Warning for all of the violent war stuff- in effect for the next few chapters. Guns, blood, violence, killing, Luffy kind of losing it…

Sengoku stood away from the fighting, watching it from the top of the rocky hill, near the fortress's stronghold door. -Chaos. There was no other word for it. This was exactly what he wanted to avoid. That had been what Dragon's son was for- pressuring his enemy to back off. And when that didn't work, they had used more… drastic measures. But each decision he had made only strengthened the certainty of conflict. Now here they were, with no hostages.

-What a mess.

His superiors hadn't seen it that that. There had been an opportunity to gain they upper hand and they had taken it. The world government always took it. Even now they weren't showing weakness.

Fleet Admiral Sengoku turned, looking over his shoulder at the fortress- or rather beyond that.

That kid- Garp's little brat. Sometimes the best thing people could do for the world was to disappear from it.

Excusing himself to his officers, the man made his way into the fortress, navigating the now mostly empty corridor that led him down. He was being cruel. But once again, it was a necessary evil. One little life for all those, it was no contest.

The hallway led him back outside to the rocky coast, right by where a couple of forgotten storm drains let out. And to think, his best agents were out searching right now and he was right beneath all of them all along.

Sengoku waited at the entrance of the tunnels. He could feel the boy's movements as he came closer. His power was growing. He was a haki user now, and soon to be a formidable one. Stress was known to bring the latent powers out. Sengoku shuttered to think that all of this had only served to make the child stronger. And increased his hatred for the world government. If allowed, he would surely grow into one of the largest threats the world government had ever seen. But Sengoku couldn't allow that.

As he scrambled from the tunnel, his eyes immediately landed on Sengoku. He stared up at the man as he rose cautiously to his feet. Sengoku noticed that he didn't look like his father. Rather he resembled a much younger Garp. That would make this harder.

Still, he stepped forward, finger on the trigger. And on some level the kid must have understood the danger. Like an animal he knew how powerful Sengoku was and what his intentions were. But he didn't beg, nor did he try to run. Instead, he stood strong in front of the man.

He was hurt, badly- both inside and out. That much was clear. He was trembling ever so slightly. Not from fear but rather the strain of keeping himself upright. He was filthy, covered in blood and grime and dirty bandages. But there were also signs of care across him. Someone had given him a big overshirt that hid most of the more horrendous scars on his body. Injuries on his face had been painstakingly cared for and rewrapped. Sengoku could tell they were new because the color was still white and not the faded grey or rust colored as the older ones. Someone obviously loved him.

But that didn't stop Sengoku from stepping forwards. As he did Luffy backed up, hitting the cold rock wall behind him.

The man didn't need to say what he was here for. Or that this gun was special. Luffy already knew. The same way he knew it would be pointless to run.

So, he stayed silent pressed against the wall as he reached up as if to grab a hat, only there was nothing upon his messy hair. He seemed to realize that, dropping his hand. Sengoku tried his best not to dwell on any of his actions. But he couldn't help but be reminded of Garp. The man who was impossible to predict or understand. It seems his grandson had inherited that from him.

Luffy didn't flinch as the barrel of the gun was raised to his head. His eyes looked from the gun the back to meet Sengoku's and the man knew that there was no use in saying anything. He understood exactly what was happening right now.

Only when the gun was pressed against his temple did he turn his head away, closing his eyes tightly. A tear falling down one of his cheeks. The man tried not to see it, to ignore it. But when the moisture made contact with his dirty skin it became contaminated, turning a dark color much like soot. He was morning his death with tears of soot and blood.

And in a second Sengoku was reminded, so-so unwillingly of him. He felt his emotions threaten to flare up. He didn't want to be reminded of him right now. He didn't want to keep hurting this kid over and over.

-So he pulled the trigger.

The gun clicked.

Luffy looked up at him, his eyes large but his expression was unreadable, and Sengoku scowled at him. For a long moment neither of them moved. He was tempted to attempt to shoot again but something stopped him. Why did everything always have to be so difficult with this boy?

Luffy did not break his gaze, looking into the man's face as he reached up to wipe at his wet cheek clumsily. But all he managed to do was smear the dirt and blood across his face. He really was a mess, wasn't he? It was a miracle he was standing, let alone willing to drag himself back to the battlefield. This one was a fighter.

Sengoku dropped the gun with a growl. When Luffy still did not move he gestured wildly at the path in front of him.

"Go!" He snapped. And that was all he needed to say as the kid gave him one last look before he bolted, stumbling slightly on his injured legs. Never once did he look back, apparently implicitly trusting Sengoku to honor his words. The man grit his teeth. Why did that annoy him so much right now. This kid! He had the overwhelming urge to shoot him as he ran, strait through the heart. Rather risk his honor as a man then deal with whatever thing this kid grew into. But no, he wouldn't do that. Not even for his job. He had his chance and hadn't taken it. Or rather fate had made the decision for him.

Once Luffy was gone from view he opened the chamber. It had a carrying capacity of six shots each carved from pure sea stone, but he had used one of them during the battle against a devil fruit user. It was impossible, yet sure enough the single empty chamber was the one in rotation. The gun must have defected. That was the only explanation for a double fire on the same cartridge. The odds of that happening….

The fates must really want that boy alive.

That meant Sengoku really should have killed him when he had his chance.


Ace reached up, grabbing the sword with his hand as he pushed it away from his nose, sitting up. He would pay. But not now. He needed to win this quickly and put a stop to the fighting. It was literally-Literally- the least he could do to start making up for all of this. -For Luffy.

He faced the three pirates, unflinching- but when he spoke it was only too Brew. "I don't have time for this," he said again. "You deserve an explanation, but I can't give it to you right now." He stood, gaze fixed on where Sabo was trying to fight off the CP agents. "I'm not fighting you. Any of you. I can't stop you from believing her… but she's a liar." The pirates on either side seemed incredulous and angered. But Brew said nothing, his face stoic as always. And Ace found comfort in that, along with perhaps the smallest bit of acceptance.

The man dipped his head, ever so slightly, meeting Ace's gaze. A gesture Ace returned, recognizing it as the benefit of the doubt for a fellow ship brother. He risked turning his back to them.

"And if it turns out your word means nothing?" Amadob asked.

"Then you'll know where to find me," Ace said without turning around. He wasn't going anywhere until everyone who had done this to his crew, to Thatch- and to Luffy- was dead!

He braced himself for a moment, waiting to hear the scurry of an attack. But there was only silence. Maybe… maybe they trusted him just a hair more than CP-0. That was something.

Filling his lungs with relief, he turned towards where his other little brother was currently getting overwhelmed. Sabo was on his feet, holding his rather beaten staff in front of him, and watching the two circle him like sharks.

The two locked eyes, and he saw Sabo's gaze dart past him at the pirates, still standing there, and he smirked.

Before Ace even had time to try and decipher what that look meant, pain flashed through his head, the hair standing up on his arm like a silent alarm.


He had exactly a second to move, not even contemplating the consequences of his actions. He just knew that he didn't want to see anyone else die.

Turning on his heels, away from Sabo, Ace sprung back, his fire swelling up from him like a tsunami as it too encased the pirates. He heard their screams- panicked at first… then confused… and then going quiet when they realized his attack hadn't been for them.

Not a moment too soon as Ace took on the brunt of the hit as thousands upon thousands of threads, seemingly summoned from nowhere rained down upon them. He felt the flames burning up the strings, breaking them apart easily.

When they were little more than ash on the ground, he dropped the protective flames around the three. Focusing his attention on the aura of blood now directed straight at him.

Once again, he sensed the attack right before he saw it and it was truly a spectacle. A dozen or more haki coated tendrils, were headed straight for them. Or rather for him, who stood in front of the group. Fire couldn't save him this time.

Ace grit his teeth, holding his ground as they descended upon him.


Having shaken off the admiral for the moment, Marco swooped down from the air, landing on his father's shoulder. Ready to give him the battle update from the bird's eye view. But first.

"Have a second?"

His father's eyes darted to him. "Hm?"

"Can you go babysit Sabo? The rats are trying to carry him off." Preferably Marco would do it himself, he saw them hassling him. But the second he tried Aojiki would be back on him, and Doflamingo now as well, and taking on CP0, plus the others would probably be too much for him. Honestly there were too many strong enemies clustered there for comfort, and he needed them to scatter.

"The little revolutionary?"

"Yeah…" Oh right. It felt like a long time ago now, since Marco had met him, and even longer since he mistrusted him. "I'd consider it a favor. Plus Brew and the others might need help."

Whitebeard just huffed in amusement, turning his attention back to the fighting. "You like him now?"

Sabo was- as Oyaji put it- an annoying brat. He was young, stubborn, impulsive, blunt, and the second you turned around he was throwing himself into trouble. Basically, he was Ace, with a greater ability to plan ahead.

So yeah- of course Marco liked him. But he was trying not to because… well they couldn't all be Thatch. Marco already loved Ace and considering everything Ace had done to himself this week alone that was clearly a bad idea.

"He's Ace and Luffy's foster brother," Marco said, ignoring the question. "It's a long story. And it gets crazier the more you learn about them. We can trust them… both of them. Dragon and Sabo just want to save him."

The old man took the news in stride. Apparently after a certain age thing didn't really surprise you anymore. "The brat was extraordinarily stubborn" he mused.

He was talking about Luffy. Marco thought of the time he had led the CP-0 agent who had tormented him through the tunnels to try and protect them, despite being fifteen and unable to look at the man without trembling. "You don't know the half of it."

"Are they okay?"

"Thatch is probably going to be fine," Marco said. "Or he will be once we can get him a lot of medical care and food."

His father tightened his grip on his staff. No doubt thinking about Thatch, and how much they still had to do.


The attacks came quicker than he could keep up with. Holding his staff in front of him Sabo was forced to step back, and then again, and then again.

Just one of these stupid agents had nearly killed him, even now he felt the very-very unhealed injuries screaming. So, two of them…. not good.

He looked past them to where Ace had gotten tied up with the pirates- and apparently a warlord. He didn't know who needed help more right now. Sabo was used to war. It came with the job. Although he wasn't used to the military being so proactive. Especially not CP-0. This could get pretty bad if his friends didn't show up soon. Part of being in an army… or ex- member of an army meant you were supposed to have an army of backup.

"You look tired," the woman laughed as she came again, landing a bone shattering kick to his staff as he tried to block her. "Were the pirates a little too scary for you?"

He really didn't like her. "Your partner," he growled, as the man came at him next, firing another round of bullets that Sabo dodged, jumping back as he did so.

"Oh?" She purred, her eyes widening. "I heard he had quite a lot of fun here." Her voice was almost wistful. "I almost wish I got the assignment instead of him. He gave you a run did he?"

Ok, now he really hated her. What the hell was wrong with these people? "He did," Sabo told her, once again forced to stop to avoid the gunfire, and then the following counter attack. "-but he's not going to bother anyone ever again."

That made her pause, doubt flickering over her face as she looked at him. "You Lie?"

Sabo took a step forward, staring straight at her wide blue eyes. "Tell me- do I look like I'm lying to you?"

She searched his face, apparently finding nothing as she turned to look at her partner. The man shrugged, and she turned back to Sabo. Her expression quickly melting from shock, anger, and then nothing at all as the emotion drained from her face. She laughed. A truly hollow sound.

"The little revolutionary soldier has teeth after all." her smile grew. "I'm going to enjoy killing you. I'm going to pull you apart, piece by piece like a little doll, and when you make it to the afterlife you can say hello for me."

"Tell him yourself," Sabo growled, and they were upon him.

Pivoting back on his foot, he avoided her kick, just to put himself in the path of the man. Jumping away, the stone beneath their feet cracked from the force of the attack. And still they came, faster than Sabo had time to breathe. He landed a solid hit to the woman's ribs that knocked her back, gasping. He nailed the larger man right in the face, satisfied by the blood that rushed from his nostrils.

Furious now, the agent lashed out at him, his heavy gloved hand blocked by Sabo's staff. He grabbed the pipe, trying to rip it away and Sabo kicked out, trying to get him off. From the corner of his eye, he saw a flash of steel, and moved just in time.

He ended up flat on his back, the wind knocked out of him. His pipe the only thing between himself and the woman's knife. The blade had pierced through the steel of the pipe, and he could see the tip had gone through it.

"Tsh," she scowled at his block, and the bloodlust flowing off her was suffocating. She yanked the knife down, and something gave. Clinging onto his weapon like a lifeline Sabo rolled away, staggering to his feet as the world swayed. He looked down, his mind slow to process the fresh bloodstains soaking through his shirt. Shit!

His staff felt off in his hands, the weight not right. She had severed it, nearly down the middle. And he was left with two halves of a broken weapon. SHIT!

He felt the ground shake, momentarily pulling him out of the fight. He looked past the two of them once more, catching sight of his brother, standing with his back to the pirates. A wave of something large… unnatural was coming for him. It looked like thousands and thousands of … threads?


Sabo brought up the fractured piece of metal, lodging it into the man's neck as he approached. At the same time as he raised his hand, trying to put some distance between himself and the woman's knife.

The pain was delayed as he stared at the red bubbling up on his pale skin. It was only as it began to run down his arm in rivets did, he realize she had stabbed him straight through his palm.

Beyond his broken hand, something huge descended upon his brother, coated black in unmistakable haki armament. He watched completely helpless as it collided with Ace, knocking him aside with enough force to push a mountain. His brother's figure disappeared amidst the squirming mass, his body thrown hundreds of feet.

"ACEE!" Sabo screamed, yelling in anger as he yanked the staff fragment free of the man, staggering forward. But the woman pushed him back down with a well-aimed kick at his chest.

"Look what you've done!" She scolded. "You got blood all over my dress."

Sabo only half heard her, once more laid out on his back he stared at the sky, watching it go in and out. Somewhere on the horizon was a familiar ship heading towards them. Sabo smiled, -about time.

Was that… was he dying or was that a giant?

Seemingly sensing it at the same time both agents turned, the woman muttering cusses. Just as Sabo tried to look up, the giant hand closed around him.


This was hell… there was no other way to put it. This must be what hell was. It was too bright here. It hurt his eyes even though clouds covered most of the sky. This place smelt like blood, and the noise hurt his head.

Luffy stood on the cliff, sticking close to the wall, as he looked out at the chaos below him. There were so many people here. People with weapons, people yelling, and screaming. Where did they all come from?

He thought he was going to die for sure back there. When the tunnel finally let him out, there was a guy waiting for him. One with a really funny beard. But somehow nothing about him seemed dangerous. Apparently, he wasn't all bad as he let Luffy go, although that had been kind of close. Close enough to send shivers up his spine.

Since then, Luffy has silently made him way across the outside of the building, edging along on crumbling ledges when he had to, following the sounds of fighting. Only to emerge here, on the edge of a cliff and the mouth of hell.

It just then occurred to him that this was probably what Ace was trying to protect him from. All of this horror.

Focus-Focus- He didn't have time for this. He moved to stand on the cliff ledge, looking out at the battle around him. The rocks rough between his bandaged feet. Luffy closed his eyes, breathing in the fresh air, full of freedom, and the smell of the sea. He tried once more to concentrate, channeling his attention onto that feeling of safety… the good that had kept him sane here. They were down there somewhere.


Luffy's eyes snapped open, his feet turning to his left where far below him the rocky hold flattened out, eventually sloping off into the sea. Luffy's eyes weren't great lately, but here, with actual light. Apparently, they had given up all together. Wiping at the stray tears from the intense brightness, he turned where his instincts told him too, struggling to pick out Sabo from the crowd. It took a second but gradually the figure came into focus.

Blood! There was blood all over his brother. Relief at seeing him alive quickly melted away as Luffy took in the ugly picture of the people attacking him, and the quickly growing stains on his already bandaged body.

A noise like a whine bubbled up from his throat. -No- They weren't allowed to hurt him like that! Where was Ace.


Luffy felt something collide with his shoulder, sending him back a step from the force before it bounded off, embedding in the ground instead. He turned in surprise, seeing one of the stupid marine men coming towards him. "What Are You Doing Here?"

Luffy took a step back, and the man tried to shoot him again, quickly realizing that wasn't going to work.

"What the Hell!"

He risked looking back at Sabo, but the two people attacking him had obscured his figure.

"I said what the hell!" The man was right next to him now, reaching out to grab the collar of his too big shirt, roughly yanking him away from the cliff. The top few buttons tore, the right sleeve fell away from his shoulder, revealing part of the bloody bandages that covered his chest.

The man's scowl faded a bit, as he looked down. "What the hell," he said for the third time, as he looked at the extensive network of bloodstains and still healing skin. He tugged at the shirt a bit more, as if trying to figure out what to make of him.

Luffy stepped forward, shoving the man hard.

"Get OFF!" He snarled.

The Marines eyes widened in surprise, before narrowing again. "Come with me!" He tried to grab him, but Luffy shoved him away hard. When he reached for him again, Luffy lashed out, his bandaged fist smashing into the man's nose and sending him stepping back. He yelled in anger, returning the punch with one of his own.

Luffy took the hit, letting his head rock back, before turning to the man.

"Yeah kid… that's right. Not gonna give me anymore trouble are y-,"

Luffy screamed in anger, launching himself at the man. His sudden movement had taken him by surprise and both of them tumbled down, Luffy on top. He screamed again, smashing his fists into the man's face again and again.

"You Brat!" He howled through his bloody nose. His hand reached up, once more yanking at Luffy's shirt until the shoulder tore. Luffy ignored him, trying to smash his head straight into the earth. That was until the man jammed his fingers into his shoulder, brutally ripping the bandages and slowly healing skin wide open.

Luffy screamed again, momentarily blinded by pain. The man pushed him off, quickly getting the upper hand and he pinned Luffy to the floor, reaching back for his sword.

Through his pain Luffy saw the steel, but he was helpless to do more than struggle as the tip came down, headed straight for his heart. He closed his eyes, feeling pressure, and then something cracked. He reached up, scratching at the mans face blindly. It must have worked as the other shuttered, as he used the hesitation to shove the sword away, pushing the marine off of him.

Scrambling to sit up he reached for his chest, expecting to feel blood, or possibly his own organs. But instead, he felt where the sword had pierced his shirt, above the breast pocket right above his heart.

Frowning now, Luffy reached his hand into the pocket, pulling out the tiny button that had taken the brunt of the swords attack. It had cracked down the center, both pieces resting on Luffy's palm.

Both of them stared blankly at his hand for a second, slowly putting the piece together. The second the maine moved, reaching for his sword once more Luffy dropped the button fragments back into their palce, feeling something in him break.

He threw himself forwards at the man.

"NOOO!" he yelled, his hands going for his eyes as he clawed at the marine, intent on ripping them out No. No. No. No. No! No! NOO!

No. No! No. No! No. No! No. No! No. No! No. No! No. No! No. No! No. No! No. No! No. No! No. No!

He felt the other grab his throat, intent on strangling him, but Luffy just ignored it. Grabbing a handful of dirt and grime from below them he pushed it in the man's eyes. The hand flailed out again and Luffy sunk his teeth into two of the fingers, biting as hard as he could until something gave.

The man howled in blind agony.

"WHY!" Luffy screamed at him, smashing his own forehead against his. When he didn't get an answer, he did it again, and again.

He felt the bloody hand flailing again for his shoulder, trying to reach his now bleeding wounds. Those poorly stitched, barley scabbed knife wounds courtesy of -that man.

The marine grabbed his fingers, attempting to break them, but they just twisted easily in his hands. Pulling his hand free Luffy sat up, wiping the man's blood from his own face. They were both dangerously close to the cliff again.

"What are you?" The man hissed.

Rolling off of him, Luffy looked back at the battle below. He could no longer see Sabo. He kicked out, his foot colliding with the man's ribs- pushing him right past the edge.


He felt the man's blood drip down his forehead, collecting at the corner of his eyes before spilling down his cheek.

He rubbed at it clumsily, sniffing as he pulled himself up, waiting a second for the world to stop spinning.

"Why," he said again to the cliff, getting only silence in return.

He tugged his shirt back over his shoulder as securely as it would stay. A slight limp in his step as he crossed the cliff. He couldn't feel Sabo anymore. He couldn't feel much aside from the numbness.

Forcing his body to keep listening to him when all it wanted to do was collapse, he rested his hand against the outside of the hold. That had taken a lot out of him. More than he had left. Luffy looked down at his own dirty feet, fighting to keep the black spots at bay. This wasn't like before, where when he fell asleep people would take care of him. Even if it wasn't people, he particularly trusted. No, he had chosen this. And if he fell asleep here it was going to be forever.

He wasn't done yet. He could keep fighting- as long as he needed. Until he was finally free of this place.

Strengthening his resolve Luffy kept going, pushing between the narrow cliff that overlooked the battle below and the rocky wall of the fortress. If he kept going around, he could find someway to get down to where he saw Sabo and maybe… it was a crappy plan. But he didn't know what else to do.


Sleepiness long gone, Luffy whirled around his eyes growing large as he looked up at the surprised face of the pirate behind him. It was the big one- sparkly guy. He was staring at Luffy, mouth partially open like he couldn't believe it.

"Kid what?" he said. "I thought you were…" Luffy stared at him for a long moment. The man's eyes went for the blood on his face, and his frown grew bigger. "What happened?" he stepped towards him, and Luffy stepped back.

The sparkly guy paused. "Are you okay? What are you doing here by yourself. Where's Thatch?"

Luffy pushed himself away from the castle wall, abandoning it as the pirate tried to come closer to him. He stepped towards the ledge, dismayed when the other tried to follow.

"What are you doing? I need to look at that," the man's eyes fell from his bloody face to his ripped shirt, and the loose bandages beneath. He made a face at the fresh scars. "Damn…". Luffy tugged at it, trying to get the fabric to stay in place.

"Come on," the man said holding out his hand to him. "You shouldn't be here. We can get you help." His frown only grew as Luffy took another step away from him, pausing as his bare foot strayed dangerously close to the edge of the cliff.

"Luffy?" He sounded confused and concerned.

He probably looked like a demon. Face, and mouth smeared with blood, his bandages revealing the mutilated patches of skin. But the pirate seemed worried about him- not for him. It kind of reminded him of Thatch for a second, and Luffy paused.

Seemingly picking up on this the man held out his hand to him, moving slowly. "Come on," he said again. "Let me help you."

"Then You Will Die For What You've Done!"

Luffy remembered what Sparkle had said to Ace when they fought in the tunnels. How angry he looked. How suddenly he had attacked them. None of that anger was visible now, but Luffy knew how people here worked. People were violent all the time. But this place brought something different out of them. They were normal one moment, and then they just attacked him- hurt him- and they laughed at it. Switching from normal to murderous intent within seconds. They were no good- and so was his words.

When he tried to grab him Luffy fell back, slipping over the edge of the cliff. He heard the man yell, frantically grasping after him. But his words were drowned out by the wind in Luffy's ears- and then he knew nothing.


So Luffy needs therapy sooner rather than later and the revolutionaries are here!

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In other news- I know I said that I'm not going to write up through the cannon parts. But I am going to do just a little bit of that at the end of the story. And I have sort of been playing with the idea of Luffy meeting some of the characters sooner (that whole trope). Just in one off scene that pay off waaay later. Like Zoro, Nami ect. I can't promise I'll stick with it. But if I did, I was wondering who you all wanted to see?

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*** Luffy was not giving up here. I figured it was something like at Logue town, he understood he was going to die and there was nothing he could do about it. If he tried to run or fight, he would have been shot immediately and he knew that Sengoku understood who/what he was. So, this was his way of gracefully accepting defeat as Luffy seems to when he is truly cornered. ****

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