Chapter 11


"I have no other choice, it is in my blood to fulfil my duty."


"You won't understand, dear brother. Or maybe…it's because you aren't my brother at all."

"Wha-…what are you talking about…? Mana, what has gotten into you…"

"…I'm sorry…but humanity has to die. And that includes you…Neah. Goodbye, brother."

"…wait…Mana. WAIT! MANA!"

The form of Mana D. Campbell changed into what was known as the shell of the Earl of the Noah Family, pointing his black broadsword at his twin who had been by his side since their birth. At that moment, their lives changed for the worst. At that point, the stalemate of the Holy War was no more. The promises they made to each other, broken.

"…I'm sorry Mana. But…it is time that…that I kill you…for your sake. I have been holding back, haven't I? Hah, because you're my brother. And I could never hurt you. But, if it's to save you from this wretched existence, then I will gladly come for your head. Come at me, Mana! Show me your worst!"

The skin of Neah D. Campbell darkens to that of his twin, golden eyes shone with determination as Dark Matter swirled around his form. A similar broadsword with inverted colours appeared in his arm, he swung it around like it weighted nothing.

They stood among the ruins of their once loving home, the scorched wheat field made up most the land. The dead tree stood motionless, even with a cold body that rested between its roots. Unknown figures watched from the sidelines, all twelve of them waiting to assist their Earl when called.



And their blades clashed.

In the next moment, everything was gone. As white as a sheet of paper. He stood there, blinded by the sudden flash of light. When it was finally dim enough to see, he was back at the broken concrete city from his dream. He didn't understand a single thing about the place he found himself in nor the vision he just witnessed.

He felt like he should know who these 'Mana' and 'Neah' were. He didn't know why but his chest tightens in pain after seeing those two men. He didn't even know how, when or where he knew them, it made him angry and sad at the same time. How was that possible, to be mad at something that you don't even remember?

There was a humming vibrating around him, it was comforting and yet distorting. It resonates something within him, luring him to just follow his desires. And so, he did just that for there was nothing else he wanted to do more than to fulfill the emptiness within his being: hunger.

The black eye that governs the Dreamscape examines Grey, a grin slowly overtaking its shadowed face. It watches with excitement as his new puppet rampaging so mindlessly. He has them all, he is finally free. No more interruptions, no more holding back. And best of all, he is free to eat. Grey's human friends might just be the right snack to celebrate this special occasion.

"Be reADy, DIscOrd iS cOMinG."

HQ Underground Corridor

Lavi's POV

Even with my photographic memories, I couldn't remember the time I had ever ran this fast. My heart beats against my chest so loud that I was surprised no one else noticed it, or maybe they do but ignore it. I turned to look at them all and found that I wasn't the only one getting exhausted from all the running, but we couldn't stop now, not when Allen was right on our tails.

The revelation we just made was still shockingly fresh in our minds, no doubt about it. I could even hardly believe it. Allen could destroy the casing that houses Innocences like they were nothing. If I didn't know any better, I would have thought that he was intentionally trying to destroy our Innocences.

"Kanda! Has Mugen reform yet?! We really need something, anything to slow him down right about now!" A glare accompanied with a slight fatigue was what I received from him, and the crosses on his arms were bulging as veins protruding across his arms in an alarming rate. The only thing I could conclude from my observations was that Kanda was forcing the speed of his rate of healing to replenish the amount of blood lost to remake Mugen.

Lenalee was the only person with her Innocence intact, but with the way her ankle was slowly bruising and how she was getting slower by the minute, she was out of the option. And it was only safe for her if she were to stay airborne until we got out or have a plan. Which is what I was currently trying to do and I would have thought up something if our pursuer wasn't tackled to the ground so unexpectedly by some unknown assailant.

"Huh?" The unexpected sound escaped my throat right before vicious snarls were heard and something scrapping against metal.

We turned to see what it could be and found a man wrestling against Allen with a Koukaku Kagune! So, it was another ghoul, one who apparently could hold his ground against Allen. We might have stood there for a short while and could clearly hear the animosity in Allen's growls towards the new comer. His opponent was silent in his assault but my trained eye could see sweat rolling down from his brow.

"Don't tell me you have already forgotten about me, half-breed. That's just plain hurtful. I'll tell you what: give me those humans and we could leave this matter as if it never occurred at all~." We heard him say which somehow infuriated Allen even further. We don't know where he came from but it miraculously gave us the enough time we to gather our thoughts and get away.

I picked Lenalee up bridal-style when I noticed the strain she puts on her injured ankle, ignoring all her protest and lead Kanda and Link away from the fight and into the maze-like hallway. I don't know how long Allen and that ghoul are going to fight, hopefully long enough for us to find a way to get Allen back.

Nobody's POV

The enraged half-ghoul pounded with all his frustrations on that one ghoul that just won't stay out of his way! He was already being generous enough to leave that ghoul as desert right after having the main course, but the annoyance won't stay down. His claws scraped against the Koukaku blades acting as shields against his onslaught, it won't be long before the half-ghoul manages to penetrate the ghoul's defence.

The elderly ghoul tries to fend the half-breed's attacks off but the force behind the attacks were getting too much for him to hold back. If he tries to parry each of them, the insane half-ghoul would use his Bikaku claws at his blind spots. So far, it was a one-sided fight and it was in the half-ghoul's favour.

Timing the right moment to strike, the Warden push off Allen just as the half-ghoul raises his claw mid-back, causing him to slightly loses balance before getting an impact on his abdomen. Allen felt no pain from it, having almost all part of him covered in protective layer of living armour. Seeing as there was no reaction from his surprise attack, the Warden knew that it would take more than a stab to break the Kagune-covered body.

"Ha…won't have thought you would become a Kakuja, even if you're only a half right now. Not all ghouls who cannibalise are able to become what you are now, you really are a special one~." The Warden panted out gleefully, jumping to the left to avoid the double strike from Allen's Bikaku tails. But the slashes that came from the side after the tails were pulled out of the floor was unexpected. Warden had two large wounds across his chest and his right temple was bleeding from when he was thrown through the door were the wounds he had sustained and unable to heal from the fight and knew that he would not survive for long. What a way to die for something like him, very suitable.

'You are beautiful, no matter what you are…'

'Crap, there it goes again.' Warden cursed internally, berating himself on remembering the past again. It distracted his focus, gaining him a tendon being punctured by one of Allen's Koukaku claws. Warden lost the control to his right wrist, render him with only the use of his left Koukaku blade.

'…if you're willing to accept me, t-then I w-will stay by your side forever!'

A bite to his right shoulder, too close to one of his Kakuhou sacs.

'Johnathan, your eyes are beautiful. They are a part of you, so please don't hide them. They are yours that makes you who you are, and I love them for that reason.'

A tore through the left side of the waist, just below the ribcage.

'Will your father accept me, a ghoul, as your fiancé, Sarah? How long will our secret stay hidden? I don't want t-to lo-lose you!'

The right leg was cut off, being devoured savagely right before his eyes.

'I'm sorry, son. But it was to protect us all. We will cleanse the town before anyone outside knows about our presence.'

A stab broken through his blade and tore through his shoulder until his Kakuhou was found, then brutally pulled out from his body.


A thud follows the body falling onto the floor, having no more strength to continue moving; he still breaths.

'What are you doing, Jonathan!? This is your family! Your people! How could you do this to us all?! We don't eat our own kind! That is not the way of the clan! Stop at what you're going, what do you hope to accomplish with this?!'

'Jonathan' looks up at the demon, the beast growling ever so low and ever so close. The stench of death was just a mere brush away.

"What do I hope to accomplish? The answer is easy, isn't it?" The victor growls as he slowly opens his maw and gets in position for the killing blow. "I want to see her smile again." One bite and the hallways became silent once more.

HQ Underground Corridor

"Almost done now…and… there! All fixed up!" Lavi exclaimed with triumph as he examines the small bandage tied around Lenalee's injured ankle. "Give it a few days' rest, provided that no strains are added, and it will get better in no time."

Lenalee was grateful for Lavi's help, she tenderly touched the bandage while sending a soft smile towards Lavi to convey her thanks. She stood up shakily as she uses the wall as support, Kanda was right beside her just in case she falls. Link had managed to lead them far enough from Allen to rest, it had already passed half an hour since they had heard any sign of Allen.

Kanda checked his crosses on his arms again and frowned. The scars were still pulsing and painful looking, he clicked his tongue in frustration at the rate they were healing. Just when he needed to summon Mugen, his body takes its sweet time healing. The samurai Exorcist look over to Lavi's belt pouch where his Innocence shard and remains were kept in silent, while ignoring Lavi's questioning look.

Deeming that the silent was more than enough to get some answers, Kanda rounded up right behind the CROW and glared at him in the eye. Link met his challenging eyes head on, not even seemingly surprised by the sudden action. Lenalee got worried and was about to break up the tension between the two but a look from Lavi stopped her. They need to know whether Link was told to follow them under Lvellie's orders or did he came on his own free will.

"Are you going to tell us how you found us now, CROW." It was more of a demand coming from Kanda, Link contemplate his choices. He looked resigned the more time passes by. Finally releasing a tired sigh, Link looks back at them looking tired as he sounded.

"Initially after my recovery, I was appointed to keep an eye on Doctor K's activities as for reasons unknown he has been making calls with someone from the outside. Central was able to trace the incoming and outgoing calls but all they were unable to make sense of the conversations. We believe that K had been using another means of communication to the outside. How? We are still investigating the matter." From the dissatisfied noise made from Kanda, he knew that it was not what they wanted to hear.

"During the investigation, we picked up something from his latest call. Something about a delivery that's going to happen at midnight. According to Central's schedule, it coincides with the delivery of... 'meals' for Subject A-" A slap was heard before it was felt. Link touched the red skin before he dares to look at the one who slapped him. He and the others didn't see when she had moved, she was looking at him furiously and he knew what was wrong.

"How could…how could Central forced…Allen to eat children…? How could they do that?" Lenalee asked with barely contained anger, it was unmoral to think that the church would do such a thing. The Bookman Apprentice's facial was unchanged, but Link knew that it was years of practice that controls the look of disgust hidden in that observant eye. Kanda didn't bother hiding his anger towards him because they all knew how what kind of people behind his creation were.

"…they never told me the reason for the selection, just that it was convenient." Link knew that he has no right to say it that way, but it was the truth. "As I was saying: the delivery K spoke of did not turn up in any check point around HQ's perimeters, and we have extended the search around the island and the nearby town in hopes of finding out what it was. We had no such luck. While I was inspecting the hallways that K had often take to find any clues, I came across you two." Link pointed Lavi and Kanda out. "I know that the two of you would not leave you friend behind so I decided to wait till the time you all make a move." At this, Link looked at Lenalee and they finally knew how they were found out.

"You followed me in when I was tailing them." She sounded angry when she said it. Angry at herself for not realising that she was followed.

"Correct. Bookman Jr. and General Kanda would have noticed my presence if I were to follow either of them." Link was about to add more to his statement but a noise drew their attention further down the corridor. It sounded like something was clattering as it echoes the hallway.

Immediately, all of them flatten themselves to the wall. Lavi was the closest to the corner. He peeks around and saw nothing but darkness and rubbles around, the torches that lights the place were blown off, likely due from whatever that was coming.

"Anything, Lavi?" Lenalee whispered, knowing full well that they had to move as soon as possible without alerting what they thought was coming.

"Nothing from what I could see." Lavi's heart was beating so fast that he was fearing that it could give away their location. Link looks around their immediate area, already familiar with the layout of the place and planning their escape route. He remembered some of the shortest route back to the entrance and just so his luck that they were near one. When he looked back at the others, he found himself looking at their determined faces. Seemed like they were willing to trust him for the time being to get them out of this place before Allen finds them.

Link signals them to follow him as he silently lowers himself and moves sideways to the walls on the other side. They followed him until they were pushed up against another wall, Lavi looks over again to check and saw nothing. He signals the 'coast clear' sign towards Link and Link leads them away from the source.

A low trill stopped them midway. They quickly ducked down and silently pushing themselves onto the wall on their backs. The plan for them to leave the underground corridor to better equip themselves if they ever must repel Allen or anything remotely as dangerous as Allen was disturbed. From what he had seen down there, Allen was not the only one forced to living under the Order. They would need to have a talk with the doctor soon.

Lavi looks over the corner and saw that there was nothing following them. "Coast is still clear, we'll be able to go back up if we run for it." With that said, he looks back expecting to see nothing again, only to be faced with a single Kakugan on a broken mask with two long fangs extended from the lower part of said mask and an open mouth with fresh blood coating both lips and teeth.

'Oh shit.' He thought at the same time as the others too saw what he saw. All Hell broke loose at that moment, Link and the Exorcists ran as fast as they could as their deranged friend chased them down in the dark hallway. Kanda carried Lenalee bride-style, much to her embarrassment. Forgoing his stealth approach, Allen chose to charge at them until he could catch one or all of them.

They took a sharp turn at a corner and continued with speed that they hoped that would outrun their friends, not even stopping when they heard Allen skidded at the corner before resuming at his chasing. He was relentless as he chased them, not a shard of recognition in his eyes when Lavi looked back. However, the extra claws and tails seemed to be hindering Allen's smooth movement. It seemed to the Bookman Junior that although in combat they were efficient, they weren't meant for mundane things other than battles. In hindsight, this version of Allen couldn't coordinate his extra limbs right.

Link must have sensed what Lavi had concluded, it gave them hope that somehow it would prove useful in the future. But they also hope that Allen would never ever be reduced to a state such as that. They never wanted to harm Allen, and they would not forgive themselves if they ever did.

However, they did and this was what had become of him.

Gathering Hall, Black Order European Branch HQ

"Are these the only files left I have to go through?" A scientist asked as he looked at the piles of said files left by Reever on the table at their meeting place, the office was just too messy for this very important pile to get mix in, so the gathering hall would do just fine for the time being. Said Australian man pinched the bridge of his nose as he made a groaning noise not unlike that of a drowning man. He should have seen this coming, he really should. It doesn't take a genius to figure out what Komui had purposely left out when he was doing his paperwork. Now all of them had to go through every single one of them to check if Komui did sign them or not.

"Unless something just unexpectedly came barging in and destroys them, then yes, these are the only files left that you have to go through." Why was he always the one to clean up Komui's mess? He knows the supervisor was just worried for the Exorcists but the man had to know the responsibility his position holds could not be push aside just because of his laziness. The mad man literally had time to build crazily huge machines that were unexplainable useless in every sort of way!

"Okay, another all-nighter again then. Huh…?" No sooner as the scientist said that, the ground beneath them started to rumble. The tiles then started to move unevenly before something burst out from them. The two men were sent tumbling down until they hit a wall. Reever quickly stood up and drags the other man away from danger. Once the dust settles, both looked at the source of the disturbance and saw something that made their blood run cold.

"…s-sir? What do we d-do now?" The scientist asked shakily as he took in the sight of the deranged Subject AWX.

"Well, now that the papers are destroyed and we are about to become dinner, my guess is that it is in our jurisdiction that we run like Hell and get some help. All in favour, say 'Aye'."


Reever just looked at the other scientist like he had grown a second head. "Then what are you waiting for?! RUN!" Just like that, they were off and miraculously, Allen paid no attention to them, instead, his eyes were roaming the new environment in search of his prey that had escaped from him.

He growls as he walks about, looking under the few tables that hadn't got turned upside down. He knew they were somewhere nearby, he could smell their alluring scents. His mouth salivates at just the thought of tasting them. He shook his head from side to side to rid of the nagging pain that had been bothering him since his hunt, palming his temples to sooth the dizziness the motion caused him.

Just a few tables away from their predator, Kanda kept a lookout on Allen's hunched form while also keeping an eye on Link. The inspector wasn't bother by the general's behaviour, what did bother him was Allen's. Like the first time he had seen Allen being like this, feeding Allen to his satisfaction might be the only way they had to snap Allen out of this trance he had gotten himself into. Or maybe they could put together their efforts into containing him until Allen went back to his normal state, however unlikely it may be.

Looking at the Exorcists now however, they would have to go with his former plan. None of them were in the right condition to fight and win from this. Not without getting themselves killed. Link looked over their hiding spot when he heard Allen's frustrated snort and saw him swaying on the spot. 'Perhaps there is another way.' Link thought as he observed Allen's unsteady gait.

Just when Link had a plan forming in his mind, all of them heard hurried footsteps. It was getting louder, indicating that someone was coming to where they were. Which also means that Link had to act fast before whoever arrives attracts Allen's attention.

Link must have moved too sudden as the next moment, Allen had turned to looked at their hiding spot. Completely ignoring the incoming steps, Allen crawled on all four towards them, making clicking noises while he moves. Kanda picked up a leg of a table and hold it in position while Lavi steadied Lenalee in his arms, Link examines his spell slips and ready his wrist blades.

Allen stops just outside of their wooden barrier, he was breathing heavily as well as smelling the wood. All of them held their breath as if the beast might hear them. It could be that they were too focused on each other that they didn't noticed that the footsteps had stopped. If they had, then what happens next would have been easily avoided.

"…Allen? Is that you?" Johnny's voice quivers at the sight of his friend who he had not seen for a while. Allen was so much different than the one he called his friend. And the eyes that greeted him held no recognition in them. Johnny froze on the spot at the sight of those wild eyes, unable to order his body to move or at least get out of the way when the thing with Allen's face pounced onto him.

Kanda was cursing as he witnessed what Johnny had just dragged himself into, he looked at his current weapon and hoped that it would be enough to do what he thought of in his head. He really hopes that the Beansprout won't take more than he would have liked. Because damn it all when the others were useless without their weapons and Link took too long to think up a decent plan. Johnny would be killed sooner than they could have hoped.

When the air was knocked out of the scientist's lungs, only then did his brain caught up with the situation. Johnny was terrified, it was almost like the time with the Fourteenth all over again. Only this time, he might really die. At the hands of his friend, no less. But he won't give up, not when he had come this far. And it was thanks to Allen, so Johnny could not let Allen's effort be waste away.

"I know you're in there, Allen. F-fighting for y-your body back. I don't know i-if you could he-hear me, b-b-because I am absolutely terrified of you right now." Johnny shuttered as his face was sniffed at. Drool dripped on his cheeks and Johnny fought the urge to wipe them off. "S-so I w-won't blame you, i-i-if you did hurt me." The scientist didn't know if it was his voice or something else because Allen drew back. A good sign, he hoped. "You got to win, Allen. You have to. We're counting on you."

Just as he finished his sentence, Allen roared at him almost angrily. Johnny screamed in fright at the sound, shaking like a leaf when Allen looked back at him with his mismatched eyes. Allen drew closer until his mouth was just beside Johnny's ear and whispered something that will haunt him at night.

"nOT HiM…wE ArE…, DisCOrd…OUr naME…"

With a grin that could only be from a Noah, 'Allen' opened his mouth with a hungry growl as he was ready to chomp Johnny's head off with one fell swoop. He would have done so if not for something to suddenly break on his back. Subsequently, a fist connected to his jaw which sent him tumbling onto the cracked floor. He clawed at the floor until he finally found his footing, hunching up in position against whatever that had attacked him. He smiled with that deranged smile of his at the sight of one of those that had escaped from him earlier.

"You just had to get yourself into trouble, Johnny." Kanda groaned out as he blocked the scientist's view on what was supposed to be Allen. The general had heard what was whispered and thought hard on what it could mean. Another side of Allen that they were not aware of, or was it another new side of him that they had unintentionally created.

The half-ghoul shrieked with a high pitch before launching itself at Kanda and Johnny, fully intended to shred them into pieces. Kanda had saw it coming, he brought his arms up and blocked the assault. What happened next was a blur of blocking and dodging from Kanda's side. The broken table leg could only do so much against a half ghoul and at most Kanda depended on his own agility to keep up with this deranged Allen's onslaught. He was ruthless, that was for sure. All the while he was screaming all gibberish at them, laughing hysterically with that big demonic eye of his spinning around with no real focus at all.

Kanda pushed Johnny out of the fray right before he could be slashed into tiny pieces, the scientist might get bruises from the rough treatment but at least he would appreciate that over being killed. The others who were still in hiding saw it as a chance to grab the scientist to safety, Link jumps out and pulled Johnny away before the half-ghoul would noticed the easy prey.

"Hey, Beansprout! I'm right here!" Kanda taunted the half-ghoul, causing said half-ghoul to keep all his attention towards the general. "I thought you were faster than this, guessed you got ******* slower and nowhere near as decent now!" It earned him a cry as rage as he tries to launch himself at the man who had the balls to insult him.

Lenalee's POV

"It's okay, Johnny. You're safe now, please calm down." No matter how much I tried to calm him, the poor man still shook like a leaf as he hugged himself while muttering incoherent sentences. The near-death experience must have taken a great toll on him, but he took it a lot better than those who I have seen during missions. I peeked out seeing Kanda enjoying taunting Allen, which also provides a safe reassurance that Allen won't come looking for those of us that were recuperating until we were alright enough to fight him off.

"I see that Walker has exhausted himself to the point of slowing down, we should be able to subdue him with what little resources we have." I made a point to glare at the inspector for suggesting that, but at the least he had the decency to not referring Allen as an object.

"From the looks of things, Yu might just be enough to handle him all by himself." I heard Lavi said, I turned to look at him in disbelief. "Not that Yu needs our help! But we should go and do help him before he makes things even worst." Lavi quickly added after that. While I would have like that we don't fight him, but Allen had lost all control now. He would have preferred that we stop him before he hurts anyone else.

A crash then a growl of frustration had caught out attention, I looked up and saw that Allen had one of his clawed tail stuck onto the brick wall right at the side of the main doors. I saw how he struggled to pull it out but he had it stuck tight. Kanda had back up a distance between them and smirk at Allen, causing him to snarl at him. The inhuman noise spooked Johnny as he accidentally let out a squeak.

"We have act now or we might not have this chance-"

Before Link could finish what he was about to say, a blur of green streak through our vision and headed towards Allen. A resonance crack sounded throughout the hall before a roar of pain snapped all our attention towards him. He was left staggered on his feet from whatever that had hit him and left with a much larger crack across the right side of his mask and the force had dislodged his tail from the wall.

"THIS IS WHERE YOU WILL DIE, MONSTER!" There was no mistaken that voice! It was Chaozii! I would have thought that there would be more time for us to get Allen under control before he responds to the alarms. Knowing how impulsive he is, he would rather kill Allen than restraining him.

Chaozii kept hitting him over and over, causing the right side of his mask to break off. When his tails try to block off his next attack, Chaozii's Innocence broke them as well. They would have sworn that his Innocence was feeding off his anger, making his hits much more powerful than usual. Even his waving armour was being torn apart from the assault.

"THIS IS FOR ANITA AND ALL MY FRIENDS YOU'VE KILLED! YOU FIEND!" He punched right at his chest after that, and I saw Allen hacking out blood from the hit. Then he goes slamming both his wrists onto his back, I covered my ears trying to block off Allen's monstrous scream. "I SHOULD HAVE KILL YOU WHEN I HAD THE CHANCE BACK THEN!"

Chaozii was brutal in his attacks and he doesn't seem to be stopping soon. I got to stop him before he gets too far! Allen may not be in control then, but that does not mean he shouldn't pull his punches. I don't care if that doctor said that Allen would be able to heal even some of the most serious or fatal wounds, I just don't want to watch him getting hurt more than it needs to be!

"Lenalee! Where're you going?!" Lavi shouted behind me as I limped as fast as I can towards them, I must stop Chaozii before it was too late. I heard Link cursed behind me, turning around to look I saw Lavi jumping over and running towards me as if he was trying to stop me. I quicken my pace to avoid him, Allen was so close.

"Stop it, you don't know what you're doing!" It was Kanda that managed to catch me before I could make another step closer to Chaozii. He was grasping my upper arm gently but firm to let me know that he wasn't letting me go what he was thought I was doing. "Beansprout prefer this over whatever he might do to us all, that's the kind of idiot he is."

I was about to retort back but a crash had stopped me, forcing me to look behind Kanda to what had caused it. I gasped at the scene, Allen looked far worst with blood seeping through the cracks of his armour and his pupil-less left eye staring at nothing while slumped onto the ground. Chaozii still looked murderous on top of him, after he had tightened his fists, he mercilessly pummels him! Allen made no sound with each fist hitting him and that was enough for me to propel me.

Stomping on Kanda's toes, I managed to free myself when he was more surprised than hurt. While ignoring the pain on my ankle, I crashed onto Chaozii's back and hold onto him to stop him.

"Let me go, Miss Lee! I'm almost finish killing this beast!" I ignored him as I continued to hold onto him, not letting him go in the slightest. He struggles against me but I still held on tightly and praying that he would stop and see reason over his anger. For a moment he did stopped, but for a completely different reason. "I'm sorry, Miss Lee. But this is for the good of everyone." Before I knew it, Chaozii managed to push me off him and I landed painfully on the floor.

"That's enough, Chaozii! Look at him! He can't fight anymore with those injuries!" I tried to reason with him again, but the look he gave me told me enough that he wasn't going to listen. "Look, Chaozii. This isn't his fault, he can't help but lost control when he was down there. Lvellie made him into this. He was being starved down there! The inspector was going to throw children in there with him, hoping that he would eat them! But he didn't! Chaozii, he didn't! Don't you get it? That's still the same Allen in there. The same Allen who risked his life to save us. The one that saved us all back in the Ark. Please, Chaozii. That's enough."

"…" Chaozii looked at me with a blank stare, I thought that maybe I had gone through him until I saw him advancing towards Allen with the same murderous look in his eyes. "Whether he kills them or not, he is still the same demon who wanted to let those wretched Noahs live. One of which gave the order to kill everyone back on my ship. I'll make you understand, Miss Lee. That we could not let this monster live another second."

I saw how he was raising his fist to deliver the final blow and my mind just went blank. I was vaguely aware that I had stood up and was running towards Allen, the pain on my ankle was numbed in my mind. I felt myself covering over him with my back towards the threat that was Chaozii. The pain of his fist against my head didn't registered until I was knocked to the side onto the cold floor.

The next second I could remember was black.

Link's POV

Of all my years of service, accidents among comrades were a common occurrence. Especially among those of us that were selected to become part of CROW. But what I had witnessed was one of the most serious wound a soldier of us caliber could ever obtain. From where we were situated, Lenalee's blood that pooled around her head was visible. It was as if time had stopped.

On my left, Bookman Jr. stood rigid at the sight before us. I couldn't remember when was the last time I saw this side of the apprentice, but it was not something to be taking note of when there's more pressing matters to address. There were sniffling noises on my right and I don't need to turn to know who it belonged to for it could only be Mr. Gill.

"I told you…you don't know what you're doing." General Kanda muttered under his breath while clenching his teeth so hard that it was a wonder how he hasn't broken anyone of them. He was already walking towards Lenalee's prone form since Chaozii was too shocked to even do anything competent then. The movement, however small if may be, seemed to stir my former charge. With years of harsh training, small malicious chi was detected around us all and only me and Kanda seemed to suddenly sense them.

I watched with dread as I felt something shifted in the air, the air in the hall started to go cold and thinner that it was getting harder to breath. Chaozii must have noticed for he was back to gathering power for his fatal punch. As my eyes followed his fist, I had yet to see where it had ended for it wasn't there any longer.

I looked up as Chaozii screamed in pain, I saw the eyes of the monster the church had unknowingly created. For it was eating the half of Chaozii's Innocence and his hand in gusto, and from the gurgling sound it made, it wanted more.

Allen's POV

Something smells…nice. Real nice. Something familiar. Where have I smelt it before? L…Lena? Lenalee…? The sweet scent of lavender…that is her. I…remember. Then that smell…was that her blood? Was she hurt? By who? Why.

No. She shouldn't be hurt. She can't be hurt.

Who did it? Who did it. Who hurt her?! Who dares to hurt her?!


Y- got to-

I…got to…protect her…keep her safe…


To keep her safe…I got to get rid of the threat…and that threat…is near…



WhaT'S it THat yOu WiSh tO Do, GReY~?

I wish…I wish to protect the one I cherish…to have the strength to keep her safe.


BE doNE, It wILl bE. MusT be paID, A PRicE.

LImitlESS pOWer yoU WilL gAIn, A BarGAin We wILl mAKe.

Power…? What must I do to get this power…

TO LivE, iS To eAt. To EAt, is tO LIve.

TO Eat, IS aLl wE aSk.

UNderSTand, dO YoU?

I do.

At that moment, my vision cleared and I could see a man standing over me looking quite shock over a body right beside me. Blood pool around the head and the smell was tantalising. It was the scent that got to me first and all I could think about at that time was to kill the threat. The man before me was the most likely to have caused this. He was the threat; he hurt her!

He was already raising his fist when he saw me moved in the slightest bit and all I could focus on was his glowing fist. Something inside me compels me to get it before it was gone, to devour it till nothing was left. It was a blur to all but I as my teeth cleaved through his arm like it was nothing and the taste that bloomed in my mouth was divine~. Nothing had ever come close to this taste in all my life! I must get more.

Nobody's POV

Chaozii's scream was the only sound to be heard in that empty hall other than Allen's frenzy eating, the sight of either was enough to even make the Bookman Apprentice queasy. Johnny Gill was trying to connect with the control center from his golem but all it got was static, he hopes that help is on their way or at the very least someone had notified the situation at hand to Komui before things escalates to dangerous levels. General Yu Kanda had already secured Lenalee Lee to the safety of their group while Howard Link was frantically gathering all his spell slips to create a powerful barrier if they ever need it.

Blood was pouring out like some gore confetti from his severed arm as Chaozii hastily tries to stop the bleeding with his other hand. The Exorcist slumped onto the floor when he was hit with a dizzy spell from the blood lost, but he could see the blurry form of the half-ghoul eyeing him like a prized meal from where he was crouching with few inches of bone still sticking out from his mouth. Chaozii fearfully push back, trying to gain from distance between him and the monster, but with each time he kicks back, the beast took two steps towards him.

As long as his other arm still has the Innocence, Chaozii remains a prey to Allen's eyes. With a wide step, the terrified Exorcist had his other arm seized within the half-ghoul's grasp. Unlike with the other arm, Allen took his time while he savours his meal in a tight grip. His teeth sank so deep that it touched the bone as he greedily sucks the warm blood, all the while ignoring the scream and suffering of his victim.

"Restriction Wings, Level 5."

A solemn voiced call out right before multiple spell strips bind themselves all over Allen's degrading armour, unintentionally crushing Chaozii's remaining arm in his surprise. As the Exorcist exhaustedly looks around, he almost cried in relief that CROWs had managed to gather around to subdue the rampaging experiment subject.

"H-help, please! The thing had my other arm! Get me out before he-ARGH!" Chaozii's plead was unfinished as Allen, despite the restrains placed on him, stubbornly pulls what remains of the human's forearm off the upper arm. By then the Exorcist was too much out of it from blood loss that he had lost consciousness. The CROWs saw this and one of them quickly drag the man away from the monster that was eating the arm while still being restrained.

They saw how it ate the Innocence fragment in that arm and how they watched the green glow of it dimmed in the mouth of the beast. The leading CROW gave them another order to tighten the bindings, the groan from the beast told them that they managed to do so. The test subject had caused more damage than results, it was only the matter of time before the inspector decided that it was a waste of money to continue letting it live.

"What is the meaning of this?!" Inspector Lvellie shouted angrily as he entered the destroyed hall followed by few more CROW guards for his safety. He was on his way to meet up with Doctor K to talk about the continuation of the One-Eyed Project when the alarms went off. He thought that it wasn't something needing his immediate attention until he was informed that the CROWs stationed in front of the dungeon hadn't reported in. Suspicion risen and before he could send another team to investigate the matter, a large crash resonated the entire building and it trigger the security protocol.

It was only after the CROWs that were sent to contain the problem was he allowed to leave the safe room that he came straight to the scene of the incident. To say he was shocked from what he had seen was an understatement: a huge hole on the cobble ground with bloody hand-imprints, an unconscious and bleeding Exorcist Chaozii with both his arms ripped from his body, a battered Inspector Link alongside the scientist Johnny Gill that looked hurt and finally the Bookman Apprentice trying to stop the bleeding from General Lee's head wound as she was laying on General Kanda's lap.

What drew most of the inspector's attention was the form the test subject had taken. It growled as the man moved forward to have a closer look at the restrained beast and was taken back by its appearance. It shocked the man even more when he was told that the beast ate the exorcist's Innocence, which was the opposite of Central's hope for the project. It was not what Malcolm had hoped to gain from this, and if the Pope had caught word of this his career and position would be jeopardised.

"Go get the good doctor here, I'm going to have a word with him." Malcolm not so much as ask but commanded and one of his CROW guards separated himself from the group to fetch the man in question. The inspector took a stroll around to inspect the monster while it snarled nastily at him, it would have seemed that the person in it was truly gone in Malcolm's view. More animal than man.

"What do you want us to do with it, sir." One CROW asked, keeping the restrain tight on the half-ghoul in case it tries to do anything. The hybrid made a few snapping noises from both of its tails from irritation when Malcolm looked at the beast in disgust. First an abomination between an Exorcist and a Noah, now a man-eating beast that devours Innocences.

"Kill it after the doctor is done with it. I don't want a word leak out from this hall about this incident." The order was clear and the CROWs would have accomplished that if the hybrid hadn't slumped forward in such a sudden motion. Malcolm was also surprised before it was replaced by dread when the tall-tale sound of snapping begins to fill the air. The hybrid's body jerked unnaturally before something was forcing itself out from the back, all the while torturous screeches torn out from its throat.

"Applying more restriction slips. Subdue the subject, now." The rest of the CROWs followed as told, and soon nothing was to be seen from the entirety of covered papers. No one moved for a second before all hell broke loose, the CROWs were the first to be severed by the new appearance of the strange appendages forming from the subject's shoulders. They squirmed and writhed before they retain their new form, looking more fur-liked than feathered.

"Subject is breaking out! I repeat: Subject is breaking out!" One CROW commanded the rest as he struggled to maintain their ranks while keeping their inspector safe from harm. Malcolm was ushered out of the hall by his CROW guards as chaos fills in.

The subject tear off all the slips on it body as its new limbs kept expanding until each were twice the length of its body. It experimentally flaps them and was gleefully pleased with its strength while swiping off CROWs that were too close to its liking. While the hybrid was busy with the CROWs, Link was able to gather the other Exorcists and Johnny to safety outside the halls. They went with little protest as they knew they were in no condition to help anyone.

The hybrid could smell that something of its was getting away and it would not stand for such insolence that it just kill off the ones standing its way, it follows the scent until something unexpected blocked it off. Its nose picked up another unique scent, something that had its mouth watered by the smell of it.

It could not see very well but there was no mistaking the smell of fresh meat fill to the brim with RC cells, the kinds it needs for its mutating body. The living CROWs saw it barrelled towards the packaging section of the hall before tearing through the packages with a goal in mind. The humans were about to surround it again when it triumphantly swallow all the organs it found inside.

The CROWs were confused and disgusted by the gluttonous noise it made while feeding, they quickly surround it while it was distracted and set up another forcefield containing it inside. They apply more slips to enhance the strength of the forcefield before the hybrid would realised its predicament, unfortunately they found out that it was all for naught when something with its stance was slightly off.

The hybrid was staggering after it had finished tearing into flesh wrapped in packaging wrappers and appeared to be holding back on something. The CROWs remained vigilant but they all tensed when it suddenly screamed. Four long tendrils coming from the lower back lashed out wildly, sometimes hitting itself with it in disorientation. Each were tipped with small hook-liked claws and appeared to be bulkier at only the tip section, they were flailing until the subject coughed out something suspiciously like smoke.

It goes on until it turned into a full-blown fire breath with flames as dark as night. It burned the forcefield away like paper and any unfortunate CROW standing in the way as the flames slowly burn them alive. The remaining units jumped back to gain some distance to reorganise, their situation wasn't looking promising.

"Attention all units: the situation has reached Code: Critical! Requesting immediate termination of the subject. I repeat: requesting immediate termination of the subject!" One of the leading CROW shouted at his device and prayed that they will complete their mission.

The hybrid dragged the closest person it could grab towards it, silencing its victim's scream when it tore through the torso with its new tendrils. It slurps up the intestines and other organs as it goes through its meal and was still hungry for more when it was done. It was not a very satisfying treat, but it will get what it can from those pests before it goes out and find its prey again. It will make sure of it.

Allen's Dreamscape

Neah's POV

It's getting darker, colder; the air is suffocating, it's hard to breath. I could barely see that insufferable Innocence stuck right beside me. It's humiliating to disappear in the same place as this cursed piece of rock. And I can't do a single dammed thing about it either. All the planning, all the wait and for what! To disappear again just before my full Awakening.

Maybe…it's hopeless after all, might as well just get it over with…

Just be gone and forgotten, no more waiting for the inevitable. I don't even have to care about the war anymore, the third side isn't going to win anyway.

The only thing that I regret is that…I never get to tell him the things I wanted to say, he will never know any of them now.

So that's it then. You're just going to give up now after all those 35 years of planning and waiting. You're a dick if you think I'm going to just let you throw away all my years of hard work just to see your pathetic-self crumbling away like sand.


And there he was, standing there among the wriggling fresh as if they weren't there. He still looked the same from the last time Allen saw him. His coat and hat were still as spotless as ever, he really did never change. Even after so many years.

Ha, knew that you weren't dead the moment Allen heard the news. You're just too stubborn for the reaper to collect your soul. How long has it been? 35 years? Or was it longer than that? And you never change at all.

Enough about me, even though I would love to hear more. Now it's about you, because god knows my apprentice is taking his sweet time listening to that ugly abomination.

Now that we finally meet again and all I've been hearing is that you're giving up. What the hell happened to the plan? We talked about this, and you made us all agree to your cause. Don't you dare back out now that things just got…miscalculated.

Miscalculated?! MISCALCULATED! Look around you Cross! This 'miscalculated' thing had already taken most of Allen's mind that not even I could contain it like I first thought! And sooner or later, me and this insufferable Innocence is going to go with him! There's nothing I could do to stop it now…it's too late.

wow, and I thought you were made of sterner stuff. Guessed I was wrong after all.

Fine, go and get yourself erase again for all I cared! But the Neah I know would never give up. Never let the world take the fight out of him.

I looked up at Cross questionably, wondering where he was going with this conversation.

Do you still remembered that time when some kids around the block have been picking on Mana because he was always sick? Well, you went straight to them right after he comes home covered in dirt. And you just sucker-punched that guy and ran liked hell with his goons chasing after you. You even managed to lure them to a dead end and take them all out like they were nothing!

When you came back home all bruised and purple, and your poor mother grounded you for a month, you laughed with Mana and told him that you would do it again for him.

And your point is?

My point is that you would go to the ends of the Earth for Mana's sake, even if it means sacrificing your very own existence. Right now he's losing his mind and all you're doing is wallowing in your self-pity, dragging the apprentice of Bookman's so-called sacrifice in the mud. And you know it's a big deal if he goes along with it, knowing that it goes against his code.

…I don't know if I have the strength to continue on from here. Discord has taken the most from the both of us, it's already integrating itself into Allen's mind.

Un-integrating it then, you idiot. You are the Noah of Destruction, you are the anomaly that has never happened in the last 7,000 years. Do the impossible, stop it in its tracks, contain it within the abyss and leave the rest to Allen. He'll know what to do when the time is right.

…if I were to do that…I would be releasing the Memory…the one thing I have been suppressing so that I won't lose myself…it is much stronger than the other Noah Memories, I might even lose myself to it…

That still doesn't stop you from thinking about using its power, did it.

Ha! No it doesn't. Alright, I am getting us out of here! And when I see you again, Marian, in the land of the living, I'm going to kick you so hard to the next millennium. It's payback for talking me into this.

Hah! I'll like to see you try, but you'll have to find me first! Now get going before you die again.

And now he's gone, again. What smooth talker. But he was right though, it's time for me to get my priority straight. I just need to reach and tap into the Memory and hope that it won't consume me while I'm at it.

You better be appreciating the things I'm doing to get us out of here, you piece of rock. And Allen better be thankful when this gets done with.

Nobody's POV

Within the soul of Neah D. Campbell, there lies a dark and restless power, trapped inside barriers set up by him when he first started noticing things. It was what saved him from insanity that his brother had succumbed long ago, but it did not save his body from being devoured. When his soul departed from his corpse, that same power was taken with it and transferred along to its new host.

This power, is the power of the Earl of Millennium, half of the true capability of the patriarch of the Noah Clan. Inside lies the untouched memories of Noah for the last 7,000 years, all the resentment and hatred for the world, all bottle up along with the true strength of the Noah. And it is the same power that Neah is going to use in order to break the chains suppressing both him and Allen's Innocence.

Neah knew the consequence of tapping into his true calling, of what it would do to him once he embraced it willingly. It is a risk he is willing to take for his goal.

'Hello, old friend.' Neah smirked as he felt that power surged within his barriers in greeting, it remembered him. 'Time to get…reacquainted.' The barriers dropped one at a time, prompting the power to surged impatiently the closer it was getting free. When the last barrier dropped, Neah was consumed all at once by the hatred of the Noah Memory.

'I almost…forgot how it…feels after so long!' Neah thought as he resist the temptation to just let out all of his control. He tried thinking back to his goals and what he must do to achieve them, reigning those dark powers into his command once he had a firm gasp on them and not let go, even when it burns his very presence within his mind.

After what felt like days when only seconds passed, the burning pain was gone.

And Neah had succeeded.

'It's my turn now~'

Hallway, Black Order European Branch HQ

"Everyone! Please follow the emergency lights to the outside and gather there until the situation has been settled! Just drop whatever you're doing and leave this instant!" Komui commanded at the scientists that were still trying to gather as much of their research as possible, wasting all the precious time they could use to evacuate. "I MEAN RIGHT NOW!"

That finally got them to stop and follow him out into the hallway, merging with the others as they ran to safety. Komui still hasn't seen or heard about neither Lavi or Kanda and he was starting to worried. At least his sister was safe in town and not knowing what the boys were doing at the moment.

"Please everyone, don't push! We are all trying to go to the same place as you all. So please run in an orderly manner and-"


Komui was surprised to hear those voices and knew that he did not make any de-aging potions for months now so there shouldn't be any kids around the Order. He scanned the crowd and saw a group of them rushing past anyone moving too slowly. He knew he had to be the one to slow them or they would be causing everyone else to panic.

"Okay kids," Komui starts once he reached them, causing all of them to stare at him skeptically, "I don't know who brought you kids here and then left you, but you got to evacuate in an orderly manner like everyone else. That way, all of us will leave here faster and that everyone made it out safely. Now please follow-"

"Move it or lose it, four-eyes! We're just wanting out of here! We already met a pirate and a samurai fighting a freakishly ugly monster together with a lady and a guy with two spots on his face, we ain't waiting for that thing to catch up to us!" One of them cried out before leading the rest of the children away from Komui and into the masses.

Komui would have try and stop them if he wasn't so shocked about what the kids just sprouted. 'Wait, Lenalee is here?!' But then 'the guy with spots' sounded suspiciously like Inspector Link, but that was impossible and yet possible since Malcolm hasn't brought anyone from the CROW branch with the same rank as Link.

'Lied to us all that he was still recuperating when he was already up and running, typical inspectors.' Komui thought darkly, but he had no time to waste when he knew about his sister still in the building. Knowing her, she could have tried to help Lavi and Kanda with getting back Allen. 'But something must have happened.' Komui really hoped that the evacuation wasn't something related with the Exorcists.

But then again, they are Exorcists. General class too. They would have been smart enough to have left the building if they have already got to Allen. Komui just needs to make sure that everyone had gotten out before the whole building enters its lockdown protocols. Just to check before he can go and find Lenalee himself.

'I really hope that they have gotten Allen out, wherever he is…'

Of all the inventions he had made throughout the years, he had wished that he had made some kind of communication device that could have contacted Allen while he was being kept. Maybe that way, they would have found a way to save him. But there's no point in thinking about the past, he has only the future to worry about.

It was a good thing that Komui decided to check for anyone being left behind as he had just stumbled upon one left limping along the walls. The Finder was one of the earlier ones to have evacuate when the alarm first sounded, but she was pushed rather roughly and twisted her ankle as a result. Her gratitude was obviously palpable when she saw the chief of the branch came to her rescue, kept saying that her prayers have been answered.

"Come on now, one step at a time. We'll be joining with the others soon." Komui reassured her as he helped her walk to the nearest exit. The crowd had already dwindled by then, so it was easier for the both of them without anyone pushing and shoving.

Just when things are looking up for them, the wall right beside them collapsed. When the dust cleared, Komui realised two things with a start: One, the rumbles had blocked their path which basically trapped them unless they go the other way. And two, they were not alone.

Standing on top of the rumbles was the deranged hybrid that the Order was forced to evacuate their own base from. Just before an escape plan could form in Komui's mind, the thing snapped its attention to them and snarled. The two humans stumbled as they try to get away before the hybrid could think about having them for a snack.

But it seems that the hybrid had other ideas when something was forming at the back of its throat. Komui thanked his lucky stars for his reflexes as he dodged and pulled the Finder along with him when a stream of some dark smoke-like substances flew right above them. He coughed when he had a small sniff of the substance, it reminded him of something dead and that it was dreadfully familiar.

He looked back at the deranged friend of his, taking note on how some part of his armour were glowing in violet. It was more concentrated on areas of his spine, ridges on his neck and at the back of his throat. It took but a moment for Komui's brain to make a connection.

It was Dark Matter.

Allen was using Dark Matter.

"DON'T BREATH IT IN! IT'S POISON!" Komui quickly check the Finder over and was glad that the both of them were not compromised. "Quickly hold onto me, we need to move!" With the Finder on his back secured, he wasted no time on booking out of there. The deranged hybrid screeched before giving chase, looking as if it was toying with them.

And Komui had no doubt that it was.

With the ability of utilising Dark Matter, things were going to be more complicated than they were before. Allen's ghoul side now had both Innocence and Dark Matter under its command which gives it an advantage that they have not foresaw. If the matters were to be left unattended, the war might not be the most concerning thing in everyone's mind.

The sound of wheezing behind Komui had him slowed down until he came to a stop, the chief turned and was greeted with a sight that seems confusing.

The hybrid had stopped chasing them further back and was seen coughing and wheezing, occasionally shaking his head jerkily. Then he suddenly slammed his head onto the ground hard enough to create a small crater but still shaking like he was trying to get something off him. The mask on his face was falling apart as well and a distorted voice sounded rather furious as he screamed gibberish and nonsense.

"MINE! BLaCk leAVes! DIScorD owNS THis BODy!"

It was going on for a few minutes, those precious few minutes that Komui took to continue getting away from the hybrid with the Finder.

At last he made it to the outside where everyone had safely gather before the CROWs erected a barrier around the building keeping the danger in. Some medical personal came to remove the Finder off of him while she thanked the chief countless times for coming back for her.

"Komui! Komui!" The man heard someone calling him from the temporary set up of a med bay. "Over here! It's about your sister!" That last part had him really worried and he quickly scanned the area and found Reever trying to get to them with a frantic look on his face.

"Reever! What happened to Lenalee?" Komui can't keep the trembling in from his voice and the look on his friend's face wasn't helping. "What happened to my sister?" God knows what he would do if something happens to his sister.

Since there was no other way to tell the man, Reever just silently steer Komui over to one of the mats laid on the ground at the end of the row. All of them were occupied with patients ranging from minor cuts to dressing wounds. There were also a row on the ground where white cloths were used to cover the bodies that they managed to recovered in their haste.

"Your sister was found with two other Exorcists along with Johnny and Link, they were there when the whole thing first started. We think she got a concussion but we're not sure until the doctors confirm it first." Reever moved aside for a nurse to rush by him, while not stopping on his explanation, "She's at the last second mat. Here."

The chief followed his friend to one of the white mats used for the patients, the doctors and nurses rushed around with barely a glance to their way. When Komui finally sees her, he was relieved and at the same time anxious. Lenalee was pale, almost sickly under the blanket and with a wrapping around her head. By her side sat Kanda and Lavi, both with bandages around various areas around themselves.

Both of them looked really tired. Dark circles prominently showed around their eyes. Komui world have to be blind if he couldn't tell that things had gotten out of hand. He would have to ask them what really happened during their secret mission, right after he's certain that his sister is going to be alright.

Other then the bandaged head, there were some bruising around her arms. But the most concerning ones were on one of her ankle, right above where her Innocences are. Lavi must have seen the confusion on his face when the young Bookman Apprentice stood and walked up to his side.

"She was trying to distract Allen when Kanda and I were both weaponless," the Bookman Apprentice whispered discreetly, "Allen had destroyed our weapons, even Kanda's Crystal-type Innocence, before Lenalee intercepted him. Allen was deliberate in trying to ground her and all of us could see that. It was like…we were just-"


Both men turned to Kanda when he spoke without any emotion, like it was normal for a friend of theirs to turn on them at a whim.

"What happened down there changed the Beansprout. He didn't even recognise any of us when he look at us, not even her." Kanda nodded towards Lenalee as he spoke the last part, a look that was akin to pity. "He was trying to devour us, and I bet he was also trying to eat our Innocences as well, liked what happened with Chaozii." The man sneered as he said that name.

The words weighted heavily on Komui, added with the destruction of the building they all came out from, he doesn't know if Central would look too kindly on this matter now that Allen had somehow evolved to devour Innocences. It was against their very foundation on winning this war, after all.

Then his thoughts wondered towards Doctor K: did the man knew about this? Or was he expecting this?

Come to think of it, Komui hadn't seen that man since yesterday. He was too busy with his workload at that moment to think much about it but now, was it a mistake that he overlooked?

"Chief Komui Lee?" The man was startled by a deep voice, he turns to find one of the doctors assigned here. Komui discreetly straighten up, Lavi had already returned to his seat while he was distracted. "I have Miss Lenalee's medical report here and I would like to discuss a few things with you, if that is acceptable?"

Komui nodded hastily for the doctor to continue, he wants to know how bad his sister's injuries were. The doctor clear his throat once before describing the full extension of Lenalee's injuries.

Neah's POV

Here I thought repossessing a body from an intruding new mind was actually a very simple thing; it's not. Why would I even think that could be anyone's guess. This 'Discord' has somehow latched into Allen's mind so thick that even if it's not in control, its presence would always remain.

Not to mention the amount of bloodlust permeated in Allen's mind, it could even compete with the Noah Memories. Besides that, I would have to work fast if I'm going to do what I have to do and keep Discord occupied for the time being.

BlaCK leAVes nOw or FaCe ANniHIlation…

Yeah… not happening. You may have a tight hold with this Dreamscape, but I was here longer than you have and there are still some tricks hidden in my sleeve to keep you occupied.

Now, to minimise the damage you done to Allen. 'He' may have forgotten our promise, but I'm not going to let him off that easily after everything.

No one else should still be in the building, that would leave all the guards outside guarding the injured. Which means that madman's office must be hopefully unoccupied.

Such a coincident that he was not around when this whole mess happened , so what other secrets were hidden behind that silver tongue of his? Where did he receive all his materials from that were so unusual in their own right?

The only clue I've got was to search his office. I didn't expect to find much but it was better than nothing.

Moving one foot then the other was disorienting when the other mind was trying to wretch my control back to itself. Crowned Clown was keeping itself useful by keeping its meddling at bay, making it somewhat easier for me to use my own Memories without any hindrance.

I don't have much time left before the Memories starts to overwhelm me, I had to gather as much as I could about this whole mess before the bloodlust becomes too much to handle.

The smooth walls of the hallway greeted me, unharmed from all the destruction behind. That madman's office was just around the second corner, a little fact I gather from Allen's memories.

REleAse ME! Thou shALL bE spaRe FRoM mY wArTh!

Argh…keep it down in there, I'll deal with you when I'm done with this. Just need to get to that office.

With what seems like an eternity when it was really only a few minutes, I finally made it without any mishap. I can see that K's name plate on the door. I can finally uncover the real secrets he has been hiding from all of us.

Urgh, any more of that Discords's intrusion and I might just lose it.

"You wouldn't find anything of importance behind that door."

A voice informed me while I had the doorknob within my grasp. At the corner of my eye, there I saw him. Doctor K.

Nobody's POV

As if in slow-motion, Neah turn and saw that vile man standing not too far from where he was. He looked the same as ever, the ever polite smile, and the pristine white lab coat. Not a strain of hair out of place. It was like the chaos of before never reach him when it had affected everybody else in the headquarters.

The voice inside suspiciously halted at the sight of the man. It gave Neah a dreaded feeling.

And he was right about that.

It started small, easily brush aside. Then it started building up, so much to the point that Neah had to consciously keep it in before it rear its face.

White hot anger boiled just beneath the skin, all started when the good old doctor appeared. Neah kept that in mind.

"You had some nerves showing up here." Neah gritted out from clenched teeth. Wherever the doctor get the organs from, they sure do hold a grudge against him. Maybe just enough to even be bought forward to Neah's host.

K kept smiling, the kind of smiles that doctors used on their anxious patients. He turned his back to Neah, not even worry for the fact that a literal man-eater was ready to kill him in a moment's notice.

Then it took Neah by surprise when he was forced to lurched towards the man by the vengeful desire of the other mind, adamantly on keeping K in range. It was pushing right at the seam of consciousness that Neah was pulling to take control of his host with more force than he first thought.

Another abrupt lurch and Neah felt more than saw that his claw-tip fingers snatched a piece of white cloth from the man's lab coat, if Doctor K felt it he was doing a flawless job of of not showing it.

"Did you know that Komodo Dragons let their prey go after they've bitten them? The giant reptiles let the poison do the work while they leisurely follow behind until the prey succumbed to the diseased bite." Doctor K said before he rounded the corner, Neah stumbled right behind him and was surprised when he followed behind the other man.

The doctor was gone, not a trace of him was there other than the useless fact he left for Neah and the torn fabric between his finger tips. The agitation from the other mind was so palpable that it had Neah worried. If this goes any further, Allen's mind could permanently be damaged. It might even affect him for all he knew.

He has to make Allen leave this place once more.

Just like last time. Only this time Allen wasn't aware of it.

"NOooOO! He iS CLosE! WE HAve to maKE HiM Pay! WE haVE TO!"

The voice called out from within, all distorted in a way that there might be more than just one that formed this 'Discord'. It was going to be another mystery to solve some other time when Neah wasn't slowing losing his grip on his consciousness. He rubbed his temples with the heels of his palms, hoping it would chase the headache away. It didn't.

"Time to leave this place again." Neah muttered under his breath as he calls out to his White Ark and a white 'glass-like' gate opened up in front of him. He stepped through without a second glance around him.

As soon as the gate shattered into nothing, a golden blur was seen from a window flew out of view.

City Centre, White Ark

Neah crumpled onto the pavement just as the door closes behind him. He was panting as beads of sweat dripped onto the ground making small puddles around him. He curled into himself as a wave of pain washed over his head, like a door being pounded from the other side.

The half-Kakuja armour slowly begin to peel itself off while the mask crumpled into dust. The torn uniforms barely hides the ashen-grey skin rapidly taking over the his form. The sclera on the left darkens black as the iris turned molten gold, the right stubbornly stays the same black as the Kakugan with the red iris.

The 7 crosses were bleeding in a steady pace as 2 new crosses emerged near the temple, black blood joining the puddle around him. The hatred for Innocence, the resentment for the sub-humans, all coagulated into one fuel-burning anger just boiling underneath the skin.

Flashes of memories of that day kept replaying in his mind. The day that all they ever knew was destroyed and they were the only ones left. The Memory relentlessly showing him the reason why they have to do it, why this world have to suffer the same fate as theirs did. Why the humans of this world have to be exterminated.

Neah grunts in annoyances with the same memories he was shown from at least 35 years ago. He knew all that when he experienced his Awakening, although slightly different from the rest of the Noah members. But he knew it was inevitable that Allen's body must undergo the Awakening itself to become the perfect vessel for the power of The Millennium Earl.

The pain around his body intensifies as Neah prepares himself for the pinnacle of it that signifies the end to it when the pain just suddenly paused. He could still feel the cold cobble road under the black blood, still feel the quick panting of his breath. He was still waiting for the bloodlust to completely take over when nothing happens.


'That…couldn't have been it? I remembered that there was still the uncontrollable urge to kill right after the transformation. Could it be that something went wrong?'

Neah was contemplating about this odd phase when the pain restarted all over. He hunched back down to curled himself as the familiar pain hits. It took about half an hour before it stops. He took it as a sign that something was absolutely not right.

He stood on unstable legs, weakly conjured up a patch of fresh green grass before him. He lies on it, just to rest his aching body and absorb the coolness of the plants before the pain hits again.

It was after the third time it happened that Neah came to a conclusion: it was not him that has to undergo the Awakening, it was Allen. He had to be the one to be in control of the body for the Awakening to be complete. He was dimly aware that Discord was oddly silence this whole time.

"Damn it, things just can't go right for you. I thought I could at least help you with this, but it was not meant to be easy for you." Neah sighed sympathetically as he rolled onto his back,"I hope you are ready for what's coming next."

Allen's Dreamscape

Allen's POV


That was the only feeling I could say about what I was experiencing.

Just endlessly drifting around in complete darkness. Not a thing in sight.

Something was wrapped around me, I just didn't care what it was as long as I felt safe in it.


I heard…someone. Someone was calling out to me.


It was familiar…it was…who was it again…?


What were they saying…from where was it coming from…

Suddenly, music began to play from somewhere. I remembered this. The score…the symbols we…Mana taught to me…Mana…

"Don't stop, keep moving forward."

"I…love you, Allen. Please…destroy me…"

Mana's last words to me, how could I have forgot about that…?

The thing that was wrapped around me started to tighten. Something in me was trying to tell me something.

Alle-…-ay awak-…

That voice again…was it…Neah?

Suddenly I remembered everything: the ambush from the Warden, Caleb's death, the dungeon and all the corpses inside. Then the attack on my friends and…Lenalee being hurt…I ate…I ate Chaozii's Innocence…

I felt sick all of the sudden. I was horrified to know that I was capable of that much cruelty to Chaozii. Even if I didn't like him very much, I would have never wish that to happen on anyone.

The feeling of being suffocated was starting to overwhelm me. I tried to feel my way around it before it began to tighten even further.

..nO! HE'S MinE! StAY awAY!

He is not yours to control any longer!

Wait…this is!?

The thing on me turned its head to face me with its one eye. Its iris was red while the rest of the eye was black, it was a ghoul's Kakugan! Was this what I thought it was?!

That's right, Allen. Remember yourself. Keep that thing away from your consciousness. It was gorging itself by using your body!

DiscORd wiLL NoT be contAIned! DIScoRd SEek reVEnge! I SEEK REVenGe!

YOU! All this time it was you that made me go after my friends! What have you done to them?! Tell me!

Allen! Contain the invading entity before you interrogate it, we don't have much time before the Awakening starts up again! I can't explain it now but just do as I say if you want to keep being the one in control of your own body!

Neah was right. I had to stop it from using me as its puppet before I get my answers from it.

I freed myself from its grasp before it could stop me and wrapped my arms around the black mass that had apparently surrounded me in its never ending darkness. It tried to wriggle itself free but I hold on tightly when Neah appeared before me and showed me a white box. The box itself looked liked a jewel box with a key inserted in its keyhole, just the box I need to keep this thing locked.

I wrestled it off me before I threw the black mass into the opened box. Neah shut it just after the tail part of it was inside. I turned the key and took it out, the box was shook as I imagined the Discord was trying to escape. It shook a few more times before it was still.

I felt Neah let out a sigh of relief at the now motionless box sitting between his hands. He shook the box twice before he slide the box into a pocket inside his trench coat. He motioned for the key to be handed to him, he was surprised when I pocket the key inside my own pocket. He chuckled and lowered his hand. After that he stared at me, longer than what could be consider borderline awkward.


From that tone, I knew what he was going to ask. I knew it was long time coming. It was only by luck that I managed to hold it off for so many months. Now it seems that there was no other way around it.

I tried to undergo the Awakening by myself but it doesn't work like that…it has to be you. You had to be the only one in control to fully awaken as a Noah. If Discord were the one in control while it was happening…things would have been much worst.

We both know it. Even if you have forgotten what you promised me, I did not. I would have helped you to remember what you've lost if I knew what really happened on that day 36 years ago.

So now, I can only guide you as you Awaken as The Fourteenth. If you can brave through the pain and the memories, I will finally tell you why I killed the previous reincarnation of the Noah Clan and why I wanted to become the new Millennium Earl so badly that I was willing to risk my life for it.

All that I am asking you now, is trust in me. As I have trust in you…Allen.

Somehow I felt that Neah was referring to someone else with the same name as me…and yet something in me knew he was talking about me.

It was dangerous, trusting a Noah. But I am a Noah and an Exorcist. With what Doctor K and the Vatican did to me, I am also a ghoul.

I nodded, giving him my consent and was thrusted back into my body laying on a patch of grass. The sudden change threw me off for a moment before I was consumed by the same unbearable pain I've felt so long ago. The Awakening, right. It was starting back again.

The pain and the flashes of memories not my own were a familiar sight. So was the White Ark that I haven't seen for a while. It was ironic, to be at the same place where I started to question myself on who I really was. An Exorcist or a Noah.

I have faced the truth, I am both and much more.

City Centre, White Ark

Nobody's POV

Allen Walker had finally accepted the inevitable, the one thing he had tried so hard for so long to stop from happening when the signs first appeared. He embraced the Awakening without hesitation. And the pain immediately set upon him without delay. He screamed in agony as the pain reached its highest peak.

He gotten glimpses of unfamiliar places he never knew existed and people he never met. Raw and unrestrained hatred rises from within him when he saw a light that resembles a cross appeared in that cloudless blue sky. Everything was gone in the next second. The city of glass was gone, the people walking on the street were gone. Everything was gone. Everyone was gone.

It was pitch black darkness for a moment. The pain stopped too. Allen stayed still for a moment longer before he tries to sit up. It was then that some unknown force pushed him back onto the ground and took a hold of his neck. It was getting hard to breath but Allen forced himself to open his eyes and see what was choking him.

What greeted him was a featureless white figure with a grinning smile from ear to ear. It had no eyes or nose, nor even hair. It was just a vague shape of a person given form.

It smiled at Allen with that deranged smile, slowly visions of the world turned dark creeped into Allen's mind. The vision showed him a silent, pitch black world. Corpses of man and woman piled onto a rotten heap and bones scattered across the dry plain. When the vision ended, the thing smiled wider.

"You…are the…Memory of Noah…" Allen gasped with what little air he had. Were all the Noahs forced into their roles by this thing? Then the Noahs really never had a choice to begin with. Either they accept the roles given to them or have their soul replace by the Memory.

The Memory held tighter when it sensed that its host was not going to accept the ultimate goal given by the Millennium Earl. It was going to erase both Allen Walker and Neah D. Campbell if it has to fulfil its duty.

Out of the blue a gloved hand snatched one of the wrist of the thing and pushed it away like it was nothing. The Memory shuddered in disgust when it felt Innocence starting to pulse its way to its host. Allen gained the strength he needs to push the figure off of him and stared it hard.

"I will not accept the mission. The power I'm accepting is going to protect my friends, my family. I'm not just a human you can toy like all those months ago. I'm an Exorcist and a Noah. And I am going to stop The Holy War whether you're with me or not."

The Memory was not pleased with this development, but it could do naught as the consciousness of Allen's Innocence, Crowned Clown, had already overpowered its own after its host had given it strength. With one final push, it was absorbed back into Allen and the pain bursted through him one last time. When it finally ended, the Awakening was complete.

The stigmata was craved, the skin was ashen, his blood flowed with Dark Matter.

Allen Walker is now a Noah.

The Fourteenth.

The Noah Of Destruction.

And the other missing half of the Millennium Earl himself.

London, England

Nobody's POV

The Carvey Circus had arrived at their destination that early morning. The tents were being set up by the workers for the varies attractions and shows opening later that night. The sight of the canals in the evening light was a sight to remember. But to the locals, it was just a mundane thing they've seen for their whole lives. Even the members of the troupe were used to the sight after coming here year after year.

Many of the circus members were busy practicing their act in the main tent where the performance would be held. Others were still checking their equipments or animals to see if those were in tiptop shaped and ready for their acts.

Only a few of them were already out drinking in nearby pubs, as their circus act only starts at the next day. However, Cosimov had his slot as the opening act and yet he was getting drunk already. None of the other members bother to remind him of that as they knew that as long as he remained the ringmaster's lead clown, nothing they say would change a thing.

Just as he was about to order his 5th glass, he patted his pockets and with embarrassment, he didn't bring enough money with him. He was barely able to pay for his 4th, let alone a 5th. With reluctant he left the pub while other members of the troupe snickered behind his back.

"Damn fools. They're just jealous that I'm the ringmaster's favourite clown." Cosimov stumbled through one of the alley away from the pub, muttering all the way. The crates and bins in his way were knocked down rather clumsily as he stomps ahead, uncaring of the garbage pouring out.

"Greedy bastards, all of them! I have noble blood, they should be grateful that I joined their rundown circus!"

Cosimov was near the circus ground when his foot was caught onto something, causing him to fell down face first onto the muddy pavement. The man was already cursing as he got up, ready to beat whatever that cause his sour mood into a pulp. He was however, more shocked than angry as he look down something, or more accurately, someone.

The person was out cold. Nothing much could been seen in Cosimov's drunken mind but the person's unnatural white hair was as clear as day. The rags on the unconscious man were already fallen off, showing the numerous scars decorated on the man's back. When Cosimov bent to take a closer look, he noticed the blacken left arm and a chill ran down his spine. He didn't know where that feeling came from, but he wasn't going to give a damn about it.

After all, he had just found a new attraction for the circus that would get him a bonus from the ringmaster, and another thing to gloat about to the other members of the troupe.