to Link's order, he just left with the CROWs into the Ark Gate he had been allowed to use in emergencies. Going back to HQ with them, Allen felt as if his life was on a leash pulled by the Black Order which was once his home. The other Exorcists were monitored as well, but none were as heavily as his. Kanda had become a general so that his betrayal to the Black Order when escaping with Alma Karma was not put in trial, Johnny Grill came back working in the Science Division so that he could help Allen and the other Exorcists as much as he could.

Things in the Black Order became harsher with more CROWs observing their every move. This was the order from the inspector who was appointed to oversee the operation of the branch he was assigned to. He became stricter with Allen's action after his recapturing, becoming Malcolm's personal toy. Sometime Allen wished that he could just punch that bastard Malcolm's smug face just once without getting in trouble. All the stress the Order was putting on his shoulder was unbearable.

Walking down the hallway to his cell, which made into his room, with Link and the other CROW members, Allen felt as if he could not move forward like this. He couldn't remember well about the incident 6 months ago, and no one was going to tell him that. All he remembered was that he saw Mana's blurred face in an alley and Link was there along with Kanda and Johnny. After that, he blacked out and woke up back in the Black Order European Branch HQ. They explained few things to him and he was forced back to return to the Order with Timcanpy who Kanda managed to save in the nick of time.

During these 6 months, there were occasions when the 14th would whisper something to him in his dreams, something about him and Mana being one. Allen never got to figure it out, but his dreams became livid and they felt so real. He even manages to see Neah's appearance and not a faceless shadow on reflective surfaces. For all Allen knows, his transformation is coming and he was scared about losing himself to the Fourteenth.

"Hey, short-stack! Back so soon?" A familiar voice cut Allen's dark train of thoughts before a blur of red hair invaded his vision. Lavi Bookmen Jr., apprentice of Bookman of the Bookman Clan, somehow released from the clutches of the Noah Clan. That time when he returns to the Black Order with Bookman, Lavi suffered many internal injuries that have now mostly healed. Catching up to the current events of Allen Walker, they resumed to their position as Exorcists of the Black Order. Lavi were the only few other people that does not think differently about Allen being a Noah.

"It's Allen, Lavi. Not short-stack." Allen replied back, feeling annoyed and bit of relief of seeing someone friendly once a while. "How was your mission with BaKanda? Still a slowpoke as ever?" That earns him a sword extremely near his throat.

"What did you said, Beansprout?" General Yu Kanda threaten him from behind. The others that were there with them made no move to break the fight off as this was becoming a common occurrence.

"Oh, I've forgotten that you have such a slow reaction time that you can't even hear what I have said properly, BaKanda!" Even with the tight security within the Order with CROWs breathing down their necks, there were things that didn't change. For that, they were grateful.

"Oh, come on guys. Don't leave me out of the fun~" Lavi playfully pouted as he joins in the fray. Yeah, they all could use some time with friends like this. They all needed this to escape from the harsh reality. Kanda and Allen were arguing with Lavi bothering them until someone came and stop their fuss.

"Stop it, you guys. There are work to be done with such little help we are getting. And Lavi, please don't make things worse." Lenalee Lee, another Exorcist of the Black Order. She seems to be the more mature one around. She hits each of their heads with her clipboard, looking at her guiltily except for Kanda who just glared at another direction.

"Sorry, Lenalee. Can't help it with the little guy here. He is irresistible." Lavi cheerfully reply in his defense, ignoring Allen's protest in that statement. They laughed at this little time of relief, happy to have everyone back together again despite the turns of event.

"Move it, Walker." A sudden harsh push from a CROW from behind Allen reminded him about his current situation. Apologizing to his friends, Allen continued his way to his room where he was ordered to occupy until his next mission. Lenalee was sadden by Allen predicament, wishing that she could be more help to him. But because of her fear of the inspector, she can't do much to oppose him. For now, all she could do for Allen was to be there for him.

Allen is strong, Lenalee thought to herself. Thinking about it more will reassure her that nothing bad will happen to him again, not after what Allen had been through. Continue on his way, she bid him goodbye until they meet on his next mission. Another rule was made by the inspector: Allen was only permitted to have a conversation with another personal if the matter was something of importance.

The other two knew about this too and were angered by this rule, but they do not have a choice. Lavi excused himself to go and find Bookman while Kanda went to the training room to meditate. Allen knew that his friends were worried about him and he tries to ease their minds by enduring all of the inspector's sick way of using him. Allen will overcome this, he had promised Mana that he will keep on moving forward, and not the Fourteenth or the Central will stop him.

Allen was about to enter his room when suddenly a message was sent to him by a CROW coming towards them. Allen was assigned to use the Ark and assist an Exorcist in distress as a Noah has been sighted in the area.

"You are assigned to another mission, Link. I will be your replacement for this evening." Said the messenger as Link turns to look at Allen and narrowed his eyes as if warning him not to do anything that is out of the line before walking away.

To prevent losing another ally, Allen ran towards his opened Ark Gate with the CROWs tailing him. He will protect everyone, even if they think differently about him.

Meanwhile in Inspector Malcolm C. Lvellie's office

The inspector was having another problem as the number of Level 4 Akumas kept on appearing and killing most of the Exorcists that were sent. He couldn't predict why the Earl would want to sent so many of them, and only General Yu Kanda and Exorcist Allen Walker are the only ones that could defeat them single-handedly. If this were to keep up, they may lose too many assets and lose the war.

Overusing Allen would also be a problem as there could be a high possibility of Allen being taken by the Noah. He needs a solution to this problem, he needs a way to prevent more losses. He needs something that could strengthen his assets in winning this way. All of his previous projects were a failure and he could not effort to wait another few years for another project to fail again. And then there was the problem of Allen Walker, host of the 14th Noah. A valuable asset and a potential enemy, even Allen himself was an enigma. If only there was something that could control the Fourteenth to bend to his will, if only there were such thing that ever existed.

Knock Knock Knock

Inspector Lvellie's thoughts were interrupted by that sudden knock. Most of the time he would have shouted whoever was disturbing him. But he refrained from doing so, instead, he calls whoever was at the door in. He would have to deal with it before continuing his work on all the documents sent to him from Central.

"Morning, Inspector~" An unfamiliar cheerful voice greeted him. An elder man dressed in a dirtied lab coat walks into the office, worn off boots and old leather gloves were the man's other possessions and he seems to be Asian. Malcolm certainly had not met this man before and was troubled at how this intruder could just walk in here without any of his CROWs alerted him.

"Sorry to have come here unannounced but I am just another supporter of the Black Order, I just wasn't able to get in touch with you if I were to follow the standard procedures." Now that explains a few things, but still, this man somehow intrigued him. Based on his clothing, the man could be a seasonal doctor.

"Usually if you have not made an appointment, I would have kick you out for trespassing. But since you have taken all the trouble to come and see me, I might listen to what you have to say." Malcolm stated calmly, knowing that he could call the guards anytime he wants if this man proved to be a threat. "Before you begin, care to introduce yourself? You seemed to know who I am, after all."

"Fufufu, excuse my rude manners. I haven't had a conversation with anyone for a while. A veteran doctor at your service, you may call me K. I always go by that nick name while traveling, you see. Hope that you'll understand." The inspector seems to accept this, he gestured for K to continue what he wants to say to the inspector.

"From all the reports that I have read about the recent attacks and loss of Exorcists, I was thinking about how I could help you to stop all those losses. I can't stop thinking about it while I was doing my experiments until I came to a conclusion: how about I give my life research to the Black Order? It is, after all, something that we really need in this time of need. With the funding and all your equipment, we will have ourselves stronger assets to win this Holy War against the Noah Clan."

Malcolm was interested by the offer, but he wanted to have full knowledge about K's research before he makes his decision. Based on the doctor's exclamation, he could raise an army of powerful Exorcists. He told K about what he was thinking, hoping that what the doctor said wasn't some con to trick the Order of their money.

"Of course, I have the reports that you need. However, my solution is still in test phrase and needs one more live subject to complete this experiment of mine. The subject I need has to be tolerant to pain and must be compatible to the 'organs' that I have brought with me. Read the reports if you want the full description about them." K stated, dismissing the fact that his experiment included transplanting someone's or something's organ into a human being. And Malcolm was okay with that, to him, it was no different from any other projects that he had approved on the Exorcists.

As he reads the first page, he found some words that would have pronounced as Japanese. His first thoughts about it was that K must be from Japan, the Earl's domain. But he also knew that the Japanese have somehow migrated from their home country to nearby countries to escape the Akumas. The more he reads, the more he noticed how this project would contribute his assets greatly. Enhanced strength, higher senses, tougher defense and natural healing abilities, these could be what the Order needs.

"I must say, Doctor K. This project of yours sounds very promising. And I also have the perfect subject for this project." Malcolm said, sliding the file so that K could see what the inspector wanted to point out. "But, how do you pronounce this word?"

Doctor K smiles mysteriously, his proposal seems to be accepted. Soon, he will finally create his most wonderful masterpiece. "This, my dear friend, is pronounced as 'Kakuhou'. It is the foundation and stronghold of this very project."

In Manchester

'Of all the Noah members that I might face, it had to be these two.' Allen thought bitterly as he battled against said Noah members at what was once a crowded city before the Akumas arrived and tear it apart. The Exorcist that had called for help had gone to distract the Akumas while Allen was forced to fight off the two Noahs. The CROWs merely destroy any Akumas that went too close to their charge, preventing any interruption.

Even with Allen's Crown Clown activated, he wasn't strong enough to fight off two Noahs. Let alone if they were Tyki Mikk and Sheril Kamelot. No doubt that they were sent here to kill any Exorcists they encountered, and it just so happens to be Allen that they meet. By the Earl's orders, they have to capture Allen if anyone of the Noahs ever meets him.

"Boy, it seems that today is our lucky day." Tyki stated pleasantly, ready to enjoy the fight against Allen. His brother, Sheril, not so much. Ever since he found out about how Road was hurt because of Allen, Sheril swore to himself that he would make Allen pay for it. "But, it isn't pleasant for you, though."

Allen was getting worried of not getting away from the Noahs. Even with the CROWs' help, that doesn't seem to be enough. He will have to do what he can to make a quick getaway from there. Being close to another Noah also causes him a headache and he fears that it was the Fourteenth trying to gain control of his body. He would not let that happen, he will always be an Exorcist, whatever it takes.

"Well, Boy. Shall we dance?" And the battle started. With Allen's Sword of Exorcism and Tyki's purple blades, they clashed together in a heated battle. Sheril does what he has to in order to give his brother the upper-hand but Allen somehow manages to escape them just in time. Sheril's body-manipulating strings were the things that Allen was very worried about, they could twist his body parts without Sheril even touching them. And then there was Tyki's ability for passing through anything he 'choose'. Allen does not appreciate his heart being pierce by Tyki's Tease again.

For all the close calls Allen gets, the more injuries he receives. And add matters worst, Sheril had killed all the CROWs. In the mist of the battle, Allen tries to find the Exorcist that was fending off the Level 3s. He needs to know if he is still around to help him distract the two Noahs so that they could slip away, however he doubted that he would want to help a potential enemy like him. Running away seems tempting but he had done that long ago and it didn't end well to him and his friends, he didn't want that to happen to his friends again. As long as he could still be himself as an Exorcist, he won't mind what others think of him.

"Keep your eyes on your enemies, Fourteenth." Sheril whispered from behind Allen right before breaking Allen's right leg. The scream of agony sends excitement to the Noahs' blood as they longed for the traitorous Noah's pain for the betrayal long ago.

Standing only on his left leg and leaning on his sword, Allen looks at the two Noahs with a slight fear. If they were trying to cut off his means of escape, then they were serious about bringing him back to the Earl. He can't, not when he wants to protect what he values. Allen scanned the area, thinking of setting up an Ark Gate and slip away. But he needs something to distract the Noahs first before he does or they will keep following him to the Order, and if they were truly going to bring him to the Earl, he can't let that happen. Standing back up, he was going to do what he will regret later.

"Oh? Coming back for more, Boy?" Tyki said lazily as he came slowly up to the Exorcist, preparing to fight him till his last stand if he has to. What he did not expect though was that Allen suddenly rushed towards him with renewed speed, slicing with his broadsword and ribbons from Crown Clown. Noticing that his brother in trouble, Sheril joins in and started to break Allen's body limb by limb until Allen's Innocent wrapped its ribbons around them to help him continue fighting. Grabbing the front coat of Crown Clown, Tyki threw Allen through a wall of many buildings until Allen skidded down after the 5th one. Allen painfully gets up, waiting for the right moment.

"What's the matter, Fourteenth? Is the vessel just too weak to take that hit? That was the lightest coming from sweet little brother Tyki of mine~" Sheril sang, making the other Noah feeling a bit dismay and disgusted. When they were close enough to land another attack, an Ark Gate with without a number but a question mark marked on top opened under the three of them.


As they fall out of the gate into this new place, Allen quickly made another gate under him. Before he disappeared from the Noahs' sight, Tyki manages to give him a punch that surely broke his ribs. Tyki sighted in disappointment after he landed safely, they nearly got him but the boy kept surprising them. "Well, at least we did have a good fight. Isn't that right, Sheril? …Sheril?"

Tyki looks around and noticed that there was a cliff right beside him, if he were to fall just a little to the right, he might have fallen off. Looking down, he saw Sheril sprawling on the ground with few bamboo leaves sticking out of his hair. There were also pandas looking rather lazily at him, properly wondering who was the idiot lying on the ground. Well, Tyki can't blame them because the position Sheril looked like on the ground was just to ridiculous.

Black Order European Branch HQ

Passing coffees to the scientists around the Order, Lenalee was still worried about Allen. She heard from some passing Finders that he had been sent on a rescue mission where there could be Noahs in the area. She knew that Allen had became stronger but to actually face a Noah alone isn't possible, unlike Kanda but he barely made it out alive.

As she went passed a corridor lined with doors, several Finders and scientists ran passed her frantically. At first she thought that her brother may have built another Kumorin, but then it doesn't make any sense as why everyone ran towards the same direction. Feeling a sense of alarm, she quickly follows them to see what was really going on.

When she had reached to the hall where everyone seemed to gather, she saw a crumpled form of the Ark Gate on the ceiling. She also noticed that the Finders and scientists were crowding around something, or someone. She pushed herself through the crowd, feeling dread of what she may see. As she got closer, she catches a glimpse of white with a splatter of red. Hoping that it was not who she thought it was, she pushed in. She gasped when the view came clear, it was Allen! He was severely injured with multiple wounds and broken limbs. His Innocent was deactivated, leaving him lying on the ground unconscious.

"ALLEN!" Lenalee yelled as she threw herself to his side, "Allen, please hang on. Help is coming. Someone, anyone, please get the nurse!" She pleaded, but the people were hesitating. She should have known this would happen, they were still against the idea of having Allen as an Exorcist since the news. They would rather let Allen die than to have a Noah working on their side.

"I-I-I'll go get the nurse!" Miranda Lotto cried out somewhere in the crowd before running off to get help, she doesn't want her first friend to suffer, especially not nice sweet Allen who was the first to encourage her. She would help Allen in any way possible, even if he is the host for the 14th Noah.

Arystar Krory III came to Lenalee's side and help her carry Allen to the infirmary. Krory could not bear to see Allen suffer all the burden by himself, Allen is his friend too. He knew that Allen had helped him through many things when he first left his castle not knowing how the outside world works, and he was very patient with him.

Everyone parted a way for them as they exit the hall with Allen on Krory's back, not wanting to have anything to do with the host of the Fourteenth. Lenalee was fine with that, they could get Allen to the infirmary quicker that way. They ran through the quickest route they know to get the head nurse, knowing that she was the only one who could help Allen.

In Lenalee's mind, every thought was in a jumble. She was afraid of what had happened during his mission that had him this injured, and where did all the CROWs that were following him went. Seeing all the bleeding wounds, she decides to drop the subject. She doesn't want to lose another friend, not at these times and especially not Allen.

While running, they almost bump into the chief of the branch, Komui Lee, Lenalee's elder brother. He was just as shock as they were when his eyes landed on the bleeding Allen on Krory's back. Snapping him out of his shocked state was his sister.

"Brother! Allen got hurt! He needs medical attention now!" Reading the distress within her voice, Komui immediately calls the nurse through his golem to get the ER ready. After minutes of running to the ER, few nurses and CROWs came wheeling a bed towards them. The three got a really bad feeling when they noticed that the CROWs were lifting Allen off Krory not so gently, earning a few painful groan from Allen.

"Can't you see you're hurting him? He needs help right now!" Lenalee begged but was ignored by them while the nurses looked very uncomfortable with the CROWs. However, her plead was heard by someone she wished to never see again.

"Of course, Lenalee. He'll be taken care of really soon." Inspector Malcolm C. Lvellie stated, walking out from the ER with another man. His smirk widen at the state Allen was in and he couldn't think of any better time to start his new project.

Lenalee shivers at the sight of him so close, she was very afraid of this horrid man. With the inspector around, things could never be good. Looking at Allen with how the CROWs were handling him, she knew that he was in trouble.

"Malcolm! What are you doing here?! Can't you see that you are allowing a valuable asset to die from blood lost?" Komui tries to reason the vile man using this way. He may sound like he didn't care for Allen, but he only did this to protect him and all the other Exorcists.

"I was just overseeing some…operation. Walker here is now subjected to this new experiment that had just gained approval from the Pope. If proved successful, this method of improving the performance of Exorcists will apply to all. Now, Doctor K. You may proceed." After Malcolm finished, the man in a surgical gown wearing a surgical mask, cap and a clean pair of gloves came examining Allen's still bleeding wounds. Lenalee can't get a clear description of the man other than plain and simple, but the smirk that was barely contained behind the mask was unnerved. The man looked at Allen like he was looking at an animal, and he was excited about something too when he had finally turned to speak to Malcolm before he and the CROWs pushed the bed with Allen on it to the ER without even looking at the other three.

"What are you going to do to Allen, inspector?" Komui asked coldly, knowing that it could be another project like the Second or Third Exorcist project. And those did not end well. Malcolm smile evilly, brushing off Komui's question in favor of leaving to his office to do more 'paperwork'. Komui could tell that this project that Malcolm just declared could be the worst experiments yet.

They waited outside while the man known as Doctor K operates on Allen, his wounds were one of the most fatal yet they had seen. Lenalee couldn't help but to pace back and forth, waiting anxiously for any news. Krory looks just as anxious at the door to the ER, hoping and praying for Allen's quick recovery. Komui tried his best to calm his beloved sister down but all his efforts were in vain.

After a while, the three heard someone running to their direction and they looked up to see Lavi and Kanda running towards them urgently. They must have heard the news and were worried about Allen. Kanda just shrugged it off as saying he had wasted his time and effort in bringing Allen back and he will personally kill the Beansprout if his efforts were in vain. Kanda will never admit that he was worried too.

"How is he?" Lavi asked when he finally catches his breath and lean on Krory for support. Lenalee just shook her head, they were still in the dark of Allen's condition. Lenalee also added that Malcolm seemed to want have founded another project involving Allen, causing Kanda to curse under his breath while Lavi's calculative eye to narrow. They waited for an hour but still Allen wasn't out yet, Komui sighted as he stood up and hugged Lenalee.

"Allen's going to be okay, he's a strong Exorcist. He'll make it. When he recovers, we'll throw him a surprise meal with every food he loves." Komui tries to humor her and did managed to put a smile on her worried face. Lenalee can't help it but to imagine what Allen's face will be like when he does see all his favorite meal, then again everything he eats is his favorite. That smile of his, she hasn't seen it for a while since all this mess had began.

Emergency Room

Allen's Point of View (POV)

Darkness. That was all I could see in this endless void in which I am floating in. I felt nothing other then the coldness. I hear nothing other than the constant beeping. I don't even know where I am. Why is it so cold here? Why can't I move? Why is it so… dark? And empty? Why do I feel so tired?

Beep Beep Beep Beep

"…-dy the … organs…"

Huh? What was that?

"…stable…pass them to me…"

Were those…voices?

"…begin the implant…"

"…careful…it's very…"

What are they talking about? What are they doing?

"…those two go… and…"

"…many? Why do…"


I…can't make them out. Why can't I hear them anymore?

"…-sing him! We…!"

"…an't! Con-…!"

"…K!? Wh-…"


the voices are gone. The void is shifting. What is going on?

Humans are cruel…

Who was that?! Fourteenth?!

They are cruel…

What…what does that mean? The void, it changed into a plain of white. Wait, no. It's a field of snow. So white, a world of white. Is this a dream?

Your mind is so pure despite all that you have been through, but does that mean that you do not hate them?

What?! Where are you, Fourteenth?! What is your game? Stop playing with my mind!


It's raining. But what is that smell? And the taste…

Splat Splat Splat

Wait, is this…blood?

How cruel can humans be? To achieve what they desire, they turned on to those they consider as allies. Do you really want to protect them?... Red.

Of…of course, I will. That is my duty as an Exorcist. And I will begin by not allowing you to take over my body! Even if it means my last breath, I will resist you till the very end!

Very well, let see how long that though of yours last. (chuckle) But before I leave, take a good look at your plain.

It's…it's red now. The snow, they're crimson now. Why is that? Why is it still raining blood? What happening?!

Calm down, my host. (Covering Allen's vision from behind and whisper) This is you, as you are changing. Changing into something that I will never expect to be real. Enjoy your humanity, while it last. Ha ha ha ha.

I suddenly feel nothing as everything around me disappear.

Nobody's POV

Allen woke up groggily. His left eye opened slowly while his other eye was twitching violently. The first thing he saw was the concrete ceiling and the slightly bright light from the light bulb. His whole body felt sore and he was breathing from an oxygen mask.

His right eye twitched violently until the eyelid finally opens and reveal an unholy pitch black eye with blood red iris.

I am an unfortunate soul,

containing both Dark Matter and Innocent inside of me.

I am a Noah and an Exorcist,

An abomination to the world.

Half and half I have been born,

I am both yet neither one,

How can I save when I was meant to destroy?

To the world I am but a toy,

To be played with then discarded,

Before the world I am not wanted.

Unfortunate they say,

Kill! Make him pay!

To act is all I can achieve,

On this stage that I perform.

To save the souls only I can see.

Tragedy always befalls me.

Half and half I have born,

I am both yet neither one.

A Noah and an Exorcist,

Both innocent and guilty,

With a mind of a killer,

And a heart of a saviour.

If you were to write a story about me,

A demon; an angel,

Tragedy always finds me.