Naru looked at the timer that would show when her classmates would spawn into the area. Only four minutes left and then the mission would start. "How are the traps coming along?" she asked one of the bunshin tasked with monitoring the squads. "Most of them are set around the most probable spawning points and will guide them to point eight three. The squads know to herd them there as well… if they survive the trip that is." The girl at the comm replies ominously while chuckling. Naru just rolls her eyes and wonders where they get their melodramatic attitude from… Kaguya decided not to answer that one.

Deciding to instead focus on the more important things going on, The blonde once again takes a look at the clones' preparation. "boss, Squad Golf and Fox report that the PHC is ready incase some are smart enough to surrender. Golf will handle guard duty and Fox stands ready for long range support." One of the Contact Clones reports while their Creator lets out a thoughtful hum. That camp is standing awfully close to the edge of the ridge they decided to squat on. "C2-3, get me a sitrep on the PHC from one of the teams in the forest." She orders while absentmindedly noting another squad flagging their zone ready for enemy contact.

"This is Squad Dango, we can barely see the tops of the tent and it seems Squad Fox is setting up a barrier to camouflage it. Byakugan's probably gonna spot it like it's a giant fireball. » One of the clones reports in, giving Naru already an inkling about how she could use that later. "Copy that Delta Squad, finish preparations and get ready for inbound enemy contact." C2-3 replies to the squad leader. "Wait, we're using Old Tongue codenames? What happened to ANBU-style?" she can hear a clone complaining over the open line. She can't help but smirk at the sassy way that the desk clone explains that 'until you can remember what the ANBU equivalent of Delta is, they'll be stuck with that.'

"Alright people look alive, 20 seconds until the first bogeys will teleport into the area. Switch to frequency 127.9, radio chatter stays limited to professional use only. " The blonde calls the attention of all her troops on an open channel, all of them quickly growing silent as they readjust their earpiece radio. Seriously, the nifty things you can swipe from T&I's lost and found. Too bad for whatever shmuck that dropped it that he'll never see it again.

-linebreak for overworked and underpaid teachers-

Mizuki and Iruka couldn't help but gape as they witnessed their (most probably) unhinged student spawn a platoon of Kage Bunshin and cover a sizeable portion of the forest in traps. Not only that but the way the set it all up methodically with a team of four sticking to a certain area made the Chunin wonder where she got experience in these kinds of setups. Meanwhile, a third surprise guest can't help but let out a chuckle as he listens in on the radio chatter. "While she does seem to be able to lead such a large group, it seems that she'll need to brush up on our codes."

"We haven't even started on teaching those in class sir." Iruka replies absentmindedly, his confusion about why it seems one of her students was pitched against the rest of the class being cleared. But while he was pondering about the possible consequences this could have for the students underneath his care, Mizuki just sighs as the timer hits zero and reaches for the controls. "Welp, deadline's here so I'm gonna drop the kids into the zone. Want me to spawn them all together or randomly?" he asks his colleague , but before he can even consider a response, their guest observer decides to answer instead.

"If possible, I'd like to have most of them spawned inside of the outpost, with a few stragglers at the random entrance points. It would be interesting to see if they notice some of their own missing and if they do, how they will respond." Looking at Iruka for guidance, Mizuki simply shrugs as he doesn't respond and starts messing with the settings in order to make it happen. Seeing as they only have limited power as a DM, all they can do now is stop the exercise if it gets too bad. None of them however are sure as to how it'll go though… nor what the best case scenario is.

-linebreak for the poor shmucks-

Mito wakes up with gasp and shoots straight up, taking in her surroundings. It seems that she and most of the class have been dropped somewhere between walls, a few small buildings littering the courtyard. It seems familiar for some reason until it clicks in her mind. 'We've been dropped in a Shinobi Outpost.' She thinks to herself while others get up too. There is some uneasy murmuring as none of them know what to expect, the faces of Hinata and Sasuke more tense than those of the others. For a minute, everyone is quiet and huddled in groups while wondering what to do.

"We're not gonna accomplish anything like this." An unexpected voice pipes up. "Hinata, Sasuke, the two of you spent most of the time with Naru. Anything you can tell about how she'd go about this?" Hiruzen asks the two of them, his sister surprised about how easily he takes charge. Others perk up as well as the idea that they'd win this with ease. The only other one not too sure about their chances is Sakura while Ino just swoons over how awesome her 'Hiruzen-kun' is. "She'd favour stealth and sabotage, maybe send in a few clones to probe our defences. As for actual combat capabilities we can only go off on how much she shows during the spars at the Academy." Sasuke explains while looking around for something or someone. He can't help but remember how often he blew off the blonde lately for other reasons, mostly to spend more time with Hinata. "Shino could tell you much more seeing as to how lately he's been hanging out more with her than the two of us."

"Good, then we'd best ask him how to-" Hiruzen doesn't get much further than that when all of a sudden a horrific scream echoes throughout the area, the sound making everyone go pale. Hiruzen shakes his head after a moment, glaring at nothing in particular before scanning the crowds again. "Hinata, use your Byakugan to scout and keep watch. I'd rather not have my sister sneaking up on us. Shika, you're with me to strategize. Get a headcount and see who else is missing!" Hiruzen barks orders, ignoring the Nara's 'troublesome' as can't help but feel on edge.

-meanwhile in some other part of the forest-

Kiba can't help but shudder as he hears the scream, the one who let it out obviously having died a painful death. Shino on the other hand seems far too calm for the situation as he merely sits down with crossed legs. 'He should know best though' he can't help but think while Akamaru whimpers plaintively. "Not worried we're gonna die an awful and humiliating death?" Kiba asks with a morbid sense of humour while Shino is doing his best impersonation of a statue. "I am optimizing our chances for survival by staying put. Why? Because by now she most certainly has teams of clones patrolling and scouting ahead while picking off easy targets. Knowing her, she would also provide a place to hold the prisoners in order to use them as bait." Shino continues apathetically while a bug lands on his hand. "Fret not, seeing as she's become mildly fond of you lately our treatment would be quite agreeable. Oh, and would you kindly cease all movement?"

At this Kiba can't help but sigh. "She's right behind me isn't she?" he asks wearily as two fingers press themselves into his neck. "Don't worry, just hand over your weapons and you'll get dinner and a pretty sweet tattoo on both arms." A clone says teasingly while three others crawl out of the woods around them and surrounding the two boys and the ninken. While Shino and Kiba hand over their kunai pouches and get frisked and cuffed, another one puts two fingers against her earpiece. "This is E-2 to PHC, Wolf and Hive decided to play nice. We'll escort them to your place over." The now named clone checks in before they start moving.

"A non-derogatory codename. She must hold you in higher esteem than logically expected given your history together." Shino can't help but comment as they're marched to their destination with the clones surrounding them in a diamond formation.

"Eh, we bonded over angst and embarrassing stories during lunch." Kiba remarks idly, ignoring the knowing grins of the blondes.


"Roger that E-2, we'll make sure everything is ready for their stay. PHC out." G-3 replies to her sister on the radio before breaking contact. The rest of her squad stands around her while Fox squad is already on their stomachs and in position to fire upon the outpost. "Echo squad is bringing in Kiba and Shino. We best make sure we're prepped for their arrival." G-3 says to her sisters before they get to work. While they do that, Fox squad is watching the base of class 4-A.

"This is F-4 to Homebase, looks like Hinata's activated the Byakugan and has noticed the stealth field surrounding our position over." One clone calls in while chewing on a toothpick, a hand holding a pair of binoculars while lying as close to the edge as she dares. Another scream faintly reaches their ears and is ignored by all of them with practiced ease. "Copy that F-4. Think you and your squad could get us an estimation as to how many there are in the outpost over?" the prone blonde's earpiece crackles to life. "Roger Homebase, as of right now there are twenty five plus confirmed inside of the enemy base though that number could easily reach the low thirties over."

"This is F-2 to Homebase, can confirm that estimation is pretty accurate. Judging by the screams and other reports, we already got five out of forty either captured or neutralized." Another clone cuts in, the one on the far left cheekily winking at F-4. She can't help but shake her head good-naturedly as something breaks through the treetops before landing back into the forest with a high pitched shriek.

"Make that six out of forty."

- Homebase-

Naru can't help but sigh as she eyes the map, all of her squads either finishing their sweep of their designated zone or already headed towards their second location. "At this rate we should be ready to start the assault in a few minutes." A bespectacled clone reports, clipboard ready with quick notes of various reports coming in from the other squads. The blonde just lets out a distracted hum as she sees all the pieces moving into position, the only exception being Echo squad as they lead her captured friends to the PHC. "Hinata has her Doujutsu activated right? Have Fox squad start laying down covering fire while everyone else gets into position. So long as their attention is on them, we have chance to take them down fast." The problem with going against the Byakugan is that it can see through solid objects. While she is sure that her oldest friend can't see through the earth or the cliffs there still is a chance that the trees won't be that much of an obstacle for her gaze. That and she could easily spot her clones through the gaps between the trees as well. Closing her eyes and taking a deep breath, Naru opens herself up to Nature and calms down. The next few minutes would decide how the rest of the match would go.

-PHC ridge-

"Alright ladies, looks like we get to warm up. Homebase wants us to lay down covering fire and hold their attention until everyone is in position. That means we'll keep it light and breezy got it? No need to bring out the heavy hitters yet." F-1 commands the rest of her squad, a chorus of 'Yes Ma'am' rising from the rest of Fox Squad. F-4 rolls the toothpick around in her mouth as two pairs of adamantine chains slowly pop out of her back, the sharp tips glowing and seemingly building up. "On my mark… fire." F-1 says gently. And with that silent order, sixteen chains that can hold down even the Kyuubi start shooting volley after volley of arrowheads made of light seemingly towards the outpost, looking for all intents like a rain of shooting stars.


Hinata has been keeping watch the last few minutes, noticing groups of clones getting closer and closer slowly and relaying their positions to Shikamaru with handsigns. Hiruzen and Shikamaru use that information to try and guess what she's working towards. The dome peaking over the ridge is a noticeable eyesore and is treated like the sun. Don't focus on it or you'll go blind. In fact, the thing nearly managed to cover the blasts of chakra until it was too late, The Hyuuga heiress only realizing the incoming threat at the very end.

"TAKE COVER, CLIFFSIDE WALL!" she screams while running towards it herself as the first of the projectiles start to impact the courtyard. While most of them manage to find shelter inside the stone building in the courtyard or against the wall, a few aren't so lucky and get riddled with holes as the projectiles do not heed the fleshy obstacles in their path. Their bodies slump lifelessly on the ground, the dense and potent chakra scorching the wounds close as soon as they're made. The class can only watch as those who are caught in the veritable rainstorm soon stop moving and screaming, bodies now lying limply on the floor while their glazed over eyes stare into the distance.

"The bodies aren't disappearing." Hinata can't help but whisper hoarsely. The only reply she receives amidst her slowly panicking classmates is the thuds of adamantine arrowheads.

-PHC Ridge-

"Fox Squad, this is E-2. We're coming up on the ridge right now so don't shoot us." F-4 hears her squad checking in through the earpiece. "Echo squad, be advised that we will open fire unless you give the proper identification phrase." F-4 says while letting loose another volley of Chakra Shots. While the Chakra Blast is the go-to move to spam when there's explosive mayhem to be wrought, Chakra Shots are a bit more refined. Inspired by a rather boring lesson in kunai throwing, these projectiles were thin and streamlined. Both faster and more accurate, these piercing shots can easily be shot through fingers or through their Adamantine Chains just like the Chakra Blast. An added benefit is also the fact that they don't have to worry about rupturing their coils again when they use the chains.

"Ugh fine, dango gives me a ladyboner." E-2 says disgruntled over the radio, Kiba's muffled snickering easily heard through it. It's all F-4 can do as well to keep the grin off her face too. It's little things like this that makes her current station bearable. "Copy that Echo Squad, welcome home. I heard you've made a nice catch." It doesn't take long for Echo Squad to vault themselves over the edge of the cliffs. They quickly take the prisoners off their backs and hand them to Golf Squad before heading back down. F-4 can't help but give them a cheeky salute as they go link up with the rest of the platoon down in the forest.

Everyone gets more serious as a feeling of malice and hate presses down on them, the clones hoping that it isn't what they think it is. "All units be advised, the enemy has accessed the Kyuubi's chakra. Be on the lookout for whatever it is they're trying to accomplish!" Golf Squad looks nervously at each other, their prisoners equally worried. "Ain't this going a little too far for an exercise?" Kiba can't help but comment, a single whine from Akamaru all the response he gets. One of his guards opens her mouth to respond but he'd never find out what she'd say.

"IT'S A FUCKING BIJUUDAMA, DODGE!" F-1 screams as Fox and Golf Squad get the hell out of dodge. Kiba and Shino stare in horror at the dark beam of energy headed straight for them and are only forced out of their stupor as something impacts into them and pushes them away. Both them and Akamaru are safe as the last thing they see is the Bijuudama narrowly avoiding them while two clones smile at them with their arms stretched and flowers in their eyes. It's too much to cope with for Kiba and he sinks to his knees, trembling as he sees the massive gouge in the cliff.

"Homebase, this is G-1. Prisoners are secure but G-4 and G-2 didn't make it." One of the remaining clones calls in their status while putting a hand on the Inuzuka heir's shoulder. He doesn't her the reply, only hears one part of the conversation. "Roger that, don't think they're in any shape for long trips anyways." G-1 replies before she and G-3 get the two boys up. "C'mon you two, we're gonna head a bit further away from the edge." G-1 says gently as she still leads Kiba away from the impact site. "They were just gonna kill us alongside you all."

The clone couldn't help but snort, a morbid smile on her face. "If that's the case then they failed spectacularly no?"

-moments earlier, Outpost-

Hiruzen could only grit his teeth as he was pinned down against the wall, the hail of fire not giving him much choice at the moment. 'Sage damn it all, is there nothing at all that we can do?' he thinks as he wallows in rage. What he wouldn't give to get rid of that suppressive fire. 'Heh, so the hairless monkey can't keep his sister in line? I shall help you out this once, if only to teach the wench her place.' A menacing voice pipes up inside of his head, the redhead perfectly able to picture the equally terrifying grin his current tenant is no doubt sporting. He shouldn't trust his words, he has little to no success the few times he did try and harness the bijuu's power. But then again, he didn't have the beast cooperating with him those attempts. His hesitation did lessen significantly though when those chakra projectiles did pierce a civilian kid's head when he looked out of the window.

'Fine, how do you want to do this?' he asked grouchily, wondering how much worse the day could get. "Your blond girly progenitor has been teaching you the Rasengan correct? It will serve as the basis for what you're about to do with my guidance." The fox harrumphs out, his eyes narrowed with suspicion. His counterpart wasn't the only one who found the eldest Uzumaki daughter familiar. If she truly was the reincarnation of that accursed witch then he'd do whatever it takes to ensure she doesn't plunge the world into chaos again. Even if it means working together with his jailor. He may hate the humans for what they did with his father's gift, but there is a special kind of loathing for the daughter that tore their family apart. Even Uchiha Madara was only a pretty close second on his shit list. Pulling his head out of the dark thoughts about to distract him, the Yang half of the Kyuubi once again focusses on the here and now. "Now then, access my chakra. I will guide you from there."

Mito couldn't help but grit her teeth as she pushes herself against the wall, her annoyance with her sister rather muted by the continuous barrage they are receiving. 'Anri, when this is over I just might listen more often to your advice.' The girl admits, hearing her own friend chuckle in her mind. "You're just as stubborn as your mother. Fret not, we'll start with ensuring you can use your chakra without those silly finger movements. If we get you to an adequate level then I even might teach you my fighting style." Anri says amused while lounging on a huge bed, looking along through Mito's eyes with her permission of course. The Yin half of the fox is currently in her preferred human form, a pair of fox ears poking out of her thigh length snow white hair with bangs framing her forest green eyes, nine tails sprawled over the silk sheets as an almost scandalously short kimono covers her lithe form. Their rather casual conversation is cut short as everyone in the fort can feel the ominous energy wafting off of Hiruzen as a cloak of red chakra surrounds him. No one can say a thing as a ball of dark energy starts pulsing into his hands, the construct looking very unstable. Before Mito can ask what the hell he's thinking, Hiruzen jumps into the middle of the deserted square, the adamantine projectile's worst damage negate by the dissipating bijuu cloak around him. Letting go with a roar, the ball turns into a giant blast of energy that takes out part of the cliffside, all incoming fire intercepted as an explosion rocks the location the suppressive fire came from. The oppressive red chakra around him dissipates as he falls to his knees, panting slightly as his arms tremble from exertion. "Well, that's one thing taken care off." He says casually, slightly wincing as Mito storms towards him and lifts him up roughly by the collar. "What the fuck was that?!" she demands angrily, both she and Anri appalled at how easy he decided to use a Bijuudama on their sister.

"I fixed our problem with the long range fire." Hiruzen responds harshly, some of the rage accompanying the Kyuubi's chakra still coursing through him. Before the problem can escalate, a warning cry echoes through the courtyard.

"Some of the clones around us have gone underground!" Hinata yells as the remaining students look around fearfully. It only takes a few seconds before the first one disappears underground, her shriek shooting everyone into action. At the same time the gate blows right open, eight clones rushing through it as they let go off a hail of kunai. Sakura quickly punches the ground, rocks erupting from the ground and creating a makeshift cover while the resulting quakes disorient the clones underground. It doesn't seem to deter the ones above ground as they charge the group still pressed against the wall. Mito runs towards them with her katana drawn out of a storage seal on her wrist, the blade met by the rapiers of a few clones while the others keep going ahead. The six clones split up in groups of two in order to fight Hinata, Sasuke and Hiruzen. Sakura decides to focus on the Earth below her and starts punching and kicking various places at seemingly random intervals, the resulting tremors forcing the clones to stay burrowed underground. It doesn't take long for others to join into the fight, Shikamaru trying to keep the clones immobilized so others can finish them off.


"Ma'am, Bravo and Echo are encountering heavy losses while Delta and Alpha can't emerge from underground safely due to the tremors." A clone reports to her creator while the original Naru just looks on. "Fox squad, this is Mama Bear. What's your status?" she asks through an earpiece. "This is F-4, we lost F-1 thanks to the Bijuudama but we're repositioned and ready to raise hell." Naru can't help but grin at those specific words. "Good, because you'll be the one to kick off the main assault. All squads, when Fox Squads blows up the building on my mark and those cowering inside it, blast through the walls and kill them all. We're done playing nice. Alpha and Delta Squad, pull back and cover the gate exit." She orders before exiting the tent. Looking at one of the guards, she doesn't hesitate in giving orders. "I'm going to join the front lines, make sure nothing happens here." Is all she says before jumping into the trees, easily navigating the traps and headed towards the fort.


The clones attacking them quickly got swamped by the Kage Bunshin that Mito made, the walls now manned by her copies as they keep throwing kunai and shuriken at any of Naru's clones if they can spot them. It's a stalemate for now, though it might not be that way for long . The gateway is quickly blocked by some of the rocks Sakura punched out of the ground and moved their with a few well placed hits. Taking a breather, Shikamaru can't help but wince as he notices about half of their group is already wiped out, Naru obviously still at large seeing as the exercise hasn't ended yet. Only Hiruzen, Mito, Hinata, Sasuke and Shikamaru are outside to discuss their next plan while Ino and Chouji exit the building. "Besides a stash of firebombs there isn't anything useful that we found so far." Ino reports while Chouji just nods in confirmation. "Hmm, so all we got besides our own gear are some volatible bombs. Not good." Shika mumbles while trying to chart their next course. Naru was far more brutal and experienced than they expected. The only one who could give them an accurate assessment of what she'd do is Shino and they didn't see him in the fort.

"Hey idiots! Good job taking out your own men with that Bijuudama! You really showed me there!" A familiar voice shouts from the forest, the echo making it hard to pinpoint where it came from. Hiruzen can't help but growl at hearing the taunting tone his sister is speaking in. "Shut up woman, this all your fault anyhow!" Hiruzen shouts back angrily, shocking those around him by his short temper. "Wow, calm down Zura! Man, who pissed in your cereal this morning?" Naru shoots back, seemingly not caring about the destruction wrought so far. Also, how the hell was it her fault of all things? "Unless you're surrendering I don't want to hear it!" he shouts back, not noticing the looks of despair on Sasuke and Hinata's face. Naru just grins however as she says the magic words. "Guess the negotiations are over then!" the shouts back. The moment those words leave the blonde's lips huge balls of chakra streak through the sky and impact in the house, exploding when they hit their target. Those outside quickly cover their face as the blast kicks up dust and pieces of the building, the firebombs set of and turning the building and those inside into a flaming wreck while the fiery debris lands all over the courtyard.

"We need a barrier now!" Sasuke screams and Sakura quickly complies, flashing through a few handsigns. "Doton: Doryuheki!" Sakura's wall quickly shields them from the worst of the attack. More explosions and shouts fill the sky as batch after batch of clones seem to poof. "We're sitting ducks here. We need to get out!" Shika nearly screams as he loses his calm. As if to emphasize his point, another explosion showers them with debris, one of the walls now breached. 'We can't head towards the cliffs, the entire forest is probably trapped by now and thoroughly scouted by Naru. Which only leaves…' "We'll have to try and get to the mountain terrain close by. It's the only place she won't have as big an advantage." Sasuke concludes out loud. "If we can break through the clones surrounding us we just might make it." Hinata adds while more clones around them are being slaughtered. Sakura's wall is also being pummelled and it won't be long until it breaks. "Even if we reach one of the holes in the walls, we'll still get picked off unless we can make it through without them knowing which one is us." Shikamaru adds. Biting his lip, the Nara heir can't seem to find a plan where they're all guaranteed to come out alive. "I can take someone with me underground with the Hidden Mole Jutsu and escape through there." Sakura adds. "Take Hinata with you, her eyes are our most important asset at the moment." Hiruzen says while trying to figure out how to get the rest out alive.

"Mito, create as many shadow clones as needed and henge them to look at us. You all escape and I'll stay here in order to make it look as if it's a diversion." Sasuke says with a resigned tone. The moment they try to escape they'll start spamming Shinra Tensei in order to dispel all the clones. The only way to have a chance to fool her would be if there was bait. And seeing as he pissed her off hard… well, it's not that hard of a choice. "You sure about this Sasuke?" Hiruzen asks while motioning to everyone to get ready. Hinata wants to say something but a single shake of his head he cuts her off. "Sakura, when I've made the first wave of clones take down your wall. We should be able to run then. Chouji, you'll have to get us through the gates." Mito says solemnly, patting Sasuke's shoulder before making a familiar cross shaped handsign. "Taijuu kage bunshin no jutsu!" Mito yells as the mist of the excess chakra completely cloaks the inner courtyard. Before it's even properly dissipated clones of all those remaining start fleeing in every direction. Naru's platoon is ready though and as Sasuke predicted several of them start using Shinra Tensei to take down as many of the escaping clones as possible. The moment there is space in the courtyard a second wave is on it's way and seems to get closer than the previous one with several of them getting a bit too close for comfort for Naru. " All squads, the escaping clones have priority. Make sure none get out." She orders, most squads now focussing on stopping the fugitives while one clone out of every four focusses on the remaining ones on the wall taking potshots at them. Second and third waves are pretty much the same as the first one, the smoke of their deaths filling up the clearing and having Naru clicks her tongue in annoyance at this stalemate. With all this excess chakra floating around the hordes of clones popping up and getting destroyed there's no use in trying to sense anything with her limited skills.

"Katon: Goukakyu no Jutsu!" a Sasuke clone screams before sending a fireball her way. With a swipe of her hand Naru sends an arching blade of water back that counters the fireball before sailing on. The suspected clone ducks out of the way, but the attack still grazes his cheek and causes him to bleed. "Well well well, colour me both impressed and disturbed. Sasuke, if I don't know your arrogance as well as your scowl then I'd say you developed some masochistic tendencies!" Naru calls out amidst the fighting. Sasuke just grunts before sending another fireball her way before ducking back behind the wall. Rolling her eyes Naru just bats the attack away, grunting slightly as her hand is a bright red. "Note to self, more chakra coating the hand next time." She says before looking in surprised at the now huge human tank rolling out of the closed off gate and into Alpha and Delta squads and dispelling a few of them. Those who survived quickly get out of the way of a stampede. "All units near the gate, switch to stealth. Hotel, Indra, Jura what are your losses?" Naru asks trough the radio headpiece as a veritable horde of clones escape through the now demolished gate and towards the mountains before fanning out. "None so far Boss, we were lucky facing the least resistance thanks to Fox squad's support from above."

"Good, have Fox squad eradicate the clones on the wall while you skirt around the combat zone. I want you to sweep the fortress for the escaping clones and put them down if the traps don't do it first." She says while her clones try and pick off as many of the enemy clones as possible without turning themselves into targets… which is quite easy thanks to their Adamantine chains now that she sees them in action. Turning her attention back to the wall she's facing and the impacts of Fox Squad's barrage destroying both the wall and the clones on top of it. Drawing her own rapier, Naru can't help but grin as she gets ready to properly join the fray. "Looks like the clones aren't refilling themselves. Ready for one last push?" she asks the squads closest to her. All her targets probably got out using that goddamn army of meatshields as cover. Though why did Sasuke try to attack her head on before ducking beyond the wall? "Welp, if he's still there it's probably because of something stupid." She says to herself with a shrug before focussing on the here and now. After all, she has a fort to destroy.

-just let it die-

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