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Chapter 3 - Cat, Evolution, and a Glutton

Journal Entry

Medal Count: 5 (2 Head, 2 Torso, and 1 Leg)

The strange gauntlet forearm, Ankh, has taken control of the unconscious detective who came to the fight site of the first Yummy, a creature born from a human's desire. Ankh's mentality and his treating of Eiji as merely someone who collects the coin-like Medals that he uses as OOO, it sorta reminds me at how Draco treated me and my friends, especially Hermione, as lower and lesser people during our time at Hogwarts.

This led to a conflict between Eiji who wanted to save people fro a new Yummy attack and Ankh who wanted to wait so we could gather a lot of amounts of Medals. However, Eiji got him to at least promise that he will allow Eiji transform when he can and not value the amount of Medals over the lives of the people who might get caught in the conflict of the Yummies. Also, Eiji and I were given similar swords to wield in order to fight the Yummies.

In order to protect the detective's younger sister, Hina, Eiji sent a text claiming that her brother is on a special case under a disguise. However, his little sister ran into Ankh and assumed it was him so need to make sure he doesn't hurt her.

Seeing as Ankh had summoned his gauntlet arm to harm the girl who suddenly hugged him, Harry and Eiji ran to stop him. Ankh, meanwhile, was curious about this strange human who appeared in front of him and suddenly hugged him, 'Who is this human?'

"Oniichan, didn't you have work?" She asked, pulling back to look at him. "Why are you here?"

In order to understand, he put his claw hand to his head to access his host's memories and seeing this girl appearing a lot and calling him oniichan, he understood. 'So that's what this is.' He thought, the girl was shocked to see Ankh's gauntlet arm, "Oniichan... t-that hand!"

He grabbed her throat, Harry groaned, "Come on!" "Stop it, Ankh!" Eiji shouted, running to stop him. The girl shouted, "Stop it!" She tossed him to the ground, pulling Ankh's gauntlet off and reverting her brother back to normal. Her, Harry, and Eiji were surprised, Harry the most, thinking, 'Bloody hell, how strong is this girl?'

"What... are you?" Ankh said, curious. Having heard a gauntlet speak, the girl screamed and fainted in shock, the two boys ran to her side and Eiji said, concerned, "Are you okay?! Hold on!" "Hey..." Ankh said, flying to them. "Is she human?"

"Well, obviously." Harry said, putting a hand to his forehead. "Aside from the strange fact she was able to pull you off from the detective's body." "Anyway, what were you thinking?!" Eiji shouted. "She's that detective's little sister!"

Ankh told them, "That's why I did it. If she's around, she'll get in the way of Medal collecting. There's no problem if we erdicrate her. Out of the way!" He pushed Harry and Eiji out of the way then floated toward the girl, ready to strangle her. Harry groaned but they both heard Eiji shout in distress.

"Oh no, Ankh! Look this way! It's terrible!"

Eiji was holding the OOO Driver over the fence and was struggling to hold it, Harry sweatdropped at how badly Eiji was acting, as he said, "If I can't transform inot OOO, I can't collect the Medals!" "You..." Ankh groaned, looking at him. Harry stood up as Eiji tried to slowly let go of the Driver to convince Ankh. Eiji cried, "I can't hold it!"

"Stop!" Ankh shouted.

Eiji smiled, looking at him. "Sure... but first move away from the girl."

Ankh groaned and floated away from the girl, Eiji ran to the the girl, "Hina-chan!" He tried to wake her up, Harry said, "We need to find a place where someone can take care of her and she can be safe." Eiji thought for a moment befoer remembering her text of where she was interviewing to work. So Eiji managed to get Hina on his back and carried her all the way to the restaurant, the Cous Coussier. Harry followed along behind him, worried about Eiji carrying her by himself.

Harry opened the door and they entered, seeing a Indian-style theme and the greeter, a woman with long dark brown hair in a pale green sari with a white shirt, fitting in with the Indian theme. She bowed at them, "Namaste!"

"Namaste." Harry and Eiji said, bowing before the woman noticed Hina on Eiji's back. The woman gasped, "Hina-chan?! What happened?!"

"Um... looks like she's not feeling well." Eiji said, trying to think of what to say. The woman said, "Bring her inside. Go ahead." She led them to a room in the back, laying Hina on the couch and placing a wet cloth on her forehead.

"I guess she must be tired." The woman said. "Looks like she's gone to sleep." 'So she'll be alright.' Harry thought, smiling and taking a breath of relief. Eiji kept quiet and they left the back room, Eiji said, "We're sorry to make you take care of her."

"It's no problem." The woman said, smiling. "Thanks for bringing her here. If you like, you should eat here sometime. I'll give you a feast." "Thank you for the offer, madme." Harry said, looking at her. She asked them, "Is your home around here?"

"Lately it's around here." Eiji admitted, he and Harry bowed before leaving the woman in confusion at what he meant. She also thought she recongized Eiji from one of her photos during her time traveling the world. Harry leaned against a tree while Eiji washed his underwear, he said, "Seeing her brother like that must have put her in shock. I was hoping to avoid meeting her. How am I supposed to explain this?"

"Well, can't exactly say that her brother is in a near-death comatose state and a greedy gauntlet forearm is in control of his body." Harry said, and Ankh added his two cents, "And that's why I said eradicating her would be eaiser." Harry and Eiji looked at him and kept quiet, thinking about how to handle the situation. That night, they found a place to sleep and the next morning, Ankh sensed a new Yummy, he said, "Come, Eiji, Harry."

The three of them ran to the pier where they saw a food delivery truck with someone eating the food in the back. Ankh smiled, "There it is! A Yummy!" "It's completely different from the previous ones! Isn't that a actual human being?!" Eiji said, looking at him. Harry tried to look closer and saw the familiar bandage markings on the boy's neck and arms.

He said, "Eiji, I think this one is inside the host as opposed to the others." Eiji was surprised, Ankh nodded, "That's right, it's inside him. That's a human parasite type."

"Parasite?" Eiji asked, scared. Ankh explained, "The human with the parasite will have its greed go out of control. That's how it saves up Medals." Watching the boy, Ankh had a evil smile on his face, "It's still growing. Let him eat til he's full of Medals."

"I can't wait for that!" Eiji said, grabbing the three Medals and changed into OOO. He shouted, "Hey! Get out of that person!" Harry and Ankh watched from the sideline, Ankh looked at him and asked, "You're not helping?" "I want to obverse and see how it fights so I figure out how I can help." Harry said, not looking at him.

Through the power of the Yummy in his body, the boy could fire yellow balls of energy, Eiji brought out his sword to try and attack but he found himself holding back and said, "Hey! I said come out! Otherwise I can't fight you!"

Harry looked worried as Ankh shouted, "It won't come out until it's matured. If you want to fight, then cut open the human!" "You've got to be kidding." Harry said softly, putting his hand to his head. Eiji shouted, "There's no way I can do that!"

Getting annoyed, Ankh summoned his gauntlet arm, and jumped from his perch, grabbing the boy by the neck. He pushed him against the wall, Harry groaned, Ankh looked at the boy, saying, "Looks like you still lack in power." He tried to attack after tossing him to the ground, Harry and Eiji tried to hold him back, they shouted, "Stop it!" "I said stop!" Eiji shouted.

"I thought we made a promise!" Harry shouted. "You weren't going to priortize Medals over human lives!" "Like hell I would!" Ankh shouted. "It's about time you two learned who gives the orders around here!" While they were struggling, the boy fired the energy balls again and disappeared.

"Oh no!" Eiji said, getting worried. "He got away!" Suddenly the young man who gave Harry and Eiji rode up to them, Harry saw him and he got off his motorcycle, changing it into the vending machine. "Use this." "Oh right!" Eiji realized. "The bike!" He ran to the vending machine and changed it back to its bike form but the young man asked, "Why'd you change it back? Use the hawk to find the Yummy."

"Oh... so that's what you meant." Eiji said, feeling silly and changed it back. Harry sighed and shook his head, Ankh shouted, "Hey! Don't waste the Medals! Give that one back! It's invalid!"

"You already used it." The young man said. "Once spent, you can't get it back." "We can earn it by fighting the Yummy." Harry suggested. Ankh groaned, as Eiji brought out one of the hawk cans. Opening it and placing it upside down on his hand, the hawk formed and Eiji said, "Sorry, but can you find the Yummy for me?"

While the hawk flew off, Ankh interrogated the young man, "Who are you?! How can a mere human use the Medal's powers?!" "You guys were asleep for 800 years." The young man said. "During that time, mere humans are evolved." 'Tell that to the wizards and witches of the magical world, who are stuck in 1800s or so.' Harry thought as he continued, "We even have ways of dealing with you Greeed."

He pointed a gun at Ankh and he just scoffed, Harry sweatdropped, Ankh said, "The only thing that's evolved is your overinflated ego!" "W-wait, you two!" Eiji shouted, stepping in after detransforming. "Calm down!"

There was a bit of staredown between Ankh and the young man before he lowered his gun and rode off, Eiji asked, "Who is that guy? He's always helping us out..." "Maybe, but that was kinda weird." Harry said, putting his hand on his hip. Ankh nodded, "It is indeed strange." Recalling his word, Ankh said, "Guess I need that too." "Need what?" Harry asked, as Ankh accessed his host's memories and left somewhere. Harry and Eiji followed him.

"Hey!" Eiji asked, "Where are you going?!" Harry saw that they ended up at apartment complex, he asked, "What is this place?" "My home." Ankh said, his hands in his pockets. Seeing where they were, Eiji asked, "Do you mean the detective's home?"

"That's me." Ankh said, with a smug look. "In other words, it's my home." "That's wrong." Eiji said, looking at him. "And just how did you know about this place?" "I can access more than his body." Ankh said, as a matter of fact. "I can also access what's in his mind." They entered, finding the apartment where the detective lived with his sister.

Ankh entered the detective's bedroom and said, "I need to research the humans who are collecting the Cell Medals as well as the Core Medals that disappeared while we were sealed. Using the 'evolved' method." He looked at the computer in the room and sat in front of it.

While Eiji tried to make sure that Ankh didn't break the computer, Harry looked around the apartment and pondered if he was going to stay in this city, where would he stay at night since Eiji was a bit of wanderer, he still didn't even know why he was asked to come here. Eiji joined him in looking around and found a shrine with a picture of two pictures. 'Must be their parents...' Harry thought, looking down.

Eiji looked at him and patted his shoulder but then the hawk can appeared and tapped on the window, Eiji looked at it and said, "You found the Yummy?!" The three of them followed the hawk back to the restaurant and Ankh gently tossed one of the cans that rolled into the restaurant which brought the boy out. Hina caught sight of Ankh outside as she went to close the door.

Following the can to a underpass, the boy tried to open the can, thinking it was a soda can but it was one of the octupus cans which activated and sprayed ink in his face. Harry held his wand as Eiji tried to hold the boy still and next, the hawk can had a smoking piece of becon, slowly bringing the bandaged wrapped creature from within the boy. "Good, that's it!" Eiji said, struggling but Ankh pushed him aside and push the boy away.

"Ankh, what the hell?!" Harry asked, angry at the blond haired Greeed. Ankh simply tossed some meat to the boy and he began to eat, Eiji shouted, "What are you doing, Ankh?!" "I told you before." Ankh said. "This Yummy could be bigger."

"You've got to be kidding, you're still going on about that?!" Harry said, putting his hand to his head in annoyance. Ankh asked, "Is that a problem? No one will die if all he does is eat." "But what about him?!" Eiji shouted. Ankh smiled, "This is reaping what you sow. Listen, he's not this way because of the Yummy. It's the fault of this human's own greed. Dying immersed in his own greed is what he wants, right?"

"That can't be!" Eiji whispered. Suddenly, the boy began to blow up and shouted, Eiji wanted to get the Medals in order to transform but Ankh slapped him and shouted, "Remember this! I'm the one who gives the orders here! Let me warn you. If you throw the belt away, then you really won't be able to save anyone!"

While he walked away, Eiji tried to stop the boy, "Stop! You'll die if you keep eating!" Harry gasped for air, not sure what to do. He and Ankh watched Eiji try to fight but got tossed around and beaten, though he kept getting back up.

"Eiji, stop." Ankh said, sighing. "You'll die before he does." "Even so..." Eiji said, gasping and struggling to stand, getting tossed against a pillar. "Even so... it's better than not doing anything!" Finally the Yummy came out of the body and changed into a fat cat-like creature, watching Eiji dodge and trying to avoid getting hit, Ankh groaned and tossed to him the three Core Medals.

Catching them, Eiji transformed into OOO and Harry got a breath of relief. Eiji brought out his sword and tried to slash, but it bounced right off and he couldn't get a good hit on the Yummy. Using the claws, Eiji still tried to attack but couldn't get a hit in. 'What's with that body?' Harry thought, watching with Ankh. So it seemed the empowered kicks from the Batta legs so Cell Medals came flying out.

When Eiji was about to perform the finishing move, a strange wind sent building derbis to protect the Yummy. When Eiji landed, the Yummy was still alive, 'bleeding' Cell Medals. Eiji was surprised, Ankh said, "Someone got in your way." "Who?" Harry asked.

"Kazari... It's you, isn't you?" Ankh said, as a feline creature appeared.

"Long time no see, Ankh."

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