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It was already nearing 8 when Naru finally got home, the sun starting to set as she opened the gates to the Namikaze residence. While the plan was to just get some Dango and sending the little blonde back home in time for dinner, those plans got waylaid when Anko's friends found them at the Dango shop with Anko trying to teach Naru how to spit the little sticks hard enough for it to anchor themselves into the wooden support beams of the shop. After about 20 minutes of convincing them that Naru wasn't kidnapped by her new teacher, the three women finally decide to introduce themselves to the very impressionable and lonely looking girl that hopefully won't become a mini Anko.

Still, Naru learned a lot about life as a kunoichi and the kinds of things she could branch out in when she graduated from the Academy. What was supposed to be a quick snack to hatch out a decent training plan turned into dinner and storytime about what Naru could expect in the academy and beyond. Though all thoughts flew out of her head when she saw an angry Uzumaki Kushina waiting for her at the table together with the Hokage, Namikaze Minato.

"Uzumaki Naru, where were you all day?" Kushina asks in what she believes is righteous parental anger and worry.

"Training field 8." Naru responds calmly and even… disappointed? Minato thinks it's strange to himself but doesn't say anything, until he remembered what Kushina promised Naru last week. "And why were you at a training field for ninja?! You haven't even unlocked your chakra, much less even started training!" Kushina shouts fiercely. What if something happened to her eldest daughter there and she wasn't there to help?

"You promised we'd go there together today so that I could start training too. You even told me to go ahead and that you would be there soon." Naru responds in subdued tone, drawn into her shell thanks to her biological mother yelling at her. Kushina's face quickly goes from her anger to shock and from there it morphs into that panicked look you have when you realize that the court hearing that would decide your fate started about two hours ago... and you're still in bed. While Kushina tried to comprehend the fact that she forgot the fact that one of her kids was waiting for her in the training grounds while she was training Mito and Hiruzen in the backyard, Naru already went up the stairs and to her room. When she closed the door behind her, she let out a sigh and opened the window so she could climb on top of the roof. For some reason, being alone in a high place always soothed little Naru.

"So this is where you are." Naru hears a familiar voice besides her as she is handed a cup of tea. Flashing her father a grateful smile, she leans into his side and watches the sunset while taking sips from the Kocha tea. Minato just smiles, already familiar with some of her daughter's quirks and habits. Besides, it would be a terrible shame to be distracted from such a beautiful scene. That, and the tea just burned his tongue, so talking's a tad more difficult. They stay in an pleasant silence and watch some of the villagers go on their business as the day retreats to make way for the night when Naru finally asks a question that has been plaguing her mind for some time.

"Does Kushi- I mean mom hate me?" the little blonde asks the bigger blond. Minato just sighs and pulls his eldest (and secretly also his favourite) daughter a bit closer with his free arm. "She doesn't hate you Naru. You know how she was the jinchuuriki of the Kyuubi before your siblings right?" feeling rather than seeing his little girl's nod, he continues. "Well, it used to be that the identity of the jinchuuriki was being kept secret in Konoha, because most people would confuse the jailor of the Bijuu with the beasts themselves. That would lead to the jinchuuriki being ostracized and sometimes even outright abused. This is why your mother's status as one was being kept secret. We managed to make people realize that those holding back the Bijuu are heroes and not monsters, but people fear what they don't understand. That's why Kushina always seems to drop everything that she's doing to help the furry twins train. The moment they lose control, they'll go from heroes to possible dangers and maybe even monsters in the public's eyes."

Naru couldn't help but snicker at the term both she and Minato coined her siblings with in private. God only knows what Kushina would do to them when she finally finds out. But still, Naru can understand why her mother does her best to keep Mito and Hiruzen safe but that doesn't mean "It doesn't hurt any less." Naru mumbles the last part out loud. Minato just lets out a resigned sigh and ruffles is little girl's hair. "I know kiddo, but you're taking this surprisingly well. At the rate you're growing up you'll probably bring home boys in a few years." Minato jokes around, having done this song and dance already a few times.

"Eww, boys are icky, why would I bring them home?" Naru whines and Minato just laughs, content that his sometimes seemingly mature child can still act like her age. Besides, now he has more time to come up with more ways to scare off future suitors both his girls will come home with eventually. 'Note to self, give Ibiki a raise for his help. And maybe an award if possible.' Minato makes a mental note, before turning back to his little sunshine. "Fine fine no icky boys in the house that don't live here." The Yellow Flash agrees while ruffling his daughter's hair. Naru tries to swat away his hand without avail, laughing and shrieking as both father and daughter start play wrestling on the rooftop.

"Ready to give up yet Sunshine? You know you can't beat the Hokage!" Minato boasts while tickling Naru's sides. "Never, I'll beat you with my awesome chakra attacks!" Naru yells back, not really caring about the fact that she hasn't learn HOW to use her chakra yet. She knew it, her dad knew it (that crystal ball old Hiruzen favoured really helps Minato keeping track of Naru) but still he decided to play along.

"Do you now? Well then, why don't you show me?" Minato asks amused, turning his back to the garden and standing on the edge of the rooftop. Naru just huffs closes her eyes, focussing on the same feeling in her gut that she felt when she unlocked her Chakra with Kaa-chan's help. Finding that weird place in her tummy that isn't her tummy at all, she grabs the power and instead of just letting it out, she leads it to her arm and imagines it to turn into a ball that she can shoot. Meanwhile, Minato can only gape in surprise as Naru not only rises up to the challenge, but pretty much decides to crush his expectations. Opening her eyes with a grin, Naru grabs her stretched forearm for extra support and fires the ball of condensed chakra, the recoil making her fall on her rear. With a pretty girlish yelp, Minato quickly dodges the assailing ball that makes his danger senses go haywire. Turning around to see what happens, the two on the roof can feel their mouths fall open wide, gaping as the projectile explodes and leaves behind a crater that's a few feet in diameter. The Hokage looks back at his equally shocked daughter, whom is sweating lightly and panting heavily. They just stare at each other, not knowing what to do when a loud and angry voice makes itself known.


"… You know, I just remember I have some urgent paperwork that needs to be done."

"Need some help daddy?"

The only response Naru receives is being grabbed by the arm and disappearing with a yellow flash. Like hell they were sticking around while Mount Kushina erupted.

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Right after Naru left for home, Dango Stand

"So, you got yourself an apprentice?" Yuuhi Kurenai asked in an even and neutral voice that completely clashed with her smouldering glare. Anko just chuckled nervously while rubbing the back of her neck, trying to discreetly request backup through eye contact with her two other friends, Inuzuka Hana and Uzuki Yugao. Hana just waved her nervously in the universal sign of 'Leave me the fuck out of this' while Yugao just smirked and sipped at her tea, planning to enjoy the free show.

"W-well, it's not yet completely official, what with the paperwork I need to file, but yeah I'm uh, gonna train the squirt?" Anko more asks than states, feeling like a scolded schoolgirl underneath the Genjutsu Mistress' gaze. And judging from the whimpers and whining from Hana's ninken, it seems she's not the only one.

"No, you're not." Kurenai said while closing her eyes, so that she wouldn't have to see the look of betrayal on Anko's face, however brief it may be. "Not by yourself at least." Kurenai said the second statement with a weary sigh. The things she does for her crazy friend. Still, she was planning to become a Jounin-sensei once she passes the exams, so this might as well be considered a decent exercise. Besides, how hard is training one girl compared to training three genin without a second ninja?

"Come again, please?" Hana asks with wide eyes, also having expected a lecture on why it was a bad idea to hand Anko impressionable kids. Sure, the little blonde kid seemed pretty unhurt as far as post training looks go and basically glowed with the attention Anko gave her, but still… It's Mitarashi Anko, the Crazy Snake Bitch and second feared interrogator in the T&I!

"Kurenai's right Anko. It might be pretty harsh to say, but you don't have any experience in training kids so it might be prudent to have someone with you who has. Besides, what are you going to do if the kid has talent in something you suck at?" Yugao jumps to Kurenai's defence with logical arguments. While Anko visibly deflates, there is still a hint of teasing in her brown eyes. "So what you bitches are saying is you're totally jealous that a little girl likes me more than you three? Weeeelll, if you guys really have to butt in I'll let you, if only to prove she likes her Anego more." Anko boasts grandly, obviously liking her new title. Yugao and Kurenai just roll their eyes, willing to let it slide if it means to minimize the risk of Anko permanently maiming/traumatizing the kid.

"Actually, I think they're more concerned about you accidentally offing one of the Hokage's kids." Hana says in her clan's typical bluntness.

"Wait, she's what now?"

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Meanwhile, back in the Hokage's office

In the same yellow flash that heralded their departure, Minato and Naru appear in the hokage's office, the usual ANBU guard stationed in the room already gone. Well, they and pretty much everybody else except for the ones guarding the important vault with all the forbidden thingies. Easily shrugging off the split second nausea, Minato looks down at his daughter, checking her over to make sure there aren't any adverse effects from travelling with the Hiraishin.

"Uhm daddy, is my arm supposed to shake so much?" Naru asked curiously, her right hand still holding her tea while her left one is shaking uncontrollably, the small appendage wracked with tremors. Minato's eyes widen in panic, the words of that faithful encounter on October 10 racing through his mind. While he is having a flashback about the faithful events that transpired that night, his body reacts automatically, slinging Naru over his shoulder and speeding towards the Hospital. His daughter somehow doesn't spill her tea as she keeps sipping it quite happily, even waving at some of the patrolling ANBU as they pass them. When they finally arrived at the Konoha Hospital (the one for ninjas, not to be confused with Konoha Civilian Hospital, or the Konoha T&I Private Clinic for Unfortunate Accidents) Minato simply shunshined into Tsunade's office, the woman frantically hiding her booze while hoping that it isn't Shizune coming over for a 'Surprise Inspection'. Taking a deep breath to start shouting at the quit idiotic looking and acting Hokage, the elder medic is stopped by a happy blonde still riding her daddy's shoulder.

"Hi Baa-chan, did something awesome with my chakra but my arm won't stop shaking and Daddy is freaking out now." The chipper girl says with a smile, putting the now empty cup of tea down on Tsunade's desk. Ignoring the two blondes that are both not really there due to different circumstances, the best medic in town grabs the young girl by the scruff of her shirt and drops her on her desk, hands already glowing green with a diagnostic jutsu. Raising an eyebrow as the results returned, Tsunade decided to just get on with it, treating the situation like ripping of a band aid. "What did you do with your chakra Naru?" she asks resigned

"Guided it to my hand and turned into an awesome exploding ball."

"I see, and how much did you put into it?"

"Lots of it. It turned into a crater about this big." The little girl replies while stretching her arms as wide as possible, obviously proud of her newfound power to blow things up. Shaking her head once again, Tsunade turns back to Minato in the hope that he will be giving more concrete answers. Interpreting the rude gesture as the dismissal it is, Naru finally notices the little notice sign blinking in the upper right corner of her vision. With absentminded wave of her hand she materializes the notice board in front of her and opens the first of two messages there are.


Congratulations on creating/discovering your very first technique! Sadly enough you still lack the control required to properly use it so the skill is locked away until you have the proper chakra control necessary for it. The skill will be unlocked once your chakra control skill reaches {100}

Objective: chakra control skill reaches {100}

Reward: Skill {Chakra Blast}

Would you like to track this quest?


Fuming at the audacity (big word number two for the day!) of the little light boxes at sealing away her new awesome move, Naru growls while thinking about how to see how far she is. "Skill screen." Naru says annoyed, the correct screen popping up due to her surprise. So she just has to say the name of the boxes she wants to see? That's pretty neat. Nonono, attention back to the heretic boxes who seal away her awesomeness!

Skill Menu:

Physical skills:

Stealth: 0/1000

Taijutsu: 0/1000

Trap making: 0/1000

Chakra skills:

Chackra Blast: locked, requirements not met (Rank: D - S)

Chakra control: -10/1000 (Current Rank: E )

Other skills

Precognition: 28/1000 (Current rank: Lesser)

Huffing once more at having the horrible truth confirmed about her new and mind blowing skill locked away until she knows how to control her chakra better?! 'Hush little one, I know all kinds of tricks and exercises to make controlling chakra much easier. You'll be able to blow up your Daddy in no time.' the Kaa-chan voice says gently, understanding the frustration at having something you worked hard for taken away. Naru visibly calms down in front of the baffled two adults who have no idea anymore what the flying fuck is going on. Coughing loudly to catch his daughter's attention, Minato decides to address the metaphorical Akimichi in the room. "Naru, what are those screens around you?"

One long explanation later the author is in no way gonna type:

"I see, so the screens more or less work as the video game menus in an RPG." Minato says while observing some of the floating screens, ignoring Tsunade's incredulous stare.

"You used to play video games?" the Slug Sannin asks, trying to picture the Hokage staring at a screen at 3 AM while furiously mashing buttons, heaps of forgotten paperwork around him.

"Well, yes. I mean, the academy curriculum was ridiculously easy for me and seeing as I had a lot of time and not a lot of friends as an orphan, I kinda started playing because I had nothing better to do." Minato admits with a shrug. Like hell he was gonna admit that his eight year old self only thought of them as 'simulators for his future awesome ninja adventures'. He may have been a genius prodigy and still is according, but even he was a 'snot nosed brat' once. Well that and playing against Shikaku in RTS games always was a treat, even if he lost… a lot… quite embarrassingly. There's a good reason the tactical genius is the commander of the regular Shinobi forces.

Still, they did get horribly off track here didn't they? Breaking out of his reminiscent haze, the Hokage turns his attention back to Tsunade in the hopes of hearing the diagnostic verdict. "So, will my daughter's arm be alright?" Minato asks, trying to hide the tension in his voice. Both he and Naru let out a relieved sigh at Tsunade's nod.

"Yes, the reason her am was shaking so much was due to the fact that the large amount of chakra forced throughout her network caused minor tears into it while the concentrated chakra escaped through it and saturated the… Are you even listening you brat?!" Tsunade yells angrily at seeing Naru's blank face and glassed over eyes gazing at her.

"Sorry, it's just that you started saying way too much stuff that sounds complicated. Can you try saying it in like 20 words or less?" the arrogant little girl asks while cleaning her ear out with her pinky. The sannin takes a deep breath, trying to keep in mind it's only an (overly presumptuous) eight year old girl and not one of her colleagues or the usual adults she works with.

"You used too much chakra and damaged your chakra network, causing your arm to shake so much. I fixed it, but to be on the safe side don't use chakra until tomorrow morning." Tsunade says with a overly sweet smile and a huge tick mark on her forehead. Maybe she'd get through this without strangling the goddaughter that obviously inherited the oh so feared and hated Uzumaki Insanity.

"Those were 33 words Baa-chan."

Fuck it, she has two spare godchildren anyways.

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After Hiraishining the fuck out of there in order to escape the second powerful woman Naru pissed off this evening, Minato took her daughter back home so she could go to bed. And if both were being really quiet to avoid Kushina then they were quiet about at as well. Finally in bed and happy with awesome day she had. Closing her eyes, she let out a final sigh before succumbing to Morpheus… only to feel an annoying breeze on her face. Scrunching her nose, the girl sits up sleepily, rubbing her eye tiredly as her mind slowly starts to realize there are a lot of things wrong here. When her eyes finally open up fully, Naru gapes in awe at the landscape in front of her. From the top of the hill she is sitting, she can see a literal sea of grass that reaches her waist spreading itself as far as the eye can see with forests and even a mountain in the distance! Looking down at her feet, she can see some really pretty flowers in all kinds of colors and they even smell great! While her infantile mind is still trying to catch up that she isn't in bed anymore, her mouth decides to take over.

"I don't think we're in Hi no Kuni anymore Tonton."

'Ufufu, we are yet we aren't Naru-chan' Naru can hear a familiar voice talk to her. But instead from inside of her it's now all around her. "Kaa-chan, where are we?" the little blonde asks curiously at the voice not really inside of her head anymore. 'Just go to the cottage to the right of you, right next to the river. I'll explain everything there.'

Letting out a 'Huh?' Naru looks to her right and indeed there is a river and a house in the distance. With a shrug the girl starts walking while enjoying the weather and the lovely walk through the meadow, curtsying politely with a giggle when she passes a few bunnies. The little fluffballs respond with a polite nod and both go on their way, Naru now happily skipping towards the cottage, humming a happy tune she heard somewhere while following her Kaa-chan's directions. When she finally arrives to the quaint cottage the curious girl doesn't really pay any attention to it, the woman in front of it being more interesting.

"Welcome Naru-chan, how do you like your mindscape?" The woman who just talked is smiling at the confused little girl. The regal looking lady has a sort of ethereal beauty about her, one that is further enhanced by her snow white hair and pupiless purple eyes. Her shapely figure hugged by a very expensive looking white kimono don't really help toning it down either. But what really made the woman give her otherworldly look are the two horn like protrusions in the shape of rabbit ears. This woman is no one else than Kaguya Otsutsuki, The Rabbit Goddess and current tenant in Uzumaki 'Yasha' Naru's mindscape. Though for now little Naru didn't know about any of that and responded to the woman she now finally recognizes as her kaa-chan in the blunt, unintended insulting way only adorable kids get away with.

"Eh, kaa-chan is a bunny girl?"

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