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Chapter 3 - Election of the Queen

Standing against the wall in the Rabbit Hatch, Ron watched Kengo sat at the control panel, explaining to Gentaro who was already in Fourze, "I was left with 40 of Fourze's Astroswitches. Those are the ones we can use." Gentaro tried to touch something but Yuki slapped his hand while Kengo tapped the keyboard, continuing his explanation. "All that's left is to test and adjust the rest in order to make them usable." Yuki grabbed Gentaro from getting too close to the screen.

In a tube next to the comptuer was a black Astroswitch which suddenly got energized and had a hot pink color with the number 9 on it, Kengo opened the door and pulled it out. "Number 9, Hopping Switch. Try using it in battle."

'That might make things a mess.' Ron thought, as Gentaro took it and Yuki said, "Is it a good idea to just use it?" "Well, it wouldn't hurt to test it out." Ron told him.

"Don't be scared, Yuki!" Gentaro said, nodding with his redheaded teacher and trying to reassure her. "This is just part of the Kamen Rider Club's activities!"

"I see." Yuki said, smiling. "The Kamen Rider Club, right?" 'I probably shouldn't tell him about how serious the previous Riders are.' Ron thought, sighing and rubbing his hair. Kengo said, "That club doesn't exist." However, Yuki pouted at him.

"If you can't do it, I will, Kengo!" Gentaro said, entering a room with a green light coming up from the floor.

Kengo said, "Don't say my name so casually," as he, Yuuki, and Ron looked through a window to see how the test would go. Gentaro took out one of the switches, saying, "For now... Switch on!" He flipped the switch on, changing his left leg into a pogo stick and hopping all around the room.

"The Hopping Switch isn't usable." Kengo concluded. "Adjusting it was a waste of time." Falling to the ground, Gentaro pondered, "Waste of time?!"

Ron, Yuki, and Gentaro left the Rabbit Hatch, exiting the locker in the empty storage room. They saw a large crowd of people at a bulletin board.

"Oh, is that time of year already?" Ron said, smiling.

"What's the ruckus about?" Gentaro asked.

"Oh, it's the Queenfest." Yuki said. Gentaro was confused, "Queenfest?"

"Yeah." Ron said, explaining to him. "It's a school tradition that everyone does annunally to vote altogether and pick who they believe is Amanogawa High's top female student. First, they do a performance that everyone sees to judge their talent. Next, they vote a speech that a girl does. And for some reason, it's those two factors that they use to pick a girl."

"Well, this year is obviously going to be Kazashiro-sempai." Yuki said, crossing her arms. Gentaro said, "I see. This school's got so many things going on."

They saw as Miu Kazashiro walked by with her two friends, getting surrounded by her fans. 'That almost reminds me of Malfoy and his little gang.' Ron thought, putting his hand to his chin in remembrance for the times of annoyance the platinum blond spoiled boy gave him, Harry, and Hermione.

He didn't watch as Gentaro ran in front of her, telling to personally accept the gifts of her fans and that he would befriend in the school. He facepalmed and sighed, 'This is gonna be a long school year...' Yuki dropped her mouth as Gentaro said if Miu lost the Queenfest, she would be his friend and if she won, he was not go in front of her again and transfer from the school. Ron looked at him with a deadpan look as he accepted, 'Would I have been that stupid?'

"Ah mou!" Yuki said, pouting and running to him, "Are you sure you should agree to that?" "You won't know unless you try." Gentaro said, watching Miu leave.

Ron went to the teachers' lounge and put his head on his desk, one of the teachers asked if he was alright, Ron said, "Yeah, it's just that new transfer student. Gentaro Kisaragi. His wanting to be friends with everyone is almost practially draining on my mental energy." They patted his shoulder and wanted to know what his own friends were like.

"Well, one is a orphan who lost his family when he was just a baby and was raised by his aunt's family who didn't like him for who he was." Ron said, thinking about how to simply describe his friends. "When we went to school together, he was my first friend and I was his first friend. Then we were joined by one of the smartest students in the school. My friendship with her was slightly rocky and well, for a long while, we didn't get along."

The teacher seemed very interested but Ron saw Kengo run by and he got up, saying, "I'll tell you more later, Utahoshi seems to be heading somewhere. I better check on him." He ran after Kengo who was going after Gentaro and saw a robed creature with a scorpin head. 'Is that a Zordiarts?' He pondered, looking at the creature.

The creature dismissed the robe and fought Gentaro, moving quickly and using its tail to send him flying to the ground. Gentaro groaned, "This one's strong!"

"A Scorpio Zordiarts?" Kengo pondered. "He's on a completely different level!" 'Again, something based on the stars and the constellations, I don't get it.' Ron thought, remembering that he barely paid attention in Divination which included a method of looking at the stars to tell the future. Kengo shouted, "Don't use brute strength, use the Switches!"

"Oh! That's right!" Gentaro said. He looked for the right Switch to use. "Switch! Switch!" He brought out the Hopping Switch and Ron and Kengo were surprised to see him pull it out, taking out the Switch and putting that one in. He was still hopping out of control and comically fell to the ground while Scorpio walked off.

"Everything okay?" Kengo said, sighing and walking to Gentaro. He got up and removed the Switch, "Yeah. I'm not hurt."

"Not you, I'm asking about the Fourze Driver." Kengo said, bluntly. Gentaro groaned, "Hey! Damn, what a cold guy..."

"Give back Hopping." Kengo said, taking it from Gentaro. "You see that it's useless now, right?" "No!" Gentaro shouted, taking it back. "This has its use." "It's a waste of time." Kengo told him. Gentaro retorted, "Nothing in this world is a waste of time!" So Gentaro walked off and Kengo felt a headache as he tried to follow.

Ron took him to the infirmary and waited til he felt better, following Gentaro to a space center where he selected Yuki to be the one to dethrone Miu. Yuki pouted as Kengo said, "After school, you're usually at JAXA."

"Well... that's true..." Yuki said, poking her fingers together in embarrassment. Kengo said, "I'm counting on you to do the Queenfest, Yuki." "No worries, we'll be rooting for you." Ron said, smiling.

"What?!" Yuki said, shocked. Kengo explained, "Besides Hirota Reiko, there are two other possible Queenfest candidates. They've been absent for about a week. After talking with their friends, they were attacked by a invisible monster like Hirota. That invisible Zordiarts is probably after... the Fest candidates." He activated the Burgermeal Foodroid and continued, "That leaves the current queen of three years, Miu Kazashiro."

"Not to mention, her sidekicks, Tamae Sakuma and Jun Shigeno." Ron added, looking at the images that the food-theme robot showed them. Gentaro asked, "Sidekicks?" "The queen's lackeys." Yuki said, looking at him.

"As well as second-year student, Yuki Joujima." Kengo said, looking at her. Yuki looked shocked and looked at him, "I said I don't want to!" "All we can do is stand and watch because we have no leads." Kengo told her. "We'll watch from the outside."

"Meanwhile, Yuki can watch entrants from the inside." Ron said, crossing his arms. "After all, we can't let the Zordiarts hurt anyone else, you know."

"I'm counting on ya!" Gentaro said, smiling. "This is also a Kamen Rider Club activity!" "No means no!" Yuki shouted, pouting.

That night, Ron sat on the pouch of his house, holding a book of constellations and groaned with his hand to his head. "I still don't get it. Why are the constellations so important or even why is the enemy using for the Switches?" 'I bet if Hermione was here, she would give a full in-depth explaination about it and all that stuff.' Ron thought, sighing.

He looked up at the stars and sighed, before getting curious and looked up the sign of Scorpio, which led into the other Zodiac signs, leading to figure out the signs of him and his companions, he was a Pisces, while Harry was a Leo, Hermione was a Virgo, and Draco was under the sign of Gemini which he found odd cause Draco was a only child.

That next day, Ron walked with Sonoda and Ohsugi into the gym for the QueenFest. Sonoda noticed how quiet he was and looked at him, concerned. Ron looked at her and smiled, saying, "I'm fine, Sarina-senpai. Just a bit upset there's not a lot of candidates for the QueenFest this year. Gonna be kinda boring to watch."

"Well, you can't shake Miu Kazashiro from her spot as queen." Ohsugi said, waving a fan to cool himself. "But if we could include teachers, I'd vote for you, Sonoda-sensei." So the festival started and the first one up was Yuki. Ron laughed as she stepped out on stage as a satillate. She tried to do a one-person act or something on stage, Ron wasn't looking as he was laughing too much with his hand in his face at her attempt to impress the crowd.

Sarina patted his back, trying to get him to calm down then Miu and her girls came up on stage. Her performance was some kind of upbeat dance with cowboy hats, Ron watched and thought, 'Good as usual...' Once the performance was over, one of her friends looked like she was choking and Ron stood up, concerned. After she ran off stage, Miu's other friend got knocked down and Gentaro went to help her.

In order to find where it was, Gentaro grabbed a pair of erasers and clipping them together, the chalk dust revealing a chameleon Zordiarts. Ron gasped, looking at it. It tried to grab Miu but Gentaro knocked it off stage and ran after it.

While Gentaro went to fight it and Kengo went to make sure he did okay, Miu tried to calm everyone and continue the performance but the screens showed Miu disregarded the many gifts that her fans had given her, showing her as a heartless and cruel woman to everyone.

"Oh no..." Ron whispered, looking at her step back in scared.

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